Stranger fucks nice looking gal

Stranger fucks nice looking gal
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My name is Tai and like most typical successful Asians, I am an accountant. I graduated from UC San Diego five years ago and now live alone in a house that used to belong to my parents but they have since moved to another city to retire. I figured, rather than spending money on rent to live in a tiny apartment, might as well save up over the years and live in a nice big three story house.

I live up in the penthouse suit while I rent the rooms on the second floor to students attending college in town. We all share the common room and dining space. The basement is mainly used as storage for my parents' belongings. Since the mortgage is all paid off, the rent money I collect is essentially easy income and I usually charge lower than what most apartments and campus residences ask for so it's a cheaper alternative for those attending school.


For the first couple of years, I rented to grad students because they were more or less the same age as me but the demand from undergrads for the space has grown. This year, I rented two rooms out to two undergrad students; Yasmin, who is half Puerto Rican and half Dutch is a UCSD junior from New Jersey and Diana is a sophomore international student from Russia.

They're both pretty good tenants. Yasmin has quite the social life but she never brings trouble home. At most she'll talk too loudly on her cell phone which disrupts Diana's studying but that's a rare occurrence. Diana is quite the studious type. In fact, she decided not to go back to the campus residence after her freshman year because she was not fond of all the crazy partying that happens.

She's one of the few people who is not a fan of the typical American college experience I guess. She's usually studying in her room and whenever she brings a study buddy over, she always lets me know beforehand.

Diana is a sweet girl and I like having her around. She tells me stories from her home and is always asking how my day was, which is nice. Yasmin's pretty cool too. She would sometimes offer to make everyone dinner. It sure makes meals more interesting than my usual spaghetti and meatballs or Chinese take out. Of course, I offer to pay for the groceries. Overall, the living situation is pretty good. Life on the other hand is not so great. I just broke up with my girlfriend about six months ago.

We were seeing each other for less than a year and she was already sending me crazy signals about marriage and the like. Not that I wouldn't mind settling down since I am finished school with a decent career going for me but I wouldn't even consider this subject until at least two years together.

Basically, all my friends would tell me how she had the crazy eyes, especially once Yasmin and Diana moved in. She started to get insanely jealous, pouting and whining whenever I choose not to stay at her place overnight. Sometimes she would jokingly make accusations that I just want to go home to my "mistresses", something I didn't find funny. I mean, other than noticing their beautiful physique, I've never made a pass on them or anything of that sort.

This was a friendly and professional relationship and I definitely didn't need the reputation as the guy who takes advantage of his tenants. Needless to say, the jealousy went a little overboard, to the point where Diana would feel like she's getting the stink eye from my girlfriend every time she was here and Yasmin would feel utterly uncomfortable every time she was around so I eventually broke up with her because she was getting a little too whiny.

So here I am, single and living with two incredibly sexy ladies that I can't hit on. My balls couldn't get any bluer. I still never make any moves on them out of respect but it can get really hard to keep my urges in. Sometimes, because they knew I wouldn't mind, Yasmin and Diana would tell me all the weird things they notice about her and giggle like gossiping school girls.

One night, I come home from a date with a friend of a co-worker. The date went nowhere which is a bummer because I was hoping to finally get some action after a six month dry spell. She offered me to go to her place but honestly, she had such a boring personality that I knew I won't be seeing her again and I didn't want to give her hope that she has a chance.

I come home and Yasmin is in the kitchen making her a late dinner of peanut butter sandwiches. "Eating so late?" I politely ask. "Yah, I just finished a midterm and didn't get a chance to eat until now," she replies. "You want one?" "I'm good," I tell her. "Just came home from a dinner date." "How did that go?" she jokingly asks. "Am I going to be attacked by this new chick?" "Haha, funny," I respond.

"Needless to say, it didn't go so well since I am home on a Friday night at 9pm." "Was she at least a hottie?" she asks. "She's pretty but she had a boring personality.

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Talked about nothing except her job the whole night." "That's too bad," she says as she takes a bite out of her peanut butter sandwich. "But at least she's a looker, right? Is she as pretty as me?" "No one's as pretty as you," I jokingly retort. "Is Diana home?" "She's going to be studying late in the campus library," she says. "She has a midterm coming up next week." Yasmin is quite the busty girl. From what I can tell, she's a 34C cup and she always wears t-shirts that hug tightly onto her body, showing off her great curvy shape.

Her skin is a bit tanned and she has curly dark brown hair that is around shoulder length. She's a bit shorter than Diana, at around 5'4" and she has a nice pair of juicy blowjob lips that I have often fantasized about.

We talk about school for a bit in the kitchen. I ask her if things have changed at school since I've been there and I tell her some of my favorite places to eat near campus and she gives me the scoop on some of the scandals the professors have gotten into.


We both get a good laugh out of it. Once Yasmin finishes her sandwich, she asks, "Mind if I hop in the shower first? I'm really pooped and could use a hot shower." "Sure, I'll just watch TV for a bit," I tell her. And she goes upstairs to grab some clothes in her room and into the bathroom where I hear the water run as I catch the late night news on TV. Nothing but boring political stories so I turn it off and head upstairs. As I climb up the stairs onto the hallway, Yasmin comes out of the bathroom, fully naked and completely wet.

She notices me and runs back into the bathroom. "Oh my god, Tai I am so sorry," she yells out. "Yasmin, what are you doing?" "I just forgot my towel," she says. "I thought you were downstairs so I was hoping to run into my room to grab one." "How about I just grab one for you?" I offer.

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"Sure," she says. "Thanks and sorry about that." "Okay, just hang on," I tell her. "Keep the water on so you don't get cold from waiting." I go into her room and rummage through her drawers for a towel. I come across her bra drawer and see that I was right. She is a 34C cup.

I finally find the towels and bring it to the bathroom. "Yasmin, I have the towel," I call out. The door opens slightly and a hand sticks out to reach for the towel. I hand it to her and the door closes again. I go back upstairs to my room to change and the image of Yasmin's naked body is running in freeze frame in my mind.

A hard on forms and I try to cool off in my bathroom. I hop into the shower, hoping a wash would cool me down but the entire time, the image of her naked wet body would not get out of my head. Her smooth tanned skin and those perky bouncy tits is all I can think about. I whack off in the shower but my blue balls persist and I am still incredibly horny. I finish up my shower and walk back out with only a towel around me, barely concealing my hard on that's practically poking out.

As I am about to get dressed in my room upstairs, I hear a knock on my door. I answer it and Yasmin is standing there, wearing a black t-shirt that, like most of her other t-shirts, hug her curvy frame. I can tell she's not wearing a bra because the outline of a bra usually shows through her shirt but this time it's not there and my hard on goes crazy.

I feel a bit embarrassed and thought that I should have put on some pants before answering the door. But I did catch her giving me a small glimpse and I could tell she's impressed. I did track and wrestling back in high school and college so I was pretty muscular but well toned and not too beefy. "Umm…Yasmin, what can I do for you?" I ask her. "I just wanted to apologize, Tai," she says. "I didn't mean for us to get into that awkward situation." "It's okay," I tell her.

"Let's just forget that it happened." "By the way, I have a favor to ask of you," she starts off. "What is it?" I respond in curiosity. "Well, I really like living here and the neighbors are great and everything so I was hoping to stay for the summer and for my senior year as well.

I have a budget for staying during the school year but I didn't exactly plan for the summer so I have limited funds." "It's okay, Yasmin," I tell her. "You can stay for the summer for free. That's if you don't mind that I'll have quite a few more friends over than usual." "Oh thank you, Tai," she says ecstatically. "Of course I won't mind. How can I repay you for this?" "No payment necessary," I say. "Hence why I said free rent." "Not it's not right. I would feel bad," she says.

"There's got to be something I can give you." "Just don't mess up the house when I go on summer vacation," I jokingly say. Suddenly, she steps closer to me, with barely an inch of space between us. She places her hands on my biceps. "I noticed you have been noticing me a lot lately," she says. Great, she thinks I'm some kind of landlord pervert. "Yasmin…if I made you uncomfortable in any way…" "No, it's not like that," she says.

"I mean, you're a great looking guy and you're super nice. Not like most of the meatheads on campus." She takes her pants off to reveal a pair of black panties and pulls her t-shirt off. I now see a full view of her amazing breasts.

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She has tender looking brown nipples that stick out asking to be nibbled on surrounded by areolas each about the size of a quarter. They're practically heaving with every breath she makes and are absolutely inviting. The blood flow downtown is driving me nuts. She brings a finger to the crevice of my chest and draws down the muscular lines. "I know that you've been on somewhat of a dry spell lately," she says. "If you don't mind, I would like to take this chance and show you my appreciation." Would I mind?

Hell no, I wouldn't mind. As her eyes look into mine, I grab her by the waist and bring her up against me to plant a kiss on her juicy lips. Her warm hand is still on my chest and she can probably feel the crazy beats of my heart going at racing speeds.

Our tongues play with each other and I make my way down to her neck, kissing every inch of her smooth skin as I reach up with my right hand and fondle her breast, using my index finger to flick her nipple. She moans in pleasure and she takes her hand and pulls the towel off my waist. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist.


I waste no time and immediately start sucking on those succulent breasts of hers. Switching back and forth between the left and right one, my tongue and lips wrap themselves around her perky brown nipples and she cries out in pleasure.

I bring her to my bed and lay her down and I move my way down to her stomach and lick up all the way to the tip of her nipple before continue to nibble away at these wonderful juggs.

Suddenly, she gets up, sits on the bed and turns me around. I lay on her lap and she lifts my head up to her right breast. I start sucking on it like a baby and she moans in pleasure. She definitely likes it when I suck on those titties.

She takes her right hand and reaches over to my cock and starts stroking it as I suck on this perfect tit. Her hand feels great on my cock but I am craving more. Her quick strokes up and down are driving me crazy.

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She tells me to get up and climbs off the bed to bring me to a standing position on the ground. She gets on her knees, places her hands around my thighs and wraps her lips around my cock and swallowing as much as she can. A nice wet blowjob is exactly what I could use right about now and she's really good at it too.

She clenches on to my thighs as she bops her head up and down my hard cock, occasionally letting go to give it a few strokes. She sticks her tongue out and I gently slap my cock over it before she continues to swallow it and resume sucking. I feel the rupture about to come. "Yasmin, mind if I cum in your mouth?" I ask her. She doesn't even answer and just continues to suck harder and harder. I can feel her warm and wet tongue playfully caressing every inch of the shaft that's in her mouth.

I can't hold it in any longer and I blast her mouth with my warm semen as she continues to suck on my cock. This is one of the best orgasms I've had in months. She finishes off by cleaning the cum off my cock, sucking every last drop out and licking it clean. "Yasmin, that was great!" I tell her, exasperated. "I'm glad that I could please you," she says. "I can't wait to fuck you," I say. "I can't wait either," she says. "You have a really nice cock and I would love it inside of me." "Looks like I'll need another shower," I say.

"You and me both," she replies. "Mind if we take one together?" I ask. "Not at all!" she says and we both head to the bathroom to wash each other off. A few hours later, I am asleep but I get woken up by a phone call on my cell. It's 3am and Diana is calling.

"Hello?" I start off. "Hi, Tai? It's Diana. I'm so sorry to bother you at this time of night but I was hoping you could come pick me up from campus. It's the middle of the night and I really don't want to walk home alone," she says. Normally, I'd be incredible pissed if someone woke me up at 3am but I was less cranky after that session with Yasmin and Diana is a sweet girl.

"Sure, just stay in the library and I'll come fetch you," I tell her. "Will be there in half an hour." "Thanks, Tai. You're the best," she says before hanging up. I drive to the campus library and find her by the doors. Once we're home, I offer to make her some tea.

We both each have a cup to wind down and relax on the couch. Diana is vegetarian so she's a pretty small girl, with a waist size at no more than 26 at most. She has great hips and a pair of fairly nice and long legs, standing at 5'6". Her bust is appropriate for her skinny frame, a B cup that creates these pretty lumps that pop out from her t-shirt.

She has thin soft looking lips, fair skin and a pair of eyes that are really alluring. Too bad they're covered up with glasses. Her straight hair is naturally black but she added blonde highlights that look really sexy on her. When she talks, she has a slight accent that's very sexy. "How are those midterms coming along?" I ask. "I am soooooooo stressed out right now," she says. "It's been a really busy week with a lot of projects and tests and I'm still not finished." "You know, Diana, you seem to study a lot.

When I was in school, I made sure that I had time to relax and have fun for a bit," I tell her. "I know. But it's really expensive to come to school here and I can't afford to not do the best that I can," she says solemnly. "Your grades seem to be fine from what I can tell," I say. "But I find that having time to relax and have fun, to do something you like can really improve your school work." "I'll keep that in mind," she says.

I try to change the subject into something more interesting. "So, any boyfriends in town?" "No," she replies. "Oh, you have one back home?" I ask. "No, I'm not seeing anyone," she says.

"Most boys here like to only drink a lot and party which is not my type of fun." "That's too bad," I say. "I figured lots of boys would be after a sweet and pretty girl like you." "Aww, you're really sweet, Tai," she says with a smile.

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"I'm just telling it as it is," I say. "I bet you've probably broken quite a few hearts on campus already." Diana blushes and says, "Well, most boys are only interested in one thing and I don't want to do it." "What's that?" I ask. "You know…" she says and I get the picture.

"Hey, don't let anyone pressure you into it," I tell her.

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"I'm old fashioned that way," she says. "I want to wait until marriage. People always make fun of me for it. They make it seem like it's crazy to wait so long." "There's nothing wrong with that," I tell her. "Plus, that's what vibrators are for," I jokingly say.

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She giggles and blushes at the same time. "I've never even seen a boy. Only in pictures." "You mean, you've never seen a boy naked?" I ask. She shakes her head. "Do you think…?" she starts off. "What is it?" I ask. "Do you think I can see yours?" she requests in a smoky voice whose sexiness is only accentuated by that accent of hers. I hesitate for a very brief moment but thought that since I already had it in Yasmin's mouth earlier tonight and she's the one initiating, it's not too bad so I unbuckle my pants and drop my boxers to the floor.

It's not a complete hard on but her eyes suddenly widen nonetheless at the sight of my member hanging down in front of her. "Oh…wow…" she murmurs. "Do you want to touch it?" I ask. She nods her head and I slip out of my pants and walk closer to her. She takes her right hand and picks up my cock and slowly tugs at it. She is examining a live human penis for the first time in her life and the curiousness on her face is really sexy.

I take off my shirt so it's not in her way and she looks up at me in amazement, examining every line of muscle on my body. "Diana…may I see you?" I ask. "I promise, I won't do anything you don't want to do." She thinks to herself for a moment before taking off her jeans and t-shirt. She has these tiny perky tits with small pink nipples that point out.

Her cream colored skin compliments her pink bra and panties. As soon as her panties are pulled down, I see that she's dripping wet from excitement. I lift her up off the couch and hug her close to me. I look deep into her eyes before I plant a kiss on her soft silky lips.

She's a great kisser. I could taste the strawberry lip gloss on her. My hands caress every inch of her body and she has an amazing bubble butt that's firm to the touch. My give it a nice squeeze as we make out. I lift her up and take her upstairs to my room. I lay Diana down on my bed. I give her a kiss on the lips before sucking on her nice pink nipple for a few seconds and it drives her wild.

I work my magic all over her slender stomach, sucking with my lips on her naval and her hips. She's extremely ticklish so she starts giggling but I shush her to not wake Yasmin. I lick streaks up her stomach all the way to her nipple, swirling my tongue on the tip and she lets out an "ooooh&hellip." I run my fingers over the light patch of hair just above her clit.

It is nicely trimmed and her juicy slit is completely exposed. Her clit is really ripe and all I want to do is taste it. My mouth is watering at the sight of her and her smell is so fresh. Like freshly picked ripe strawberries. "I know you're saving sex for your future husband," I say. "But I was wondering if oral sex is okay." She blushes and within a moment, she nods. Time for me to feast!

She has what looks like the tightest pussy ever, with no protruding lips of any kind, just narrow slender light pink slits that go inward. I lick the inner lips and she lets out a huge sigh, getting really wet from the touch of my tongue.

She tastes amazing! I continue to go at it like crazy, munching on every inch of her while gulping down every ounce of juice that comes out. I make my way to her delicious gem and circles with my tongue around her clit a few times before closing my lips around it to give it a gentle suck, making her almost scream out loud in pleasure. My tongue then explores deep down the insides of her pussy, exploring as far as I could. "Oh, Tai…" Diana moans. "This is amazing!" I stand up and use my finger to motion her to come towards me.

She jumps off the bed and onto me, wrapping her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. She plants a kiss on my lips and I reciprocate the action by sticking my tongue in her sexy mouth.

We make out for a good ten minutes, our tongues playfully dancing with each other in our mouths. I put her down and while she's standing on the bed, I gently penetrate her warm oozing cunt. There's a tiny bit of resistance but I slowly work my way up and not long after, it is sliding in and out smoothly. Juices start gushing out of her pussy, dripping down her thigh and all over my bed.

It's better than Febreezing the bed, that's for sure! As I poke my way into her cute little pussy, my hard on is returning and I lick her clit, sucking on it occasionally. Diana notices how big my dick has grown and she releases another spasm of juice at the sight of it. Finally, she's dripping like crazy and a huge gush is sprayed on my face.

She couldn't stand any longer and she collapses on my bed. I lie on top of her and give her a gentle kiss. "Tai, you really know how to make me feel so good," she lets out. "I aim to please, especially for pretty girls like you," I tell her. "In Russia, I was taught this one method that women use to drive their partners wild," she says.

"I would like to try this on you." She lays me down on the bed and cuddles next to me on the left. She takes her left hand and reaches for my hard cock, slowly stroking it while staring into my eyes. Her sexy face with her captivating smile is such a sight right now and I bring my head up to give her a kiss. Suddenly, she brings her lips to my left nipple and she swirls her tongue all around it, giving the occasional bite with the front of her teeth.

This feels absolutely amazing! Not long after, her strokes on my cock get faster and faster and her wet lips surround my nipple. I want the other one to experience this sensation so I bring her face over to the other one and she uses her free hand to stimulate the left nipple while sucking on the right one.

At this rate, I'm not going to last very long. "Diana, can I ask you to do me a favor?" I ask her. "Sure," she replies. "I would like you to put your mouth on my penis," I say. Suddenly, without any hesitation, she wraps her lips around the tip of my cock. It feels really good in her mouth. It's really wet and warm. Her tongue flicks the tip while she playfully takes in and pulls out my cock in her mouth. I sit up and tell her to lie on her side in front of me.

She continues to suck my cock while I finger her wet pussy. I can tell she's getting really excited from this because she's soaking wet. She strokes the base of my cock with one hand and fondles my balls with the other, all while sucking as much as she can.

After a few more minutes, I'm about to burst from the sensation. "Diana, I'm about to cum," I tell her. We both get up off the bed and she gets on her knees as I stand. She starts stroking my cock again, her eyes peeled on the tip not wanting to miss the action when it comes.

I'm tempted to cum all over her pretty face but I thought that it wouldn't be a nice thing to do to someone who's been a good tenant this whole time. A split second before I erupt, I take my cock and aim it on her chest and spray her all over her body.

She lifts her chin to allow the warm goo coat her neck and drip down her chest. I lift her up from the floor and she plants one final kiss on my nipple before giving me one on the lips. "Diana, that was amazing," I tell her. "For someone who has never done it before, you sure know what to do." "Thank you," she says.

"It was just what I needed. It will really take the stress off from all this studying for exams. And Yasmin was right, you do have a very nice penis." "What, Yasmin?" I stammer. "She sent me a text message saying what you guys did and I got curious," she says. "It's too bad you're saving yourself," I say to her disappointedly.

"I would love to make love to you." "Well, maybe one day you can marry me and you will," she says jokingly. "Don't worry, I'm not crazy like your ex-girlfriend." I laugh at the joke.

We head to the washroom to clean up and then pick up our clothes from the common room downstairs. That night, I had a really great sleep.