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Porno deutsch orgasmus
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Sonny though back on the night they had spent together it was over two weeks ago now and he was convicted she was the one, although she hadn't spent much time with him since that night. he couldn't let someone so demanding out of his head.

Little did he know he had just become enough victim of the bad girls club. He didn't know why he couldn't get her out of his head, she was just a stunning girl but he knew little about her.

What made her so special?

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Was it just because he hadn't been able to win her over? She was like a witch casting a spell over him but never giving him the satisfaction of kissing her cherry lips aigen. Sonny found himself outside Downworld aigen for the third time this week, He didn't remember deciding to go there, just kept ending up in front of her restraint. The last two times he had turned around and got back home without a single glimpse in to see if she was there.

this time though he was going to confront her, she should have replied to his calls by now. he opened the door and walked inside letting his eyes adjust to the darkness of Downworld, quickly he scanned the room but she wasn't in sight. He sighed. "hi, can I help you?" asked a waitress. "I was just looking for Scarlett" sonny replied awkwardly. "Oh she's out with Kieran at the moment would you like me to give her a message?" the waitress smiled.

"Who's Kieran?" he asked a little hurt.

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"Kieran's a friend or more I'm not really sure" she shrugged. "Oh… could you just tell her I dropped by?" he asked. "Sure can I take a name?" the waitress said. "Sonny" sonny answered. "Oh you're the guy from the other night" the waitress said as if it was now clear.

"yeah how do you know that, Scarlett talk about me?" "oh yeah, uh Hu" she said not giving away much more. "what?" he asked. "I'll let her know you dropped by" the waitress said dismissing the conversation before walking off. Sonny stood there a moment confused, then decided he might as well stop obsessing she was with this Kieran guy.

Scarlett's phone buzzed, she took it out of her bag and reading the message that had popped up on the screen. 'Sonny came looking for you at work, seemed upset you were out with Kieran.' It read. Scarlett sighted and replied with a simple thanks for letting me know before putting the phone back in her bag.

"who was that?" Kieran asked. "someone from work" Scarlett replied "anyway we were talking about your hair" she smiled pulling his hood down, he grabbed her fingers aigen. "no, told you my hair is horrible hat stays on" he laughs. Kieran was a two and a bit years older than Scarlett, with a well-built body due to heavy lifting in his job of car engineering. He was defiantly not bad looking wearing grey chinos, red plimsolls and a sexy but cute jumper as well as his usual purple beany.

"aww please let me see for like ten seconds? I wanna steal your hat" she said. "fine but hood stays on" he said giving in, he let her hand go taking off his beany but quickly pulled his hood back up covering his slightly curly dark brown hair.

"yay" she say in victory, taking his beany and putting it on my head. "suits you" he smiled. "why thank you" Scarlett replied posing. There was a slight pose as she noticed something a scar on his knuckles "how did you do that?" Scarlett asks. "I punched a guy for hitting his girlfriend" he said watching her hands tracing his knuckles. "Well that wasn't cleaver" she said looking back up at him with a slight smile. "The guy needed to learn some manners" Kieran said his voice lowering "I have more" he said pulling up his sleeves, there was bruises on both his arms as well as deep thin scars on his left.

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Scarlett traced the scars her touch gentle "self-harming" she said quietly. Kieran hadn't had the easiest life and she herself had sunk into the pity of self-harming on more than one occasion. "I stopped because of something someone told me" he said "think about when your older and your child asks 'daddy how did you do that?' you would have to lie to them, I wouldn't ever want my child to hear a lie from me. I thought it makes something good ugery" Kieran said opening up to Scarlett, their eyes connecting.

"It's hard" she nods in understanding. Her hands moving down his arm till they reach his, their fingers entwining. Scarlett suddenly become very aware of the moment we were sharing, was it right for her to have slept with sonny then go straight to Kieran like this? Both of them she liked more than most guys, although she had been avoiding sonny.

It made her feel like a possion getting them drunk on her attention, but she couldn't help enjoy how it made her feel when she connected with them. she was feeling beautiful for the first time since Ronnie had left, but was she abusing that?

Kieran lead followed over the table " your very beautiful" he said as if he was reading her mind. He smiled taking one of his hands out of hers, he moved it gently up her face pushing back hair from her eyes.

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his eyes looking down at her lips. she couldn't help wanting his lips on hers. fuck it she thought to herself moving away from him. "I'm sorry but I really got to go" she said pulling her hands away from his and getting to her feet, she pulled off his hat and placed it on the table in front of him.

"want me to walk you to the bus stop?" he asked. "that would be great" she smiled heading off before he had even gathered his things. Scarlett's phone buzzed this time an incoming call, she read the number.


Sonny. She hen to press the decline button but without thinking pressed accept. "hey" she said. "oh hi, didn't think you would pick up" he said sounding a little upset. "sorry was out with a friend" Scarlett said thinking back to her almost kiss with Kieran. "don't worry about it just wanted to see you aigen" he said awkwardly. "sure, get yourself to my house in ten?" she suggested.

"I'll be there" he replied sounding a lot happier.


"okay see you then" Scarlett said hanging up. She when to her wardrobe changing out the jeans she had worn to see Kieran it felt wrong to wear the same thing for both guys. She pulled on a red and black tartan skater skirt and a black boo tube, quickly toping up her eyeliner and sorting out her hair. she had just finished when the doorbell rang. Rushing down the stair Scarlett felt the need to fuck him aigen, it wasn't as if she just wanted him for sex she did generally like him.

but going without for so long built up a need to make up for lost time. she opened the door and took in his fine body. "you took your time" she joked pulling him inside and closing the door behind him. "get your pants off kitty need a good hard fuck" she told him running up the stairs toward her bedroom. "wait what?" he asked following her. "you heard big boy" she said stepping out of her skirt, then pulling off her boob tube.

he stood their for moment taking it in, had he just become her booty call? Fuck it what did he care? He pulled his tshirt over his head then started to quickly undo his jeans. Scarlett jumped on her bed lying down letting her fingers go down her thong to stroke her clit.

She moaned, making sonnys eyes dart to her. he watched with amazement, she looked like a angel, no a naughty bad dark angel. she let two of her fingers slide into her pussy. Scarlett gasped her back arching with pleaser.

Sonny didn't want to stop watching her, he couldn't believe he stood there just in his boxers. He could feel his cock stiffen with her every moan.

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Scarlett lifted up her legs pulling off her thong and darting her fingers back in her pussy, spreading her legs so sonny got a better view. He pushed his boxers off and started to jerk off as he watched her, her body squirming as she came close to cumin.

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Her eyes rolling back. sonny couldn't take it anymore. he moved onto the bed spreading her legs wider and pushing her hand out the way. His tongue going to her clit as she slid three of his fingers into her. Scarlett moaned louder her eyes connecting with his s she moaned. Sonny sucked her clit gently making her gasp as he shoved his fingers in deep, she started to squirm more "I'm going to cum sonny" she said her voice despite. Sonny let his fingers slide in and out faster his tongue flicking her clit.

She screamed her nails digging into the bed sheets as she cum's. sonny smiles going up to her lips and kissing her gently, he sticks out his tongue letting Scarlett taste her pussy on him.

"you're so hot" sonny says looking over her body. "think you should show me how hot you really think I am" she smiles letting her bra straps fall down. she slowly reach's behind her letting her bra ping open. sonny grabs a handful of her boob gently massaging it, he sucks at her nipple pushing her back ageist the bed.

He kisses her neck and back up to her lips. Scarlett's hands moving from his hips to his hard cock, her hand teasing him letting his cock every so often touch her wet pussy. Sonny moves Scarlett onto her side kissing at her shoulders as he moves behind her, he holds up one of her legs as he slides his hard dick into her pussy.

She gasps as half of his cock slides in. sonny slowly sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, only letting her feel half of his 7 and a half inch thick juicy cock. Scarlett moans her fingers moving to feel his cock pushing in and out of her tight pussy. Suddenly all 7 and a half inches thrust inside of her, Scarlett screaming as he pushes in hard. Sonny pulls out, then back in harder still agien and agien. Making her moan with pleaser, she starts to squirm agien coming close to orgasm once agien.

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Scarlett moves onto her back sonny coming with her, his cock somehow going deeper then before. He pins her down thrusting hard and fast Scarlett gasping, moaning begging for climax.

She pushes her legs together tight witch only makes her pussy feel tighter. Sonny groaning as his cock penetrates her tight pussy. Scarlett grasps onto the bed sheets, as sonny goes full out. Pleasure filling her every nerve. Her body trembles as she reach's climax, she squirt's. Still trembling sonny sits her up "let me cum in your mouth" he says.


Scarlett begins to suck his big cock, pushing him in as deep as she could take, gaging on his cock. she sucks on his bell end making him groan, then pulls him in deep. Aigen and aigen. never letting his cock leave her mouth, he groans harder watching her taking him in deeper than any girl had ever before. His cock starts to throb "here it comes" sonny says. Scarlett sucks aigen and he shots his load into her mouth his warm cum hitting the back of her throat.