Sultry girl sucks penis in pov and gets narrow snatch plowed

Sultry girl sucks penis in pov and gets narrow snatch plowed
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Prior: Foxy Knoxy (Foxy Knoxy Foreign Students Amanda and Meredith fight at their flat in a small Italian city. Amanda goes to the bar where she enters the back room to entertain three men who are a little rough.) Amanda's face splashed in the water. Her head was dunked in the toilet bowl. As her head pulled back out of the water she was gasping for air. "PLEASE, NO MORE, PLEASE." The half-hour before had been hell. Everything appeared blurry, her memory was sketchy.

Alfredo held her head while Jimmy brutally fucker her mouth.

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It was hard to breath, the dick filling her throat while Alfredo had pinched her nose. Amanda's face was sore and red. She ached from the wretching vomiting after the cum filled her gut choking her. In the toilet bowl she could see the slimy mess of vomit and cum that washed off her face. Alfredo flushed the toilet and as the bowl filled he shoved Amanda's face back down. Again gasping for air she begged him not to dunk her again.

Alfredo pushed her to the couch, her head face up on the arm at the end. He straddled her chest leaning forward. "Whore, let's see if you can handle this." He rubbed his dick over her sore and reddened face.

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As she took his cock in her mouth she felt hands spreading her legs, pushing them up and wide. A pillow was pushed under her butt and she could feel the man's body against hers. "Look at me Whore." She looked up to see Alfredo, smiling leering down at her even while she licked and sucked him.

The other men were laughing talking about her pussy as Jorge pushed his crotch against hers. "Whore, you are going to earn your money tonight." Amanda licked and sucked on Alfredo hoping to avoid more punishment. She felt Jorge's cock pushing and rubbing on her cunt. She hated to admit it after the abuse but she wanted it.

Damn it, push it in. Push that cock in.

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Fuck Me. She thought. Jorge was driving her crazy. She wanted it so BAD. Jorge kept rubbing Amanda's clit with the tip of his cock. She started sucking Alfredo's cock like the cock sucking Whore they knew she was. Alfredo was laughing as she hungrily licked his dick, sucked on his balls. She pushed her hips up toward Jorge pushing up toward his cock.

Amanda couldn't take it any longer, she started to moan, groan. "Whore, beg for it. You know you want it. Beg Whore." Jorge mocked her. Amanda blurted "Fuck Me. Fuck Me with that Cock.

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" "Do it now.""Please." Jorge teased her some more pushing in slightly and then pulling back. "Bastard, stop that, fuck the living hell out of me. "Fuck ME. Fuck Me. Fuck Me." Finally. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH." "YEA More, Deeper harder. Fuck Me.

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Fuck." "Yell Whore, Scream, Scream more." Yelled Jorge. Amanda took Alfredo's dick in her hand while she screamed. Curling her hands around him she could feel him throbbing. She squeezed tight pumping her hand faster and faster as she felt him harden in her hand. Amanda had one cock inside her and the other in her hand in front of her. She was screaming her head off pumping the cock in her hand faster in rhythm with the fucking she was getting.

Alfredo's dick was straight over her face as he ejaculated shoot his cum over her face. Hot, smelly, sticky it was wonderful. The warm jizz splashed on her nose, on her eyes and on her lips and tongue.


Jorge was deep inside her fucking harder and harder as Amanda screamed. She knew he was ready. "Fucking whore Loves it, yea, fuck scream bitch." Yelled the other men watching.

"AHHH yea, damn of fuck." Amanda was screaming. Three hours later Amanda was back at the bar with Patrick. "I guess you had quite a night." Laughed Patrick. "The guys said you like it rough." "You look pretty ragged." "Yea it was rough but it was all good." "Well, they left you a nice tip too." "Great, they were hot guys. " "Foxy Knoxy, you are the best." Laughed the bartender.

Amanda laughed, she sat down at a table waiting for her boyfriend Raffaele to arrive ===================== Back at the flat, Meredith was stewing after Amanda left. Fucking bitch stole from her and then tried to shift the blame.

Fucking Americans are all the same. Meredith drank some wine to calm her nerves. She would deal with the American whore later but she knew one thing for certain.

SHE NEEDED TO GET LAID Meredith got dressed to go out. She dressed a little slutty but she knew it was no use to dress too hot. Meredith realized she was not hot like Amanda. Meredith was attractive in a mousy kind of way. While Amanda could attract any guy, Meredith had to work to get a guy.

Meredith headed out to some of the seedier bars, ones mostly catering to the immigrants where she would meet the third world types. Not too much talk but lots of hard cock.

Damn, I need a fuck thought Meredith.


Sitting at a table with a glass of wine she had caught the eye of several men. Although she would pick total strangers she preferred someone she might at least know of or about. Meredith kept scanning the room for someone she knew until glancing around the bar she spotted Rudy. They had met once, she had never fucked him but he looked interesting.

Meredith made eye contact and smiled. It was not long before Rudy arrived at Meredith's table with a glass of wine and a glass for Meredith. After 20 minutes Meredith was getting impatient. She had enough of the dribble about Rudy's family back home and their problems.

Too fucking bad, not my problem thought Meredith. She took her foot and rubbed up against Rudy's leg pushing toward his crotch. Now that is more like it. Meredith could feel the big bulge in Rudy's pants with her foot. Rudy smiled and quit talking as Meredith move her foot against his swelling dick.

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Rudy got up taking Meredith by the hand. He led her through the bar and down a hallway to the back of the bar.

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Rudy opened the door of the utility room and flipped on the light switch. Only a single 100 watt bulb lit up the dingy room. Old boxes were stacked against the walls and buckets and mops littered the floor. The room was damp and smelled of disinfectant.

Meredith was trembling, this was so edgy, she was going to fuck this black hunk in dirty back room. It was son primal, so down and dirty, so right. She pulled him close to her, grinding her groin into his. "Fuck Me Rudy, Fuck Me, Fuck Me." (To Be Continued.)