Hetero quiere hombre y se exita con vieja

Hetero quiere hombre y se exita con vieja
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Fbailey story number 180 Locker Room It was a cold rainy day but it hadn't started out that way. I just wanted a quick round of golf but then since the rain hadn't started yet I went for the extra nine holes. About the sixteenth hole it started to sprinkle and by the eighteenth hole it was raining pretty good.

It was a cold rain that chilled you right to the bone. It was quite a trek back into the clubhouse from way out there.


When I arrived, almost everyone had left except for a few men that were playing cards or sitting around the bar. I made my way to the men's locker room to get out of my wet clothes and get into a nice hot shower. I hung my towel up on one of the hooks and entered the large shower room.

It was one of those community showers were about a dozen men can all shower at the same time. The water was just the perfect temperature and I closed my eyes and let it cascade over my cold body. It was heavenly, or so I thought. When I opened my eyes I saw a naked woman entering the shower.

At first I thought that maybe I was in the wrong shower but no it was her that was in the wrong locker room shower. I started to cover my cock but since she wasn't trying to cover anything up I decided not too either. She was a lot younger that I was. I was sixty-two years old and retired and she was about forty years old. She looked fine to me, her nice big breasts drooped pretty well, and her pubic hair was thick and dark.

She smiled at me and then walked into the spray next to mine. I asked, "You do know that you are in the men's shower, don't you?" She replied, "Yes I do. I was caught on the thirteenth hold in that cold rain and the lady's locker room is closed for cleaning. I wasn't going to wait an hour to get in there. I must admit that they do keep it clean though." I offered her my bar of soap and my bottle of shampoo. Then I watched her as she washed her hair first and then her body.

It was a very good show. I loved the way that she ran her hands over, around, and under her big droopy tits as she soaped them up.

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She looked over and saw me watching her and then she said, "These babies are really heavy. I wear a 38-DD bra. Oh by the way my name is Bethany, Bethany Snider." I told Bethany Snider my name and then I watched her as she washed her pussy.

She rubbed that bar of soap right up into her slit. It looked like she was trying to shove that bar right up inside of her vagina. Again Bethany saw me watching her and said, "If I was home right now I would be giving myself a douche or use the hand held nozzle in my bathtub to wash it out even better. I just feel so clammy down there. I had to pee real badly on the twelfth hole so I did it in the bushes but I didn't have anything dry to wipe my pussy with so I just pulled my panties back up.

I feel so dirty down there. Maybe I should just stand on my head and the water shoot right in there." I smiled at her candid way of talking to me before I replied, "I'd pay to see that." Bethany smiled at me and said, "You would? Would you hold my legs up and out for me if I do?" I replied, "Yes of course I would." So Bethany bent down, placed her head on the floor, and flipped her legs up in the air toward me.

Doing a little hand walking she got her crotch right under the spray. I stood there holding her ankles out to the sides and right down into her pink fuck hole. She was holding onto me right behind my knees and staring up at my cock. Meanwhile it was growing because I was looking right down into her wet hairy bush with her pussy lips parted and the shower filling her love hole full of water.

In no time at all I was hard as ever and she was smiling at me. Then she got down onto the shower floor and was about to stand back up when all of a sudden she started to suck my cock.

It was very nice and unexpected but it had also been several years since I had received a blowjob. She didn't even flinch when I cum in her mouth, she just swallowed it all and smiled afterwards. Finally she stood up, got the bar of soap, and proceeded to wash my cock until it got hard again.

That hadn't happened in several years either, a second erection that is. Together Bethany and I got her right back under a spray head. She jumped up into my arms and then wrapped her legs around my waist. Meanwhile Bethany told me to slip my cock up into her and to hold on tight.

Then it was all up to me to slip it in and out of her hole. I hadn't had sex twice in a row in probably twenty years but I wasn't going to turn this lovely lady down that was for damn sure. As I poked my cock up into her pussy I watched her big beautiful breasts bounce and sway. They were twice as big as my wife's tits were.

They were an awful lot of fun to watch too. Bethany was also fun to poke. Eventually I started to cum and she could feel it shooting up inside of her.


She too had an orgasm but it was hard for me to tell. Bethany didn't vibrate like my wife does when she has her orgasms. Then she washed my cock and let me wash her pussy.

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Now that was almost as much fun as fucking her. I got to wash those big breasts too and she was right they were heavy. I even tried to get my bar of soap up into her pussy like she had tried. I almost made it too but she asked me to stop. Bethany said, "Please don't do that. I might not be able to explain it to my husband.

How about some other time when you can fish it back out?" I said, "Okay. I'd like that. Some other time it is then." We got out of the shower, dried off, and put on some dry clothes. As a rule all of us Club Members keep extra clothes in our lockers just in case. We went out and sat in a dark corner of the bar and ordered a couple of mixed drinks. We talked for quite awhile hoping that the rain would back off long enough for us to get to our cars. Meanwhile Bethany told me all about herself and I told her all about myself.

She said that she had thought that I looked familiar but as we talked she realized that she did know me. Bethany had been in my oldest daughter Gail's class in high school.

I didn't recognize her married name but I sure remembered little Bethany Snider. I'll be damned. Well even back then I remember that Bethany's tits weren't all that little. Bethany confessed that she had recognized me and that they weren't cleaning the lady's locker room after all. I was very flattered.

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It seemed that her children were all grown up and out of the house and that her husband seemed to have a little something going on, on the side. So to get even with him cheating on her, she let me fuck her.

At first I was sad that she hadn't just wanted me for me, but I also knew that to make love to this wonderful younger woman was a reward of its own.

Bethany and I made a date to get together again at her house. All I had to do was wait two more days. She promised to show me the disappearing bar of soap trick too and then she kissed me goodbye. As I drove home in the pouring rain I realized that I had showered with Bethany, gotten a very nice blowjob from her, and even made love to her yet I had never kissed her until she had kissed me goodbye at the very end. I made a vow to remedy that when next we meet. Two days later I got a call early in the morning.

Bethany was available for me all day long, up until about six o'clock that night if I still wanted her. My wife had gone out of the house early that day but somehow I think that Bethany already knew that. So like a young schoolboy I rushed over to Bethany's house with my heart racing the whole way. I parked around the corner and walked back to her house. Bethany was ready and waiting for me to step up on her porch. As I reached for the doorknob the door opened up and I stepped inside.

She barely waited to close the door before hugging and kissing me. This was what I had dreamed about for the past two nights. I held her in my arms firmly and kissed her, making up for the other day. My hands roamed over her full luscious butt. I could feel her panties and it excited me. As I finally managed to come up for air I pushed Bethany back enough to get a good look at her. She was wearing a pink baby doll teddy, matching panties, and fuzzy bedroom slippers.

The baby doll was not transparent but it still showed off her nice big breasts and plenty of cleavage. I reached out and hefted those big tits once more as she giggled. Bethany said, "You really do like my 'babies' don't you. Most men do. I get stared at a lot." I replied, "I bet you do." Bethany asked, "Shall we take this upstairs or do you want to get started right down here?" I smiled at Bethany and asked, "You would let me make love to you right down here?

My wife never would. She would be afraid that someone would see us." Bethany giggled and said, "I would tell my husband the same thing too, but you are my lover. You are special and for you I would do anything." Again she melted into my arms smashing her breasts up against me as we kissed.

I ran my hands over her ass again and up above her waistline. Then I lowered both of my hands down into her panties and cupped both of her ass cheeks in my hands. I ran a finger down the crease in the middle looking for her moist pussy but along the way I hit her anus and she jumped slightly and let out a rush of air. I decided to test it again, and again she seemed to like it. So I asked her, "Do you like anal sex?" Bethany surprised me when she said, "Not really but I'll let you do anything to me that you want too." I asked, "Have you have tried it before?" Bethany answered, "Yes a few times when my husband forced me too but you wouldn't have to force me at all." I asked, "So what else have you done?" Bethany replied, "Lots of things but I would love to do them all over again with you and a lot more besides." Bethany told me that both she and my daughter Gail had had crushes on me when they were younger but that I never knew it.

Bethany would come over to house often for sleepovers just so that Gail and her could dream about me making love to them. She said that I was the only man that she wanted to have an affair with to get even with her husband. Then she rephrased that to be that I was the only one that she had ever wanted to have an affair with. Her husband had just given her the courage to fulfill her youthful sexual desires.

As we made out on the couch I removed her baby doll but left her panties on. I loved looking at those big tits of hers. She continued to talk about the good old days when Gail and she would sit on the couch across from me and tuck their knees up under their nightgowns so that I could see their panties. She confessed that when they started doing that without their panties on that it was the most scary thing that they had ever done up to that point. Gail was always afraid that I would scold her.

I remembered those days very well. I was constantly get excited and having to go into the bathroom to jerk off. Bethany thought that was funny, because they would have done anything to relieve it for me. Over the last couple of days I had tried to remember everything that I could about little Bethany.

I remember those pantyless nights on the couch, tucking them both into bed at night and kissing their foreheads goodnight, and then all of those accidents where Bethany would expose her youthful budding body to me. I remembered one incident in particular when I was in the bathroom peeing and Bethany walked right in closing the door behind her.

Bethany had been completely naked and had said that she had to pee desperately. She had her legs crossed and was doing a cute little pee-pee dance. So I pinched off the stream and let her sit down on the toilet. Well pinching off the stream was not such a good thing. So as this nude girl sat on the toilet while I peed into the bathtub. We looked at one another and laughed as we peed together. Bethany had her knees spread open and her sparsely covered pussy on display for me.

She even wiped that last drop from my cock with her toilet paper before wiping her pussy with it. Of course she held my cock in her tiny hand as she wiped it. Bethany said that mine was the very first cock that she had ever seen and that she had ever touched. When she told Gail what she had done apparently Gail had tried to do the same thing with me however after the incident with Bethany I made sure to always lock the bathroom door after that.

Gail never did get a chance to do it but Bethany assured me that Gail still wanted to someday if I was up to it.

Really! As we talked I had given her breasts a good working over so I slipped her panties off. She helped me out by lifting her ass up off the couch cushion and then lifting up her feet. When I looked around for a place to throw them Bethany suggested that I just put them in my pocket if I wanted too. I smiled because that very thought had crossed my mind too. So I slipped them in my pants pocket and then removed my pants and everything else. Bethany giggled like she always used too.

She said that she couldn't remember the last time that she had been made love to on that couch. She estimated that it was probably right after her first child had been born and that was about twenty years ago now.

She just had the two daughters Stephanie, twenty, and Joyce, nineteen. Both were married and Stephanie was pregnant with her first child. Bethany was going to become a grandmother in just a few months. I already had five grandchildren myself. Each of my two daughters and my son had children.

I slipped down Bethany's body to nurse on one of her breasts. As I sucked on her nipple I remembered when Gail was nursing her first child. She would always make it a point to open up her blouse, lift her bra cup up to expose her bare breast to me, and then suckle her baby.

She would use a thin blanket to cover herself up whenever her mother entered the room but not with me. I had to smile thinking what an idiot I had been back then. I could have had so much fun and wasn't even smart enough to know it.

Bethany wanted to know what I was thinking about so I told her. Bethany smiled and said, "I want you all to myself today but what would you say to a threesome with Gail tomorrow?" I was speechless at first but then I said, "I would give anything in the world for that." Bethany picked up the phone, hit speed dial, and said, "Hi Gail.

This is Bethany. How would you like to join your father and I for a threesome tomorrow at my house? Oh! Okay!" Then she hung up and said, "She can't come over here because her car is in the shop for repairs but she said that we could go over there." Wow! I could hardly believe my ears. I was so excited that I just slipped my cock into Bethany's pussy and fucked her for all I was worth.

I was a savage and she liked it. She knew that she had caused it with her talk of Gail and that phone call. She grunted and had orgasms throughout my brutal assault. When I cum in her she just relaxed. We sat there together on the couch for quite a while then I finally worried about leaving a wet spot.

Bethany just laughed and said that she would turn the cushion over and clean it some other time. Then she said that she just might leave it right there as a happy memory. She said that there were enough food spills from her children and husband to camouflage it.

We grabbed my clothes and her things and headed up to her bathroom. As soon as we stepped in she picked up a brand new bar of soap and two crochet hooks to dig it out with later. She had been ready for me.

I just had to smile. Then we got in the bathtub, pulled the curtain, and turned the water on. The bar of soap was too big to fit in her pussy so Bethany reached out and brought back a potato peeler.

She really had been ready for me. She used it to shave down one side of the soap and to round the edges a little. I tried it again but it was still too big.

Bethany was trying very hard not to make it so small that it would go in too easily because she wanted me to have to dig for it. So after about five or six trimmings I finally managed to slip it all the way up inside her pussy.

I was very tempted to just leave it there for her husband but she said that he might not notice it for a couple of weeks and that I couldn't make love to her again with the bar of soap in there. She had a very valid point. Then we used the shampoo to soap up our bodies. Bethany soaped up her tits and then rubbed them into me to clean my chest. She did the same thing to her pussy and to her ass.

We had a ball. It was my best shower ever and I had taken hundreds of showers with my wife over the years. After we dried off Bethany lay back on her bed with her knees up and opened for me. She said that it reminded her of going to her gynecologist. I asked her if I should be jealous and she that her gynecologist was a woman but that she was pretty and she seemed to spend an awful lot of time looking around down there like I was. Using the two crochet hooks took a lot of effort and time but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Finally I got it out but I had chewed it up pretty good too. Bethany produced a zip-lock baggie and I dropped the bar of soap into it. I had another souvenir of the occasion. Bethany and I made love for another hour after that.

Mostly we enjoyed oral sex, kissing, touching, and fondling. Of course I put my cock inside her and cum one more time but that was just the climax of a very beautiful relationship. I told her that twice was certainly my limit but Bethany was not at all disappointed. She even told me to save both of my climaxes for my daughter the next day too.

She laughed and said that my daughter Gail hadn't even wanted to share me with her mother either and that she always to have me all to herself.

After a late lunch Bethany called Gail and put her on the speaker. At first Bethany didn't want her to know that I was still there so that she could get her to open up about her feelings for me but she decided to tell her anyway. That didn't seem to change anything. Gail told me about them showing their pussies to me on the couch, trying several times to come into the bathroom with me, and then about nursing her babies in front of me as often as she could.

She started to cry. She loved me in a whole different way than I had ever imagined and I had similar feelings for her too. She couldn't wait till the following day so she verbalized her masturbation to us over the phone. That was my first phone sex but hopefully not my last one. Gail got me so worked up that I couldn't believe that I had a third erection that day.

Bethany offered me anal sex and I actually turned her down but the two of them kept after me until I finally gave in. Bethany got a tube of K-Y Jelly and lubed me up and poked a good size gob into her own rectum. Bethany got down on the living room rug on her hands and knees. I got down on the rug behind her on my knees. Bethany narrated the whole thing to Gail over the phone as I positioned myself at her sphincter muscle and pressed my cock in. She told Gail that it stung at first but that it got better, that I was much more gentle than her husband had ever been, and that it had even started to feel good.

Bethany said that for the very first time in her life she was actually enjoying anal sex with me. She told Gail that she was playing with her clit to enhance the pleasure and Gail told us that she was playing with herself again too. I had a mental picture of Gail but I knew that I would have the real thing to see soon.

That third time to cum was taking me forever. Finally Bethany knew that I couldn't last much longer so she started talking to Gail about the two of them making love for me tomorrow. Gail and Bethany had been occasional lovers since childhood and apparently still got together a couple of times a year for 'girl fun' as they called it.

That was all the stimulation that I needed and I filled Bethany's tight rectum with my cum as Gail cheered us on. Bethany and I relaxed and talked without Gail. We decided that this affair was just what we both needed. I told Bethany that I too suspected my wife of being unfaithful. She had never turned me down for sex until a few months ago and now it happens regularly. I just chalked it up to her change of life but now that I had thought about it, it wasn't that.

I was sure that she was having an affair too. She would insist on taking a shower after coming home and whenever I would go down on her she would taste minty fresh like her douche.

Why hadn't I thought of that before? Because I have loved my wife forever. Bethany seemed much smarter about having this affair with me.

On the other hand I didn't think she really cared if her husband knew about it or not, after all he had started it. Bethany packed me a goody bag to take home and put someplace safe.

In it was the famous bar of soap that I had dug out of her pussy, her panties from that day, and her unwashed panties from the club shower a few days ago.

There was a big stack of Polaroid pictures of her nude that her husband had taken during the course of their marriage. There must have been over a hundred of them and they were all dated. Bethany was in various stages of her life, different ages, pregnant in some, and outdoors for others. Then she handed me a small stack of DVDs telling me that were copies of everything that her husband had taken since her had gotten a digital camera and a DVD recorder.

She must have been quite a lady in her day; hell she still was quite a lady. As I looked at the Polaroid pictures Bethany said that she would be perfectly happy to pose for me anytime that I wanted her too.

With a twinkle in her eyes she said any place that I wanted her to too. She even said that Gail would be willing to pose naked for me too and then she suggested that I bring a camera with me the next day. On the way home I stopped by a store to purchase a safe. Not too big but big enough for my treasures. After all I had to be able to carry the safe down into my tool area in the basement.

I had just the old ratty cabinet to hide it in too. I spent a while going through those Polaroid pictures again when I heard my wife's car pull into the driveway. I looked out of the cellar window to watch her get out of her car. My wife swung her legs out and then lifted her dress up.

I watched her as she dropped her panties, took a wad of Kleenex out, and replaced it with another wad. Then she pulled her panties up higher, lowered her dress again, and stood up. I watched as she popped a breath mint into her mouth and sprayed some perfume on her neck, down her cleavage, and on her panties. She was in no danger of being seen from the street or the house.

That was the only window that I could have observed her through and she knows that I hardly ever go done there anymore. I rushed up the stairs with yet another erection. It was unbelievable but this one was different it was a revenge erection that I thoroughly intended to use.

My wife was not at all surprised to see me but I was right inside the door and grabbed her. I kissed her and tasted a breath mint, I nuzzled into her neck and smelled her fresh perfume, and then I reached for her pussy.

She grabbed my hand and told me that she needed a shower. I told her that I wanted her right then and there, that I wanted her dirty, and that I wanted to make her even more dirty.

She tried to fight me off but I wasn't going to let her win that time. I struggled to get her dress up over her head and then her bra removed.

When I reached for her panties she grabbed my wrists again and tried to stop me but it was no use, I was determined. I pulled her panties down to her knees and saw a wad of Kleenex stuck to her pussy. I removed it and asked her what it was for. I could see his cum on it and crusted to her pussy hairs but she said that it was just a discharge and that she thought that she had a yeast infection. Yeast infection my ass it was her lover's cum and it was leaking out of her freshly fucked hole.

I dropped her to the rug, finished removing her panties, and thrust my cock deep into her mercilessly. I wanted to spank her ass until she couldn't sit down for a week but instead I fucked her with a vengeance. I latched onto her nipple with my teeth and bit it hard enough to cause her pain and for her to cry out. I bit the other nipple too then I proceeded to give her a hickey on the underside of her left breast for her lover to find. I slammed my cock into her for over twenty minutes.

She certainly hadn't expected that but then again she didn't know that it was my forth time that day either. Finally I rolled off her to one side and she started to get up. I told her to stay right there and she started to cry. Then my wife confessed to me about her affair with her boss that had been going on for the past five years.

He fucks her every single day that she works. He likes to do it just before she comes home and then he won't let her use the women's room either. She had lived in constant fear that I would find out someday. She was actually relieved that I finally knew about it.

She asked me how long I had known and I lied, I told her that I had suspected it for over a year. She asked me how I knew and then she asked me if I had found the pictures. What pictures? Five years ago we had been at a summer pool party at her boss's house. I was enjoying the swimming pool while her boss was enjoying her. In fact her boss, his boss, and two other high-ranking officials in her company had enjoyed her.

They had taken pictures of her getting fucked by all four men, sucking their cocks, and even eating his wife's pussy. They made up eight by tens of everything and had given her a full set of copies. She had been ordered not to destroy them. I followed her up to our bedroom and watched her get down on her hands and knees to reach back under her dresser and retrieve a brown envelope. I knew immediately that it would fit in my new safe.

I had her take them out, place them one at a time on the bed, and asked her to tell me what I was seeing. I recognized the four men and the one woman in the pictures with her. Each man had fucked her pussy complete with close-ups, she had sucked all of their cocks willingly too, and she had certainly enjoyed eating that woman's pussy. She confessed that the four men still share her occasionally and that they have given her to every one of their out-of-town buyers too.

Since then she has had her share of women also. She admitted that at first she was coerced into it but that she quickly started to look forward to it.

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She was also relieved that I knew about it now. However she was concerned as to what I was going to do. She didn't want it to ruin her marriage. I told her that I didn't mind as much as I had, because I recently had an affair and had a lover now too. There was nothing that she could say about it except that she was happy for me.

I thanked her and then I told her that I wanted to know everything in the future. Every day I wanted to know who had fucked her, where they had fucked her, and how she had liked it. I wanted to know which hole they fucked her in and if their cocks pleased her.

I told her that I didn't want to find any more Kleenex in her panties either, I wanted her cum soaked panties to be displayed on the dinning room table every night while we ate dinner. She was also not to wear any pants at all anymore and no long dresses either.

I wanted all of her men to have easy access to her pussy. She said that her boss had told her that for years too. She smiled and said that he also wanted her to go braless, pantyless, and to wear low cut tops. I told her that whatever she was comfortable doing was fine with me except that I still wanted those cum soaked panties on the dinning room table ever night.

She picked her panties up off the living room floor and carefully placed them on the dinning room table for me. For the rest of the night she remained completely naked and at my disposal with cum dripping down her leg. During dinner I told her that I was saving myself for my lover the following day and she said that that was perfectly fine with her, after all she had gotten fucked twice that day herself.

I suggested that she find a place to purchase some cheap cotton panties to wear to work because we were going to start a scrapbook of her lovers starting with that pair. Then as an after thought I shaved her pubic hair all off and using a black Sharpie permanent marker I wrote 'fuck me' on her mound for her to show to her boss and to anyone else that she wanted to show it too. That night we cuddled like we used too with a clear conscious. In the morning we both got ready for a busy day.

I dressed casual knowing that I wasn't going to be wearing anything for most of the day anyway. My wife put on an old pair of pink cotton panties, a really sexy bra that would show through her white blouse, and a mini skirt. She asked me if three buttons were enough to leave undone and I told her to undo two more.

She smiled at me and said that it would cause trouble around the office.

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When I asked what kind of trouble she said that the women her age would scorn her, the younger women would think that she was a slut, and the men would all want to fuck her. I told her to use her discretion, to piss off the women, and to please the men if that was what she wanted too.

She said that she would tell me all about it when I came home and to enjoy my day with my girlfriend then she kissed me goodbye.

We walked out to our cars together. She went to work while I went to Gail's house. Gail was very eager to see me. She hugged me and kissed and told me that Bethany was on her way. Sure enough Bethany pulled into the driveway just as I was about to close the front door. Once Bethany was inside Gail made sure to lock the deadbolt behind us.

Gail was nervous about going through with it but Bethany assured her that it was great and that she wouldn't regret it. We relaxed over a nice hot cup of tea and some homemade cookies. Gail was a good cook but a better baker. Bethany made sure that the conversation quickly turned to sex. She told us about raping her husband last night after he had gotten home. Gail also attacked her husband when he came home. So I told them of me attacking my wife too.

I decided to leave out the rest of my story. Bethany pointed out that I had made love to her in all three of her openings but that I still had to tit fuck her to complete the job. Gail said that she would be willing to clean Bethany up afterwards or they could just rub their tits together and share it. Jokingly Bethany told her that she could rub her own tits together and not share any of it with Gail.

Then Bethany removed her top and showed off her way too small bra that left huge bulges of tit flesh pouring over the top.

It was only a 38-D bra that she had worn about a year ago. Gail said that she was only a 36-C and then she took off her top to show us. Gail said that she had bought that bra just for me the day before, after our phone sex.

It was a perfect fit and sexy as hell. She told me that she had bought two pair of matching panties to go with it so that I could keep a pair for my collection. She knew that I had two pair of Bethany's panties already.

I thanked her and told her that I wanted to see them. The girls however had something else in mind, a contest. I would get to fuck the winner. Gail told me that it had better be a tie. I agreed. So I played along with them. I judged their bras and how well they filled them out.

Then I got to remove them and judge their bare breasts. Now that took more things into consideration like the feel of them, their weight, and their compression. All I really wanted to do was to feel them, heft them, and squeeze them. Then there was the nipple to consider, its firmness, how suckable they were, and how nicely it felt on my tongue. Then I poked their nipples into their breasts as far as I could, I pulled them out as far as I could, and then I lifted their entire breast by its nipple.

It was a lot of fun for me that was for sure. I declared them a tie but Bethany sure had the bigger tits while Gail had the better-looking ones.

Next I removed their skirts to get a good look at their panties. Bethany was a bigger girl and had a bigger belly but at forty both girls were showing their age around the middle. Gail wasn't showing it quite as much though. Both girls had faint stretch marks from childbirth too. My daughter had a very cute rounded tummy and the prettier panties but Bethany had the nice round pubic mound that fit so well in my hand.

I cupped both of their pussies anyway to judge for myself. So without a doubt I declared it to still be a tie. Then I removed their panties. Bethany made no bone about cooperating and spreading since I had been down there already but Gail seemed a little less willing to open up for her father's inspection. Then I saw why, she was shaved completely bald and had the words 'fuck me' tattooed on her pussy mound.

My daughter had a tattoo and I found it to be very interesting so I just had to ask her why. Gail explained that it was her husband's idea soon after they were married and that she had been drunk at the time and given in. She told me that she had even let the tattoo artist fuck her for the payment while her husband had watched and cheered him on.

After that they were into wife-swapping for a while and apparently still were. She and Bethany had traded husbands on more than a few occasions too. She said that according to her notes I would be the sixty-second man to fuck her since she had lost her virginity at the age of seventeen. I liked the thoughts of being number sixty-two and being sixty-two years old also, so I continued my inspection of their pussies by smell, taste, and feel.

I really liked the way Gail's pussy smelled and tasted. I just loved the way I could give her an orgasm with my tongue; she was very sensitive down there. She won hands down but I had to call it a draw once again. I had them turn around and bend over for the rear end inspection. Gail had the smaller tighter ass while Bethany had the cushion. They both took the anal finger probe quite well and Bethany told me that she had recovered fully from our anal sex the day before.

Gail then offered me anal sex and a tittie fuck as well as a blowjob and a straight fuck so that I would have something to compare her to Bethany with. I thanked her very much but told her that I wasn't that young anymore and that I would need some time. Gail said that I could stop by every day if I wanted to and that her husband wouldn't mind. I told her that I would mind and asked her not to tell him about me fucking her. Too late, it seems that they don't keep secrets like that.

Well in that case I just might come by every day for sex. Bethany told Gail that she could have me the first two times and that if they could get me up again that I was all hers.

Fair enough. So I went back to Gail's pussy. The oral sex was great and I was hard enough to slip my cock into my daughter's pussy for the very first time. When I closed my eyes it was as if I were fucking her mother. Our lovemaking was soft and gentle. When I filled her pussy for the very first time Gail told me that she had wanted that since she was thirteen years old. She had tried to offer herself to me on many occasions when she was younger but at least her wish had finally come true.

It was certainly a lot different than making love to Bethany. I knew that the second time would be much better because I would be able to concentrate on what I was doing to her and enjoy it that much more.

Meanwhile I watched as Bethany and Gail made love. They were very good at it and much nicer to watch than those girls on X-rated DVDs. I joined in and shared each girl with the other one. I tried to remove that 'fuck me' with my tongue. Then finally I was hard again.

This time I was in more of a hurry to get it inside her. Gail was happy for that too. As I pumped my cock in to the hilt and then back out to just the head I could feel it all. The entire inside of her love tunnel was massaging my cock as I slipped it in and out.

As we bumped pelvises our bellies bumped too, as did our chests.

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I got into a very nice rhythm where I shoved my cock into her, smashed her breasts, and kissed her in one smooth stroke. This time I made sure to enjoy every inch of it. Making love to Gail was almost like making love to my wife twenty years ago. It was very nostalgic. That time when I cum in my daughter it was great. I just closed my eyes, snuggled into her breasts, and fell asleep afterwards.

When I woke up an hour later Gail kissed me and thanked me for being so romantic and loving. Apparently she doesn't get it that way very often any more. Then it was Bethany that had a reason to get me hard for the third time. She really wanted me to tit fuck her. Gail swung around so that she could help Bethany suck my cock. Meanwhile I was staring at that 'fuck me' tattoo.

I decided that I liked it on her and that her mother should get one too. I wondered what my wife's doctors would think when they saw it and then I really didn't care what they thought.

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Bethany got on her back and I sat across her tummy and held my cock out toward her face as she smashed her big tits together for me to fuck. Gail pulled out a roll of duct tape and taped Bethany's tits together for me. She had obviously done that before. As I slipped my cock back and forth between her big tits I realized that she had put just a little lubricant in there for me.

Gail put her head down into Bethany's cleavage and licked the head of my cock when it sort of appeared near Bethany's chin. When I pulled back she would kiss Bethany on the lips. It was fun to do and very nice to watch too. After a very enjoyable tittie fuck I cum all over Bethany's chin and her upper tits. The two girls made quick work of cleaning it up and sharing it with one another. I thought that I had done everything possible to Bethany then but it was Gail that reminded her that I hadn't had a hand job or fucked her in any number of positions yet and that they could keep me busy for weeks.

I liked that idea very much. However I looked at the clock and told them that I wanted to be home when my wife arrived. Gail told me to rip the tape off from Bethany's tits so I did. They that they would see me again the nest day. At home my wife came bouncing into the house almost too excited to speak. The first thing she did was to give me a big hug and really nice kiss and then she reached up under her mini skirt and removed her cum soaked panties.

She placed them neatly on the dinning room table. She told me that she had gotten most of her work done that morning and that at noon she had showed her boss my note on her pussy, so he fucked her. Then he gave her a hickey on her tit too. That afternoon she was passed around to six other men that had fucked in the past and two that hadn't.

Then she removed her clothes for me to inspect her tits. They were almost covered with ten hickeys. They looked gross to me instead of exciting. They were in various stages of turning black and blue to turning brown. I asked her not to let them give her any more hickeys and she agreed. She also said the 'fuck me' got the most attention and then she asked me if it could become permanent. Sure why not! Especially if it was her idea. So right after dinner I helped her wash off the magic marker, shaved her pussy again, and took her out to look for a tattoo artist.

Gail had told me where she had gotten hers done so we went right there first. The guy was old but still in business. He smiled when we told him what we wanted and watched as he pulled out an old photo album to show us a Polaroid picture of our daughter's tattooed pussy.

It even had the date on it. My wife sat in his chair and lifted her skirt up to her breasts. It was painful but she really wanted it badly so she endured the pain.

When he was just about done he asked my wife how many different men that she had let fuck her. She didn't even hesitate to tell him that it was sixty-one with the two new guys that very afternoon. He asked her if she wanted to make it sixty-two. She smiled at me, pointed at her new tattoo, and said, "Fuck me." Of course I cheered him on.

He even offered to take the fuck in lieu of his payment. I agreed. Before we left I bought the Polaroid of my daughter's pussy from him.

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As I drove us home I couldn't get the similarities out of my head between mother and daughter. They now had matching tattoos but neither one of them knew that yet, I had fucked them both which my wife didn't know yet, and they had each been fucked by sixty-two different men including the tattoo artist.

I felt bad because my daughter that day had only been my fifth girl to ever fuck and just as soon as we get home I will have fucked three of those girls in the very same day too. The End Locker Room 180