Free nude gay twinks emo first time Paulie Vauss and Brody Grant beat

Free nude gay twinks emo first time Paulie Vauss and Brody Grant beat
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UNSEEN By Millie Dynamite The date was less than memorable he had been a total dud. She hadn't even wanted to go out with him. The date was a set up by a friend wanting to get her out of her doldrums. Bored to tears as she was forced to listen to his business prowess, his skillfulness extracting himself from unwanted romantic entanglements and his expertise at 'pleasing' women Barbara couldn't get away from him fast enough.

At her door, he asked to come in and she gave a white lie about having to get up early and thin walls. Being so impressed with himself he suggested they go to his apartment and she pointed out it didn't help her be rested for her test in the morning. He leaned in to kiss her and she deftly turned her head at the last moment so he could kiss her cheek his unwanted attention deflected. Finally, he got the message. Shrugging his shoulders, he turned walking way throwing his hands in the air, "fine you have a plain fucking face if your tits weren't big you wouldn't be worth trying to fuck.

Stuck up tease!" He slammed the door to his Maserati and drove off into the night. Barbara pushed the door closed and locked it and pushed the night latch closed.

Turning she lay back against the door, she let out a long sigh and ducked her down chin resting on her body. He was right she had less than an everyday plain face, she boarded on ugly. Her face was long, horse-like, her nose was enormous. Her looks had always been an irritation to her. She hated the way she looked and she didn't trust anyone that showed an interest in her. There had to be something wrong with someone that liked her! In truth, Barbara Nash wasn't particularly interested in men, nor was she drawn to women.

She had always preferred her own company to that of others. She had never masturbated, never fantasized and never had sex. She didn't need sex in her life. She researched it and discovered she was what was known as Asexual.

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Not like in you have sex with yourself and divide to make more of you. In that you have no interest in sex, it isn't common but not as uncommon as one might think. Running the bath water, the sound of the water filling the ratty old tub filled the room. Walking into her bedroom, she took the clothes off, folded them, and laid them in the hamper. Finally, she stripped out of her underwear and put them in the second basket also folded neatly. Walking back into the bathroom, she shut water off.

Looking over in the mirror, she noticed it was steamed up she pulled a washcloth out and towel. She put the towel in easy reach then turned to the mirror rag in hand. Scrawled in the center of the mirror was a word the most repugnant word she knew 'CUNT' shock filled her.

Looking around, she picked her towel and covered with it. She walked through the apartment, but it was empty. She grabbed the big recliner and shoved it in front of the door then pushed it firmly against it. Returning to the bathroom, she dropped the towel in front of the tub and squatted down on the toilet. In a moment, there was the pleasure of release as a stream of piss vacated her bladder. She dabbed herself with a tissue and let it fall into the bowl. She closed her eyes wondering why the word appeared in the mirror.

They must have done maintenance today and that pig of handyman had scribbled it there. When the condensation formed on the mirror, the terrible appellation appeared on the glass. Yes, that was it nothing sinister just a dirty man playing a joke. The room grew cold for a second and her hair moved in shock she turned looking around, no one there.

Nerves it was just her nerves setting her off that was all. She flushed the commode and then sank in the hot water. Oh, god that felt so good. She lay back in the water and let the warmth flood her. She hated the cold weather this bath would warm her up good.

Laying back the tension brought on by the whole ordeal of the 'date' began to slip away. Her stomach unknotted and her shoulders relaxed as the pain in her back from carrying her tits on her chest started to ease up. Slowly small aches and pains that she had, mostly from her anticipation and worry about the date, melted away. Her head bobbed and she would jerk upright then allow sleep to try to take her again.

"That feels strange," her legs moved apart the warmth was unexpected it almost felt fingers! She stood up and looked around as the water cascaded off her body. Bending down she reached down to the floor grabbing the towel. That was strange, she actually thought she had felt fingers touching her, stimulating around her clit, investigating the fleshy landscape of her lips and poking inside her.

She patted the towel over her wet body as she stepped out of the tub. She slowly dried herself. She tucked the towel around her breast then reached down and pulled the plug on the drain. She was uneasy this was quite unnerving. She pulled a pajama top on and removed the towel.

Buttoned it up and then pulled fresh panties on and at last, the pulled on PJ bottoms. The room felt icy cold. Barbara walked out and turned the heat up.

Glancing over she noted the chair was still firmly against the door. She sat in on her love seat turned on the TV and flipped through channels.

She started watching some old movie, but the black and white picture seemed dull and lifeless. It was all about a flyer who died and came back in the body of someone else. She just couldn't get into it so she turned it off. She picked up a book and walked back to the bedroom.

Her small twin bed seemed so comfy and warm she read for a few minutes under the covers her pillows jabbed against the wall. Her head again was bobbing so she put a marker in her book turned off the lamp and pulled the covers up around her. Laying on her side soon, she was sleeping soundly. Deep asleep she now she dreamed, but it was not a pleasant dream it was a dream of trying to sleep.

An unseen hand would push her here or there and her body would move accordingly. A hand touched her hair and moved it off her face. A finger traced down her forehead, the cold finger drew down her over her nose across the midline and lastly over the lips.

Her mouth opened and the cold finger moved in and out as spittle built in her mouth then dribbled out and down her chin. The hand pushed her shoulder hard Barbara resisted then upon further instance she rolled onto her back. The covers were thrown off her. She dreamed on but a dream devoid of images only feelings. It didn't dawn on her unconscious mind you don't feel things in dreams.

The buttons opened on her top and top moved off her shoulders exposing her big plump tits.

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A cold, unseen hand grabbed her breast firmly and squeezed it. The flesh yielded moving in deeply under the invisible fingers. The upper part of her boob pushed up as the nipple elongated. Her tongue darted out and licked her lips as she let out a gasp. The areola wetted as the nipple moved longer then feel back only to stretch out again like it was being sucked. The other tit was grasped and the sucking was repeated Barbara moaned as a wanton pleasure moved through her.

Her hand wiped her forehead as she gasped aloud her left breast squished up as the unseen hand mashed it. Teeth raked over her nipple and down the fleshy tit biting it, suck it while her legs parted to allow the hand between them.

Biting down on her lip, she moved sensually over the mattress her body arching and bucking. She moaned and groaned aloud. Rubbing over her clit roughly she moans out even louder and hips buck slightly. A finger digs deep inside and then spread her lubrication around the lips and opening only to dig back in deep. She shudders her whole body a raw nerve of emotion as a climax transports her dreaming mind to a new level.

Her pajama bottoms tore from her the ripping material stung her butt. The panties ripped from her body swiftly again hurting her as it did.


Barbara's eyes sprung open and she tried to move, but an oppressive weight pushed down on her. "What," she realized at once there was something there and yet, no one still something unseen was on top of her. "Whore," hissed in her ear. The weight pressed down on her as her opening ripped, a searing pain spread through her. Her one tit felt mangled the other felt the tearing pain of teeth cutting into. Her crotch was being torn apart.

Her hymen shredded as an immense unseen cock pounded deep into her.

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Trying to get up the weight held her down. There was nothing there still she could see the teeth impression being made in her right tight and the deep indentations of the fingers in her left breast. Her pussy was being pounded by an unseen being.

The right tit returned to normal, but her lips felt other lips. Wet, cold, sticky it pressed inside her mouth darting in and out. The motion matched the thrusting in her cunt. An unseen tongue violated her mouth, she tried to bite down but couldn't. The massive weight pressed down on her holding her.

Her pussy exploded in pain slashing through as muscles were shredded. The well fell oppressively on top of her the pounding stopped then the weight was gone.

All that was left was searing pain her breast throbbed, her crotch felt stinging agony. Sitting up she looked around in the darkness, no one was there.

No one had been there it was something. What she didn't know, but there was something that had assaulted her something unseen! Flipping on the light beside her bed she turned and looked in the mirror her breast were bruised the right one oozed blood from bite marks.

She put her feet on the floor sitting upright she stared in the mirror in disbelieve.


Reaching between her legs she touched the wetness looking at her hand it was pinkish and white a mixture of semen and blood from her ruptured hymen. What happened to her? The pain was throughout her body. Standing on shaky feet she moved sluggishly, generally each step pain leaped up in her. Putting her robe over her body, she cautiously moved to the hall. She looked around the apartment.

No one there she could find no one. The chair still sat against the door. Sitting down in the chair, she put hands over her face and sobbed. How long she sat there, she didn't know. The tears flowed out in big crocodile drops while her shoulders heaved. She cried so hard she felt crushed pain tore her apart, fear filled her and the shame oh God the shame of it, she wanted to die. The slap knocked her on the floor.

Her face exploded in pain and she slid several feet from the hard blow. Her hair felt is it was being torn out by the roots. The tight grip pulled her upward to her feet. Cold breath stung her face a nasty acrid smell filled her nostrils. "You fucking horse faced piece of shit!" There was no one there, but an unseen hand held her hair and another squeezed her tit nearly squashing it flat between massive, powerful cold fingers and a big flat palm.

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She flew around the room and then end up face down on the chair. Her rob slashed away from her body in a swift motion powerful hands grabbed her by the hips and that big fat invisible cock rammed deep in her ass! Hard hammer into her ass, the cock broke her wide open. Deep pounding the freezing cock bayonetted deep within her. The pummeling seemed to last forever then it stopped, just stopped and she felt in her no more.

No weight pressed on her, no cold hands grabbed or squeezed her vice like. She sunk off of the chair dropping to the floor on her knees. Again her hair felt as it would rip out.

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Her face was turned and she saw shit and blood hanging around invisible cock its form revealed by the fecal and blood covering it. "Clean it with your mouth," the cold blast of air moved across her face the unseen being bent down over her. Obediently she stuck her tongue out the cock thrust into her mouth. The face fucking last for what seemed forever afterward she curled up on the floor. Three days later the police broke in the door. A month later the doctor asked her for the 175th time what happened.

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"UNSEEN it fucked me forever and it was unseen," clamping her legs together her hands between them covering down there. She kept saying "UNSEEN!"