I know i am not alone

I know i am not alone
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Nine: Blossoming Danger Chapter Seven: Flowering Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Knave Angela Drakin Castle, The Haunted Forest Dust danced through the beams of sunlight as I raised my big, heavy tit to my mouth and licked at the salty cum staining my mound. I moaned, savoring the flavor of the swarthy orc's jizz.

My tongue dragged across my pale flesh to my pink nipple coated in a glob of his cum. I sucked it into my mouth, tingles racing through me. I shivered, a heady thrill racing through me, growing with every breath. Thrak's dick thrust hard before him, the pierced tip twitching as he watched me suck on my nipple. Pleasure shivered through me down to my wet, dripping pussy. It was so hot searching for the last piece of the High King's sword this way. It was here, somewhere, in the Biomancer Vebrin's ancient ruins.

My pussy clenched. Maybe it was in there. Maybe Thrak had to fuck his huge cock into me to find it. I stretched out on the floor, my naked body undulating, my lips still sucking on my nipple.

The vines and their beautiful, ivy leaves blushing to purple at the center, moved towards me. I spread my legs as the leaves brushed my sides. My nipple popped out of my mouth as a vine with a purple flower crawled up my side. "Mmm, Thrak, maybe the piece of the sword's hidden in my cave." My fingers slid down my body, trailing tingles. I reached my shaved pussy, parting my folds. "Maybe you have a way to explore it." Thrak grinned, stroking his cock.

"I think I have the perfect tool right here." I shivered as he rose to his towering height. The flowering vine wrapped about my pillowy mound, squeezing in as the soft petals of the flower nuzzled at the cum staining my tit.

I gasped as it drank the jizz. "Naughty flower," I giggled. Thrak only grunted. "Must be a female flower. They come in different sexes on some plants, some male and some female. Others have both." "Oh, hermaphrodite plants. I bet that's Matar's work.

She is the Mother of Nature." I giggled at that as the flower licked up more cum, drawing nearer to my nipple. "Yes, that is a leading theory," Thrak said, falling to his knees and seizing my legs. He lifted my hips, bringing my pussy to his big, thick cock. The flower reached my nipple, engulfing it, the petals forming a tight seal.

I gasped, the flower sucking at my nub. I tossed my head from side to side as it went to work pleasuring me. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. And then the orc stabbed his dick into my pussy. My thighs locked around the swarthy orc's waist, my thighs feeling his hard muscles. His scarred chest was masculine perfection. He was such a brute. So powerful.

So ravishing. His cock ring slid through my pussy walls as he speared me. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. "Probe my cave. Make sure the final piece of the High King's sword isn't in me." "Yes," he snarled. "Oh, you have such a hot, tight, wet cunt. You want this so bad." "So bad," I squealed. "Just pound me. Ream me. Make me explode on that wonderful cock.

Oh, yes, Thrak, I need it. I want it. Flood me with your jizz." "Yes, yes, yes," he snarled, his face twisting with pleasure. That amazing cock ring rubbed so hard on my pussy walls as they clung to his thick, plunging cock.

The vine wrapped about my tit clenched and relaxed, squeezing my tit into a big mound as the flower sucked so greedily at my nipple. My nub throbbed and my areola tingled. The soft petals caressed it. My hips pumped and writhed, my head tossing back and forth. My eyes fluttered. I moaned and gasped, my tits jiggling from the force of Thrak's cum.

He fucked me the way only a powerful warrior could. No restraint, driving his dick into my depths. Stimulating me with the friction of hard cock and harder piercing.

My clit throbbed against his pubic bone. His balls thwacked my taint. "Yes," I hissed, my hand stroking a leaf. The flower shivered, sucking harder as my finger traced down to the purple heart of the leaf, running along the central vein. "Oh, yes, suck my nipple while Thrak fucks me!" Another flowering vine caressed my face.

The sweet scent of its purple flower filled my nose. The scent was so familiar. Like marigolds. And then the plant nuzzled at my lips. I licked at it, tasting the nectar hidden in the petal's folds.

The flower on my nipple sucked harder, the vine clenching about my tit. "You're eating out the flower," groaned Thrak. "Tonguing it like you would Sophia's pussy." "Yes," I moaned into the flower.

I nuzzled in the heart of the petals. The nectar was so sweet, so familiar. My body shivered and shuddered. I clenched down on Thrak's thrusting cock over and over. My hips pumped into his thrusts.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I tongued the flower. Thrak leaned over me, planting his hands on the ground, pounding me even harder. A vine wrapped about his swarthy torso, clenching on his muscles. A flower found his nipple, latching on to the small, dark nub. Thrak grunted, reaming his huge dick faster and faster into me, churning my depths into a froth.

That cock. Damn, it was the best cock. The flower sucked harder at my nipple. The more I tongued the one kissing my mouth, the more the other loved my nipple. Something almost like a tongue, the tip sticky, played with my nipple as it sucked, building the pleasure churning in my pussy's depths.

"Gods, Angela, that cunt," he grunted, slamming into me. "Such a hungry hole. Gewin's mighty cock, you want my cum." "I do," I moaned into the flower.

"I. Pater's cock!" My orgasm burst in my depths. Hot, spasming pleasure shuddered through me. My body heaved and my eyes fluttered. The hot pleasure stabbed through me. I groaned and gasped, bucking into his thrusts. My pussy spasmed on his dick, growing even more sensitive. I felt that cock piercing slam into my depths, stimulating me. The pleasure surged hot through me. I groaned, gasped, bucking into his thrusts. His meaty balls thwacked into me as I shivered and moaned. My nipple throbbed in the sucking flower.

I moaned into the flower kissing my mouth, brushing its sticky depths, loving the test of her nectar. I know I've licked a pussy that tasted like this before.

But it was so hard to think. This place was magical. "Gewin's mighty cock!" bellowed Thrak as he buried into my depths. His hot cum spurted into me. I shivered, my pussy milking that big shaft. His jizz splashed in me. So thick. I shivered, my hips undulating, my thighs gripping his waist.

His pierced face twisted in primal passion above me. "Gods," he groaned, the final blast of his jizz flooding me. "One of the flowers is sucking on my balls." I giggled. "Mmm, they're so big and fun to play with." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia The purple flower sucked harder on my cock, petals wrapped about my shaft. This was all wrong. I shouldn't have a cock right now. I was in the middle of my cycle. My dick only sprouted when I was in heat, three days out of the moon's phase.

It was too early.

"This. is. wrong," I groaned while Sophia writhed on the ground, wrapped up in vines, my cum spilling out of her pussy. I had fucked her. I shouldn't have done that. She was sworn to Saphique. She was never supposed to fuck a cock. I had robbed her over her connection to her goddess.

She was no longer an acolyte. And she didn't seem to care. "Oh, that was the best," she moaned. Why didn't she care? It was so hard to think. The flower sucked on my dick. The tip tingled and throbbed. My eyes rolled back into my head. The sticky scent of the flower caressed the crown of my dick as it sucked, the purple-stained leaves twitching.

This ivy wasn't natural. It shouldn't move. I breathed in, my nose tingling. My ears twitched. Dust floated through the air, illuminated by beams of sunlight spearing through holes in the ruined castle and. My eyes opened. "Pollen. You naughty plant. Your pollen is in the air it's." My dick throbbed. I had to focus. But that sucking flower.

My dick ached to cum. Needed to cum. The pressure built in the depths of my pussy. Juices dribbled down my thighs. My pleasure shivered through me. I clenched my hands. I had to rip the flower off my dick. "Matar's cock," I cursed. It felt so good. My hands flexed, wanting to rip my cock from the flower, to tear off the vine entwined about my leg. How had that even happened?

This pollen. The flower flexed, suckling with a hungry passion. I shivered, my pussy clenching. Juices beaded down my thighs as my ears wiggled faster and faster. This plant, this monstrous creation of the Biomancer Vebrin, had to be stopped.

After I orgasmed. "That's it," I groaned. "You just want to suck all the cum out of me. Oh, yes. Oh, Matar's cock, yes!" The pleasure swelled through me. My ears twitched more and more as I shivered, shuddered. It was so great. The bliss shivered through my body. I groaned, eyes fluttering. My fingers clenched, unclenched. My hips thrust forward, my dick sliding deeper into the flower.

More and more of its petals covered the shaft. It sucked with such greedy hunger. Sophia writhed on the floor, gasping, moaning as the vines held her. It was too much. I couldn't pay attention to her and keep any bit of my sanity. My toes curled. My cum spurted hot, hard into the hungry flower's mouth. "Yes, yes, drink it down," I moaned in elvish. "You love it. You naughty flower!" Jizz boiled out of the depths of my ovaries, shooting out my cock.

So much seed. And the flower drank it down, the vine constricting about my leg. The leaves shivered in orgasmic delight. The plant monster loved my seed. The pleasure peaked in me. A wonderful plateau of rapture. And then I groaned, tits heaving. My dick throbbed, the flower still sucking on it.

Eager for more cum. It was greedy for it. If I let it, it would keep sucking me until. I passed out from exhaustion. Died. It was killing us achingly slow. But that gave me time to find the source, to kill it. Sophia was lost, bound and gasping, not caring about anything.

I could hear the others moaning through the building, the plant shuddering. But it didn't seem to affect me as much. Why? My nose tingled as I breathed. My dick throbbed. "No," I snarled and seized the vine. I yanked the sucking flower off my cock. My tip popped out. I shivered, wanting to let go, to enjoy the plant.

It didn't fight as I unwounded it from my leg. I pulled away, fading marks on my pale, greenish skin. I stumbled out of the room, my eyes scanning. There had to be a source, a place where the vine sprouted from.

That was what I had to find. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia The wonderful vines held me tight, my arms over my head, my legs spread wide. I was helpless. I loved it. I moaned, the flowers sucking on my nipples. Another flower with a thick stamen-cock pushed to my mouth. I opened wide, exploring it with my tongue, loving the nectary flavor of the flower-dick. I sucked on it, cheeks hollowing. No wonder Angela was always after Xera when she became a hermaphrodite.

This was so much fun. Why didn't I ever join her? I knew there had to be a reason. Because of a vow that. I moaned in delight, another flower cock nudging at my cum-filled pussy. I shivered, eager to be filled by another shaft again. Elf-dicks were amazing. And I hoped flower-dicks were just as good. The stamen-cock slid up and down my slit, jizz leaking out. And thrust into me.

I moaned about the flower-cock in my mouth, cheeks hollowing as I sucked on it. My pussy clenched. The stamen-dick thrust deep into my cunt. My pussy walls clenched on it, loving the ticklish feel.

It was different than Xera's elf-cock. But just as fun. My body writhed, pulling at the vines holding me. They were firm, taut. I groaned, my tongue swirling about the flower-dick reaming my mouth.

It fucked in and out of me, using me. I loved it. Shivers ran through my body. This was so naughty.

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I was a naughty acolyte. A flower-whore. My hips undulated, meeting the thrusts of the flower-cock. Soft petals caressed my clit and pussy lips every time the shaft buried into my pussy. I shivered, clenching my pussy down on it, increasing the ticklish friction. Pleasure fluttered through me. Hot and wonderful. My eyes fluttered. I breathed in through my nose, savoring the tingling thrill of every inhalation.

The flowers on my nipples sucked harder, my nubs aching. So good. Almost every bit of me was used. Leaves caressed my stomach. My every breath was full of sweet nectar. The flower had the same perfume as Xera's elf-pussy.

She tasted like marigolds. My toes curled, my pussy clenching again on the thrusting stamen-dick as a ripple of delight washed through me. My orgasm built. I moaned about the plunging flower cock. The purple petals fluttered over my eyes, curling and expanding as I pleasured the plant. It loved my body. It caressed me, gave me such pleasure. I could lie here forever being fucked.

My eyes widened. The naughty plant nuzzled another flower against my asshole. A long, sticky stamen-dick pressed between my butt-cheeks. Hot thrill throbbed through me. If I could speak, I would beg for it to fuck my asshole with its big, thick flower-dick.

But I couldn't. I shouldn't. I swore a vow to. The flower-dick thrust into my asshole. I moaned my delight. The sticky stamen-shaft penetrated me. My asshole parted for it. Hot friction warmed from my bowels, meeting the heat generated in my pussy's depths. Both flower-cocks thrust into my holes, reaming me.

I had one in each of them. Mouth, pussy, ass. I was a true flower-slut. A plant-whore. I bucked and thrashed, the ticklish stamen-cocks reaming pussy and asshole. I sucked so hard about the flower-dick in my mouth.

My nipples throbbed. The leaves caressed my sensitive skin. My clit throbbed every time the soft petals brushed it. I squeezed my eyes shut and came. The pleasure burst in my depths. My body thrashed in my restraints. I screamed my bliss around the stamen-cock fucking my mouth. Hot rapture shivered through me. Stars burst in my eyes as I savored the forbidden pleasure. This was so wrong. So taboo. I shouldn't enjoy this. But I did. So much. My pussy and asshole writhed about their dicks, milking them.

My tongue swirled about the stamen-cock, pressing my tongue stud into the thick stalk. The vines tightened around my body. The leaves rustled. The flowers sucked so hard at my nipples. All three flower-cocks erupted.


Nectar-jizz pumped into my holes. It splashed into my pussy and asshole. It spurted into my mouth. The sweet delight swirled around my tongue. I gulped it down with greedy lust like it was the pussy juices from my Queen. My body shivered, more pleasure surging through me. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through me as the plant fucked me over and over, pumping its nectar into my body. I loved it. I hoped this never ended. I would just lie here for eternity.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun I groaned as I pulled my dick from Minx's asshole. The halfling knelt before me, wrapped in vines.

They were around me, too. I groaned, lust surging through me. It was hard to think, to want anything other than sex. It was the best.

I hoped my wife Aurora was enjoying this. "Yes, yes, yes," Minx panted as a flower slid between the small cheeks of her asshole. "Oh, Chaun, its sucking out your cum." I groaned, watching the purple petals latch onto her asshole. The flower contracted like a blacksmith billows. The halfling tossed her head, her metallic-red hair flying. The flower-cock still fucked her pussy, nectar-jizz dripping out around the thick shaft. A vine wrapped about my cock, a flower at the tip.

It nuzzled at my cock, licking it with a sticky nub. It cleaned my cock of Minx's ass. The vine constricted around the base of my dick and relaxed, making my tip throb. "That's it, you dirty flower," I groaned. "Clean that halfling's ass from my dick." "Suck his cum from my ass," moaned Minx. "You are such a slutty flower. Oh, yes. Mmm, I love it." "Yes," I panted, the flower working around my dick, eager to taste ever bit of Minx's sour bowels. "Why do some have cocks and others pussies?" the halfling moaned.

"Ask Faoril or Thrak," I grunted. My eyes widened. Another flower on the same vine sucked on my balls, nuzzling at all three of my nuts. "Las's putrid cum, you are one whorish plant. Suck my balls and clean the halfling's ass from my dick." "And keep fucking me," moaned Minx. "You hermaphroditic plant. You have both! Pussies and cocks! Love it!" Another flower nuzzled at my balls, two sucking petal-lips working, massaging them as the third flower neared the tip of my midnight dick.

The green vine wrapped about my cock contrasted with my black skin. And then it reached the top. "Pater's cock!" The flower sucked and bobbed, petals caressing my sensitive crown. My cum boiled in my balls. The other flowers playing with my three balls, nuzzling and sucking back and forth, massaged them.

The sensations raced up to the tip of my dick. I shivered, my eyes locked on the flower sucking on Minx's asshole. "I love this plant," Minx panted. "Yes," I groaned. "I hope the others are enjoying it, too." I sank back onto my ass, then stretched out on my back.

Vines and leaves brushed my body as I savored the flower sucking on the tip of my dick. My balls throbbed, ached.

The cum built and boiled. This wasn't a bad way to spend eternity. Pleasured by flowers. The pressure built and built in my balls. I groaned, my hips fucking up into the air, pressing my dick deeper into the flower's embrace. It's soft, wet petals sucked so hard, the flower constricting about my nub, a splash of purple on the end of my dick.

No, it wasn't bad at all. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as the pressure built and built in my balls. The plants caressed them, teased them, drove me wild. My balls boiled. They had to explode. To cum. I thrust my hips up, all three flowers sucking so hard. And came.

Pleasure shivered through my body with every blast of jizz from my three balls erupted out my dick. The flower on my cock drank my cum, leaves rustling around me. Minx moaned in the background, pleasured by the plant. It was wonderful. Paradise. The flower lifted up from my cock. My jizz dripped down its petals. The vine unwound from my dick. For one moment, I had nothing pleasure me, and then a new flower arrived, latching onto my dick, sucking so hard.

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I shivered, eager to give the plant more jizz. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx Another flower nuzzled up to my face, cum dripping on it. "Ooh, Chaun, yum." "Huh?" he moaned behind me. I nuzzled my lips into one flower, my asshole aching as another flower sucked on it, and my pussy clenching as a third fucked it with a stamen-dick. I tongued through the sweet nectar of the flower, tasting so much like Xera's pussy, and shuddered at the salty cum.

The two flavors mixed together into a wonderful delight. I really needed to eat cum out of Xera's twat. If we found another elf to fuck. Like her wife. Maybe I could be both their lover. Was that a solution to our. I blinked as I breathed in, my head dizzy with passion. I moaned, tonguing at the flower, licking Chaun's cum out of the petal's depths. I shivered, loving the two delights mixed together, my pussy clenching and relaxing on the flower-dick fucking me hard. "Yes," I moaned.

"Cernere's nimble fingers, this is the best. Fuck my pussy and suck on my ass." I licked through the flower-pussy again, swirling through delicate folds, searching for more of Chaun's cum. The petals caressed my lips and cheeks, brushing my nose. My asshole tingled.

More and more cum rose out of my depth. The flower sucked so hard. I shivered, another orgasm building and building in the depths of my pussy. My hips wiggled, bucking back into the thick flower-cock reaming my depths. I moaned into the flower-cunt, tonguing it as the my body convulsed. "Make me cum again," I moaned. "Flood me with more of your nectar-spunk." "Suck my cock," Chaun groaned in the background. My tongue wiggled deep into the flower pussy, reaching towards the base where the vine started.

It was so hot and juicy. More of Chaun's salty cum coated my small, nimble tongue. I loved it. Heat burned and swelled through me with every breath. The flower smelled so good. Everything was so good. My pussy spasmed about the flower dick.

Pleasure cascaded through my body. Hot, surging bliss washed out of my pussy. My asshole clenched, forcing out more cum into the flower's hungry mouth. I shivered, moaning into the flower-cunt.

"So good! Cernere's black cunt! Yes! Yes, fuck me you wonderful flower!" My body quivered.

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Delight shivered through me. I moaned, gasped. My eyes rolled back into my head. Sparks burst and exploded through me. I loved it. My pussy massaged the dick, eager for the flood of sweet nectar. Juices squirted into my mouth. Jizz into my depths. I gasped, the flower sucking on my asshole also gushing a flood of nectar. The pussy-nectar filled my bowels. I groaned, savoring the heat in my asshole. The thicker nectar-jizz basted my cunt. I gulped down more nectar cream, wiggling, groaning. I loved this.

The best plant ever. It was a hermaphrodite. Pussy and cock for me to love for eternity. What about Xera.? The flowers caressed my clit as the stamen-dick pumped me full of jizz. I shivered, another orgasm exploding through me. I moaned out my delight, my arms and knees buckling. I fell onto my stomach, quivering, my nipples aching on the stone floor. The flowers moved, the dick popping out of my ass. It came to my lips, dripping in my lavender-scented pussy cream.

I opened wide, sucking on it while the flower sucking at my asshole nuzzled down to my pussy. And devoured the nectar-jizz leaking out of me. Oh, what a naughty plant.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aurora Xandra The vines flipped Faoril and I over. We were on our asses now, the huge, double-headed stone dildo trapped in both our cunts. It filled us up. Our legs scissored together as our pussies slid down the shaft until they pressed together. Facing each other, we humped and ground, tribbing each other while we were stuffed full of the fake cock.

"Yes, yes, yes," I sang out, holding her tight, our clits grinding together. The dildo shifted in my pussy, moving by inches. The friction intense, buzzing through my body. "Oh, this is wonderful," gasped Faoril as flowers nuzzled at her round breasts. They engulfed her nipples.

She humped harder. "Oh, I love it." "Uh-huh," I panted, our bodies bound together by the vines. All we could do was hump and love each other.

"Yes, you naughty plant!" Flowers latched onto my nipples. They contracted like little bellows, sucking at my nipples with their delicate petals. Little fronds inside tickled my nubs. Tingles raced down to my pussy. I clenched down hard on the dildo filling me. I was so glad Faoril made it with her naughty magic. My sky-blue hair danced around my head. Her nose ring flashed in a beam of sunlight. We both made sweet music.

My voice trilled delightful notes while Faoril's were more primal. They were off-key but beautiful in her own way. I could feel the emotion of them as our clits rubbed and kissed, sparking delight through our bodies.

"Oh, Gods, yes," she panted, her short, brown hair swaying about her cute face. A new flower rose up, a huge stamen-dick thrusting from it. My eyes widened. It was fuzzy like a flower frond, and yellow in color. Nectar dripped from the tip, thick and clear like precum. I leaned forward, licking at the tip, gathering the sweet delight. "Oh, that's good," I moaned. Faoril nuzzled in, too. She licked, our tongues meeting, brushing each other.

"Ooh, what type of magic will your cum be good for, flower?" "Let's find out," I moaned. "Gods, yes!" Together, we tongued and nibbled on the tip of the flower dick, our hips tribbing our pussies together. My cunt clenched and relaxed on the huge dildo filling me. Pleasure rippled through my body, meeting the delight tingling my nipples. I moaned, my cheek pressed against Faoril's as we pleasured the plant. Sweet precum stained our chins and cheeks.

It smeared between us as we kissed around the flower-cock. Our lips brushed each other as we sucked on the tip. There was no slit, the precum instead pouring out of little pores. I latched my lips on the tip, sucking hard. A shiver ran through me. I humped against Faoril, the pleasure building inside of me. She licked at my chin, shivering her delight, her arms holding me tight as I bobbed my mouth.

"My turn," she moaned. "Please, please, Xandra, I need to suck that dick." I popped my mouth off. "Aurora. I'm Aurora now. Chaun named." My words trailed off. I was forgetting something important.

And then Faoril engulfed the dick, sucking so hard, with such a ferocity.

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Her cheeks hollowed, dimpling. I gasped, licking at her cheek, gathering the sweet nectar staining it. The orgasm built inside of me. I gasped and moaned as we passed the flower-dick back and forth, sucking for a few moments, teasing it with our tongue, before sharing the nectar. The flowers sucked harder on my nipples.

"Pater's cock," moaned Faoril. "I'm going to cum again." "Yes," I panted, my eyes rolling back into my head. "So hard. Mmm, let's explode." "Uh-huh." Our tongues flailed and circled around the tip as we humped so hard against each other.

Our bodies shivered and shuddered. Heat churned between our thighs. We humped together with such wanton need. We had to cum. We had to explode. It drove us both to be so naughty. My eyes rolled back into my head as it built, my pussy clenching and clenching on the dildo. And exploded. Juices squirted out around the stone cock. They splattered Faoril's pussy. She shivered, moaning as she sucked on one side of the flower-dick.

Then her hot juices gushed out, mixing with mine. We gasped, moaned. The pleasure boiled through my mind. "Luben's sacred oaths," I cried out. And then the flower-dick erupted. Nectar-cum spurted across our faces, a thick, white cream.

A dozen streams splashed on us, erupting across the tip. I shivered, licking my lips, tasting the sweet delight. It felt like cum, but tasted so different. I loved it. I wanted to drink this cum always. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril Life magic swelled in me. The cum burst with it. I gulped down the flower-jizz, my head swaying. I could do so much with this jizz and.

I kissed Aurora. Why did I care what I could do with this cum? I just had to enjoy it. We both shivered, cumming together.

Our tongues swirled about each other. My nipples ached and throbbed. More flower-jizz splattered our cheeks as we shared our kiss. I held her tight, our tongues dancing. So good. It was wonderful. I was lost to this pleasure. I never wanted it to stop. I wanted to keep cumming on the stone dildo, tribbing Aurora wrapped up in the tight vines, drinking such delicious, sweet cum.

It was almost better than the salty delight from my husband's big dick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I moved through the castle, fighting the urge to join the others. Their moans echoed through the halls. Vines grew everywhere, reaching for me, caressing my hard dick with leaves and flowers. Others with their own dicks tried to nuzzle between my thighs and fuck me. And I so wanted to let them fuck me.

My nipples tingled, my ears twitched, my pussy throbbed, and my dick ached. Juices flooded down my thighs. I had never been more wet in my life.

Precum dribbled from the tip of my dick. I shivered, shuddering, fighting the intensity of the heat building and churning in me. It wanted to fill me to the brim. I ached for it so much. "Gods," I groaned. "Matar guide me. Henta lead me clear. Don't let my senses be deceived." I breathed in through my nose, trying to detect which direction the perfume lay the strongest. My ears tingled, feeling the delicate air currents wafting through the ruined castle. I clenched my hands as I delved into the castle's bowels, the moans and gasps of my companions dwindling.

The deeper I went, the denser the foliage. Entire walls covered in vines and their leaves, pushing through holes to find the daylight above. Slowly, year by year, the plant had destroyed the castle, tearing apart the stones. The heady scent grew stronger. My lusts boiled hotter. It was all I could do to keep stumbling forward, my hand stroking my cock. I left behind spurts of cum, painting purple-blushing leaves and ancient stone with my seed. A trail of pussy cream splattered in my wake.

I reached stairs overflowing with vines. They were so thick, covering the walls, stairs and ceilings before spilling out into the hallway. The source was down there. I could smell the nectar beckoning me. I groaned, stepping onto the vines.

They were plants, accepting my weight, not slowing me. I could walk through the densest brush with ease. Elves were born of the element of life, we were attuned to it. And nature recognized us, even one so mutilated by the Biomancer. Anger surged in me, driving back the lust. This poor thing was a normal, living creature before the mad warlock twisted it into this cum-hungry, pussy-loving, sex-obsessed monster.

It had to be stopped somehow, put out of its misery. The stairs twisted down and down, a screw driven into the earth. The purple flowers glowed, shedding an ethereal light across everything. It was as bright as starlight. Enough for me to see by. The poor thing had to press out so far to find daylight after the Biomancer's abrupt disappearance.

He was probably killed by one of his foul creations. Maybe this one. I smiled at the thought. Fucked to death by his own monster. I reached the bottom. The vines were just as thick here, choking through room after room, spilling into them in the creature's quest for sunlight. I moved down it, my feet graceful, avoiding the slow moving vines that wanted to touch me.

The scent grew stronger and stronger. The violet glowed brighter, spilling out of a doorway choked with budding tendrils. Only a narrow aperture was left. I grimaced, squeezing through it, my breasts crushed to my chest. My nipples aching. A flower latched onto my dick. "Matar's cock," I moaned as it sucked so hard. I groaned and pulled myself through, spilling into a graceful crouch in the room. Flowered vines hung from the ceiling, flowing with their soft light.

It was warm, humid in here. In the center lay a single, large bud, a flower as big as me, petals sealed tight, a blush of purple at the top. The leaves rustled. I thought I heard words in them, my brain finding pattern in the meaningless noise. My ears twitched as I thought I heard "you came." And then I froze as the leaves kept rustling. There were words in them. Elvish words. I heard a long greeting. I swallowed and said, "You're speaking to me?" .Yes, cousin.

.Finally, someone has made it. .My pollen is too strong now. .I am too ancient. .Overwhelm. "Cousin?" I asked, swallowing. The giant bud opened. Inside lay not the familiar stamen and pistil found in a natural flower, but a form, a woman, her purple flesh half melted into the petals, arms and legs vanishing at knees and elbows. The flower spread out from her body, a smooth transition.

She had delicate features, her ears pointed, twitching, a cock thrusting from the folds of her pussy. "Matar's cock," I gasped.

"You're an elf." .Was, cousin. Tears burned in my eyes as I moved forward to her. She quivered, her large breasts jiggling, nipples hard and dark purple. Her eyes were glossy with tears. She opened her mouth, moved it, but the words rustled from the leaves around me.

.Alone for so long. .Only one ever came. .She showed me the way to the light. "And she gave you something, right? The woman with red hair." .Like fire. .She shone when she came in here. .So weak. .But then she left. .Alone. .But you're here. "And I can't stay.

My companions, the ones you are fucking upstairs, we need what she gave you. Then we have to leave. We have a quest." Tears fell down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry." .Of course. .No one should have to be trapped here. .No one. "Can I do anything for you?" I reached out, touching her cheek, her skin felt so silky. I brushed her tear tract. .I have grown roots too deep. .I shall never leave here. "Never?" .Will you do something for me?. .I will give you the sword either way.

.The fire lady made me promise. .She gave me sunlight. "What?" I asked, my throat choking. Vines wrapped about me, pulling me to her body. I didn't fight her. I pressed down on her form, our large breasts pillowing together, her hard cock rubbed on my stomach as my dick pressed at the folds of her pussy.

I gasped as I entered her. .Do not fear this will marry us. .I am no longer an elf. .I am a plant. .I only need your seed. .A little more essence to finish what you and your companions have started. I gasped as her hot pussy sucked at my cock. Her nipples were so hard against mine. "Yes," I moaned, lusts surging through me. I could no longer fight her pollen. "Yes, Matar, yes!" My hips pumped.

I kissed the flower-elf, our tongues meeting. Her leaves rustled and moaned their pleasure as they whisked together. The flower petals closed around my body, holding me, caressing me as my cock slid through her tight, wet depths. They sucked at me. My pussy clenched with each thrust. I groaned, the soft friction shivering rapture through my body.

She writhed beneath me, undulating her body as her petals held me in a strong embrace. I broke the kiss. "You're so hot. So tight." .And you are so hard. .Wonderful. .Spill your seed in me. "Yes," I groaned, driving my cock into her harder, faster. Our flesh slapped together. The force of my thrusts rocked the flower back and forth. It swayed as it cradled me.

My nipples throbbed against her as I kissed her hard again, loving the sweet taste of nectar in her mouth. Her pussy clenched hard on my dick, sucking, eager for my seed. My pussy ached, the pressure building and building in my depths. .Cum in me. .Sweet elf. My ass clenched beneath her caressing petals. She squeezed them as I fucked her. The tip of one petal tickled at my pussy, stroking my lips. I shivered, pleasure shooting to the crown of my dick buried in her hot, tight depths.

I trembled on her, my lusts billowing through me. I gasped, my back arched. I shivered and buried my cock into her. I moaned into her lips as my cum spurted out of my depths and into the flower-elf's pussy.

My seed flooded through her, joining more that was in here. The essence of pussy juices and cum from my companions. Angela, Thrak, Minx, Faoril, Chaun, Sophia, and Aurora merged with mine inside of her. She quivered, bucking, convulsing beneath me.

Her pussy milked my cock. .Yes. .Thank you. .A gift. "Gift?" I panted as the leaves all rustled loudly, moaning her pleasure. My cum spurted the last time. "What gift?" The flower-elf smiled up at me, her face twisting in pleasure. And then she fell still, relaxed, her petals fell away from me. The flowers flowing around me dimmed, their luminescence fading.

I gasped, sliding off the flower elf. In the fading light, I witnessed her stem droop. Dead. "You didn't want to be alone," I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks as darkness swallowed me up. For a moment, I shivered, trembling, and then a new light glowed. It spilled out of her pussy. A bulb, like from a tulip, glowing with the same light.

Her daughter. She had gathered our essence, male and female, to birth a daughter. I took the bulb, cradling it in my arms. "You want me to take it to other elves, to plant it on our woods so she doesn't have to alone?" The flower-elf didn't answer. She was gone. I hoped her soul was free to find happiness in the Astral Realm, reborn with Matar in the Silvered Forest.

I turned, the bulb shedding light, and held the gift entrusted to me. Then I froze. Something metallic glinted on the edge of my vision. My eyes widened. The sword piece. It lay wrapped in her vines, the final third of the blade.

One end a chiseled point, the other jagged where it was broken a thousand years ago. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx I spasmed, nectar-cum spurting into all three of my holes.

The stamen-dicks buried into me. I gulped it down, felt it burn through my pussy and asshole. An intense delight surged through me. My body buzzed with the energy of my orgasm. The spurting energy overwhelmed me.

I spasmed on the ground as every inch of my body buzzed. I groaned, my eyes widening. I felt so alive. I moaned about the spurting flower-dick in my mouth. My pussy and asshole massaged the other two stamen-cocks, milking out all their wonderful jizz. I felt wonderful. And then they withdrew. I gasped, spasming on the ground, rolling onto my back as the vines fell limp, the flowers drooping around me.

I panted, struggling to catch my breath. I had never cum so hard in my life. I licked the delicious nectar-cum from my lips. "Oh, wow, that was intense.

I loved it! Keep fucking me!" "Minx," Chaun groaned, his voice weary. "I need to cum like that again," I moaned. But the vines didn't move. The flowers lay limp around me.

"You glowed, Minx," Chaun said. "Violet." "I did?" I shivered. "Well, I had a great cum, Chaun." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela I blinked, my mind withdrawing from the pleasure. The flower-dicks had stopped fucking me.

Thrak groaned nearby, standing up, ripping away the vines clinging around his muscular body. The broke away easily. None of the leaves rustled. "Gods," I groaned. "What was that thing?" "The dust in the air is gone," Thrak said.

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"The plant's pollen's. Gewin's cock, we breathed it." "I feel like Minx hit us with her lust bomb." I shivered. "Why did it stop?" "The plant's dead." Xera stood in the doorway, her thighs matted with glistening juices, her pussy lips swollen. She must have been fucked as much as I had. She held something to her breast. A plant's bulb. In her other hand she held— "You found it!" "She gave it to me," Xera said, staring down with sadness at the bulb.

"After entrusting her child to me." "She?" I blinked. "The plant?" Thrak asked. Xera nodded. "She died. She was tired of being lonely.

She only wanted to birth a daughter. When this is over, I'll plant her daughter in the Deorc Forest. She won't have to live alone." "Xera!" Minx beamed, bounding in. "I came so hard I glowed! Ooh, you got it." "Yes," I said, taking the piece of the sword from Xera, my eyes hardening on the halfling. "Still planning on stealing it." Minx blinked then groaned.

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"Did I actually say that?" I nodded, my hands trembling. The final piece of the sword. All we had to do was travel to the Altar of Souls, reforge the blade, and then face the dragon. And the Altar lay in the desolation. It would be over soon. "You did," Xera said. "You joined us to betray us." "I had a change of heart," Minx said. "Ugh, I think you guys rubbed off on me." "Gods," another voice groaned. Sophia stumbled in naked, her body flushed, and her thighs.

My eyes widened. "Sophia! There's cum dripping out of your pussy." My stomach twisted in fear. She had sworn to never touch a man, a cock. When the Karabasan ghost had possessed me, growing a spectral cock, and fucked her, she had lost her connection to her goddess.

Only a ritual restored her. "Your magic," I said and raced to my concubine to comfort her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah The leaves drooped. The vines fell limp. The flowers curled in.

I shook my head as I stared down at Drakin Castle. I sighed. The poor thing. The Biomancer Vebrin was a monster. He deserved whatever fate awaited him in the Astral Realms. I had made the poor thing comfortable, gave her purpose, and she had kept the final piece of the sword safe for Angela's arrival. But hope warred with grief for the pain the poor, innocent creature suffered at Vebrin's hands.

Angela had the final piece. She would travel to the Altar of Souls. She would discover her destiny. Nothing would stop her from claiming her ancestor's throne. My husband's High Kingdom would be reborn. And this time, Slata wouldn't destroy it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King Edward IV Shesax, The Kingdom of Secare "You let her go?" I demanded of the kneeling knights and priestesses.

The expedition sent after Angela had returned, though without Kevin, another of the knights, and two priestesses. "She is still a knight," Richard insisted, staring up at me as I sat on my throne in my castle's grand hall.

"She is on her Quest to slay the most dangerous monster that threatens us. She will do what none of the three orders have. I believe she'll kill Dominari." "She's a criminal." This could not be happening. Courtiers stared at me from along the wall, whispering, gossiping.

I glared down at the knights and priestesses, fear churning through me. They were supposed to bring her back in chains so she could be executed. I glanced at my wife, worry in her blue eyes. She sat beside me in her own delicate throne, looking radiant. My life and our son's future was at stake. The prophecy I received on my coronation months ago was clear—she would kill me and take the throne. Angela would revive the High Kingdom of Hamilten.

I would not let her do that. "You fools! Do you know what you've done!" Spittle flew from my face. She must be at Drakin Castle by now. "She'll recreate the High King's sword!" "And slay the dragon," Richard said, eyes unflinching.

"She is not a knave. She had us at her mercy and let us go." The priestesses nodded around her. "Our Goddess is most wroth with us, but she was honorable. It was the right thing to—" "Take them out of my sight," I bellowed at guards. "Clear the Las-damned court! All of you, out!" "My love," Lavinia said, touching my arm.

My queen bit her lip, her blonde hair tumbling about a worried face. "Calm." "Calm?" I demanded. "How can I be calm when she's." "Your Majesty, are these things best discussed in open court?" my chamberlain, John, asked. The elderly man glancing at the courtiers. "Why are you still here?" I bellowed at them. "Clear the court!" They fled as I rose. This was a disaster. How could she be stopped now. She was on the other side of the kingdoms. She would reach the Altar of Souls and reforge her ancestor's sword before any forces could be sent.

Only a swift courier on pegasus could reach Zeutch in time to warn one of the princes to apprehend her. "My husband," Lavinia said, placing her hand on mine. "Peace. This will not help." "Peace," I sneered. "We're doomed. There is nothing—" White light pierced through the ceiling. A column of pure brilliance illuminated the center of my hall. A radiant chorus sang. Something descended in the light. Wings rustled. I trembled, eyes wide in shock.

"W-What is this?" I demanded. "An Angel of Pater and Slata," gasped John. "Listen to the chorus." I trembled. The angels, a race of demigoddesses, served the Father and Mother of the Gods as their messengers. They were only sent at the most dire of moments, to deliver dooms and portends that shook kingdoms and brought down emperors.

The light faded. A beatific woman stood in its place, graceful in a gown of diaphanous white, her lush body's curves shadows beneath the thin garment. White-feathered wings spread out around her. The chorus hummed as they flapped. A halo of white light burned over her golden hair. "My mother wishes an audience with you, oh, great King of Secare," the angel said. "M-Mother?" I stammered. "Y-You mean Slata herself?" "Of course," she smiled. "Will you receive the Mother of All?" I choked out a single word: "Yes." The END of Book Nine