Joymii readhead piper licks silvie delux slit

Joymii readhead piper licks silvie delux slit
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I can't fucking believe it, is that Lamont with some other female. Be cool, don't walk over there and make a scene. Fuck that! Hey Lamont Evans, is that you? Hi Aida! Oh, how rude of you Lamont, your not going to introduce me to your. Oh, I am Cynthia, Lamont wife; it is nice to meet you.

Like wise, I can't believe the fury that I am having inside. I feel like exposing him for the bastard that he is. Well it was nice meeting you.

Oh, here Aida, this is my business card I am a license cosmetologist, if you ever want to get her your hair done, give me a call. I have reasonable prices. I will definitely give you a call Cynthia. Later, that day I could not do nothing but question my own judgment. How could this have happen to me again? I did not see any of the usual signals or just maybe I was feeling lonely and needed to be held and Lamont is some one that I am very comfortable with. Damn, cell phone!

Never stops ringing. Hello, Hello Aida, can you hear me? What are the fuck you calling me for? I needed to explain things to you.

It is nothing for you to explain, I know what I saw. I believe I met your wife. Looks are deceiving Aida, what you saw is not exactly what it really is. First of all, I do not even understand what you just said.

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Hold on, my door bell is ringing. You got to be fucking kidding me. What are you doing here Lamont? I needed to see you Aida. I am missing you like crazy. You got to go home to your wife. I am not one of those treacherous women that help men commit adultery.

I am leaving her Aida. You expect me to believe that shit. Yes, I have no reason to lie to you. You already lied to me, I asked you did you have someone in your life and you said know. Let me show you to the door. Get your hands off of the door, you got to go Lamont.


Know, not until you hear me out. Look, let me talk to you for five minutes and I will leave. Okay, you got five fucking minutes to explain yourself! Well the love is gone between the two of us.

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I am so unhappy. She does not make me feel like you do.


See she has forgotten how to love and treat a man like myself. You and I is what I need. So, Aida just gives me sometime and soon we will be together. Damn, you rehearse all of that entire Bull Shit; you just tried to feed me. Lamont you must go! How come you want let me explain things to you Aida? I believe you already said what you needed to say to me. I just don't want to fall for sweet nothings. Understand Lamont I wasn't born yesterday, I have common sense and my senses at this very moment is telling me that you are nothing sweet and every thing about you is rotten.

Damn, baby girl you are too harsh. Why are you tripping, you don't even know my wife. I am not trying too! So what is your point? My point is this, which we are hurting; she does not even think I would ever cheat on her. She is my wife and has the title and that is all she needs to know.

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Its funny here I am a strong independent woman, hard working and I do not think I am better than another woman. But it's puzzling you could not marry me, but you can marry her. That's what this griping is all about, who I married? Hell yeah, you made me feel like a piece of shit wanting to get my career started earlier enough in my life that we would be able to survive financially in our marriage and you ridiculed me.

I am sorry. Yeah you're sorry alright. Come on Aida, less not start with name calling. Why are you grabbing me, let me go. I need you! Stop!

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Get your mouth off of me. You really want me to stop Aida. Yes, stop. You don't feel nothing for me, is that what you are saying Aida? I don't feel anything at all. Oh, you know, you want me. What nerves Lamont? The only women that wants you, is your wife. I am going to say it one more time, get the fuck out my house and don't you ever bring your bitch ass to my house again.

What Aida, don't you ever fucking disrespect me!

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This is what you want bitch! You want me to take the pussy. Huh, bitch! Get off of me Lamont!

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Know Bitch! Shut your fucking mouth!! Move Lamont you are hurting me. Open your legs and spread them thighs. Yeah let me get my finger in that fat ass juicy pussy of yours. Bitch, your pussy taste finger licking good. Lamont, get your hands from my mouth, I can't breathe.

You like it better huh bitch if I wrap my hands around your throat. I forgot how you like to be semi cautious. Stop squirming around, stay still bitch. Yeah, you like this dick in your hot ass pussy. Oh, you one of those wild ass feisty kittens. The more you claw at my back the more I am going to jab this dick long and hard into your pussy, bitch!! Lamont!

What bitch? Your hurting me, get up. You want this dick bitch. I can see the terror in your eyes, you like me raping this tight ass pussy of yours.


That's it bitch, squirm. Beg bitch, beg. The more your scream the more this dick is going to keep going deeper and deeper into that fat ass pussy of yours.

I hear you moaning bitch. You know you like me taking this pussy and fucking the shit out of you.

Oh fuck, it's at the tip I'm about to bust. Go wipe your face and clean your pussy bitch. Thanks for the nut bitch. I'm out!

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Slamming the door behind him, I swear it isn't over; I will get your punk ass Lamont.