Hot ebony girlfriend rides white cock

Hot ebony girlfriend rides white cock
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Mummy's true passion, book two: pregnancy days chapter seven Mum and I had showered. Fooling around with each other took us actually longer than the basic act of getting clean. The entire bathroom was wrapped into some thick foggy curtain of plain white as we were done. Mummy left the shower and I let my eyes follow her breathtaking backside. I was under the impression that if you wouldn't exactly know she was in certain circumstances you wouldn't be able to tell from observing her marvelous back.

It seemed to me her butt hadn't lost any of its muscular structure. When mum moved in a certain way you could still see her backside muscles pressing their surface through her skin. If I had to compare her with an animal I guess she would appear like a strong female tiger.

I saw her pubic hair reflecting the dizzy light from between her legs with each step she took. When women wear high heels and don't do so too much the effect it has to their leg muscles is fantastic. So as a woman you have to find the right balance between wearing the sexiest high heeled pumps and walking around barefoot like a hippy would. Since mum was in the lucky situation of having a slave who adored each and every part of her body and who loved seeing her on three inch heels as well as naked and barefoot, it was easy for her to find that particular balance between two life styles.

So her lower leg muscles were well trained and formed greatly. They were not like those you see on body builder women. They were a perfect match with the rest of the most beautiful body god's hands had formed ever. Mum left wet footprints on the black tiled floor. She turned around and focused me over her shoulder. Then she tinkled at me and sent me some delicious kiss through the air.

I caught it and performed as if I was eating it up. She laughed and I could see her teeth blinking from her mouth. I gave the smile back to her and felt the warm feeling you get when you know you are being loved and repay the same love to the other one grabbing for my heart. I breathed in deeply and thought that the air smelled much better with my mistress around. I followed mummy into my bedroom and found her sitting on my bed.

She put some lotion onto her legs and moved to get it on every square inch of her skin. Even when she did things like that, things every woman of the western world does nearly every day, things women do with a routine that is beyond compare, even then, mummy did it sexy.

And I was not sure if she had noticed me entering the room. So I was sure it was simply her certain way of doing things. If I would have seen her the first time in my life ever -I thought- I would have thought what a damn hot chick. "Shut your mouth, honey. It's not like you see me the first time, is it?" mum said as if she had read my thoughts. I shut my mouth and looked at her.

She turned and looked back at me. "What are you staring at?" her look got thinner. "Are you checking my pubic hair?" I hadn't really noticed that my view had wandered downwards but now that she mentioned it I got aware of it.

I opened my mouth to say something but mum cut my words before I had formed them. "Go and get your shaver and some cream." She said and didn't stop thinning her look. I certainly went back into the fog and got my cream and my shaver and a little pot of warm water to the bedroom.

"Now, I guess you know what to do, don't you?" she said. Her eyes had kept on some certain status of thinness. Then she leaned back and spread her legs. She placed her heels on my bed's frame and in some way I felt reminded on a visit at the gynecologist. But I didn't mind to long. I sat down in front of her on my wooden floor. I felt heat streaming out of her vagina and saw the sixteen silvery rings blinking in the light. Actually I could only see little of eight of them for the inner eight were- well inside and the outer eight were partly covered by mummy's brown hair.

The clouds of her innermost heat wrapped my head after a short period and I felt like participating on some sick drug hell party.

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But I certainly enjoyed her aroma. For a shot time I had some vision that my head was some zeppelin cutting though dusty, golden clouds and mummy's vagina was some strange base of an insane professor who tried to get the lead of the world with those special clouds. Then I thought that maybe the analogy with the drug hell wasn't that far from reality.

I had never realized mummy's odor had that kind of an effect on me but maybe it was just stronger from those weeks of abstinence.

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"Will you only stare at it or are you going to shave it, sweety?" mum ripped me from dizzy thoughts and sounded warmer than I had expected from her thin eyes. I shook the tin with the shaving cream and pressed some of the cream onto my left hand fingers. The cream reacted with the warm smelly air and turned into some light foam. Then I put the first load onto mummy's perineum and a little up to the place where the two outer lips separate.

I took the wet shaver and lightly begun shaving her perineum. I realized her breath getting faster when I first touched her. Then she moaned and relaxed. Her breath slowed down step by step while I took her long and curly brown hairy off her skin. "Don't you cut mummy." she said and her voice tried to find the balance between fear of getting cut and threatening the shaving slave. "I do my best mum, relax" I said and sounded surprisingly confident.

Instead of an answer mum just breathed deep in and deep out. So I went on shaving her. As the perineum seemed to be smooth I touched it lightly to check it. Then I licked it and gave it a short kiss. Mum giggled and I was glad she got used to the feeling of letting me be the one with the sharp blade and the one formally in control.

In small steps I shove my way up her pussy lips and took special care of the rings. As I was done with that part her vagina appeared almost like I remembered it.

Smooth and sleek. "Now, mummy what do you think I could do with the part above your little entrance?" I asked her and looked up on her. She had closed her eyes. "Did you just say "little entrance"?" she asked back and laughed. "Is that how young people call it these days?" I laughed myself realizing how seventies porn like that phrase sounded.

It took us a while to get serious again. "I don't know. You liked the V, didn't you?" mum said. I nodded my head. "But we can create something different." "Mm," mum made "I tell you what…" "What?" I asked.

"Surprise me." She said and gave me the sweetest smile. So I got to work again. Now I really loved mummy's Brazilian V. And so I integrated it into her new haircut. Actually I didn't really invite some new wheel I just created something you might call a W.

but I left all three streams as long as possible. It looked a little like the devil's trident. That way the idea of mummy's vagina began about three and a half inches above the entrance's highest point. As I was done I kissed my creation. Then I sorted the rings and cleaned the whole area with some cool water. As a last step I put mummy's lotion onto her sensitive intimate skin and rubbed it into it. Mum came while I did so.

"You did so well.


Now lick mummy's liquid off." Mum said with a warm voice of a woman who had just climaxed by getting her vagina shaved and rubbed. I obeyed and licked her until she got to the point where the old wetness was gone and I could taste new one building up in her inner tights. "What do you say; baby would you like to show mummy your university?" mum asked and sounded satisfied with the way I had dealt with her vagina. She turned around in front of my big mirror to check her new haircut.

She moved her hips to see the reflections the light threw back from her piercings. I could see her smiling with satisfaction. "I'd love to." I replied quickly and didn't lie. "I guess then we should get dressed." mum said. "I guess we should" I repeated and thought as if it made any difference if we are dressed or naked in our understanding of "getting dressed". While mum kept spinning in front of the mirror and observing her trident I got her suitcase from the living room and opened it as I lay on my bed.

It was almost empty. Oh what a surprise I thought, more see through and tiny outfits; and then hurray. Mum walked over to me and kissed me.

I walked to my desk and placed my naked self on my chair. Then I leaned back and enjoyed the show. I loved when mum presented her new and totally crazy clothes. I couldn't see what she got out and so I simply enjoyed the dance her backside offered to my hungers eyes.

Meanwhile my pride had found back to life and I realized it getting in that semi hard status the two of us enjoyed. Mum bend over and from time to time held blouses and dresses and skirts and whatever in front of herself seeing her reflection in the window.

After a while she was done and had made her decision. "Would you help mummy getting into her outfit?" she asked but didn't look away from her own reflection.

I got up and behind her. I got close enough to let her feel how much I had missed her again. "Oh, there you are again. That's good. I like it when you show me your pleasure. Make sure it stays like that. I might be in charge to fuck you again later." She said it with the most absolute straightness one can imagine and I could tell by the look of her eyes that she meant it.

So I gave her a hand while she stepped into some black nylon stockings without suspenders and some amazingly tight black skirt. She closed it on the side with a zipper and made sure I would not see the highlight.

Then she told me to get back on my ass and to ensure my erection would not fade. So I sat there on my chair while mum dressed in a black matching blouse made from something I estimated to be silk and somehow managed to get into pumps with red soles without my help. I think she just wanted to check if I was in the status she wanted me to be. Those pumps were black, too and made from some reflecting varnish leather.

To accomplish the outfit she pulled a red belt from the case and wrapped it around her body to check if it fitted. Then she put it to the bed. I still couldn't belief she wore that being pregnant. So I was starving for her to spin.

Now I had seen the length of the skirt and had been wondering. It wasn't as short and slutty as we were used to. It actually covered her knees and looked like the skirts all those mums of Yale students wore when they came to visit their kids. Well I was sure those mums wore panties but besides that the skirt appeared like a pretty serious piece of cloth.

It seemed to be the same with the blouse. It was long enough to cover mummy's backside and if she wouldn't move around in some wild way her belly and lower back would stay under this silky cover. And what was it about those pumps? Yeah, well, they were sexy. But they were classy and I didn't see them being that special as for example those shoes had been mum wore on vacation.

They didn't go up her legs in spirals and they weren't see through or anything of those wild things. Those were simply nice shoes a woman around mum's age and with a kid at the University of Yale would wear. Now it was not exactly like I was disappointed mum still looked damn hot in that outfit- so far- but I was surprised. She looked like I remembered her from the time before our relationship had changed into that thing it was by now.

The hell, I though, my mum was carrying her son's little baby girl under her heart. Since I had kept stroking mummy's toy it still was hard when I finished those thoughts. Then mum turned around. On the front the skirt was as long as it was on the back and ended right underneath her knees. But about one inch after the material had crossed her pelvis bones the cut went downwards in some breathtaking angle.

The entire thing was symmetric and so the nose dive of the fabrics ended in some line which was parallel with the highest part of the skirt. That way it left some trapezium open that showed more than just the top of the trident. In fact almost mummy's entire front side was uncovered. I guess if you had pulled the material on its deepest point less the quarter of an inch down you would have celebrated Christmas.

And there was another and more subtle highlight about the skirt which turned out to be just as shockingly great as the others mum wore. The was a slit on the left side of it raising up high enough to ensure people would see the well designed top frame of those stockings. The neckline of the blouse wasn't that deep. Actually if you just looked quickly at mummy, which I doubted, you would not see anything that special.

Maybe a beautiful woman who might be pregnant with a black blouse of relative tightness. In fact the blouse was way trickier. Right underneath mum's breast the blouse was elastic.

That way her boobs got pushed up and pressed together. And, the silk had this special skill of appearing see through if the light was set onto it in a special way. I saw it when mum moved to show het outfit. "Now, slutty enough for my dirty little boy?" mum asked. "Hell yes." I said. Then she took the belt from the bed and wrapped it around her silhouette. She closed it and covered her open trident.

"Now what might you wear?" she asked and I thought as if that was MY decision. First she took my slave outfit from under the bed, I had told her on the phone where I kept it. I got quickly into it since I had had a lot of training the last weeks. Mum stepped up to me and pulled my penis through the front hole. She stroke along my shaft and left more little scratches with her nails. She gave me some "good boy" look and opened my dresser. Then she threw grey trousers and a red sweater into my direction.

I get into the two pieces. And turned for mummy to show her how it looked. She smiled satisfied and nodded. "Your cock is pressing out pretty well. I guess those girls will go crazy when they see it." Mum said and tinkled in some mysterious way. I turned into a light tone of red and smiled at my beautiful mistress. Then the two of us left my room and walked out of the house. Certainly all the boy's looks were on mummy and it turned out that mum had been right with her estimation.

I caught some of those "I'm not looking at your penis" looks by those girls whose attention I had managed to catch earlier. But those were without compare to what it was now there I followed the hottest woman on god's green earth downstairs and to the campus.

The campus of the University of Yale is one of the most beautiful on planet earth if you ask me. And walking with mummy through it was like showing a trophy to the other students. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy to somehow introducing mum into my world after I had been introduced into hers months ago. Mine certainly was less shocking and more of the kind you expect but anyways it was nice to walk with her.

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Just like we had done it when we drove to NY or when we waited at the airport or in those restaurants we talked about this and that and it was like we weren't some truly pervent couple of a mistress and her will less slave but simply lovers beyond compare. I showed mummy the big garden where I had found out marvelous things about bowls and toes reading "Gray's Anatomy" and the hall way where the girls used to do "nothing" which meant they were talking gossip.

And after a while we got into the cafeteria. In fact Yale has many of them and some are better than others. The one mum and I accidently entered was one of the better ones and so I asked her if she was hungry. She told me she was starving and got a table. I got into the short line and took a small dinner for the two of us from the glass shelves. I choose a light yogurt and some delicious dough thing for mummy and took just a cup of coffee for myself since I wasn't that hungry after I had swallowed ten feet of mum's former meals.

As I got back to the table mum was talking to Prof. Snatchers. She was my Professor for Biology and somehow we had a good connection. I guess she appreciated the fact that I did a lot to be good in my studies and since she had something I'd call an interesting way of dressing and dealing with certain things, too we somehow lived in the same world, if surely not in the exactly same.

So I brought the tablet to our table and tried to hide my happiness about mum's visit as good a possible which turned out to be the worst piece of acting in fact. I could see mum smiling in the corner of her eyes about this success less try. "It's you." Professor Snatchers said and gave me the "sit down and behave young man" look and I was irritated to see the very same look in mummy's eyes as the smile faded. So what could I do except for sitting on my four letters and see what would happen.

Mum and Snatchers talked about- would you like to guess? - Me. Snatchers told mum how good I was doing in studying but that sometimes my appearance was a little strange. The sarcastic side of me asked: what might she mean by that?

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I sat across mum and right next to the Prof. Mum talked to her in some really serious way and I could tell that right now she was my mum talking to her son's Professor and nothing else. I offered her the food I had gotten for her and nipped on my coffee.

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As the chat went on the themes got lighter and away from me as a main topic. Then I felt mum's shoe between my legs.

"You like it here, don't you? At least that's my impression." The Prof asked and focused me. "Yes "I said and mum moved her foot up my shaft.

The construction of my slave cloth ensured my cock would stay hard. She started some crazy massage through my pants and I realized how it got hard for me to follow the conversation. Mum's face didn't change one bit. She kept talking to the Prof as is she was not massaging her son's cock with her shoe right next to the same under the table.

"Yes you're right" mum said "taking organs out is really important to understand the anatomies." And put some extra pressure to the words taking and out. First I thought about how she had managed to do it herself at this restaurant in NY but then I stopped thinking about it.

I was sure that was something like a plan of her. She wanted to prove to me and herself that she had enough power over me to make me take out my rock hard cock sitting next to my Professor in the cafeteria on her command.

And she surely had that power. So I began to open my zipper under the table which is pretty complicated using only one hand. The first few centimeters are easy but when you get to the point where your pants do the bowl you need your second hand. Mum seemed to see my problem and stopped her massage along my shaft. Instead she stepped onto my balls with light violence which made me do some "ah" sound but less from pain and more from the surprise.

So the cotton was straightened and I could go on. I opened the zipper really slow for I didn't want it to make that zipper sound. Although I had some idea of what was going to happen I took care not to catch more attention than we already had. What the Prof couldn't see but what I had seen when I had walked to the table was that mum had crossed her legs in a way that the upper end of those stockings was visible.

And since Yale's students are the elite in matters of science but nevertheless students and horny little boys it didn't take mum long to fill the cafeteria with all kinds of boys and girls who "just accidently came along". And not because they had been called by their friends. As my slit was finally open my pride popped out and I thanked god it didn't make a sound as it would have made if this was a cartoon. It just hit mum's shoe tip and made a sound it makes in the real world.

Mum lost her countenance for the blink of an eye as the weight landed on her foot. She gave me the first smile since she had started talking to the Prof. "He's a good boy." She said and it sounded as if it fitted perfectly into the conversation. "I guess one day he will make a girl really lucky." I thought what the… The Prof laughed and said: "Or maybe a woman." I though it again.

Mum went on stroking along my penis with her shoe until she hit my top with her tip. I felt her circling around it and realized my juices floating. Little fountains of precum exited my urethra and covered my cock. Mum smoothly robbed it over its full length and onto my balls. I got used to the feeling when she touched them and began to enjoy it.

That moment I forgot the conversation around me and just wanted mum to go on. I guess my expression got a little out of the frame then. "Are you alright son?" The Prof asked me. "You know how he looks?" mum said and sounded as sorrowed and interested as she could. "Tell me." The Prof replied. "I think he looks as if he needs to let something go." She sounded as if she was talking about reducing my stress level or something.

I concentrated as I felt my bally tighten and mummy's foot pressing onto my front end.


I knew I was so very close and I did my best to create a serious and friendly smile. "You might be right." The Prof gave back. "Maybe you should just relax and let go all those stress things." "Yeah, honey." Mum supported Snatchers. "You don't have to take all that pressure. Just lean back and relax and let mummy help you a little." That was so mean and so good I though and then it was just too much for me.

Mum circled around my precum covered glans one last time and my balls discharged their entire load onto mum's varnish pumps. The orgasm didn't take as long as it felt but I noticed four intensive and massive shots waving through my body.

I realized I had been biting my lower lip as I found back to life after what had felt like thirty seconds. "Are you alright?" mum asked and I could see some thieving smile in her beautiful face.

As I looked at the Prof I saw sorrow disappearing from her face. Then she smiled at me and said: "You are some wired person but you know what?

Wired people always become great scientists." Then she tenderly slapped my right leg and got so close to the region where still little shots were floating out. "I enjoyed the conversation," she said, "but now I really have to go back to work. And don't you worry about this guy here." She tinkled at me and shook mummy's hand as she left the table. Mum looked with some triumphing expression at me. I looked back at her satisfied and relaxed.

She had eaten up her dinner. So I closed my zipper and we went back to my room. The entire way she left small drops of my cum on the campus ways and her shoes seemed even more shiny and polished. "That was so close." Mum giggled on our way. "When she slapped your leg I thought I would die." "You thought you would die?" I gave back and tried to sound angry but did neither convince mummy nor myself.

Mum laughed and was happy and hooked under my arm and we just walked back to my room in that light evening like true lovers would and should. End of chapter seven. If you don't leave more comments I swear to god in heaven…