Hard gay porn emo Chain and Benz Smoke amp_ Stroke

Hard gay porn emo Chain and Benz Smoke amp_ Stroke
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&hellip. A wealthy older lady owned the warehouse and the limo. She made an arrangement with him to use both&hellip. but&hellip. he had to have sex with her in the back seat, anytime she wanted it. The back seat pulled out into a bed. Thru her he had gathered a group of wealthy women he provided sex for money&hellip. Lot's of money. …Over time he ended up buying the limo and the warehouse, plus…the warehouse held 3 more stalls as he slowly filled them up with limos. He had 3 drivers working for him full time.

&hellip.When his niece came along, he jumped at the chance to have sex with a younger girl. The niece had an untapped fetish… …She found she loved to be&hellip.

groped. &hellip.It really came to light when a guy in school came up behind her, put his arms around her and held her tight, then felt her tits and pussy, she almost orgasmed. It was such a sexual high she only pretended to struggle to get away. She got so instantly aroused she just let the guy feel away on her.

Now she was always looking for guys to grope her…then it grew into a lot more. This had been the second time she got so aroused by be groped. …It first started when she was young and had her first sexual feelings.

It happened when a boy reached around her and groped her pussy. She giggled, and pulled away&hellip. but&hellip. got a hot rush by it. She never forgot that rush. She got a few little gropes now and again…but the next time was the big one&hellip. by accident. She went to sit by her uncle. He was looking away from her and had just put his hand out to describe his girlfriend's ass to her dad.

She…not paying attention, sat on her uncles open palm hand.

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She got a big sexual tingle. She froze and just sat there. The uncle didn't move his hand away as it was out of site of her dad. Her dad got up to go outside as she continued the good feeling she was getting from the uncle's warm big hand on her ass cheeks and pussy.

Her uncle turned to her and whispered: ("…damn girl, you have beautiful feeling ass cheeks.") She rolled over to her uncle and without even thinking said out of breath: ".Oh god…leave your hand there,… it feels so damn good." Her uncle looked all around to make sure no one was looking and proceeded to feel her whole ass.

He put his hand down the back of her and in her panties…he felt her bare skin. …This took her breath away as she got the desire to push her pussy up tight to her uncles leg. The sexual feelings got stronger and stronger.

She put her hand around her uncles chest and proceeded to push her pussy onto the side of his leg. His fingers slipped between her butt cheeks and he felt her damp pussy…She gasp with a new thrill.

His finger found her clit and he put a finger in her pussy. She had never been fingered before&hellip. …It was over to quick and they both spotted her dad coming. This was the first time for them ever doing this. She had never felt the warm glow of a good sexual feeling before. She went in the bathroom and put her hand in her panties.

Her clit was now sensitive and felt good to be rubbed. This was her first introduction to masturbation. She kept her finger moving up and down her clit, then added a second finger. She felt the wetness of her pussy. The sexual thrill just kept getting better. Now her whole body felt warm as she spread her legs and let her fingers go where it felt best. Higher and higher the feelings went when&hellip.wow&hellip.a burst of high caused her to take a big suck of air and she had her first orgasm.

Her mind and body felt a high like never before. She leaned against the bathroom wall and closed her eyes. "That…was fucking hot.".she thought&hellip. …Unlike most girls who had sexual feelings come on gradually…mother nature opened the flood gates that wonderful day for her.

Of course she wanted more of everything that had happened that day. She now took action to get it. She went back out in the living room and uncle was standing there smiling at her. She stepped in front of him, turned her back to him, put her hands behind her and backed into him. His arms went around her to hold her tight.

That's what she wanted. To be held tight and groped. She liked the feeling&hellip. like she almost couldn't get away, that captured feeling excited her&hellip. …She felt her first erection against her hands. He pushed it firm into her hands. She gulped a big breath of air as more new feelings burst through her body.

Uncle was all for this feel time session they were having. The risk of them being caught by his brother, her dad, made it all the more exciting. …His hand came up slowly and felt the underside of her small tits. She felt his erection growing right in her hands.

She rubbed it and leaned her head back on him and closed her eyes. One of his hands started down on her tummy. She felt a good feeling in her clit now.

She wished he would keep going as her feelings were climbing up and up. Their bodies were warm together as they both could feel their heart beats and breathing.

She pretended she was being held and couldn't get away. She was feeling a new euphoria for the first time. She squeezed his erection. He jumped slightly. His hand slipped lower on her tummy to the top of her pussy.

Now her clit was really sensitive just waiting for him to feel it…… …They heard her dad coming and had to break it off. Uncle quick sat on the couch with a pillow over his erection.

She headed again, for the bathroom… …Her mind now searched for opportunities to get her uncles hands on her again. The uncle did the same. &hellip. She looked at herself differently now in the mirror. She got naked and looked at her hot body. She felt her own tits and massaged them. She closed her eyes and pretended it was uncle's hands groping her tits.

She put one hand down on her pussy and fantasized it was his hand feeling her clit and pushing his finger inside her pussy. …Now when she dressed, she unbuttoned her top button on her blouse, to allow eyes easy access to see her growing tits. She adjusted her shorts lower to show more of her lower tummy. Now all she thought about was her uncles hands on her.

How to be alone with him was her first priority. …Uncle had the same thoughts. He was single and the youngest brother. He lived close by and tried to think of some reason for her to come over to his apartment. …Rock band CD's…that's it. He'll say he has some of her favorites and to 'stop by' and pick out some and he would loan them to her.

…Her dad and uncle were in the garage as she wondered out.


She appeared to ignore uncle but brushed against him every chance she got, hoping he would sneak in a hot quick grope of her tits or pussy. Uncle started talking about rock bands. She joined in the conversation. Uncle made the offer. She immediately accepted and just appeared to be excited about some rock groups. Dad ignored them and went about his tinkering.

Uncle said he had to leave and started walking to his place. He said in parting: "Stop by for those CD's, I'll be home the rest of the day.", he said for his brother and her to hear. …Her heart was beating fast as she waited for some time to pass before announcing she would go get the CD's. She went in the house and took off her bra and panties. She put on a bulky sweater so no one could tell she had no bra on.

Dad ignored her as she said she was leaving to go get them. …As she walked she thought about her new found turn on&hellip.being groped. She remembered the feeling of uncles hand on her ass and the hot thrill it suddenly gave her. Her dad never showed any affection towards her&hellip.but uncle had opened up new hot feelings in her pussy. That feeling of uncles big warm hand on her, had made her clit tingle. His fingers around her pussy was a new charge for her.

Now things had exploded into a drive to have him grope her more. &hellip.She liked the thought of resisting the groping and have Uncle hold her tight as she struggled slightly while he groped her. It make her very hot to just think about that happening to her.… …Uncle waited in his baggy pants now to help hide his erection.

He kept checking the window for her arrival. He saw her come to the door and he opened it. As soon as she came in, he quick closed and locked it. He reached for her from behind her. Now he knew for sure what she liked. She was panting with excitement. His hands were all over her as hers went to feel his erection. She was getting the sexual excitement she wanted. …The uncle had quickly figured out she got turned on by being held and groped.

He held her like a captive. …He giggled and whispered: ("…you're all mine now. Don't try and get away.") She said: ("&hellip.oh I won't mister if… you just keep going.") She moaned with the high rush she got.

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She played the 'helpless' victim of him groping her. … He kissed her on the neck as he felt her warm body.


His hands went under her sweater and felt her tits bare for the first time. She moaned and grabbed his other hand, and pushed it down her shorts in front. She was in her own heaven now. She squirmed and pretended to struggle a little. His fingers found her clit as she moaned and bucked her ass back into his erection. Her hands were already down his pants and feeling her first erection slowly. Her pussy began to pulse and fuck his fingers.

She loved feeling her first boner. She moaned out…"Don't stop please." She felt an orgasm coming up inside her. Her uncle began to get a little worried. She was almost hyperventilating and her legs were shaking. The orgasm hit her big as she shook and went weak for a minute.

She panted for breath and yet felt so satisfied as uncle held her tight. &hellip.It rarely happens that a girl becomes aware of so much sexual feelings in one day.

Her legs began to go weak and he took them to the floor. He started to withdraw his hand from her pussy and she grabbed it and held in. He decided to slow things down a little.

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… As she got her second wind she got on top of him on her back. Down went her shorts and off. She kept fucking his fingers. She reached behind her and pulled his pants down and off. Now his erection was between her legs and both her hands were on it. She now took her time feeling a full erection for the first time. He continued to softly feel her tits. She moaned she was having the best day of her life and didn't want it to ever end…but then.who could blame her?

&hellip.Uncle felt this was too much for her all in one day and had a long talk with her. She was so taken by her uncle she let him guide her to keep these great feeling going.

All during this talking time he kept feeling her up as she felt him. He felt his niece was a little nymph and had to be controlled. Teaching her about sex was a job he looked forward to. Lesson one…giving him a hand job. &hellip.His erection was already between her legs.

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He whispered to jack it up and down. She liked the excitement of doing it, plus it rubbed on her pussy. He reached down and rubbed her clit as she jacked.

She felt what she craved starting to happen again&hellip.a hot orgasm. She began to moan as here it came. Ooooooo she moaned as he shot a load of cum up in the air and all over her pussy. Here was another new high for her&hellip. ------ &hellip.He got her a job cleaning the limos.

Those other drivers like a hot young girl to look at. It wasn't long before one put his arms around her to thank her. That lit her fuse and she moved his hand to feel her pussy, as she leaned back on him. She didn't even try to get away as it made her so hot. She guided his hand over his to where she wanted it…then her other hand went behind her to feel his erection. …Soon all the drivers groped her along with her giving them hand jobs and a new thing…called a 'blow job' uncle had showed her.

She got all the groping she wanted, plus new things as the drivers paid her well. No one…had sex with her yet. Uncle was saving that for himself. &hellip.Let's peek in uncles brain and see just what he's thinking about all this&hellip.

…Uncle&hellip. &hellip.All was fine until she came in the picture. Her youth fired me up now. Having sex with older women for money is great, but oh the young body and beauty of my niece has me wanting to fuck her bad. Now the time is right to take her to the next step. She's family and I have her under my control. She was an unwanted kid from the very start, but now…just look at her. A young beautiful body, and she knows I truly want her.

Training her has been a great thrill to me. A custom made girl who's uncle cares more about her that her own dad.

I'm planning a night for us. She'll be 'working late dad', is all he'll be told, as if he cared.

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He thought: 'I'm stealing your 'throw away' daughter brother&hellip.so just get use to it'. I've had a complete apartment built in the warehouse just for her, with a door leading to my office.

The work was done for the evening as I stood in my office. I hear the door to her apartment open. The light goes off. It is pitch black in there. I hear: "Don't move mister." It was her trying not to giggle. I stood still. I feel two arms go around me from behind. I'm being groped. Her hands are feeling me up and squeezing my dick. She rubbing her pussy on my butt. She starts dragging me towards her apartment door. She only has a night light on. She holds me tight but starts undressing me.

I pretend to resist. She holds me tight, groping me as she gets me naked. She turns her back to me and helps me to undress her. I grope her as she moans. She pretends to resist.

I hold her tight. I feel the sweetest tits in the world as she pants for breath. She takes one of my hands and puts it on her wet pussy. I resist. She holds my hand tight and makes me rub her pussy. I submit… and in my fingers go to her twitching pussy. She can take no more. She slams me onto her bed and gets on top of me. She holds me down.

I roll over and now I'm on top. She moans and resists. I force kisses on her. Soon her tongue meets mine as we enjoy our first hot kiss ever. Our resistance stops and our arms go around us. She whispers: ("…don't try and get away mister, your mine now.".) I say back: ("…stop resisting lady, I want you and I'm going to take what I want." .) She moans and fondles my now erect dick.

She rubs my erection on her pussy. She moans: (." don't try and put this in my pussy mister.") &hellip.as she starts putting my erection in her warm wet pussy.

…I finally felt the young tight pussy I came to want so bad. It was her first. I took it slow, she did not, and squirmed it in her as far as it would go.

She was so hot, I felt it in her whole body. The new feelings had her shaking as she held on tight to me. She let her natural instincts take over and her movements started. She gave out these sweet little moans of pleasure&hellip.

I just can't describe. I let her lead the way…until we just had to fuck… and right now. We both went a little wild as we fucked for that feeling we both wanted. She was a beautiful girl to fuck. We became one unit together as the high seemed endless. Her little voice moaned in spurts as he began to tremble. One final shaking moan and she clamped on me tight and I unloaded a torrent of hot cum in her for the first time.

"Oh my god, oh god…oh…" she moaned as she kept fucking in the flood of cum that filled her pussy.

I gasp for air as my mind left this world taking her with me. We stayed locked together as time stopped during our togetherness&hellip.our hands carefully felt us over and over. My erection just kept pumping her as she welcomed it with her pussy&hellip.

…We woke up sometime later&hellip.still locked together and it slowly started again…we had to have more&hellip.I'll never forget feeling those little legs squirming, wrapped around mine. We continued for all night as we didn't want it to ever end. We did everything a guy and a girl were designed to do. A first time to go 69, doggy style, sucking erection until my cum filled her warm mouth.

Licking her sweet pussy till she orgasmed many times…it was the night of nights as we replay it, still today. …This was one story that would never be shared with the other drivers&hellip.ever.

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