Very cute brunette with perfect pussy

Very cute brunette with perfect pussy
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So there I was, just sitting in class, my eyes glued to the sexiest pair of legs I have ever seen. Lightly tanned, and perfectly toned. Lily was wearing a skirt that day, much to my liking, and as she shuffled around in her seat, it rode up even farther.

"Hey, Kyle, wanna be my partner?" she asked. What is she talking about, I thought. I looked around the room and saw everyone was now sitting next to one another. Well looks like the teacher said something that I didn't quite catch while day dreaming. "Uhh, sure yeah, that's fine." I told her, and she pulled her seat next to mine and squeezed in close to get some desk space.

"So uhh, if you don't mind me asking, what in the hell are we doing?" I asked laughingly. "Extra credit word search, as if we weren't in high school." She giggled as she put her hand unknowingly on the bulge in my pants. God hates me I thought. I quickly shuffled a bit further away hoping she didn't notice what she had just done. "Great, let's get this shit over with." I told her. Lily is my dream girl, honestly a work of art. Her tanned skin hides her Asian descent just a little bit.

Everything else is quite obvious. She has straight dark black hair, dark eyes, and a smile that can knock you over. She is very short, standing about 5 feet tall and maybe a hundred pounds.

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She has about C cup breasts, and the tightest ass on this planet. It so plump and round, that I can just barely contain my urge to touch it. Even the male teachers at our school stare at it.

It's almost unfair, and if it wasn't bad enough, she knew that she was hot, and took every chance to mess with any guy that's around. As we got started, we began talking about our normal stuff, well at least she was, I was just murmuring replies and trying to concentrate on the worksheet and not just staring at her.

I made a joke about how good looking she was, she blushed and slapped me on my thigh and nudge closer, keeping her hand on my leg. "So uh Lily, what are you doing this weekend?" I asked her.

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"Nothing at all, my friends are going to my exes party, and there's no way in hell I'd be caught dead there, what about you? I know Josh is your best friend and all so you are not going to hurt my feelings if you say you are going." She told me. "Well, uhh, I was planning on going." I told her. I mean her and Josh broke up about a month and he was my best friend, there's no way I can even try hitting on this beauty.

"Don't seem so sure to me" she said to me with a smile. "well if you don't go, you know we can always hang out." She added as she slid her hand over my hard cock, " oh and Kyle, I won't tell him if you don't." She then proceeded to rub her hand up and down my cock through my shorts. "Oh, uhh, yeah sure that's fine." I told her. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Saved by the bell I thought. "Alright Lily, I'll see you later." I told her as I began to get up.

She quickly pulled me back into my seat, turned to me and said, "You might want to wait until that monster goes down before you get up and leave." She then started laughing.

We waited and waited until it was just me Lily, the teacher at her desk and a student talking to her. She got up first and headed towards the door with me following her, drooling over her luscious ass, dreaming that one day, I'd be able to fuck her.

She turned around to say something, but what she saw was me staring uncontrollably at her ass. "Hey Kyle, I meant what I said." She told me as she flipped up the back of her skirt and showed me the black lace thong hiding between her perfect ass cheeks.

I blushed, and said, "Yeah I know." The rest of the day was a blur and instead of hanging around and talking to friends, I headed straight home hoping to avoid Josh, making sure that I could gain an out of his party. I was able to avoid him, and before I knew it, I was at home in the kitchen talking to my mother. "Hey Mom." "Hey hun, how was school?" she asked from underneath the kitchen sink, she was unknowingly sticking her ass out at her very horny son.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my Mom, is my dream girl in bed, but she's not bad to look at. She's only 35, having me at age 17, and raised me as a single mother in to the awesome person I am today. She's kept her figure over the years, she's 5 foot 4, weighs what I would say to be about 120 pounds. She has very small breasts, but she makes up for it with her glorious ass. Yes, I'm an ass guy. So there she was, head under the sink, and her perfect ass sticking out at me.

"It was good." I told her as my cock began to harden. "How was your day?" I asked her. She replied, "My day's off are always wonderful, so I guess I would say it was wonderful, what are your plans for the weekend hun, still going to Joshes?" she asked. "Oh I don't know yet, I'll let you know." I told her as I headed to my room.

I changed out of my clothes and threw on a cut off and some gym shorts. I hopped on my xbox 360 and started play NBA 2k12, and before I knew it was 7 o clock and I still had no plans, looks like it was Joshes party for me tonight I thought. As if on cue I got a picture message from an unknown number.

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I grabbed my iPhone and looked at the message and what I saw dropped my jaw. It was from Lily, she was standing in front of a mirror with her backed turned to it, showing off her amazing ass. She was wearing the black laced thong I saw earlier, along with a matching bra. My dick was at completely hard in a matter of seconds. I texted her back, Wanna come over ;)? Short simple and to the point I thought, a few seconds later I got her reply. Be over in 20 :).

I headed out of the room to tell my Mom what was going on, and what I saw stopped me in my tracks. There was my Mom, sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine, normal enough, the strange part was the fact that she was wearing a black silk robe, and was sitting in such a position that I could clearly see her pussy, yes no panties at all.

"Hey uhh, Ma, Lily's coming over." I told her. "Alright you kids have fun, and keep the door cracked." She replied. About 15 minutes later I got a text from Lily, I'm here. I rushed to the front door opening it to see her pull up in her brand new 2011 black Camaro.

She got out of her car, she was wearing the same black skirt, but now she was only wearing a white tank top, which caused her breasts to stick out and appear much larger than they are. "Hey Ky." She said as she got close to the front door, greeting me with a smile. She walked in the door and I followed behind her and as we walked through the living room, pausing only for me to introduce her to my Mom, and we head straight to my room.

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As the door shut she threw me to the bed and jumped on top of me. We then began to make out, "I want you so bad right now Kyle." She cooed between kisses. I ran my hands over her back to her plump ass. I turned her over so now I was on top of her. I pushed her so she was sitting up, she then took off her shirt, revealing the a black and white bra.

It was incredibly sexy, it was black all over except for a white pattern that was on the part of the bra that covered the majority of her breasts. I quickly moved my mouth back to hers as she unhooked the back and threw it to the side of the bed, both of my hands quickly found her boobs, and I started to play with her nipples, tweaking them. I then began to kiss her neck and slowly started moving down her body, kissing everything in my path until I as at her skirt. I then slid it off of her, leaving only just her panties.

I kissed the areas above her pussy, "Eat my pussy Kyle." She begged. I slid her panties to the side, revealing her perfect pussy. She was completely shaved and her lips were plump with lust.


I pushed her knees apart and started eat out her pussy. Snaking my tongue in and out of her pussy, as I fingered her.

"Ohhhh, Kyle." She moaned. I found her clit and began to suck on it, "Kyleeeeee, I'm going to cummmmmmm." She screamed, my mouth began to fill with her juice. She pulled my face in closer to her pussy as she started to become overwhelmed with her second wave of her orgasm.

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"Ohhhhhhhhh my God, Kyleeee." Another wave hit her, and shortly after she collapsed onto the bed. I quickly jumped on top of her and started kissing her. Her hand then slid down my stomach and fished into my shorts, pulling out my cock.

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"It's so big Kyle." She said, as she started to stroke it. She pushed me onto my back and sucked my entire cock into her mouth. "Ohhhh" I moaned, as she snaked her tongue around my cock.

She pulled her mouth off of my dick and wrapped her hand around it, and started to lick up and down it, "Mhmmm, I love cock." She moaned. I heard the door know stir and turned and froze in horror, my door knob was turning and I couldn't move. The door then slid open, "Hey Kyle," she blubbered, giggling as she said my name. Here it comes, she's drunk again.


"I thought I said to keep the door," she froze as she finally opened the entire door and saw what was going on. She stumbled through the door falling straight on top of my bed, just inches away from my cock. "I think I'm a little duhhhhrunkkk, can you help me to my bed pleasseeeeeee." She smiled as if everything was normal, she turned her face so she was now looking directly at my cock, "Oh looks like someone's friend is happy." She said as she wrapped her hand around my cock.

I couldn't move, I turned to look hoping just not to see a disgusted look on Lily's face, I was surprised to see that she was smiling.

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"Hey, Mrs. M, wanna join us?" she asked my Mom. I was stunned. My Mom replied, "How could I say no." she then engulfed my entire cock into her mouth. Holy shit I thought. She's much better than Lily. "Let's get you out of this robe." Lily told my Mom as she took off her robe tossing it to the side, she then threw my Mom onto her back and started to eat out my Mom. "Ohhhhhhhh, my, you are quiteeeeeeee goooooood at that." My Mom moaned as Lily attacked her pussy. "Kyle, stick that big cock in my mouth right now." I obliged and stood above her dropping my dick into her opened mouth, and began to face fuck her as she was getting ate out.

"Mommmmm, I'm going to cum." I then started to shoot my cum into my mouth, I felt her pull my dick to the front of her mouth as I started to shoot. I collapsed on the bed after my Mom got finished milking my cock. I then saw the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life… To be continued…