Cute nicole rides on a thick member

Cute nicole rides on a thick member
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Hello, I have been a long time reader of this site, and I decided that its about time that I added something. This is my first story so please be nice. My name is Tom, I am 15 years old.


Ever since I was a little boy, I always played sports, so, even though I gave them up last year, I still have an athletic body. I stand about 6 foot 2, brown hair, and light brown eyes that have been called "golden." I am going into grade 10, but let me give you a little more backstory.

I grew up in a small town in northern Canada, where the summers are hot, the winters freezing and the bugs make you want to kill yourself. We have one highschool, and you basically end up knowing everyone and everything about them. Me and Sarah had always been friends, but it wasn't until highschool when we became best friends. We hung out almost everyday, and everyone sorta expected us to get together, everyone that is, except us.

We were just bestfriends, we knew everything about the other. Sarah is short, around 5 foot 6, blonde hair, a cute face and a breathtaking smile. She was a dancer so her body was in great shape, thin, with an amazing ass, but for somepeople, her chest was a bit of a deal breaker, let's just say there wasn't much to look at. This doesn't mean she didn't have anything, they were just, small. Overall though, I would give her a ten, but I may be a little biased.

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Being as hot as she was, Sarah had a lot of boyfriends, but in no way was she a slut. I knew for a fact, more then one boy had dumped her because of how reserved she was. She was waiting for the right guy, she told me over and over, the one who really loves me and I want to be with forever.

Through all the boyfriends she had had, I knew that farthest she had gone was being felt up, and that wasn't her choice.

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So it came to me as no surprise that she had another boyfriend in june, just weeks before the end of school. As her bestfriend, I always tried to look out for her, and this guy, just screamed trouble. His name was Dylan, and was what most people call a burnout.

He had long, dark hair, wore skinny jeans, had more metal in his face then I believed humanly possible and of course, he smoked weed. Being good students, Sarah and I never even thought of smoking, worried it would kill our chances for university, so right of the bat, I was worried he would get her into it somehow, but what happened was much worse.

It was the second last day of exams, taking AP classes, Sarah and I both had exams today and tomorrow. We planned on hanging out in our sad excuse for a downtown, which consisted of one short street, then head our seperate ways, mine to hang with one of my friends Jordan, who lived not far from my house, and her on a date with her smilebag of a boyfriend, Dylan.

She was so excited, the entire time we spent in town was ethier talking about what store to hit next, of hearing Sarah going on about her date with Dylan. Finally, Sarah had picked out a new outfit for her date, a flowing green dress that made her shine like a star. I think it was at that moment that I fell in love with her. The next day she came to school, she was in a sweat shirt and sweat pants, with her hair in a ponytail, I knew without seeing her face, something was wrong.

I called out her name, and she turned and looked at me, her right eye was black, like someone had punched her, hard. "Oh my god Sarah, what happened?" She looked down the hall, the up it, and seeing all the people, looked at me and said, "nothing, I just fell down lastnight, its no big deal." By the look in her eyes, I knew it wasn't the truth, and that she wanted to tell me, just not here. Seeing her like this at her worst, and still thinking how beautiful she looked, only reenforced my feelings from yesterday, I was in love with her.

I put my arm around her, comforting her, and led her away from the crowded halls and into the libary where we could be alone. Almost instantly after we got there, she ways in my arms crying, telling me everything, how Dylan took her to the movies, and started feeling her up, how she told him to stop it.

The he pulled out his dick, grabbed her and told her to suck it. She tried to pull away, but he punched her, so she pretended she was going to give him a blowjob, punched him hard in the balls and ran home in tears. At the moment, I didn't know if it was my love for Sarah, the fact she was my best friend or my great dislike for Dylan, I knew there was only on option, I had to make sure Dylan and anyone else knew, that they could never hurt Sarah like he did.

We had to hurry to our exam, it was Math, easy for me, but I couldn't focus, I was so mad. As soon as we could leave, I grabbed Sarahs hand, telling her the plan as we walked, she told me where Dylan would be. We walked the short walk to town, and, sure enough there was Dyaln, alone, smoking up under the bridge. What happened next went by in a flash, all I remember is yelling at him for what he had done, him calling Sarah a slut, him pulling a knife, punching his facei n and throwing him in the water.

The running, a stream of insults flying our way, I knew that after what I did, Dylan or anyone else would think before messing with me or Sarah. After running, w got to our old elementary school, who, for some reason this year, got out before we did, meaning the school was desserted. We walked to the old tree we used to climb, I lifted her up and we talked for hours, Sarah seemed to have forgotten about what Dylan had done, as we talked about our old school, her telling me she had a big crush on me when we went her, and ended in me telling her, I loved her.

It just kinda slipped out, I didn't mean it to happen but it did. I was worried it would ruin our friendship, put a barrier betwen us, but after I said it her eyes lightened up a bit, and said, "when I had a crush on you, I dreamed how you would say it to me, and looking back, I don't think that crush ever truly went away." We both knew what was coming, I slid down the branch to get closer, leaned in to kiss her, then.

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crack, the brance fell, luckily, it was high up, anfter making sure we were both okay, I helped her up, and, she pulled me in, kissing me. It felt like those chessie movies make it seem, time stopped, the earth spun faster, and we knew it was right. She whispered in my ear, "I love you Tom, I think I always have.

and always will." "I love you too, and I don't think I could ever love someone else." That night was the best of my life, Sarahs Dad wasn't at his house, just minutes from the school, so there we headed. As soon as we walked in the door, Sarah was soon making out with me, and she lead me to her bedroom, it wasn't the first time I hda been there but, it seemed an honour to be aloud in there.

Our kissing became more passonaite, and soon, our hands were exploring each others bodies. Sarah broke the kiss, looked deep into my eyes and told me I was the one, she wanted me to take her virginity. I was shocked, for someone who had never let a boy get to thirdbase, she seemed to be moving fast, but my hormone enraged brain didn't stop to think.

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We broke the kiss only a few more times, so that we could remove eachothers clothing. Soon, there was Sarah in all her naked glory, her small tits were so perky, her nipples puffy and inviting, her vagina more perfect then I believed possible, with outer lips that covered the inner folds, and were wet and welcoming.

She looked down at my cock, something I had always been proud of, it stood 8 inches and thick, but not so thick that itt was uncomfortable for the girl, who, to this day, has only been Sarah. She got me to sit at the edge of the bed, and bent down and wrapped her mouth around my cock.

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It was bliss! She could ony get about 3 inches in, but her hand and mouth worked furiously together, bringing a pleasure I had never known. Soon, I was ready to cum, I told this to Sarah and she stopped. "I think it time we start the main event," I told her, she knew what I meant instantly and got me to lay down on the bed.


My throbbing cock was at attention, and she slowly lowered herself down, pausing to get used to it until we cam to her cherry. She thrust down on my cock, as it bent slightly before ripping though.

She screamed in pain, I saw a little blood come out onto my dick, and I grabbed her sides to help support her. Seeing the tear in her eye was to much, I asked if she wanted to get off, she said no and that it was starting to feel good. Soon she was fucking my dick hard, smalling her ass into my legs, making her itty bitty titties bounce up and down Soon I couldn't stand just looking at them so I popped one nipple in to my mouth and started sucking it, bring a cry of pleasure from Sarah.

I could feel my orgasm mounting, and told Sarah I was about to come, she told me that I didn't need to pull out, she was on the pill, something aboutbheavy periods, at this point, I wasn't really listening as I let the cum fly.

It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and soon Sarah joined me in the orgasm blitz and she came,squirting onto me. My dick went soft and she fell off off me, onto her bed beside me. I put my arm around her as she drifted off to sleep, I soon joined her, knowing that I had found my soul mate.