Ebony Sucks a Cock while Jacking her Own

Ebony Sucks a Cock while Jacking her Own
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NOTE: This is a love story. Nice Rack Well it is deer hunting season again here in New York State. The variety that we have are called White Tail Deer because as they are running away they lift their tail and it is a brilliant white underneath.

My buddy Tim and I have gone hunting on his land for many years. Occasionally Tim's wife Juliette will tag along but not very often. His land is posted so that keeps most of the hunters off from it.

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However this year Tim decided to break his damn leg by falling off from a ladder while cleaning the leaves out of his rain gutters.

He would be off his feet for several weeks, which would include the entire season. So this year Juliette asked him if she could go hunting with me in his place.

She had gone with us a couple of times over the years but she didn't seem to care for it. She said that it was too boring. However he always bought her a deer license very year anyway just so that we could get an extra deer and put her tag on it. It wasn't really legal but no one really seemed to care either.

As long as every deer hanging in his barn had a tag on it, the Game Warden was happy. However we have never seen the Game Warden come around to check on us. As we do every year, a few of weeks before 'First Day' I set up a few Styrofoam three-dimensional deer in their backyard so that we could practice beforehand. It was unseasonably warm for that time of the year so Juliette was dressed very sexily. She was only wearing a pair of Daisy Duke cutoffs and a bikini top that couldn't even pretend to cover up her enormous rack.

I took one look at her and said, "Nice rack Juliette." Juliette smiled and said, "Thanks. I was hoping that you would notice my rack again this year. That's why I chose this top." I replied, "Notice them? Hell I have noticed them every time that I have ever seen you. Even in a bulky coat I'd have to be blind not to notice your fine rack." Juliette asked, "So why don't you say so more often." I replied, "Because Tim's is my best friend and guys don't do that to their buddies." Juliette then asked, "So why are you telling me this now?" I replied, "I don't know.

Maybe its because your husband's not here, maybe its because of the way that you are dressed, and maybe its because my cock is so hard that it hurts." Juliette smiled and said, "I'd be happy to take care of that for you." I said, "I'd like nothing better but your husband is still my best friend." Juliette said, "Okay I get it! So, a quick fuck is out of the question. How about a blowjob or I can just take my clothes off and let you jerk off on my rack if you would like." Oh my God.

The number of times that I had wanted to hear just those words was too much to bear. So I said, "Would you…can I…jerk off…I mean…on your rack?" Juliette smiled and removed her bikini top. Then she peeled her shorts down her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties so she kicked off her shoes and was completely nude. Juliette lay back in the grass for me. Oh God! She was so fucking beautiful.

Her rack stood up nice and straight too. Her tits were very impressive.

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As she lay there in the grass I started to take my cock out. I was just going to jerk off like we agreed, really I was. But then the more that I looked at her fine body the more I knew that I wanted to fuck her. After all I was just a mortal man and Juliette was a Love Goddess.

Even that guy Romeo killed himself for her. There was no way on this Earth that I could resist her feminine whiles. I quickly removed my pants. As I did Juliette opened up her knees for me. She knew that she had won. I dropped to the grass between her open thighs and simply poked the head of my cock into her moist pink opening.

Then I fell forward impaling her as I went. Juliette was just as excited as I was and was thrusting up into me before I could even get started. I did my best to match her rhythm. Before I knew it I was cumming in her with a force I had never know before. Juliette wrapped her legs around me preventing me for pulling out of her. Her arms were wrapped around my neck holding my lips to hers as we French kissed.

Soon I could feel myself growing again inside her. She could feel it too. She whispered in my ear, "This time we can both enjoy it more. The first time we were just too excited. It reminded me of when you took my virginity in the sixth grade. I was only eleven years old but I still remember it like it was yesterday." I replied, "Me too. I have always loved you too Juliette but you chose Tim over me." Juliette said, "Only because you backed off and he asked me to marry him.

You will always be my first true love." I said, "And to me you will always be the one that got away." I was just as hard that second time as I had been the first time and I my cock was still in her so I started stroking into Juliette with less anxiety that time. The sun was beating down on my back, the birds were singing, and our shotguns were on the ground just a few feet away from us. From where we were on the side of the knoll we were out of sight of the house but we could see out into the cornfield.

It had been harvested but the short stalks still remained. As we made slow passionate love we could watch the deer come out of the trees along the edge of the field and feed on the corn stalks. They looked so beautiful but we both knew that they put a lot of meat on the table. Then we both spotted him…the biggest damn buck that I had ever seen.

He must have been a twelve-pointer at least. As we were both cumming we vowed to shoot him and mount his head on our wall.

After we both came we just turned and lay there in the grass admiring him. He stood proud just at the edge of the tree line guarding his harem. The six doe eating corn felt very safe with him keeping watch over them. In just another week we could go after him with a bow. Two weeks after that we could use twelve gauge shotguns with slugs. We both knew that we needed to practice with our bows so Juliette got dressed and took her gun back into the house while I took mine to my car. Juliette got her bow and I got mine out of my car.

Then we practiced with our bows for an hour. I was a much better shot than Juliette was even though I still used an old fashion re-curve while she used a modern bow with all of those pulleys, counterweights, and sights. I also had to hold the full weight while Juliette only had to hold half of the weight that she drew. No mater what, I was still a better hunter. Juliette and I drove into town to purchase our Bow Stamp to put on the back of our gun permit.

I always though that it was stupid for bow hunters to be required to purchase a gun permit first. The state only wants our money. But then again gun hunters don't have to purchase a bow stamp either.

Duh! Every day after that Juliette and I would make love in the grass, practice with our bows, and then watch as our buck stood out at the edge of the trees every evening guarding his flock.

I checked our deer stands up in the trees and I put out some salt licks, which is also against the law. However this was private land and no one had ever come by to see what we were up too. With one Wildlife Management Officer or Game Warden as we know him to every thousand hunters we certainly had the advantage that's for sure.

You really have to be 'jacking' deer to get caught. Juliette knew that women on the rag during hunting season were much more lucky than the men were at attracting the male deer. Juliette told me that she would be starting her period about two days into bow season. Good! I was still the better shot. That first day of bow hunting season Juliette and I ventured out into the forest and up into our tree stands long before the sun had even come up.

We used the worst smelling shit that we could purchase to cover up the human odor that we have. Before hand Juliette had even measured out the distances that corresponded to her bow sites and color-coded the trees with colored ribbons.

We sat there in silence as the sun finally rose. We watched as a doe walked along below us. Deer don't see a threat to anything above them. Everything that attacks them is on the ground. That's why tree stands are so popular among hunters.

Bow hunters are allowed to take a doe during bow season but we didn't want to waist a tag on a small one like her. So we sat in utter silence for several hours. As the sun sat we got down from our perches. Juliette could hardly wait until we got out of the forest to go to the bathroom. She was actually in pain from trying to hold it for so long. As soon as she felt it was safe to leave her human scent behind Juliette dropped her pants and panties and sat over a log to poop and pee.

I got her some toilet paper from my pack and watched.

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Soon I too had to pee. I peed as close to her as I could so as not to contaminate the whole area. When I was done Juliette sucked the last drop of pee from my cock and then proceeded to give me a blowjob. It was great and I really enjoyed it too. Then just as I was filling her mouth with my cum Juliette let out one last squirt of pee and then she let out a loud fart.

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We both laughed. Juliette wiped her ass and her pussy and then she pulled her pants up.

I reached out and held her tits. Nice rack! Juliette told her husband all about doing nothing for about twelve hours. He just smiled at her. He and I had done that very same thing so many times before that we couldn't even count them.

Deer hunting is all about the 'hurry up and wait.' The deer have to come to you otherwise you just chase them away. That's why we put our tree stands up near their trails and why we try to lure them there with salt.

You just have to remember that tomorrow is always another day. The next morning Juliette was more prepared. She decided to bring along a funnel and a soda bottle to pee in while she was up in her tree stand. We even left a few minutes early that day so that we could have sex before we got into the woods. Once we had crossed the cornfield Juliette dropped her pants and her panties to her ankles and bent over to hold onto a downed tree trunk.

I poked around in the dark with my finger to find her moist opening and then I slipped my cock into her pussy. I was fucking into Juliette with all my might. She was holding onto that tree and thrusting back at me as hard as she could.


Then as we were still fucking the sun was starting to come up and then I was cumming into her. The relief was great and so was Juliette. Then I looked up to see a huge doe standing not too far away from us. She had been watching us make love. Behind her was our big buck too. With our pants still down around our ankles Juliette and I moved very slowly to pick up our bows. We each knocked an arrow and pulled it back. As we both took aim the doe and buck just looked at us.

A moment later my arrow was on its way along with Juliette's arrow. Suddenly both deer were hit right in their hearts as they stood watching us.

They only ran just a few yards and then fell to the ground. I quickly pulled up my underwear and my pants then I went over to the buck.


He had my arrow in him, thank God. Juliette must have hit the big doe. We had never mentioned our target to one another. Soon Juliette was dressed and standing near me.

We tagged both deer and then I went back to the house to get the ATV and sled to drag the two deer back to the barn to dress. Juliette stayed with the carcasses. As I arrived on the four-wheeler Juliette said, "I know why the deer just stood there. My period started while we were fucking. The scent must have paralyzed them like the headlights on a car do." She was probably right.

She helped me drag her doe up on the sled so that I could take it back up to the barn and then come back for the buck. On the second trip we got the big buck onto the sled. Juliette then climbed on behind me and we took him up to the barn too. It took us a little while to hang them from the rafter to bleed out. Juliette and I went into the house to clean up. We each took a different bathroom.

Our hunting was over for the time being. We could relax, eat a nice breakfast, and celebrate. The deer would hang there in the barn for a day or two before my buddy and I would cut them up.

When Juliette came back out to me she was dressed very sexy and her husband was with her. She told Tim the whole story, leaving the sex part out of course. She told him that she had had to pee so she dropped everything in the dark, squatted down, and did her business. Then I whispered to her that there were two deer standing behind her, she grabbed her bow, and shot the doe with her panties still down around her ankles. We all laughed about that. It was a deer story that would be told every year after that.

Juliette and I went back to just being friends again but we shared a very personal experience together during that hunting season. One I hoped to realize again someday. Juliette gave me her doe head and I took both of the heads to my taxidermist. He did a fantastic job of mounting them together on one display board. The buck's head stands up proud and the doe's head is nuzzled into his neck in a very loving way.

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Below their heads are the two arrows that killed them. I thought about mounting one hoof from each of them and setting the arrows on them but then I decided that it really wasn't proper to make those deer hold their own murder weapons like that.

I keep them on the wall in my den where I can see it every day and to be reminded of Juliette. Both Juliette and that buck sure do have nice racks. I would like to mount Juliette again. I wonder if I could talk my buddy into going skydiving, bungee jumping, or maybe just skiing into a tree. I don't want to kill him I just want to break his leg again so that Juliette and I can go hunting alone again.

I wonder if Juliette would let me make a plaster cast of her rack and mount that on my wall too? Maybe Tim would like one too. The End Nice Rack 135