Tapping her sweet butt hard

Tapping her sweet butt hard
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GIRLS OF FOUR MOON HOUSE - Part 2 A darkly erotic story by Desire' Dapschev continued. From her partially obscured viewpoint Britney could just make out Bronte leaning against his desk, trousers bunched around his ankles. A completely naked girl kneeling between his pale plump legs was apparently engaged in fellatio. Bronte's stubby fingers bunched in her dark silky waves appeared to be forcing her head back and forth on his penis.

Only when Bronte's hands moved down and gripped the edge of the desk to steady himself, and the girl's head continued moving without coaxing, that Britney realized this unseemly act was being done willingly. Britney watched in disbelief, as the girl performed the distasteful act with unashamed fervour. With no prompting, as if it was imperative that she gratify him, her skilled mouth and tongue worked industriously on his penis while eager hands alternatively caressed his shaft, hairy scrotum and thighs.

Bronte's grunting quickened and became more guttural. Suddenly he bent forward, legs straining rigid. Then with a loud expulsion of breath, he climaxed, his fleshy thighs convulsing in vulgar wobbles of fatty flesh. A violent backward contortion jerked the engorged penis out of her salivating mouth, discharging sperm over her face and hair in the process. Instead of trying to avoid the pulsing jet, she quickly guided his throbbing penis back into her mouth, and eagerly swallowed the remaining produce of his climax.

The bizarre spectacle of this unsightly pot-bellied middle-aged man, with grotesque penis jutting from an ugly bush of black pubic hair, spurting semen into the open mouth of a what appeared to be a teenager, was beyond comprehension.

The girl's head turned side-on, revealing her face for the first time.

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"Oh my God, Jenna!" Britney gasped in surprise, recognizing a student in her class. Breathing heavily, Bronte slumped back and with his stumpy legs dangling off the edge of the desk, peered over his heaving paunch at Jenna sucking hungrily on his cock. She did not stop until his penis was completely flaccid and drained. Then as if her appetite for the revolting slime was unfulfilled, she scooped the cold sperm off her face and sucked it seductively off each finger as though it were a delicious delicacy.

Finally, after cleaning his goop spattered thighs, she crawled on all fours and licked up the residue that had splashed on the floor. When at last the demeaning clean up was complete, she slid the length of her naked body on top of him and sat legs astride his substantial stomach. Placing his hands on her breasts, she encouraged him to fondle her while kissing him passionately on the mouth. Britney witnessed this unlikely union with confused feelings. Although disgusted by the spectacle, the tingling ache within her belly and moistening sex belied the arousal beneath her revulsion.

Her mind whirled, struggling to find a reason why Jenna, a shy, attractive eighteen-year-old girl, would want to interact sexually with Bronte, a lecherous, unsightly middle-aged unpopular teacher. More startling was that her attitude suggested a willing act with no evidence of reluctance or coercion.

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Jenna lay on his chest, hands stroking his face and balding head, her petite naked frame like a tiny doll on top of his heaving flabby mass. Britney was undecided what to do; the pair gave no indication that they were finished with their sexual interlude. She needed her notebook but did not want to surprise them or let them know she had witnessed their outrageous and illicit act.

Unable to wait she devised a plan. Removing her shoes she crept silently back to the front entrance. Then Replacing her shoes, she turned and started towards the classroom again ensuring that her purposeful footsteps resounded as loudly as possible down the empty passage. "Hello… is anyone here?" she called loudly as she made her way back to the classroom. Walking slowly, and repeatedly calling out she allowed Jenna and Bronte time to compose themselves.

Reaching the door, she took a deep breath and knocked loudly. "Hello, Mr Bronte… are you in there?" She knocked again. "I need my notebook… I left it on my desk!" she inquired almost at a shout.

"Ah… just a minute… I'll come to the door," Bronte breathless voice called out. A few seconds later the door opened a crack and her book emerged followed by Bronte's hand. "This yours?" he snapped impatiently, his beady eyes peering at her through the gap.

"Yes… thank you, Mr Bronte… sorry to have disturbed you," she replied trying to see past his dishevelled bulk into the room. "Look after your things with more care Miss Spencer, careless acts lead to regrettable consequences!" he retorted pompously, protruding his flushed sweaty face beyond the door. Her shaking hand grasped the book. "Yes, thanks, Mr Bronte, I will be more careful. " He held onto the book. "Miss Spencer, on Monday after school, I want to discuss the annual creative writing competition in private with you." Britney tugged at the book.

"Ah… well… I'll see if I can manage that, Mr Bronte… but I think I have… ah… something I must do for mom on Monday," Britney lied, trying to think of a feasible excuse. "Make a plan, Miss Spencer, make a plan, your future marks depend on it!" he snapped releasing the book before closing the door in her face.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Britney arrived home and went immediately up to her bedroom and began recording her thoughts concerning the bizarre spectacle she had witnessed. Britney's Journal, Friday 22 September 2017. "I want to vomit! I'm grossed out by what I saw at Trinity just an hour ago.

That lecherous old fart Bronte getting a blowjob on his classroom, and by none other than Jenna! Yes, that's right, our very own sweet, cute and innocent Jenna sucking on Bronte's hairy dick as if her life depended on it!


No, actually that's not true. If her life depended on it I could understand… she was sucking his cock and lapping up his cum like it was coke-laced nectar spurting from movie-star hunk's dick. How flipping way-out is that?


I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT! Something is rotten in the State of Trinity Girls College. I knew these girls were strange, but this is way out there in Zombie Land! It's been two weeks of hell in this prison! I hate the pretentious place, the teachers and especially those four stuck-up snobs in that weird Moon House sorority! The way everyone grovels around those brainless rich bitches, you'd swear they were celebrities or something. It's weird how everyone, including the teachers, always seem to treat them differently?

What could they possibly be doing to get such VIP attention? I've tried being nice… this whole week I've sucked up their rudeness. Well, that's it, I'm not going to beg to be friends anymore - stuff them! Who wants to belong to their weird girlie clique anyway? I could never imagine them being genuine friends I don't move in that rich social circle to be considered good enough to be seen in their snooty presence.

Maybe if mom wasn't so obsessed with her new job and spent a little time with their socialite parents I'd be invited to a few parties. Why'd mom have to divorce dad? I miss him so much! It's been three years since he went to South Africa.

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I can't wait until his contract ends and relocates back here. Then I'm going to ask him if I can stay with him and move back to Edison High and be with real people and friends again. I'm so lonely here and mom isn't around like she was before.

She's more interested in her job than me. Always working late and never home on weekends - if I just packed my case and left right now I bet she wouldn't miss me for a week! So why not just stay with dad in our old town when he gets back? Mom won't care! God, I miss Edison High and my friends!" With tears welling in her eyes, Britney looked out of the window unable to continue.

She sighed, got up and stood in front of the mirror looking at her reflection with disdain. "What a lame juvenile uniform!" She hated the regimented uniform of white blouse, tartan skirt and white socks. And having to conform to the new college's draconian Catholic school style of discipline was a challenge. The aloof snobbishness of the students, however, was something that really got to her. If at least she was able to wear fashionable clothing of her choice, like at her previous school, they would see she was unique.

someone interesting and exciting to know. Perhaps then they'd accept her into their cliques. Changing schools had been a difficult transition and for the first time in her life, felt overwhelmed.

With her stunning looks and vibrant personality Britney had easily conquered Edison High. She ruled there and was accustomed to the adoring glances from friends, jocks and seniors wherever she went.

Within three years, despite being younger, she had become the unanimous queen of popularity. Coming to Trinity had been a shock. Alienated by most students and especially the resident prima donnas, she had plummeted into the foreign territory of obscurity.

Trinity College for girls was a prestigious institution, offering superior education, that's what her mother kept telling her. Unfortunately, she failed to understand, attending school in the twenty-first century was more than just classroom learning - it was a social battlefield! Maintaining popularity was a daily contest, where winners existed in glory and losers in ostracized hell.

And Britney did not intend enduring a whole year in the latter. She'd have to do what ever it took to gain popularity.

Britney had always used her stunning looks, a talent for fashion and natural charisma to gain the attention of the popular boys. Unable to wear her choice of clothing to show off her beauty was a challenge, compounded by an absence of adoring boys.

If she were to survive the year with confidence intact, she'd have to find a new way to open those elite doors.

and very soon, before she was indelibly labelled as a loser. A new strategy was required. Somehow she needed to attract attention. A random thought crossed her mind. Pulling a chair closer to the mirror, she sat down and studied her reflection, and as she would appear to a teacher viewing her from the front.

"What is it that makes that asshole Bronte ogle me all the time… as if I didn't know?" she mused. Hitching her skirt further up, she turned her thighs from side to side for effect. There was no doubt her legs were an attention grabber and sitting like that in the front row, no wonder Bronte and the other male teachers were goo-goo eyed. "One day I'm not going to wear underwear and see if I can really distract that lecherous asshole. Maybe entice him to give me extra credits and created some gossip at the same time?" she smiled.

"I'll get him and other male teachers so frustrated they'd ask me to stay after class… like Jenna. Then I could even blackmail them to mark those stuck-up bitches down," she fantasized. The thought was enticing and bizarrely arousing. Much to her surprise, the idea of a middle-aged pot-bellied balding teacher trying to look under her skirt was not as repulsive. Seeing Jenna with Bronte had shocked her, but somehow had changed her opinion.

Perhaps she could use sexuality to achieve a different agenda? If Jenna could do it, and God knows what her reason was, then maybe, just maybe she could get her mind past the revulsion and focus on the control she could exert over Bronte and for that matter over any hot-blooded male, especially influential older men who could open social doors. An exciting tingle warmed her.

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She imagined being in control, alone with Bronte and taunting his lustful eyes. Britney posed with head lowered and eyes looking demurely back at her reflection. Then slowly unbuttoning her blouse, pretending to be hesitantly shy, she let the garment slip slowly and seductively off her bronzed shoulders onto her forearms.

She gazed at her torso; the white bra was brilliantly defined against her bronzed skin. The flimsy lace, snuggling her firm breasts, revealed a hint of delectable dark pink areola. She let her blouse fall away and paused with hands behind her back, fantasizing how Bronte's testosterone-charged mind would be pleading for the bra to be removed. Unfastening the clasp, she held the bra in place with her hands and turned away from the mirror.

With a forearm holding the cups in place, she slipped off the straps and looking coyly back over her shoulder, arched her back to accentuate the sensuous carve of her spine. Still facing away, she threw the bra aside allowing a teasing almost side-on glimpse of a breast.

Then reaching behind again, unclipped her skirt's waistband and pulled the zipper down. With a wiggle of hips and teasing hands stroking down her sides, she guided the garment off her thighs and let it fall to the ground around her ankles.

Britney noted the teasing image she presented, standing almost naked with only the thong's V- strings sloping down her hips and intersecting on a tiny triangle of satin nestling in the cleft of her buttocks. Like her bra, the white thong showed starkly against her all-over tan. Twin sumptuous mounds of her buttocks hungrily devoured the single vertical string joining the slash of white peeping between her inner thighs in a tantalizing bulge of white.

Britney turned slowly, facing the mirror and where she imagined Bronte's gawking eyes would be. The emerging slash of white between her legs fanned out at the front forming an erotic ridged bulge of patterned satin, barely covering her clean shaved vulva. Turning away from the mirror and with hands caressing down her legs she bent forward at the waist, allowing her long golden hair to cascade freely in front of her eyes.

Stepping out of the discarded skirt she posed like that, wiggling her ass, knowing the mesmerizing view from behind would lure his eyes to the sensual mound between her legs. Remaining doubled over, she unlaced her shoes and kicked them away. Then standing upright with legs apart, arms crossed over her breasts and hands resting on her shoulders she waited, teasing him, imagining he would be pleading her to turn and delight him with her nakedness.

By now she knew Bronte would be sporting that infamous bulge beneath his fuddy-duddy flannels confirmation she had him in the palm of her hand.

What would she do, knowing she was in control? Perhaps turn slowly, arms covering her breasts and with playful eyes shyly ask if he really wanted to see her completely naked? She could imagine his stammering voice, breathless with arousal. "Yes, yes… take everything off… show me… please show me!" Turning slowly, her arms would reluctantly fall to her sides, and with exposed breasts tingling in the cool air, allow him to take in her topless splendour.

"Now take off your… your panties… and hand them to me," he would gasp, sweat beading on his forehead and hands habitually rubbing the bulge in his crotch. Whimpering for effect, she'd remove the thong, slowly ever so slowly sliding it down her legs, then timidly surrendering the moist skimpy garment into his outstretched hand.

She imagined his stumpy fingers lifting the moistened fabric to his nose while eyes glazed with lust devoured her naked body.

Her sex glowed hotly sensing his insolent gaze fixed on her exposed intimacy. Thrill at her humiliation as she stood naked before him, his roving eyes would scrutinize her tattoo, just above the moist pink of folds of her sex, delighting in the discovery of this intimate secret. And the inevitable? What if he unzipped his fly, took out his repulsive erection and demanded she suck it? Would she be able to take that vile thing in her mouth and pleasure him until his hot seed squirted down her throat?

Would she go that far? Her dripping sex, thumping heart and shallow breathing gave a shocking answer to her outrageous question. Britney caught herself unconsciously fingering her sex. It was a loathsome scenario, too repugnant to think about, yet her arousal was plainly evident. Bewildered, she instinctively covered her nakedness, imagining the reality of Bronte's beady eyes gawking at her.

"For fuck sake, get a grip!" Britney shook her head in disgust. "This is way beyond gross. You, the most popular student of Edison High, sucking that obscene man's cock?" A knock on the door startled her. "Britney, I'm home! You in there, can I come in?" her mother's voice called. "Ah… just a moment mom!" Britney answered and closed her blog page.

She slipped into a gown and unlocked the door. Her mother grinned "Hello dear, been blogging?" she smiled noticing the illuminated monitor. "Uh ha, was just about to shower," Britney mumbled hugging her mother. "How was your day?" she asked changing the subject. Her mother bounced onto the bed and beamed at Britney. "Got some exciting news!" "You and dad are together again and we're moving back to Meadow Brooke?" Britney replied sarcastically.

Her mother frowned and pulled Britney down onto the bed. "Look Brit, I know you're upset about dad and me, but you know why we got divorced… I just couldn't handle his womanizing anymore." "Yes mom, but he said it was over with that girl… why couldn't you have given him another chance?" "Brit, that girl was not the first… despite your dad's promises, he continued having affairs with other younger women right from the start of our marriage.

That girl was the third one I knew about. I just couldn't take it anymore… couldn't compete with what he seems to desire." "I know mom… but he spoke to me about it… he said it was a stupid mistake and did not mean anything." "There's more to it than your father told you." "It's always been just about you and your job, mom… you don't care that I had to leave my friends behind… I hate it here!" Britney retorted angrily.

Her mother put an arm around Britney. "I know it's been tough for you… give it some time, it's only been two weeks," she reassured. "I'll never make friends here… everyone is so weird… the whole school is strange… and the teachers are perverts!" "Oh, now you're exaggerating!

Anyway, I have great news that'll change all that," her mother grinned squeezing Britney's shoulder. "What can you possibly tell me that'll make the slightest difference… I've tried making friends… they're all just fucking rich bitches… we don't move in the right circles!" "Brit you know I don't like you using that language… I think you'll make friends, maybe tonight!" "What do you mean tonight?" Britney's mother poked her playfully in the ribs.

"That's what I'm trying to tell you, silly. As I was leaving work a young lady came up to me… she said she was from Trinity. and knew who I was.

She seemed very pleasant." Britney's face brightened with interest. "Who was it… did she give her name?" "A very attractive girl, about your height, auburn hair. Sarina.?" she replied, scratching in her bag. Britney's brows furrowed questioningly. "Sabrina Fairchild?" "Yes, Sabrina Fairchild, I believe that was her name." Britney leaned forward.

"What did she want?" "She was very polite, introduce herself and then asked my permission to allow you to a sleep-over with her and some sorority friends tonight." Britney raised her eyebrows.

"A sleep-over? Tonight? Are you sure she invited me?" Britney's mother finally produced a glossy black card embossed with elegant gold lettering, from her bag. "Yes quite sure! In fact, she was very insistent I give you her number," she replied handing Britney the card. "She was very insistent you come, if it was okay with me, and to please contact her as soon as possible to confirm." her mother said smugly. "Rich B-with-an-itch Sabrina, Sabrina Fairchild, has invited me to sleep-over?" Britney repeated in disbelief scrutinizing the card.

"So what did you tell her?" "I told her it was okay with me of course, and that you'd be thrilled to go," her mother smiled. "But she's never spoken to me… no one has… they all ignore me as if I don't exist!" she exclaimed with a hint of bitterness in her voice. "Well, it looks like she is reaching out. I think you should go - it's a great opportunity to show them what they've missed." "Sabrina and those sorority girls are so aloof.

I can't believe they'd go to all this trouble to invite me?" "I'm sure they're nice girls once you get to know them, give them a chance. Remember how popular you were at Edison High?

You're a beautiful intelligent girl and it won't be long before they're eating out of your hand. Now go give her a call," she encouraged. Britney shook her head and stared intently at the card. "I don't know… they're weird… I don't trust them. besides dad said he'd phone tonight… about me staying with him at the end of next month." "Oh, Brit, I was going to tell you… I know you've been looking forward to your father coming back to America… but he won't be able to make it for another three months.

Didn't he Skype you earlier? He promised he would before he flew out on an urgent assignment?" her mother said hugging Britney's shoulder.

Britney frowned. "No, I didn't speak to dad, I got home late, I must have just missed him," she sighed disappointedly. "Where is he off to this time?" Britney's voice dulled into disillusionment. "He didn't say, just that something urgent had come up and that he'd contact you later today when he got a chance. But I'm…" Britney interrupted her. "He promised… he said he'd definitely be returning next month!" Britney's voice quavered with emotion. She stood up, looked out the window and wiped a tear from her eye.

"I'm just not important to you or dad… you don't care about me!" Britney's phone vibrated and rang loudly preventing her mother's response. Snatching it off the desk she looked at the caller ID hoping it was her father. No name was displayed. She lifted it slowly to her ear. "Hello…?" she answered tentatively. She paused while a voice responded.

"Yes… it's Britney… oh hi, Sabrina!" Britney responded in surprise. "Yes, mom said you had… yes, she mentioned that… I only just got your message, I was about to call.

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Britney looked at her mother and mouthed Sabrina's name. "No, I haven't anything planned…" "Yes, I'd love to Sabrina…" "Till Sunday afternoon? That long?" Britney held up two fingers and mouthed the words two nights to her mother.

"Oh I see. wow. that'll be fun. no. that's fine Sabrina…" "Yes, I am sure it'll be okay with mom." Britney gave her mother a thumbs up sign. Her mother nodded her head in the affirmative.

"Great, I'll bring an overnight bag…" "24 Beach Drive?." Britney repeated. "No problem, I'll find it… " Britney nodded. "Okay got that… right… " "Yes, I'll see you at seven then… thanks, Sabrina!." Britney's brow wrinkled. "A what event?." She looked dubious.

"Oh. okay." "Well, it sounds all mysterious. Britney laughed at something Sabrina said. "No problem… okay, see you later then." Britney lowered the cell phone and wiped the tears from her cheek. "That was Sabrina. I'm might as well go. I'll back on Sunday afternoon." Her mother hugged her from behind. "That's lovely Brit. I am sure you'll have a great time!" "Yes, I guess. Now I just want to be alone for awhile," she said, her voice edged with emotion. 'I wonder what Sabrina meant by this being a life changing event?' Britney thought, gazing out the window.

To be continued. PREVIOUS CHAPTERS: CHAPTER 1: http://www.sexstories.com/story/80535/