Cute blonde fucked in her nice ass

Cute blonde fucked in her nice ass
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I couldn't bring myself to invite Kristen to come to our small house near the beach. But I wanted to be with her without stirring up a controversy. She offered a solution while we were getting dressed.

"We are having our SEX ON THE BEACH Bonfire tonight. Why don't you come? Kay is out of town and you are just going to be hanging around your house by yourself all night anyway. The Kappa Delts are grilling steaks and we will be playing volleyball& will be fun.

We'll be on Gold Beach from four o'clock until who knows when. The last big blowout before finals." When a nubile coed wearing only tiny white shorts and sandals, holding a pink peasant blouse she was preparing to put back on, asks you out, the polite thing to do is accept. She stood there, that amazing six-pack under those small, firm breasts with those exquisitely tiny and hard nipples, blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that could melt the coldest heart, and waited for an answer.

"Sounds like fun.

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I'll get a couple bottles of wine and some other stuff and see you later," I agreed. "But we have to be careful. What we did here has to be kept between us. No one else can ever know. It would be the end of my career, my marriage, everything." "It's okay Paul. I knew the rules from the beginning. I am not trying to break up you and Kay. It's just that I have such crush on you.

It seems a shame to waste it on wishful thinking and hot daydreams. And we are FANTASTIC together, don't you agree?" She threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself up to kiss me, pressing those naked breasts against my chest. "Then let's set the ground rules," I whispered to her with my arms wrapped around her.

"First," I kissed her softly conveying my passion, "there will be NO public displays of affection. No touching, no brushing against, no casual contact." She shrugged her understanding and nodded in agreement.

"Second," I kissed her longer and harder. "Second, there will be no flirtation. No innuendo. No double-entendres. No conversation other than sorority business and schoolwork when we are around anyone at all." She smiled mischievously and waited for the next ground rule.

"Third and finally," we kissed again. The kiss went on, the kiss of lovers, lingering and gentle but filled with fire and promise. "If a nice boy asks you out, you will go. You won't hold yourself in reserve only for me. You will enjoy being young and desirable and the object of lust and affection. When you decide we've run our course and you've had your fill, you will say it's over and it will be over.

If it hasn't ended by graduation, when you receive your diploma we have to stop. But we will remain lifelong friends." I let that sink in. "Deal?" "I can have you all the way until graduation?

Yeah, I can agree to that. I thought we might have a hot weekend and that would be it. But those rules sound fair." She let go of my neck and stuck out her hand to seal the deal with a handshake.

"Do you have any rules of your own?" I asked as I took her hand. "First, don't make a big deal out of our age difference. You aren't that much older. Second, don't make a big deal out of me being a student. I'm not YOUR student. Third, I want you to share everything you know about how a woman can pleasure a man. I want to do it all with you.

Everything you can think of and everything I can think of too. Deal?" "DEAL!" I replied. Kristen giggled as we shook. Then she kissed me quickly on the lips and pulled her peasant blouse on. "See you tonight!" she said over her shoulder as she grabbed the doorknob. "Hey, what about lunch?" I asked, still hungry.

"Oh, I am full now. I have a lot of work to do before the beach party. See you later, Paul!" She blew me a kiss and left. "See you later, Kristen." I promised to her sexy backside as she walked down the hall and out of the building. I locked up my office and the building and drove to the liquor store to buy several bottles of decent wine.

In the liquor store I had to fight the urge to brag about what had happened. I know I reeked of sex and I secretly hoped other people could smell it.

Several times I raised my hand and pretending to rub my nose so I could refresh the smell of Kristen that lingered on my fingers. I didn't know what was coming over me. I had changed so much in such a brief time. After the liquor store I stopped at the DQ and bought a cheeseburger and fries to replenish my energy.

Then I went home and took a shower to reluctantly wash the sexual odor from my body. When I looked in the mirror at the man who had just broken his marriage vows, I couldn't help but feel&hellip.giddy. I tried to find guilt in there somewhere, but I really couldn't. I was grinning too much to feel miserable. I was in love with a wonderful woman who was bearing my child. I was in lust with a sexy coed who seemed perfectly all right with the rules that it was sex, it was private, and it was for a limited time only.

It was like Christmas and my birthday and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. I was so excited and grateful all together. It was a momentous moment of exhilaration. I spent part of the afternoon puttering around the house. I decided to mow and that meant I needed another shower. I put on a floral print shirt, casual shorts and huarache sandals.

By that time I thought it would be the right time for the sponsor to show up at a coed function. I ate a sandwich and chased it with a beer. Even though their brother fraternity was cooking steaks, I didn't know what to really expect. I wanted to have the option of skipping dinner if things were too dicey or if I felt like a weird older guy crashing their party in order to feel young.

I needn't have worried. The party was on Gold Beach, only two miles from my house, most of it down the beach. I packed the bottles of wine and a corkscrew into a backpack, walked the short distance down to the beach and headed west along the shore. I was glad I did. The coast highway parallels the beach and I could see people parking nearly a mile from the party. Several of them had crested the protection dunes and were walking down the beach as I was.

Half a mile from the soiree it looked like Mardi Gras had sprung up. Hundreds of people covered the beach, not just Sigma Xi and Kappa Delta. While there were college students in abundance, there were also scores of older people. There were alumni from both Greek houses. Some of the alums were ten or fifteen years older than I was and I found out later that they used this beach party as a de facto reunion and many had been coming annually since graduation.

There were former students, local Texans, and people who heard a party was going on and crashed the scene. I didn't feel out of place at all. In the loose sand away from the water, there was several volleyball courts roped out with a tournament going on. As I strolled past, I took the time to admire the sexy legs and sexier tight shorts on the coeds. I took in the scene in the gulf. There were dozens of young people in the water as well. I noticed there were two pickup trucks that were backed down to the water's edge with big white chairs perched in the back.

Each was staffed by a real lifeguard that the Greeks had hired to oversee the safety of their members and guests. I was impressed. Beyond the swimmers there were dozens of powerboats anchored up in the shallows.

Beyond them I saw the familiar hull of the local Coast Guard Interceptor. As I took it all in, a pair of deputy sheriffs rode by on quad motorcycles. Clearly I had underestimated the Greeks. They had taken this event seriously. There were also several fire rings with various kinds of chairs and benches around them and I even saw a couple of garage sale couches that were bought just for today and would end up in the fire before the morning came.

It was rare to see anyone in trousers of any kind. The heavily dressed wore shorts and a casual shirt like I was. The rest wore just a swimsuit. Some of the young women seemed to have a contest going on where the winner wore the least fabric possible and still could call it a swimsuit. The young men appreciated those efforts and showed it by hovering around those scantily clad damsels like wolves around a pork chop. I smiled, shook my head and moved on. The Kappa Delts had a big trailer mounted grill and several shirtless young men sweating over mountains of steaks and corn wrapped in foil.

This was the big event and both groups planned this out all year long. As I stood and amazed at how much work went into this, one of the cooks handed me a plate full of food and a cold beer he had just cracked. "Here you go Prof, any sponsor of SEX is a sponsor for Kappa DEE! SALUDA!" He cracked open another beer from the cooler at the end of the big grill and raised it in salute before pulling down a long chug.

All of his fraternity brothers within hearing shouted "KAPPA DEE!" on cue and everyone drained their beer. I responded in kind to the approval of the KD's and found another beer in my hand before the belch cleared my gullet. As a gestured of appreciation I raised this beer up and shouted "KAPPA DEE!" Of course all the Kappa Deltas shouted "KAPPA DEE!" and we all chugged our beers.

There was another in my hand almost before I tossed the second empty into a nearby trashcan half full of empty beer cans. The Kappas pay for the steaks from free will donations. This is their primary fundraiser all year for the frat.

They tried to insist that I didn't have to pay, but I still put a handful of twenties into the five gallon pail at the other end of the cooker. Work like this deserved to be rewarded. I could hear them whisper their appreciation to each other while I spied a pickup with the tailgate open near the saltgrass at the top of the beach and took a seat. From my perch I could eat in peace and observe the entire beach scene spread out over a hundred yards in both directions.

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Really I was just trying to get a bead on all of my sorority girls, one in particular. A little before sundown a John Deere tractor pulling a giant flatbed loaded with men and equipment came chugging down the beach. The crowd parted and the crew of guys on the flatbed got busy setting up a stage for the band that would play at dark.

A diesel generator cranked up, the lights came on and the music started with a local bar band that was a favorite of the college crowd. They played mostly classic rock and country covers, and the students knew all the words and sang along when the mood hit them.

That's when the freshmen Sigma Xi's found me. I am sure Kristen put them up to it. The newest members surrounded me and force-walked me down to the private bonfire shared by the sisterhood.

I was given a place on honor on a plaid couch that had been in someone's family room the day before. When the bar band finished, the sorority regaled the crowd with some of their bawdy drinking songs that always ended with someone chugging whatever they were drinking; sometimes all of them.

When they had exhausted their repertoire, they all collapsed wherever was handy. Of course the couch I occupied filled up with the older members. Kristen took the armrest to my left, forcing me to either put my arm in my lap, around her or across her thighs. I put it in my lap. There were rules after all. Having her close enough to smell did wonders for the state of my cock. All of the sorority girls were wearing brown and white swimsuits, their sorority colors.

Some had t-shirts for modesty or sunburn protection, but they all had their tan and firm legs out for everyone to appreciate. Oh did I appreciate them. I finally had to concentrate on the fire and the conversations around me to keep from growing a full mast.

As it was, I was pressing a constant growth against the inside of my zipper. It was getting uncomfortable, but I had no opportunity to shift anything around. The first chord that blasted out of the amplifiers on the mobile stage caused me to crank my head around. "Is that?" I shouted into Kristen's ear over the thundering guitars. She nodded. "Yep. That's ZZTop. A Kappa Delta alum is their producer. They come every year," she yelled back over the music. I shook my head in amazement.

"And they play for free!" No wonder this party drew such a big crowd. This was first class entertainment. Kay would be so jealous. All the partiers knew all the words and the Texas trio just seemed to feed off the energy. Kristen waived Amy Johnson out of the seat next to me, using her presidential prerogative to get what she wanted. She sat down next to me and I opened a decent bottle of cabernet and offered her a swig. She took a long swallow and her face puckered up from the strength of the flavors.

"It would be better out of a glass," I explained, but I hadn't thought to pack even a foam cup. "Anna-Marie! Two cups! Chop-chop!" yelled Kristen at one of the freshmen standing nearby.

Anna-Marie nearly fell over herself to comply. She was back in a flash with two red plastic cups hand embellished with the SEX logo. I poured half a glass for Kristen and the same for myself.

We swirled it around to hasten the airing out and then each took a sip. "Much better," purred Kristen. "I could get used to this." So could I, I thought to myself. My own college experience was nothing like this. Around midnight the ZZTop called it quits and the members hung around to mingle with the crowd, many of whom they had come to know over the years. Mickey Andrews brought Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard over for me to meet.

They drank a little wine with us and let the girls talk them into singing an a cappella version of "Tush" with the entire sorority as the backup singers. Every time they sang "I'm just lookin' for some tush" the girls turned their firm asses at the band and shook them.

Dusty and Billy did their famous double take in response and the girls loved it. Tush they had in abundance. Eventually a deejay took over the bandstand, playing songs for lovers and drunks.

By then there had been quite a bit of pairing off and couples had slipped down the beach or over the dunes, blanket under their arm, to find a little peace and quiet to do what college kids have every right to do.

ZZTop took off as we were finishing the last bottle of wine. We were sitting there just mellowing in the moonlight, when a handsome young man came up and asked Kristen to dance. "Sure!" she replied, handing me her cup and breaking my heart. I didn't look her in the eye on purpose. I knew there were rules, but still. I forced myself not to watch. "Can I sit here?" asked Anna-Marie. I sat up straighter and she plopped down right next to me.

"Professor David, can I tell you a secret?" she asked from behind sparking eyes that betrayed her inebriated condition. "You have to promise not to tell ANYONE! Promise?" She was trying to whisper and failing miserably. "I can't promise. If it's something bad or illegal, I am obligated to tell." "Oh, no! Nothing like that. It's just a secret!" "Ok, if it's just a secret, I promise not to tell." She leaned over to speak. "Kristen Mitchell has a crush on you!" she whispered.

"Oh I doubt that," I objected. "She seems to like that young man over there." I nodded toward Kristen and her male suitor, who had her pulled up tight to his body, both hands clamped on her muscular ass. I felt more than a twinge of jealousy. "Oh she does! We can all tell. That guy's a nobody. And you know what else? She's not the only Sigma zzEye who has a crush on you." She giggled and pointed out several other girls who she claimed had declared undying lust for their male sponsor.

"What about you Anna-Marie? Don't you have a crush on me too?" I teased. "Of course I do Professor David. Can't you tell?" She snuggled up against my arm to reinforce her confession. I dismissed the entire notion with a wave of my hand.

"I'm flattered, but I am sure you are exaggerating." It was getting late, and even though I was having a good time, I thought it best that I wander back home. My inhibitions were relaxing and I didn't want to get to the point where I would need to explain myself to a disciplinary committee next week.

I stood up without a problem, but when I reached down for my backpack, I felt the blood rush to my head and I weaved a bit on straightening out. "Hey Prof, you ok?" asked Amy Johnson. "You didn't drive did you?" I shook my head no. "I just live a little ways down the beach. I'll be all right." I started to walk away, but they wouldn't hear of it. "You need an escort. We have designated drivers for tonight. For you though, I am sure I can find some designated walkers.

We'll make sure you get home safe. We don't want to lose our favorite sponsor." She walked over to the president and told her what she intended. Kristen immediately broke off the dance, leaving that poor young man dangling. Kristen pointed at Anna-Marie and then the young man and Anna-Marie gladly took over as the dance partner. He didn't seem to mind the change in partners even though Anna-Marie's ass wasn't in the same class. Anna-Marie had a fabulous set of tits to make up for it and she was glad to press them up against this handsome young man.

She might have a crush on me, but I had a feeling she was going to crush this young man later. All he had to do was not act like an ass in the next thirty minutes and he would be able to spend the rest of the night between her lovely legs, suckling on those abundant breasts.

I left the party that night under the protection of five Sigma Xis. I had one linked on each arm and they had someone linked to their other arms. Behind us walked Kristen Mitchell, supervising the entourage. As we strolled along the Gulf, waves lapping at our ankles, we laughed and told stories. They asked me all kinds of questions about where I had gone to college and any of the wild things we had done.


But I hadn't done anything as wild as what they were doing tonight, so they started asking more intimate questions. They wanted to know where I had met Kay and if we had ever done "it" anywhere strange or exotic. I wouldn't answer any of those questions but I did admit to losing my virginity at eighteen in the front seat of a powder blue Cadillac Eldorado with white leather interior. They laughed at that description of the brief but meaningful encounter. They seemed to relish telling me of their sexploits.

Each one attempted to top the others. Kristen maintained her quiet as she trailed along. Once or twice I thought I felt a hand brush my ass, but I didn't let on like I felt it, unsure if it had come from the left or right or behind.

"OUCH, OW OW OW OW OW!" cried Michelle Mason. "I think I just got stung by a jellyfish!" The girls all gathered around her, ankle deep in the water. Amy Johnson was next to cry out. "Ow, dammit! It got me too." We all retreated from the shallow surf. Now two girls were stung and seated on the damp sand while the others tried to assess the damage in the moonlight.

"Can you walk?" They nodded. "Professor, is it closer to your house or back to the party?" We could easily still see the glow from the bonfires at the party. "The party by far. Come on girls, let's get you back there." "No it's ok. Kristen can walk you home and we can manage to make it back.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Then one of us can pick Kristen up at your house and drive her back to the party." I gamely tried to object, but they insisted.

Soon I found myself sitting on the beach with Kristen Mitchell and no one else. "Anna-Marie said something interesting earlier," I began. Kristen turned to listen.

"She told me that several of the sorority sisters have crushes on me. And one of those girls was you." Kristen responded by throwing a leg over my lap and mounting me, cowboy style. "I don't know who is starting vicious rumors like that!

I hope you aren't too embarrassed by the thought. Or maybe it's blowing up your ego." She ground her groin against mine, feeling my response pressing upward. "Or maybe it's blowing up something else." She pressed her lips to mine. We kissed for a long time as Kristen ground her pussy against my cock. Things started to really heat up. "No. Not here. It's too out in the open. Someone could just happen on us." We stood up and continued down the beach. I was seriously considering inviting her into my house when she made a suggestion.

"Let's go skinny dipping!" "Aren't you afraid of jellyfish?" "Those were Moon Jellies. Their schools seldom extend more than thirty or forty yards across.

We are probably safe here. But if you are chicken&hellip." She was already removing her shirt and slipping out of her bikini bottoms. I was naked before she was, hard cock pointing seaward. We splashed out into the low surf and kept walking out until the water covered our waists, about two hundred feet from shore. I pulled Kristen close and let my hands roam all over her tight body, particularly her firm, muscular ass. "You have such a great body!" I exalted.

"All that working out really pays off." "You don't think my tits are too small?" she asked, attempting to press them together to make cleavage and failing in each attempt. There just wasn't enough there. "Your breasts are perfect. Your nipples are exquisite. I love them." I bent over and licked each salty nipple in turn, getting a moan in response. My cock was trapped between our bellies.

She forced it down between her legs and rubbed it against her slit. I moaned in appreciation. I sank down into the water up to my neck and leaned back. Kristen was in the perfect position to mount my erection.

She let it glide along the crack until I thought I was going to cum from just that contact. Then she reached down and pointed it up into her cunt and slowly descended on it.

We ground our bodies against each other without thrusting. Kristen was clearly enjoying the deep penetration and the feel of my cock pressing at different places in her vagina.

I tried to thrust but it impossible in the position I was in. I finally had to stand up, holding her against my waist with her arms around my neck. It was the first time I tried to fuck standing up. With Kristen's help I was able to get a rhythm. We kissed and coupled in the water and moonlight. "We have to go shallower," I warned as I began to back up toward the beach. I finally got us shallow enough we could sit in the water without drowning and screw properly.

Kristen wrapped her ankles around my waist and we continued our copulation. I could feel my orgasm rising and sped up my thrusts. Kristen's kisses became urgent as she felt her own crescendo building. I thrust one final time and gripped her hips tightly, forcing my cock as deep as possible. Kristen's legs locked and she threatened to squeeze me in half with her thighs as she came.

Every little movement I made in her cunt made her spasm more. As my ejaculations subsided, I worked her up and down in little increments, keeping her orgasm rolling.

My cock was hypersensitive, but I soldiered on. Kristen bit my bottom lip, finally getting me to surrender my grasp of her hips. She released my lip, gasping for her own breath.

"Oh. My. God!" she panted. "That is so fucking good!" "So it's true then? You DO have a crush on me?" I teased. She responded by tightening her pussy muscles on my cock, milking it. "You have no idea." We kissed and she laid her head against my shoulder, breathing on my neck.

"I never want this night to end. I'll do anything you want, anytime you want it. I never want to graduate." We both laughed. "You know, everyone told how they lost their virginity except you," I pointed out.

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"Well, as far as the sorority knows, I'm still a virgin. That's why they never brought it up. They didn't want to embarrass me." "When did you really lose your virginity?" I asked, almost scared by the answer I expected. "This afternoon," she admitted. "But," I stammered. "You said you were on the pill.

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How long have you been on the pill?" "Since the Monday after you gave me my first massage," she explained. "I told the doctor that my cycle was really painful and he put me on birth control to moderate my cycles." "That was the massage where you said 'This massage is making me so horny.' Why would you say something like that? It's the phrase that really started this whole affair," I asked. "Well, because it was. Having you touch me made me so hot I nearly came from just your touch.

I don't know what came over me. I wanted you to notice me. I guess it worked." "It sure did. And thank you for allowing me to be your first." I kissed her to seal the deal. "And my second, third, fourth and fifth." We kissed for a long time. Long enough that I noticed we had been at it too long.

"Why don't we start with getting dressed and start walking the rest of the way to my house? It won't be good if we get there and your ride is waiting. We don't need any rumors starting about you losing your virtue." "OK, if you say so." We got to our feet and waded back to shore and found our clothes.

We walked the rest of the way hand in hand, though from time to time I couldn't help but take her in my arms and cover her mouth with kisses so I could cup that wonderful ass and enjoy the feeling of the firmness of her muscles. We rinsed the sand off with my garden hose when we arrived and sat outside in the air to dry. We were pretty dry when Amy Johnson and two other sisters drove up.

It was after 3 am but they seemed fresh and raring to go. "The real party is just getting started Kristen, we need to get back and enjoy it, now that you've got the Professor to bed." I let the jibe pass. "Have fun! Don't get into any trouble. But call me if you do. Good night ladies!" I waved them off from my porch and headed in to bed as they pulled away.

For the time it took me to fall asleep, I relived the events of the day. From that day on I was a different man. You might not have been able to tell from the outside, because I kept the changed private. But my attitude towards love and toward sex was forever altered. Making love to Kristen felt too natural and too perfect to be wrong. There had to be a balance between pleasures of the body and the bonds of marriage.

Life was simply too fleeting to forego all of the earthly pleasures we are designed to enjoy. My only real regret was not being able to share my joy with Kay. She would have to make do with my enhanced sex drive. The sun was beginning to creep over the eastern horizon when I awoke.

I rolled away from the light and found my way blocked by the back of a sleeping girl. I could tell right away that Kristen had snuck in during the night and joined me. I was both thrilled and extremely disappointed. She was fully dressed and lying on top of the blankets and it took me a beat to notice that on the other side of Kristen lay Michelle Mason.

I heard movement from nearby and looked down on the floor to see what may have been the cause. Anna-Marie was asleep beside the bed.

I sat up and noticed that my entire bedroom floor was covered in Sigma Xis. Fortunately I sleep in cotton athletic shorts, so it was just a matter of getting a t-shirt on to show a little modesty. I must have been pretty out of it to stay asleep while my house filled up with twenty-five overnight guests.

I picked my way through the bodies on my floor and out into the hall. There were three girls stretched out there. In the living room I found another seven. Only the hard linoleum floor in the kitchen was bare. I started a pot of coffee and slipped out onto the porch and took a seat in one of the metal spring chairs we have there. When the coffee was done, I slipped back in and poured a cup.

"Pour me a cup too Paul," said a voice from behind me. Kristen had woken up and followed me through the minefield of bodies to the kitchen. "It's been forever since I watched a sunrise." I poured a second mug of strong coffee and she followed me out to the porch.

We sat there and listened to the sea birds and watched the world wake up. "Kristen, why are you all in my house? What were you doing in my bed?" I was perturbed by the invasion of my personal space and the assumptions I thought she had made to think it was OK to violate my trust.

"Well Professor, our designated drivers ditched us. So we thought we'd just walk back to campus and by the time we got to your road, everyone was just bitching about the walk.

So I thought we could stop here and get you to give us a ride back to campus, but you wouldn't wake up. Someone suggested we just crash here, and they took a vote and it was nearly unanimous." "Ok I understand that and that's cool. But how did you and Michelle end up sleeping in my bed?" "I made a rule that your bedroom was off-limits, but they were drunk and talking shit about taking advantage of you while you were passed out.

You know how bad the Sigma Xis can get. You really were passed out, by the way. It got LOUD in here a couple times and you never even stirred. Anyway, Michelle and I slept in the bed and Anna-Marie took the floor to keep the other girls from doing anything stupid.


The rest just passed out wherever they wanted." "I appreciate you protecting my honor like that. You should remind me to show you how much I appreciate it sometime." "Oh, I will." It took several hours, but one by one the girls roused themselves from their slumber. They cleaned me out of cold cereal, juice, milk, and coffee. To pay for their lodging they helped around the house with the chores. With the advanced stage of her pregnancy, Kay was letting some of the upkeep slide around the house.

I enjoyed seeing all the girls in their shorts and bikinis bent over various places in my home and cleaning. I mentally undressed each one and had a brief daydream of a sexual congress. In just hours I had gone from faithful, loving husband, to faithless loving husband with a taste for coed poontang. When Kay got home, the house was sparkling clean and freshly scrubbed and vacuumed. She smiled and hugged me over her generous belly. "The house looks great.

You must have had a boring weekend to spend it cleaning." I told her almost the entire story of the SEX ON THE BEACH Party and how the sorority ended up passed out all over the house, even the two that were in the bed. I made sure to point out that both were above the covers and everyone was fully dressed. I left out the parts where I had succumbed to Kristen Mitchell's charms, several times. I had already committed to my sexual meandering, no need to risk hurting Kay's feelings.

"I am sure they all were. If it had only been one or two girls, I am sure the situation might have been different. Oh don't look so shocked. I know several of the girls have crushes on you and I know you are oblivious to all of their charms. It's one of the things I love most about you. In fact, I love it so much about you; it makes me horny as hell! Now take me to bed or lose me forever! Mama needs her pussy petted." Kay's pregnancy had put her sexual desires into overdrive.

She was hypersexual and wanted sex frequently and vigorously.

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Less than three minutes later, Kay was kneeling on the bed, her ass stuck out over the edge, her swollen breasts supported by a mound of pillows. I was kneeling on the floor behind her, my face buried in her cunt. My nose was pressed against her asshole as she thrust her hips backwards, trying to get more of my face in contact with her swollen sex. I gripped her hips in both hands and pressed my face hard against her.

My tongue was deep in her vagina, my chin rubbing her clit, my nose slipping into her sweat-slickened anal ring. Kay began to cum, dripping fluid out of her pussy for me to lap up.

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Her brown bud was twitching against my nose, telegraphing her orgasmic tremors. She lay exhausted, gasping for air, ass waving luridly in the air. I had tried to fuck her ass once before and she flatly turned me down. I thought this might be the only chance I might ever have to give it a go and I wanted to in the worst way.

I removed my nose from her pucker and pressed my tongue in its place. Kay responded with an "MMmmmmmmm MMMMMmmmmmm, oh Paul!" I licked and fucked her ass with my tongue, not concerned with the musty flavor. My cock was oozing precum. It was so hard I could have hammed coconuts open with it. I reached over on my wife's nightstand and grab her hand cream. I put a generous squirt on my palm and rubbed it onto my painful erection. "Relax," I assured my pregnant wife. "I just want to give this a try while you are so relaxed." "Are you going to fuck me in the ass, Stud?" she asked with a mock tone.

"Are you going to stick the great big COCK into my tiny little ASS?" She waved her ass back and forth. "Yes, my dear. I am going to do just that," I reassured her. "Well get to fucking, Stud. Get to fucking. My ass needs a big cock. A great big Stud cock." I pressed the head against her ring and the combination of saliva, sweet and hand cream allowed me to slip right in, past the first line of resistance.

"Oh God Paul! Oh God! That's so…&hellip.gooood! Now go slow until it's all in." I pushed forward and she continued. "That's it. Oh yeah, just like that. Slow and deep. It's so fucking big. It's filling me up like nothing I've ever felt. Keep going.


Oh God!" She kept up the dirty encouragement until I was fully seated in her ass. My pubic hair was mingling with hers. I pulled back an inch and thrust again. She moaned. I repeated it, fucking her ass with just an inch of cock. She started thrusting back, lengthening my stroke until I was giving her a full length stroke. "Oh God, Paul. I think I love anal sex! We have GOT to do this more! Fuck this is so hot!" "I agree!" I said between thrusts. Her ass was milking my cock.

She was warm and slick and my cock was gliding in and out of her velvet vice. She straightened up, rocking on her knees to continue our anal play. She twisted around to kiss me while my hands fingered her swollen and rigid nipples. That was enough. She started to cum again, bucking painfully against my groin. Kay's pelvic plate was pressing against my cock, hurting me but thrilling her.

Finally I pushed her over and gripped her hips and started to just fuck her ass for my own pleasure. Within two dozen strokes I was ready to explode. "I'm going to cum in your ass." "No Paul, don't. Come on my tits and my face. Please?" Kay had never wanted me to come anywhere but in her pussy and only occasionally her mouth.

I pulled out of her ass and rolled her over on her side. I climbed on the bed beside her and pointed my cock at her mouth. She opened it wide while I stroked to the finish. To coax my flow, she tickled my balls. That was enough. The first jet crossed her cheek and into her hair. The second rope went into her mouth. The rest I pointed at her chest, coating parts of both breasts. When I finished, she rubbed the cum into the skin on her face and breasts.

Then she licked her fingers clean. "Being pregnant sure has made you wild," I admitted. "I wonder if you are going to be like this once you are a mother and the baby is sleeping nearby." "God I hope so!" she replied. "I never knew how slutty I could be. I like it." "That makes two of us," and we both shared a laugh.