Homo teen gay porn movies Jacobey Has A Surprise For Evan

Homo teen gay porn movies Jacobey Has A Surprise For Evan
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Moms First Gang bang Authors note: This story is about Incest and a mom getting gang bang. If this is not your kind of story please do not continue reading.

Additionally to all the English teachers who are concerned about spelling and grammar DO NOT READ THIS PLEASE! My name is Luis, for the last three years my mom and I have been having sex. I decide for my 17th birthday I would host a gang bang using her and making a couple of bucks besides a nut sack draining event. Six weeks ago I sold her ass to the neighbor for $1000; people might be wondering why I would do it. It was an easy decision, I'm not happy with my mother, I hold her responsible for breaking up our family and ruining the life.

Once her and I had crossed the line into an incest relationship, there was no going back. I was addicted to sex with her. After the first exploration of my mother's sexual talents I realized she was up for anything, nothing was out off limits for her.

The whole situation started four years ago when my father was laid off from his job for a few months, my mother had to get a job. She got a job at a local bar & grille waiting tables she made enough money to help pay the bills and supplement Dad's unemployment check. With her long blonde hair big tits, tight ass and pretty face, she was able to make good tips. All the while she worked there she was getting propositions from the men.

It wasn't long before she started taking the men up on their offers to fuck and suck. She was a virgin when she married my father; so she says .Coming from a very religious family I was surprised at her dark sexual desires she exhibited, but those circumstance are what changed her into a slut.

Once my parents divorced, she didn't have much time to "socialize" because she had three kids. After almost three years of not getting any dick in her pussy, she was all too ready, willing, and able to suck and fuck her son. I knew she would fuck me if put her in the correct situation. I took full advantage of it once I got caught peeping on her in the bathroom.

She realized I was peeping and very casually looked up at me and said "Why not come in and get a good look"? I knew we were on our way at that point. Our neighbor Tom was a big man who always leered at her whenever he saw her.

She and I had been having sex for about two years when one Saturday afternoon Tom saw me and came over to talk. The conversation turned to my moms figure. I casually asked him, "Would you like to fuck her"? His reply was instant, "I sure would". I replied for a thousand dollars you can".

That afternoon I told her what I wanted leaving out the money part, she shrugged, "Luis do you really want me to do this". "Yes", I replied, after selling her ass to Tom, mom was sore for weeks.

Her pussy and asshole took a pounding from his massive 13" cock. I didn't show her any pity; I kept fucking her ass and pussy daily. She additionally drained my balls with a blow job on a regular basis.

We all had separate bedrooms, and mom would wake me up many a morning with a cum swallowing blowjob. Every teenaged boy has a woody in the morning, and I used mom's mouth, pussy and ass as a cure that problem. My mother had been reduced to a cum depository for me and she was powerless to stop it and really didn't want too.

I had video and pictures of her fucking me and Tom. The thought of the police or neighbors knowing she was fucking her underage son was enough to keep her in line besides.

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This pattern of fucking and sucking continued until I left the house when I graduated high school. Since there we were many occasions where we were alone for the day, evening or weekend I also took full advantage. I still remember my 17th birthday party at the house. My sister and Brother were visiting our father mom and I had the house to ourselves for the weekend. I invited some of my friends over for my birthday. I was very careful picking the friends I invited over because I had plans for mom.

I chose friends who had money, knew how to keep their mouths shut and who had big cocks and didn't have strict parents. My plan was to have a normal birthday party, then give my mother a gang bang all weekend long.

She would be agreeable as she had no choice, but if she protested I had the pictures and videos. I knew with a house full of horny teenaged cock, she would be double teamed and abused to the point of passing out if everything went right. When I was done making up my list and getting the RSVP from the guys, I had 8 coming.

I told them the party would be videoed and the video was one hundred dollars and they would get a DVD of the whole event. They all seemed to like the idea.

When the guys showed at 1 P.M., we played basketball, drank sodas, ate hotdogs and jokes with each other. I cooked the food, my mother stayed out of sight for the first few hours of the party. At about 5pm we headed into the house and that's when things started to get interesting. While the guys were goofing off and smoking pot in the den, I went into mom's bedroom and told her the plan for the evening.

She protested weakly as she had been excited about this all week. Asked her was she could do this willingly, or perhaps the video would get on the internet before the end of the day. She knew it was hopeless to protest and soon asked what the guys were going to do.

I told her she was going to be the sexual entertainment. I wanted her to get dressed in her sexiest lingerie and wait in the bedroom for me to call her out. I told the guys before the party to bring $300 each and I asked if they had followed my instructions.

They all pulled out their money and said they had it they wondered what it was for. I told them there was a woman in the house she was going to suck and fuck us all for the whole evening.

The cost for a night of total ball draining sex was the $200 plus $100 for the video. I told them she was a 36 year old real MILF, her name was Janet. They all agreed so I called out to the bedroom.

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"Janet, come and meet the guys". The bedroom door opened as we heard her high heels on the floor as she walked into the den.

None of the guys knew my mom, so to them she was just a MILF. She had done up her hair, put on makeup, was wearing a sheer white camisole with stockings, garters, and had high heels on to finish off the outfit. The look on the guy's faces was priceless. Mom slowly walked out into the room, looked the guys over and smiled at the bulges growing in their pants.

As she sized up my friend's growing erections, she asked "Do you guys have rubbers"? She knew they didn't by there expressions. Taking her hand I walked her to the bathroom and closed the door. "Luis please don't let them cum in my pussy I could get pregnant, understand"? I really did want them shooting cum in her pussy, so I said "I'll tell them." Mom smiles, "Ok just ask them to pull out". We came out and I sat down on the couch and called her over to me.

She walked over and knelt down she undid my jeans, slid them and my jockeys off, and freed my hard 7" cock. My friends stood there rubbing they cocks and staring in wonder as this sexy blonde bombshell started to suck my cock down her throat.

Up and down she moved her mouth over my cock while she used her hands to fondle my balls. As I ran my hands thru her blonde hair and over her tits, I noticed the guys were starting to strip out of their clothes. It wasn't long before there were 8 young studs standing there in the room trying to figure out what to do next.

Tyrell was the first to make a move. He was about 6' tall, around 180 pounds black guy who played basketball on the Varsity team. I noticed his cock was probably about 9" long and 2.5" wide as he got behind Janet. He positioned himself behind mom, reached between her legs and started sliding his hand over her pussy and between her lips. When his fingers hit mom's clit, she jumped and let out a soft moan while shoving my cock further down her throat.

Tyrell commented "damned she's hot and wet". "Her panties are soaked already and her clit is swollen too".

"I need some of that pussy around my cock." With that, Tyrell ripped off her panties and placed the tip of his cock between her pussy lips. With one long hard thrust, he drove his long thick cock all the way into my mom's dripping pussy. When he slammed into her, mom let go of my cock and let out a loud gasp "My god that feels good. "Fuck my pussy with that big fat cock and don't stop." With that statement, Tyrell withdrew most of his cock and started slamming mom's pussy hard and fast.

As Tyrell drove his cock into her pussy, I undid her camisole and freed her tits for all to see. With every thrust of Tyrell's cock, mom's C sized tits would swing back and forth as her mouth would get driven farther down my cock.

A few minutes watching Tyrell pumping away in my mother's pussy, while her talented mouth swallowed my cock with little trouble, was enough to send me over the edge. When mom slid her mouth down my cock one more time, I grabbed her hair and held her still as I blew my seed against the back of her throat.

My cock twitched and spurted five large globes of cum. The orgasm was so intense, the room started to go black for a moment before my cock stopped twitching and spewing my cum into her mouth. Once my mother was done sucking me dry, I moved out of the way for the next cock. Andy was quick to jump in and get his cock in my mother's mouth.

Mom took his 8" cock and deep throated it in one quick thrust. His size never slowed her down and she just kept sliding Andy's cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. As I stood to the side with my semi-hard cock dripping some left over cum, I ran my hands over Mom's head and back as Tyrell was reaching his breaking point. With each thrust he grabbed mom's hips harder and harder while emitting ever increasing moans of satisfaction.

While mom worked on Andy's cock, Tyrell's thrusting cock finally sent her to her 1st orgasm of the night. She opened her mouth and Andy's cock fell out she moaned with delight.

As I watched Tyrell's cock disappear into mom's stretched pussy, her orgasm forced a jet of she-cum out of her pussy and soaked Tyrell's public hair. The sight of her female ejaculation sent Tyrell over the edge. He pulled her tight against his cock and held her still as he blew his large load deep in her pussy, her pussy contracting on his cock felt like she was milking every spurt out of him.

She yelled "Don't cum in my pussy".

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The sound mom's orgasm and the sight of Tyrell's explosion of cum put Andy over the edge. He grabbed mom's head and held her still as he sent hot jets of boy cum into her mouth. Mom did her best to keep up with the flood filling her mouth and managed to swallow everything Andy had to give her.

While mom was finishing off Andy, the next stud moved into place. Mom gulped out "Guys you really need to get rubbers". Lester made it over to Mom and decided to take a different route. Pushing mom off Andy he rolled her onto her back. Lester's cock wasn't as long as Tyrell's, but it was nearly 4" wide and it would stretch mom's pussy to the limit.

As Lester leaned over Mom and sucked on her C sized tits, Gavin, Jesus and Leroy moved into place. Gavin and Jesus positioned themselves to each side of her Leroy did something new. Mom grabbed a cock in each hand; Leroy sat over her chest and stuck his cock into her mouth. Leroy then proceeded to fuck mom's mouth while she slowly jerked Gavin and Jesus cocks. While mom was busy with the 3 of them, Lester grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide.

Once he positioned himself close to her pussy, he took his cock and started to force it into her inch by inch. Slowly mom's pussy stretched to accept Lester's girth; she came in a flood of juices before he was even half way in her. Just like when Tyrell made her cum. Mom sent pussy juice spraying all over Lester's pubic hair. At the sight of her ejaculation, Lester sent the rest of his horse sized cock into mom's aching twitching pussy.

When Lester reached the end of mom's velvet tunnel, he stayed still until he felt her pussy relax, and commented "My god this pussy is hot.

I've never had a girl at school take me all the way inside them. I could stay in here forever?" With that, he started working mom's pussy like a jackhammer.


In and out he drove his cock mom soon was having trouble keeping up with the other 3 cocks she was attempting to work on. The faster Lester pumped mom's pussy, the faster she jerked off Gavin and Jesus. With his back to Leroy, Lester couldn't see the show, but soon was pumping his cock deeper and deeper into mom's mouth the sounds coming from her and Lester were incredible.

With everything happening to mom and having a cock in her mouth and pounding her pussy, she was having orgasm after orgasm. She became a gasping quivering moaning wreck and soon she became even a bigger mess. Jesus was the first to blow his load and Gavin soon followed him. They pointed their cocks at mom's tits and blew long thick streams from one end of her chest and stomach to another.

They even got some on Larry's ass as he was drilling her mouth. The excitement of the situation the groans for his friends as they coated Mom's body with their seed, sent Leroy to his 1st orgasm. When his cock was ready to blow his load, he jammed it into mom's mouth as far as it would go.

Leroy's cock slamming into the back of her throat made mom gag, but Leroy kept it there as teenaged cum went blasting into her. Larry sent enough cum down her throat to cause some to come out her nose as she gagged and continued to swallow it all.

Once Larry's cock was done with Mom's mouth, he rolled forward off her and collapsed against the couch. As Gavin, Jesus, and Leroy sat down and recovered from their orgasms, they watched Lester drill his massive cock in and out of Mom's stretched pussy.

It didn't take Lester long to want to join the rest of us a giving mom load of cum. As Lester grew close to cumming, I leaned over to him and whispered send a load deep inside her and let's get her pregnant." With that info, Lester positioned himself over her cum covered body and drilled her for all he was worth.

5 more thrusts was all it took, as Lester yelled out in passion, he buried his cock against mom's womb and blew a massive load of cum into her.

When mom felt Lester's cock swell and start to cum inside her, she yelled "Don't cum inside me baby, I'm not on the pill!!!" Lester ignored her and stayed in her pussy until his cock had done its work and started to soften. Mom looked into his eyes, "If you're going to cum inside me all night we should talk about rubbers".

Right now I have to worry about getting pregnant." Lester replied, "Listen Janet this is only the second of many loads heading into your cunts tonight." Before mom could comprehend what Lester said, Dexter and Harry moved into place and took their turn with mom. Dexter was a big black guy. 6'2" and 250 pounds with a 7-8" cock but his balls were the size of tennis balls. I could only imagine the size of the load he would soon be sending into Mom's sloppy pussy.

He got his back on the floor, pulled mom over his lap, and thrust her dripping pussy over his cock. He had seen all his friends cum in her. He needed my sexy mom and he needed to get his piece now.

Mom's stretched and sloppy pussy didn't offer much resistance. Dex knew he would need a longer time to get the seed out of his giant balls.

Dex made my mom slide up and down his cock while Harry got behind her and readied his cock for another hole. Mom has had more than one cock in her ass, so this would not be anything new to her. Harry got his fingers covered in her juices and slicked up her brown eye for entry. As Dex pumped her pussy, Harry's 7" cock was shoved into mom's ass with one long firm shove.

When he bottomed out in Mom's ass she let out a cry of ecstasy and pain. Harry's thrusts set the pace for the double fucking mom was enduring. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back against his pelvic bone with an ever faster pace. Mom's pussy was sliding up and down Jim's cock in an increasingly violent manner. While Harry was doing all the work, Dex reached up and squeezed her tits, pulling her nipples out further and further until it appeared they would snap like a rubber band.

Mom yelled out in pain that only served to excite Dex and Harry more. Dex pulled them even harder and Harry took one hand and started slapping her ass so hard it immediately turned red.

After 5minutes of being double fucked and abused, Mom had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. When Harry was about to cum, he pulled her tight to him one last time and yelled out as he sent a load of his seed deep into her bowels. Harry withdraw his softening cock from Mom's ass, Dex rolled her over and started driving her pussy hard.

Seeing Dexter's massive balls swing and slam into her cum dripping ass had the attention of all the guys. It only took about a minute for Dex to feel the pressure building and he drove his cock into Mom's pussy as deep as he could and held it there.

He then let out a loud groan as he sent stream after stream of cum into the one place Mom didn't want it. Mom yelled out "Not in my pussy again! Please stop or get rubbers. I can get pregnant. They all just laughed "Fill her up Dexter keep your cock in her until it goes soft." Dex did as he was told and kept his cock in mom's cum filled pussy until it fell out on its own.

Once Dexter rolled off Mom, Tyrell helped her to the shower where we washed her up. Mom had cum in her hair, over all sides of her body and dripping out of her ass and pussy. She was a mess and we soaped her up good and used the shower massage to flush out her pussy and ass. There was still more cocks waiting to fuck her I wanted her cleaned up before we sent any more cum into her.

After cleaning her up, Tyrell and I laid my Mom down on the floor we spread her legs. While mom laid there with her legs spread for all to see, I crawled between them and give her battered pussy a lick and kiss. I love to lick and suck on her pussy and took advantage of her being cleaned up. I lick her pussy; she moaned and squirmed with every touch of my tongue. Her pink velvet hole is still stretched and showed the effects of multiple fuckings but it still responded to the touch of my tongue.

After spending time nibbling on her clit and savoring her aroma, I got on my knees and positioned mom for her next fucking. I rolled her on her side and lifted her left leg up in the air.


I straddled her right leg and placed my straining 7" cock at her pussy entrance. With one hard thrust, I sent my cock in her all the way to my balls. With Mom positioned like she was, it allowed me maximum penetration into her and made my cock hit her G-Spot with every thrust. Thrust after thrust I sent my cock into her battered pussy as her tits bounced back and forth. With each thrust in I hit her G-spot and she moaned her pleasure in an ever increasing volume.

10 minutes of my efforts had me ready to cum again I planned to add my cum into her. I motioned Lester over to Mom's face and had him stick his cock in her mouth.

She immediately sucked the head of his massive cock into her mouth working it like a pacifier. She struggled to get Lester's girth into her mouth, I pulled her tight to me and sent my cum deep into her sloppy cum filled pussy. With her mouth full of Lester's cock mom moaned as once again as she felt cum blasting into her womb. As I withdrew my softening cock from mom's pussy, Andy moved in and assumed my place.

One quick thrust and he was buried balls deep in her cum filled pussy.


With every pump of his cock, Andy sent little streams of cum squishing out of mom's pussy. When Lester's cock started to twitch in mom's mouth, he withdrew it, grabbed some Vaseline and headed for her ass. Andy rolled onto his back with mom still riding his cock and Lester took aim at her asshole. Mom screamed, "Please No!! "You're too big for my ass". "You can cum in my pussy again if you leave my ass alone, Please!!" Lester thought for a second, and replied "I'm fucking your ass, I'll still cum in your pussy again later." Lester got a big glob of Vaseline and wiped it in and around mom's asshole while she continued to protest.

Lester grabbed her hips with all his strength and shoved the head of his 4" wide cock inside mom's ass. When Lester's cock entered Mom's ass she screamed in pain and yelled "God damn Lester". "Don't fuck me in the ass it hurts too much". "You're tearing my ass apart, please stop!!!" All her protests did was make Lester shove more of his cock in her ass. The last time mom had a cock that wide in her ass was six weeks ago when Scott tore her up.

Lester moved his hands to mom's shoulders and pulled her to him as hard as he could and slowly his 4" wide cock disappeared into her. He kept shoving his mammoth cock in until his balls were lying against Andy's cock. mom's stretched rectum had the effect of making her pussy tight once again. The added friction in her pussy mom quivering, moaning and shaking from another orgasm sent Andy to his own orgasm.

He yelled out and bit down on mom's tit as he also sends stream after stream of hot cum into her pussy. As Andy's cock starts to soften, He rolls out from under her leaving Lester to drill her hard and deep. Mom was now face down on the floor with Lester straddling her legs.

He drove his cock like a jackhammer into her ass and with every thrust her body would moan, cry, shake and quiver. After having several violent orgasms in a row, mom passed out. Regardless of mom's physical condition, Lester never missed a beat with his anal assault. In and out he drove his cock until he let out a primal yell and sent his second load of cum into mom' bowels.

Once Lester's sensitive cock softened enough, he pulled it out we all marveled at the flood of cum that oozed out of my mom's asshole. Lester got off mom we grabbed her legs and arms and lifted her up. He walked her to the living room where the guys had cleared off a severing table. We took a towel and cleaned her up; she had cum leaking out of her two stretched holes like faucets. Now Gavin and Jesus took their turns on her. Gavin positioned her ass so that it slightly overhung the edge of the table and spreading her legs.

Jesus walked to the other side of the table opened her mouth. With her head over hanging the table, it allowed mom's mouth and throat to be in the perfect position for Jesus to fuck her face and throat. Gavin was the first to enter mom while she was on the table. Her sloppy stretched pussy offered little resistance to his 8" long cock.

He lifted her legs over his shoulders, grabbed her hips and started plunging his cock in an ever increasing rate. While Gavin was fucking mom's pussy, Jesus was shoving his seven inch cock in and out of her throat. Every time he bottomed out in her throat, her head would twitch and she would gag. They continued to double fuck her in this fashion for about 5 minutes, and then they switched places.

The extra inch of Gavin's cock caused mom to gag with every thrust into her mouth and Jesus kept drilling her pussy as fast as he could.

A few minutes passed, and then Jesus pulled out of mom's pussy and blasted his load from her public hair all the way to her chin.

The sight of that sent Gavin over the edge and he blew his load all across her face and covered her tits in a sea of white. Everyone loved the way my mom's position worked out for Gavin and Jesus, the next 2 stepped up for their next piece of my mom. Tyrell and his 9" cock headed for her throat and Leroy headed for her pussy.

Leroy pummeled her pussy like he was headed for the priesthood and Tyrell did his best to get all 9" down her throat. They continued to use my mother for the next 15 minutes. They swapped back and forth until they both were ready to blow their next loads.

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Tyrell shoved his cock down mom's throat until his balls were resting against her chin and sent his cum blasting past her tonsils, she chocked and gagged. She tried to swallow all the cum but again some of it cam out her nostrils. Leroy didn't miss a beat and pumped his load deep into her cum soaked sloppy pussy. The pussy that wasn't supposed to see any cum in it had once again been filled up.

She whimpered, looking up at Leroy she chocked out rubbers. The sight of my mother getting fucked by my friends had me as hard as iron. Tyrell was looking for more too. We wiping her pussy clean, got her in position, Tyrell drove his monster cock into her vaginal tunnel with one hard shove. The force of his penetration made mom's eye's bug open as I shoved my cock in her mouth. Before she could react, I sent all 7" down her throat and Tyrell was plowing his cock deeper and deeper into her cum filled pussy.

She started flailing her arms about. Dexter and Harry grabbed her arms and held them down. Lester commented "Hold her still while I fuck this hot blonde's pussy. I'm almost ready to blow another load inside her." I did my best to hold her shoulders down, but my cum was rising fast and I needed to concentrate on what I'm doing.

Two more thrust and my cock sent my 3rd load of the evening deep inside my mom's body. I shivered from the intense orgasm that raced through my body, my mother choked and gagged trying to swallow all the cum flooding her throat. As she tried to deal with my load, Lester shoved his cock as hard and deep as he could and sent another load blasting against her well fucked womb. Mom was sobbing and crying on the table, "Lets stop and get rubbers guys, please"!

But there was no rest for her as the request was ignored. Andy and Jesus rolled mom over on her stomach for the next round. Dexter got behind her and took aim at her battered asshole while Harry put his cock for her mouth. With one long steady shove, Dexter was buried balls deep in her ass.

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When he bottomed out in her ass, she let out a yell and screamed. "This is supposed to be a fun thing guys, please I'll do anything anyone wants. I promise just no more cum in my pussy." Jim replied "We really want to keep cumming in your pussy we're really getting tired of all your protests"." Now shut up we so we all can enjoy ourselves." With that declaration, John drove his cock into her mouth while Jim continued ramming his cock into her ass.

His massive balls where pounding against her pussy the sound of them slapping her ass cheeks can be heard across the room. Jim soon reached the breaking point and with a loud grunt sent another massive load of cum deep into mom's body.

Just moments after Jim's delivery, John pulled my mother's face tight to his pelvic bone and sent his load down her throat. This situation continued for the rest of the night. We would roll her back every so often, but we kept fucking her all night.

When ever anyone got hard again they would fuck the hole of their choice until another load of cum was somewhere on or in my mother. We used a wash bucket and towel to clean her up every few times and we slept and ate in between fuck seasons. Over the next twelve hours of fucking my mother, all 9 of us had at least 6 loads of cum drained from our balls.

Some like Lester, Tyrell, Dexter, and me blew over 8 loads each. We all had sore cocks and aching balls but the once in a lifetime chance to fuck an older woman until we couldn't fuck anymore was well worth it. The next day after the guys left I helped mom to the shower; after her shower she slept all day until I woke her at 6pm.

I got her some soup and checked on the condition of her pussy and ass. While swollen and sore she would be fine in a short time.

She even asked me if I wanted her to suck my cock before I went to sleep. After another great blow job as we lay there I asked her, "Well how was your first gang bang"? She gave a chuckle and replied "I'll be walking funny for the next week or so but I could get accustomed to it if only they would stop cumming in my pussy". I work on it for next time mom". Mom did participate in many gang bangs and never complained again about us cumming in her pussy.

My sister Sandy would never know about the situation with our mother, my younger brother Joseph would be let in on mom's little secret, he learned to take full advantage of her and to insure the gang bangs continued.