Sein mein Geburtstag kann ich ficken wer ich will auch

Sein mein Geburtstag kann ich ficken  wer ich will auch
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This part of my ongoing fun with Jenn is our trip south for some Caribbean fun. The trip is with us two and Jenn's friend I'll call Cindy. I met Cindy one day a couple of weeks before the trip. Cindy stopped into Jenn's place and they both then came over here to my place.

A little bit about Cindy. She has never been married, 5' 11" with blonde hair. She has a nice body too, but in my opinion not as nice as Jenn's. She at the time was 35 with sandy blonde hair.

Jenn thought it would be good if we meet before going away. Both of them were in yoga pants and t-top shirts, although Jenn didn't have a bra on. She was excited because her nipples were big and rock hard. Jenn said that Cindy didn't have a lot of time as she had to go somewhere in hour. After getting into the living room and Cindy sitting down on the couch, Jenn said "So do you want to see his cock" and grabbed me though my shorts.

Both Cindy and I were taken back by that. I started to get hard and it looked like Cindy was interested because her nipples started getting hard too. Jenn pull my cock out and started to stroke it right in front of Cindy. In no time I was hard and Jenn took me by my cock over to Cindy sitting on the couch. Then she let go of me and pulled down my shorts letting my balls loose too. Cindy was started to bite her lips as Jenn went back to stroking me.

My balls seemed to be hanging extra low that day as they were really swing back and forth as Jenn stroked me. Jenn told Cindy to check them out. With a little more persuading Cindy cupped my balls. She started to play with them. This went on for about 2-3 minutes and then they switched. Taste it Jenn told her, but Cindy nodded no. I found out after she left that Cindy had never suck a guy before.

As Cindy stroked me slowly Jenn went from playing with my balls to sucking them. Jenn as a real fetish for sucking them. I don't mind. Jenn said that we should all get naked. I was almost there so I agreed. As Cindy said she didn't have time for sex. Jenn was shedding her clothes. Jenn said that we should be naked with each other before going away.

I also found out after Cindy left. that she was game for the idea of sex with me. She wasn't too sure about Jenn as well, but did remove her clothes too. That I found out to be untrue later. She did have a very nice body. Her breasts were a little bigger than Jenn's, her nipples were much bigger and very hard.

A great ass but not as nice as Jenn's and her pussy was perfect. Just the way I like it. Her inner lips were long and meaty. Great for sucking on. A neatly trimmed patch of light brown just above her pussy lips. Jenn laid me down on the floor. She ask Cindy again if she'd like to take me in her mouth. No not now. So Jenn went down on me. As I was laying there getting worked over Cindy looked out of place and lonely. She must have been getting worked up watching Jenn sucking me as she had a hand between her legs rubbing herself slowly.

I motioned Cindy to come and join us. Jenn stopped sucking me long enough to tell Cindy to sit on his face. Jenn said that you wanted to have someone lick you sometime.

So now is your chance. With a little more persuading she straddled my head with her knees. I was looking up at an amazing pussy. Beautiful long inner lips sticking out from between her swollen outer lips from her rubbing herself.

I could see that she was already wet. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to my mouth. Even though Jenn was sucking on me like there would be no tomorrow and I was hard as a rock.

As soon as I tasted Cindy's wet pussy my cock felt like it got much bigger. I licked her from her clit to her love hole and back again. I could hear her starting to moan as I lick and sucked her clit, so I spent most of my time on it. I don't know how long it took but her first orgasm was very big and very wet. Cindy didn't squirt but did get so wet that I couldn't keep up with her flow of juices.

With Cindy's orgasm and Jenn sucking my cock and balls I blew a very big load, which I could hear Jenn trying to take it all. Jenn then said my turn on his face. Jenn wasted no time getting on me and was she wet as hell too. She was so turned on from all that was going on. She started rubbing her pussy hard on my face and it wasn't going to be long until her orgasm hit.

As I'm licking Jenn I feel Cindy grab my cock and start stroking me. Cindy said that she wished that she didn't have to leave, but it was work related and had to go. As I had my mouth full of Jenn's pussy I couldn't say anything. Jenn said that to bad but maybe you can come back after.

Cindy is a real estate agent and didn't make it back, but just before she got to put her clothes on. I felt her first kiss and then lick the head of my cock. I think that went on for about 30 seconds and then a quick gentle suck of each of my balls.

Up she got, dressed and out the door she went. Jenn had to go and pick up her kids, but we got in about an hour of fucking and sucking before she did. The day of our vacation came. We were heading to Hedonism 2 in Jamaica. I picked the ladies up at Cindy's place and off to the airport we went. We got checked in and onto the plane. We got 3 seats together and Jenn said for me to take the window seat.

Jenn sat in the middle seat with Cindy on the isle. About a half an hour into the flight Jenn gets a blanket and puts it over my lap. I'm not cold I said. Clueless to what she's got in mind. Don't be silly.

We can't have anyone see us she said. With that her hand was under the blanket and into my shorts. She started rubbing me and did it feel goooood. She never brought me to climax but did keep me close to it until the food was being served. Cindy couldn't believe what Jenn was doing and I was dumbfounded too. At the hotel we got checked in and we managed to get enjoining rooms. The girls wanted to hit the beach. So we all stripped down with a little playing as well. Jenn but on her purple bikini she bought at our trip to the mall and Cindy had a very sexy yellow string bikini.

Both Jenn and I thought that if it got wet that there would be no hiding what was behind it. Jenn dipped her fingers into a glass of water and rubbed one of Cindy's nipples. Oooh yes we were right. Walking through the hotel here I am with 2 beautiful women and I'm in a pair of boxer trunks. We get to the nude beach and off come our suits. We got 3 lounge chairs together and Jenn pulls out suntan lotion. Putting that on each other was great. I first did both of this sexy lady and making sure I didn't miss any spot.

Jenn was first and as I was doing Cindy. Jenn started on my back. Once Cindy was done. Jenn had finished my back. Then both lady start on my front. Their hands running all over me was taking me from the semi-hard state from doing them to rock hard now. Almost like it was timed they started to coat my hard shaft. With the warmth of the sun I had very low hanging balls. They both spent a lot of time on them. We can't let these burn can we Jenn said.

With others watching we sat down on the chairs. Here I am with 2 amazing women on a nude beach and a cock so hard it's standing up like a flag pole.

Jenn not to miss a chance grabs on to it and starts stroking it slowly. I'm laying there with my eyes closed enjoying it all. Then I feel a hand playing with my balls too.

Jenn loves to play with my balls a lot. But as I open my eyes I find that Cindy has reached over and is the one playing with them. After some play with each other and soaking up some hot sun, about an hour & a half had gone by. In that time both ladies had been hit on with both saying no to the guys. Then 2 guys I guess about 25 give or take a couple of years start hitting on Jenn & Cindy. When the guys didn't take no for an answer. Jenn sat up and barks out.

This guy is the only guy that gets to eat or fuck these pussys. He's also as the only cock we suck too. The 3 of us are here on a week long fucking holiday! Ok! Wow did she just lay down the law in bitch mode.

That made me feel great. The sun was very strong so after about 21/2 hours in it we all agreed that we should head back to the rooms. Ever though we had 2 rooms we planned to use just one of them. 2 rooms/packages were booked so Jenn's husband wouldn't find that 3 of us were traveling together. Jenn's itinerary showed only her and Cindy on it.

Back in the room it was time to have a shower. So Cindy jumped into the shower first. Jenn started telling me that Cindy. As good as she looks as had a very lacking sex life. One thing she'd like to have is sex in the shower sometime. Jenn grabbed my cock, stroked me a couple of times and said go get her.

I don't need to be told twice so I move into the washroom and then into the shower behind Cindy. She had soaped up her face and at the time could see who it was. Jenn is that you she asked. Jenn said no. I'm here at the sink. She had followed me into the bathroom to listen to us. As Cindy was washing off the soap from her face she said oh my god! Just as she was doing that I move in behind her and nestled my growing cock in between the cheeks of her beautiful ass.

I also put my arms around her to stroke up and down her stomach and that was just to start with.

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With that happening she let out another OMG and she also said Jenn told you didn't she. Jenn you told him didn't you? That you want to have sex in the shower? Yes I did. Why? Jenn said your welcome. Because you do and what better time than now. Thank you Jenn. What are friends for. I thanked Jenn too. My cock was getting harder by the second against Cindy's amazing ass.

So I started to kiss her on the back of the neck and run my hands up to her breasts. I start to pinch and roll her nipples with my fingers, which caused her to start moaning softly. So I pulled her tight to me and moved my right hand from her breast down her stomach towards her pussy. I pushed my hand all the way down between her legs as far as I could go. At the same time she was using her ass to rub my cock up and down.

I started to pull my hand back up from between her legs and I slipped my middle finger between her pussy lips. I used the full length of my finger to rub up the inside of her slit and across her sensitive clit. As I did her knees grew weak and she let out a big moan. I felt her hands grab my waist tohelp support herself.

Jenn said what is he doing eating you? No he's just rubbing my clit and it feel sooo gooood! John said Jenn. she told me that she wants you to eat her pussy again. I whispered in her ear do you want me to do that. Oh yes please.

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I turned her around and planted a big kiss on her. She responded with a lot of tongue and grabbing my rock hard cock. She started stroking my until I moved down first to her very hard nipples and continuing across her stomach to her hair line.

I got to her pussy lips and don't think that I've ever seen a woman with pussy lips and especially her clit so swollen without them being rubbed hard before.

I kissed her on the clit which got another big moan and then I ran my tongue up her slit to her swollen love button getting more moaning from her. Is he eating you now Cindy? Oh yes. Eat me, eat me, oh god don't stop licking me. Cindy was so horny that she had an orgasm after only about a dozen licks. I continued to lick and suck on her lips and clit too. A second orgasm hit with a lot of oh fuck, oh yes and mmmm yes coming from her.As the second one hit she let out a. Oh fuck I'm cumming.

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I thought she was going to pull the hair out of my head. At the same time unknown to Cindy and I. Jenn was out on the counter fingering herself closer and closer to her own orgasm as she listened to us. After she start to get her breath back and with my face still between her legs.

Cindy let out fuck me. Please fuck me now! That's when we heard Jenn having her fun too. Jenn said let him cum deep inside you.

Remember he can't get you pregnant. I had a vasectomy some years ago, so no little swimmers. Long story. When I stood up I was greeted with a big tongue filled kiss.

Even with the shower running I still had a lot of Cindy's juices and scent on my face, lips and tongue. After the first kiss Cindy looked at me as she just realized she was tasting herself, but continued to kiss me. While she's kissing me her hand moved around my cock and used the head to rub against her pussy lips. I grab her left leg and lift it up as to get better access to her sweet pussy.

With that and her guiding hand my head found its way between her lips and down to her very wet hole. I'm not overly long, but I do have thickness to my cock. That can be a problem at times. With her being very wet and very horny she was a little tight, but I did get all the way into her. Cindy was moaning into my mouth as we continued to kiss.

I was so horny myself that it wasn't going to take much pumping before I would cum. Jenn got in the shower behind me as I'm fucking her friend and started kissing me on my back. Then I feel her hand grab my balls. Squeezing and pulling on them softly. That was all that was needed. I started filling Cindy's pussy with jets of hot cum. When a woman plays with my balls as I'm fucking I seem to cum big time, even more that normal. I think that Cindy feeling me cumming inside of her pushed her an orgasm too.

I could feel her vagina contracting around my cock as I'm still pumping her. After I pulled out of Cindy the 3 of us had a quick wash up in the shower then moved into the room. I was not fully hard anymore, but not completely soft ether.

Jenn asked Cindy if she'd like me to fuck her from behind. Cindy said that she couldn't just now as she had not been fuck like that and had made her sore. So Jenn took a towel to me to get me dried off. She paid special attention to my cock and balls. Jenn's touch started to bring life back to my soft member.

She saw that and stroked me slowly getting me harder and harder again. That was followed by her taking me into her mouth and sucking back to full hardness. Cindy laid on one of the beds watching Jenn suck on me. She asked Jenn if she like doing that. Jenn said that the first time she wasn't sure because I didn't cum in her mouth, but did on her face and in her eyes.

She went on to say that she did like the taste and continued to suck me. Also that she will suck me anytime she can. Do you let him cum in your mouth Cindy asked. Yes I do now. It's not so bad.

It's sort of salty sweet tasting. That sounds gross Cindy commented. I thought so too at first before I tasted it. Jenn squeezed my cock to the point that I had pre-cum at the tip of my head. She took a finger and swiped it up on her finger. Then she held the finger out at Cindy who nodded her head no. Jenn licked it off with Cindy watching every move and licking her lips.

So Jenn squeeze me again to get some more. Again she held her finger out with a bigger drop on it. This time Cindy moved to the edge of the bed and took Jenn's finger into her mouth.

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Cindy had a look of agreement about it. She said that it's not bad at all. Jenn told Cindy to try it right from his cock itself. She got down off the bed beside Jenn. Jenn let go of my cock so Cindy could. She lifted my member up and moved closer. With little licks she tasted her first cock.

As she got bolder she started taking the head into her mouth. Then with my head in her mouth I felt her tongue also working me.

After I think about 10 minutes of this she was taking a lot of me in her mouth and sucking too. She's not as good as Jenn, but Jenn wasn't really good the first time ether. I think Cindy's first time was better than Jenn's.

Jenn could see that Cindy was getting into it. Cindy stopped to say that she was getting a lot of it.

My pre-cum that is. She wasn't sure if I was to orgasm that she would take it in her mouth, but many on the tits would be ok. As Cindy went back to sucking me Jenn moved in on my balls.

Jenn loves to suck on my balls, especially when they're really hanging. My god I'm in heaven. 2 amazing women sucking me. After some time of this I could fell my cum boiling. I told Cindy that I was getting close to cumming, but she continued to suck on me. Just as my cock pulses with the first jet of cum Cindy pulled me from her mouth, but not fast enough.

She took more than half of the first jet into her mouth. The next 4 hit her in the face, neck and chest. Again another big load. Cindy got the full taste of my cum and didn't spit it out, but did swallow it. Cindy start to laugh and said that I came to quickly for her. As she ran her fingers through my cum on her neck and chest Jenn moved over and started to lick it off her face. When Jenn got to the cum by Cindy's mouth they kissed and kissed again.

That was so hot to see this ladies kissing with my cum on their mouths. Jenn went down and licked a load of cum off Cindy's chest and kissed her again.

This went on until Cindy was all cleaned up. Then Jenn turned to my dripping cock. My legs were very weak from all of this and I needed to lay down before falling down.

Jenn was the only one not to receive some oral pleasure, so I motioned her to some 69. My legs were over the side of the bed with Jenn on my face and suck my cock. Then I felt the warmth of Cindy's mouth on my balls.

After Jenn's orgasm and before I could cum for the 3rd time that day. Jenn jumped up and turned around then dropped herself down on me. Cindy said that it was so hot to see my hard cock disappearing up inside Jenn's pussy. I just laid there and let Jenn bounce up and down on me while I played with her hard nipples.

Cindy was helping too by pulling on my balls. Jenn told me to let her know when I was getting close to cumming. She wanted me to finish off fucking her from behind.

Jenn love me from behind when my balls are hanging. She says that feel of me pounding her and my balls slapping against her pussy mound and clit as I cum inside just turns her on so. As I got close we switched positions and we fucked like that for almost 5 more minutes before I came.

This load was not very big as it was the 3rd time in almost 21/2 hours, but just enough to dribble a little out of Jenn's pussy after pulling out. The 3 of us then curled up on the bed together and fell asleep for a couple of hours. We got up, showered, dressed and went for dinner/partying. The next morning Jenn and Cindy woke me up to a good morning hand job. I returned the favour with a finger fuck each. We didn't have time for anything else as we needed to get down for breakfast and a day out trip.

Day 3 started out slow with showers, breakfast and checking things out. A walk along the beach and so on. We got back to the lounge chairs on the nude beach and grabbed 3 together. After a few minutes Cindy asked if anyone wanted to go for a swim. Jenn got up and the two of them went to the water. Watching these 2 naked women play and splashing with each other would make any man grow hard. While they were in the water a couple of women in their late 40's approach me and asked if they could sit here.

Before I could say they're taken they both sat down on the chair facing me. I was sitting side on of the chair with more than my legs hanging over the side of it. These 2 were facing me the same way. They introduced themselves as Vickie and Stephanie.

They were 2 divorcess from Ottawa, Ontario and had been friends from back in grade school. A lot of questions were flying my way. These 2 were not bad looking. Nice enough bodies with much bigger tits than both Jenn and Cindy together.

Plus with their legs open I could see nice pussys too. Neatly trimmed but full patch of hair each. The one call Stephanie had the nicest body of the 2. She caught me checking out her pussy and opened her legs for a better view. As she did that my cock twitched and both of them noticed that. Stephanie asked if that happened because she spread her legs. I said that I was sorry and yes it was. Nothing to be sorry about. It's nice to know that I can still make a man's penis jump.

Out of all the questions they asked me. Not one was who I'm here with.


So I asked point blank what they were looking for here. Vickie said fun and Stephanie said sex. Lots of sex! Oh yeah Vickie agreed too. They both said that I had the equipment they'd like to get personal with. As much as I would love to I'm here with a couple of ladies I said.

My cock was getting stiffer as we talked, which didn't go unnoticed. As you can see I'm interested but can't. I don't know if Stephanie was reaching for my cock or not, but just at that point both Jenn and Cindy came back from the water. Stephanie stop moving forward. Jenn came around behind me and bent over say something.

Cindy and I are getting horny. We should go back to the room ok? Ok I'm coming. Cindy said you will be. Just as I'm getting up. Now with a growing cock at the same height and just a foot or so from them I asked for their numbers. I told them I only live a 51/2 drive away. A couple of days later I got their numbers, email and addresses.

Jenn and Cindy have been getting hit on since we got there. I do have to say it was nice to be hit on and not just having my equipment checked out. Back in the room I got more questions. Mostly from Jenn. Who were they? What did they want? Sex? And so on. I told them about everything and I was here with 2 beautiful women! Wow did I get drunk and get married to Jenn sometime? She was kinda acting like we were. That wouldn't be so bad being married to a hot lady like her. Ok ok I shouldn't have talked to 2 nude women, but I didn't do anything more and shot them down quickly.

I'm here with you 2. The only ones I'm going to have sex with is you I said. So how about some makeup sex? Let's get his shorts off Cindy barked out. Jenn pushed me back on the bed and both of them pulled my shorts off. Jenn didn't remove her bikini but Cindy did. While Cindy was getting naked. Jenn went straight for my cock. Cindy cried out that she wanted it first.

I said my face is free. With that Cindy dropped her pussy right down on my mouth and I wasted no time licking her. She was facing Jenn so she could watch Jenn.

Up to now they haven't done any real girl on girl stuff.

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Other than Jenn licking my cum off of Cindy and a little kissing. After a bit more sucking Jenn stopped. She said that she need to get fucked. With my face buried in Cindy's pussy I'm guessing that Jenn got up to remove her bikini. Because Cindy leaned forward into the 69 position taking me into her mouth.

She was sucking me like we had minutes to live. My working her was causing her to moan and my cock in her mouth the vibrations were going down my cock to my balls. Wow that felt great. Jenn as wanted to try sex with another woman, so not too surprising to see her kissing and licking down Cindy's ass towards me. I moved my face away from Cindy and Jenn planted some tongue on me. My face was very wet from Cindy. That woman gets very wet when she's horny.

Mmmmmm so that's what a woman's pussy taste like. Not bad, not bad at all. I've got to taste it for myself Jenn said. I told Jenn to get behind Cindy like she was going to fuck her from behind. With a big smile on her face Jenn did. She was grinding her pussy into Cindy's ass as I started licking both pussys. Jenn started laughing. She said we needed a strap - on dildo so she could fuck Cindy in the ass. Cindy to started laughing, but the real thing would be better and in my pussy.

John fuck me and fuck me from behind. So we all moved. Cindy on all fours, me coming in from behind and just as I was moving into place. Jenn worked her way in between Cindy's legs. She was in the 69 position with Cindy. Jenn's moved her face more out from between Cindy's legs. Jenn grabbed my cock and ran her tongue around my head then put my head at Cindy's vaginal opening.

As I pushed my cock slowly into her I could feel Jenn licking the underside of my cock. Jenn told Cindy that her pussy tasted good too. There it is Jenn as turned it into a full FFM thing. If it was possible my cock just got bigger and harder too.

As I fucked Cindy deeper her moaning picked up. I could feel Jenn licking right at the point that my cock entered Cindy's pussy. When I pushed deep Jenn would suck my balls. I'm watching Cindy as she is get so turned on from me fucking and Jenn's licking her pussy that her face is getting closer to Jenn's pussy. I start fucking her hard and faster. Just before Cindy has her orgasm she dropped her face between Jenn's legs and started licking Jenn's sweet pussy. All the moaning and me pounding Cindy's pussy is too much.

I bury my cock balls deep in her as I start cumming. That also let Jenn suck hard on my balls. The load is so great that as I'm still pulsing I feel our juices running down my balls towards Jenn. I pull out of Cindy and can now see Jenn's face. It had some of my cum on it. She quickly grabbed my cock and into her mouth it went. Jenn has become a cum lover. well so far my cum. As Jenn cleaned my shaft Cindy was getting into licking Jenn's pussy.


I got up off the bed to view these 2 women locked into 69. Jenn licking out Cindy's cum filled pussy and Cindy licking Jenn's swollen clit. Wow what a perfect picture.

I'm standing next to the bed stroking my cock back to full hardness thinking now did I get so lucky. I guess Jenn hit Cindy with some good tongue work because she pulled her face away from between Jenn's legs.

She extended her arms arching her back pushing that pussy into Jenn's face. I see my chance to move into Jenn's pussy, but as I get close to her pussy with my now hard again shaft Cindy as something else in mind. She grabs on to me pull me to her mouth. She is now suck on me so hard I swear that she'll suck my balls up through my cock. But that won't happen because she is also pulling on my sack and balls so hard too.

I don't want to cum from her sucking me. I want to deposit this load deep inside Jenn's beautiful pussy. I was pretty sure that Id have no more cum to give after this one for some time. As I pull my cock out of Cindy's mouth I get a look of disbelief from Cindy.

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I tell her that she can suck some more after I fill Jenn's pussy with cum. So with a smile she guided my member to Jenn's love hole. With a push I go all the way in deep because she is so wet and ready. As I get balls deep into Jenn she let out a couple of very deep moans.

I pumped her with long hard strokes while Cindy rubbed her clit. The sounds of me slapping against her, her wet pussy making slurping sounds, Cindy rubbing her clit and all the moaning we were making it was enough to bring both of us to orgasm at the same time.

She had a huge orgasm because her pussy clamped down on my shaft big time and also her pulsating pussy muscles did stop for what seemed like a minute or two. I know it wasn't that long but felt like it.

After both of us had stopped cumming I pulled out of her and Cindy rolled off of Jenn. Jenn was spent. Just laying on her back with her legs spread. Her pussy looked very very swollen from all the licking, sucking and fucking it got. Her nipples were still hard and the smile on her face that was covered with sex juices was saying that she love every minute of it.

Cindy looked much the same way but for none of my cum on her face. I thought it was over but Cindy motioned me over to her.

She was laying on the edge of the bed with head hanging just over the edge. As I got to her she grabbed my pussy juice/cum covered cock and took into her mouth. She wasn't quite done yet. She was trying to suck life back into my member. Back and forth between my cock and balls she went slowly getting me hard again. Stopping between to say that she wanted my to fuck her again. I told her that most likely won't cum. She said that she's still horny and wanted another orgasm.

So she got her wish. After we were done we just laid on the beds talking. I found out a little something about the 2 of them.

Cindy has a very very nice house with among other things a big pool in the backyard. Some time ago after Jenn and I got together. Her seeing my cock hanging out of my shorts, the bit in the garage and the fantasy thing in the field. Jenn was over for a swim and got to talking about us and all that had gone on. She told Cindy that she masturbated a little in my bathroom and left me her wet panties after see my cock up in the leg opening of my shorts.

That she wasn't like that and didn't do things like that. Was it because her husband was alway at work? She was pretty sure that he was screwing someone at work and much later found out that it was true.

As she went on about the rest of what happened before the mall outing. The mall bit happened after their talk in the pool. They both were getting horny over it and things started to happen. Being good friends for a long time starting back in their hometown they had seen each other naked many times before.

They starting to rub themselves thinking about it. Jenn continued to give all the details of me, what happened and where it happened. How guilty she was feeling at times, but couldn't stop. Somewhere in there they both had removed their bikinis and had gotten into full on masturbation.

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They both agreed that they don't remember who did it first, but touching each other started. First the nipples, faces, bodies and then pussys. They also said that they kissed too.

They both also agreed that they had brought themselves to orgasms in the pool. Also they came close to getting in touch with me to come over to fuck them one at a time that night but didn't. Then they thought that maybe a MFF may be cool. They went on to say that they started thinking of when and how we would have a threesome. Listening to this I'm starting to get some life back into my member. Jenn went on to say that this when this trip came up, also that is when the mall trip was thought up.

It was to be just the 2 of us and Summer the store clerk getting involved was just a fluke. Cindy told me that this whole thing with me as turned Jenn into a sex freak. Causing them both to laugh.

Jenn was on her side facing me. She grabbed onto my cock to start stroking me. Cindy said that after cooking up this trip she started thinking of a fantasy she has and how she has had to change it a bit. She as had a fantasy of having sex with some guy that she's showing a house too. But after the pool bit and cooking up the trip she thought that having sex with a couple she's showing a house too would be better.

Jenn looked at me and with a sex filled smile said we could do that. Cindy said I can't because if we get caught I could loose my license. Jenn and I were thinking the same thing which was using Cindy's house as the place. Cindy agreed that her place would be perfect. We all agree to work it out after we get home. The rest of the week went on the same way. Lots of sex in the room. Also we were on the nude beach a lot where the girls got hit on a lot.

Me not like them, but did get a few hits. The first 2 that hit on me. Vickie & Stephanie I did meet up with Vickie a couple of months later in Toronto. She had to fly in for work over a weekend. We met up for dinner and back to her hotel room for some good sex.

We meet up in Toronto when she has to come down for work. Just back on the 3rd of June she called to say that she will be in town on the 14th to the 18th of July for a couple of meetings. She said that Stephanie was coming with her too. Maybe another threesome? Mmmmmm. We did get back and work out one of Cindy's fantasies.

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The Real estate lady showing a home. Jenn and I add a little to it, but didn't let Cindy in on it. That story is cumming soon. Also Summer from "Can you take me to the mall" has been reading these and agreed that posting some of what includes her would be in her words "OMG that would make me hot & horny to read that on there".


So something cumming soon about her too.