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Inked goth ho ass fucked
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Jason leaned against the brick building, watching the final rays of the setting sun. The warm bricks heated his back, and the bright, dying rays of the sun flickered like embers. Finally, it set. Jason was a tall man, about 6'2''.

His muscle-bound, wiry figure seemed out of place in the measly town. He had dark, curly brown hair and black eyes. Black as night. When he did move, it was as though he were some lithe panther, prowling around his prey. Right now, his prey was the pretty redhead with long hair.

What she was doing out at this time of night, in THIS neighborhood, was beyond him. But he couldn't have cared less. She would make his quota of 3 girls a week for the Boss.

The girl was wearing jeans, soft and comfertable after numerous washings. The hugged her shapley ass beautifully.

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Her yellow tank top cupped her breasts, and Jason could see one of her bra straps. Her hair was braided loosley, and it nearly cascaded beyond that glorious ass of hers. Her bright green eyes were wet. She was crying. Taking another angry drag on the cigarette, she finally noticed Jason. She tried to calmly sidle to the bus stop, but Jason started to follow her.

She dropped her cigarette and kicked off her high heels. But she was no match for the dark eyed young man. His hand gripped her wrists like a vice, and the other covered her mouth.

She felt a sharp, needle like pain in her wrist.The whole world swirled in numerous colors.And then she blacked out. Amy's green eyes opened slowly. Her first feeling was that she was cold.

Very cold. Her second was that she was naked.

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She tried to move her arms, but they were secured tighly above her head with a silken rope. Amy attempted to kick at something, anything, but her legs were also bound. She started to panic. The she saw the door open. It was Jason. Without his trenchcoat and slouch hat, he looked much less frightening. He wore loose gray sweatpants, with a black t-shirt. She could see his muscles beneath the shirt. Amy shivered.

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"Cold?" The voice was calm, and sounded mildly amused. Jasons black eyes flickered. She was beautiful. He almost wished that he could keep her, and get another girl. It was a thought to entertain, but right now, she had to know the rules.

"What's your name?


Ah, sorry, the gag. Well then, I'll tell you a bit about myself.

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My name is Jason. I'm an underground ringer (we call them Snatchers). The Snatchers get a certain amount of girls per week, and give them to our boss. We have certain rules here, Miss-ah yes.

You need a name." Those impassive black eyes studied her for a moment, and settled on her long red hair. "Ember.

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Yes, now as I was saying. Miss Ember, it would look very, very bad indeed if I brought my boss an untrained damsel, now wouldn't it? As you can see, " Jason poured two cups of dark red wine, "It would go on my record.

But now, you have the luck to have struck an intrest with me." Jason caught himself. He was saying too much. But what he said was true. He took the length of the room in a bound.

He severed the ropes with a gleaming silver knife, and ripped off the gag. She cried out, and shrank away from him. He lifted her chin to meet his eyes. She was submissive all right.

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He took her by the hand and she sat upright. He handed her one glass of the wine. Jason watched her hesitate. Flashing her a smile, he sipped her glass, then his own. For the next 30 minutes, they laughed and joked. She was relaxed by now, and almost completley drunk. She told him her life story, how she grew up in an abusive home, how her boyfriend had just dumped her, how she longed for attention.

She was 16, she told him, and had a secret, burning desire to go to Vegas. He began to flirt with her, lacing his subtle praise with sexuality. Soon she was dancing around the room for him. Jason's eyes watched those huge tits bounce, and shake.


She sat on his lap, breathing hard. Jason slowly brushed his hand against those large nipples, and she moaned softly. She lay down on the bed, and Jason began a line of kisses from her neck, down her abdomen, to her mound. Oh, how he licked, sucked, and nibbled that bare little mound. It was almost too much for Jason's raging hard on. Flipping her over easily, he guided his cock head into her dripping slit. Easing himself in, inch by inch, until all eight and a half inches were buried up the hilt in that sweet little snatch.

Jason began a slow, steady rythem, rocking the bed. He felt her slamming back against him. Now both of them were wildly fucking each other, flesh slapping aganist flesh, sweat mingling with juices. Jason slammed his dick in her with a last mighty SMACK and erupted his cum into her pussy. How long they lay there, they never knew. But suddenly, Jason awoke next morning. He left the room without a sound. Amy awoke, and glanced around the room. Nothing.

She sighed, and curled up to wait for him. Jason was on his cell phone with his boss. In the end, the deal was this: you have her for 3 weeks. After that, she's mine. Rules are rules. Hand her over at the usual drop off. Make sure you have her properly trained. Jason slammed a fist against the concrete wall. There was nothing he could do. He had to detatch himself from the girl, and train her as he would any other.

-------------------------------------------------------3 weeks later---------------------------------------- Ember was dressed in a light yellow sun dress, with white high heels.

Jason was in a polo shirt, and jeans. A man, dressed all in black, came over and escorted Ember into the limo.

He paid Jason the $20,000 as asked. Normaly, Jason's prices were much lower, but he had an attatchment to this girl.

He had a meaning to buy her when the training was finished. Doubtless he would have the funds. There can be a sequal if you guys want. Any biters?