Người nhện spiderman get bj

Người nhện spiderman get bj
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My name is Danny, if have a beautiful wife (Beth) and two children (Lori and James, twins) and live a normal life in a busy city. Both of our kids attend the same private school in our area and are head of their classes, everything is good.


Lori and James are the kind of twins that look nothing alike, James took after Beth with his brown hair and dark eyes while Beth favored me with her blonde hair and blue eyes. With them sharing a lot of interests they had always been inseparable, even sharing a room for the longest time, only after we noticed Lori was starting to mature (and develop) before James we decided to finish a room in the basement so they wouldn't have to share a room. Beth and were not stupid, we suspected the two of them each had a part in the other learning "the birds an bees" but we also knew our outgoing sexual nature toward each other probably didn't help ease the curiosity.

All in all I thought we had a normal family. I was sitting at my desk as thoughts of getting home and taking advantage of Lori and James both being at their friends house for the night and wondering what Beth might have planned for us, she is good about helping spice up our love life when she can. I decided to get it started, I retrieved my phone from my pocket and sent her a text. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours!" I hit send and waited, knowing she was at work as well so she would have to either sneak her pants down at her desk or hide somewhere to take a picture.

Minutes later I got a response. "I can't right now, show me yours first!" I knew she had to have a good reason not to give me what I wanted so I quickly filled her request. Having my own office I was able to slide my slacks down without fear of being caught so I stood and unfastened them letting them fall to the floor exposing my limp cock wrapped in the soft silk of my boxers.

Thinking I would play hard to get I snapped one of the outline of my cock in the silk and sent it to her. Leaving my slacks down in anticipation of taking another one pretty soon I leaned back in my chair rubbing myself and waited for her response.

"Looks good, but is he not wanting to play? You know what I want to see!" Knowing she wanted to see it hard wasn't a problem, I was already half hard thanks to my rubbing myself as I waited.

Still not ready to give in yet I laid my cock against my leg toward the opening of my shorts leaving just the head of exposed for her to see and took another one and sent it to her' "Tell me what you want to see baby! You want me to get it good and hard for ya?" "You know I do.

Get it hard for me!" "What you gonna do for me?" "Anything you want! Just show it to me! PLEASE!!!!!" I couldn't stand to hear her beg, by now I was at full length and looking good. I know how she likes to see me completely shaved balls but I was still playing hard to get so I unbuttoned my fly and let my fully erect cock stand from the silk hole. I have always been proud of my cock, I know there are bigger but my 10 inches have always impressed especially with the larger than normal size balls that never fail to produce ample amounts of cum so I was feeling good as I snapped the picture of it laid out across the mahogany wood of my desk.

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"Here ya go baby all you had to do was ask!" I knew what she was going to want next so I slid my boxers to my feet exposing my fresh shaved pubic area and my hanging balls. After taking a few while I waited I had decided on the next one to send, a nice profile with a small bead of precum glistening from my slit' "I can't wait to show you mine!

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Give me one more while I wait!" "I can't wait to see yours! Much more of this and I will cum all over the place!" It didn't take her long to respond. "I would love to see that but wait till I show you mine, give me 15 minutes!!!!!!!!" "I can't wait." I was leaning back in my chair when I heard the tone from my computer telling me I had a new email.

I looked up and saw it was from Beth, thinking she had decided to email me her pictures I quickly opened it.

"Hey honey I thought I would let you know I don't have my phone with me today, I let Lori take it with her. Call me at work if you need me. Love ya, Beth" At first my heart nearly stopped when I realized I had been sending naked pictures of myself to my daughter but as I sat and read through the messages I knew it had to be my wife I was talking to.

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I chuckled as I thought "good one Beth you really got me good" but what if it really was Lori I was sending them to, how would I explain that to Beth. Somewhat embarrassed and a little turned on by the thought of my teenage daughter actually wanting to see my cock I had to know who I was dealing with, what if it was Lori and she was getting ready to send me a picture of her like the messages said.

My mind raced with possibilities maybe Beth was messing with me, maybe Lori was just pretending to be Beth and had taken it too far or what if Lori really was taking pictures of herself with her mother's phone and getting ready to show me her most intimate places and why would she want to show them to me? I had to figure this out before it goes too far if not I would know as soon as I saw a picture first of all I would know Beth's body from Lori's and just from seeing her around the house I knew Lori kept a nicely trimmed bush as her mom kept hers shaved slick upon my request.

My heart nearly stopped as I received another message from Beth's phone. "I hope you like these, if they're not what you wanted just tell me and I will take more." I know I had cartoon jaw as the first picture popped up showing my baby girl completely naked standing in front of a mirror wearing a very small pair of white nylon hold ups and a pair of white lace panties with a heart cut out showing her nice blonde bush and the matching bra did little to cover a pair of almost perfectly round breast leaving little to the imagination.

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I recognized the set since I had bought them for her only two moths ago. I was still in a daze when the picture changed to a close up of her beautiful C cups, I found myself staring at the thick dark brown nipples when the picture changed again. There was my sweetheart sitting on the hard wood floor of my own bedroom her legs spread wide showing me her shaved lips glistening under her neatly trimmed bush.

I stared at the picture as I could not believe this was happening, how was I going to explain this to Beth?

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I had to tell her, didn't I? "I hope you liked those, I have noticed you trying to sneak peeks of me around the house so I thought I would show you what you wanted to see. I bet you never thought you would see me in those when you bout them for me did you, that was the best night of my life you made me feel so special.

I wanted to show you that night but I was too scared, I'm not scared anymore!" The night she was referring to was the night of our "Father Daughter Date Night" our neighborhood held at the country club.

I will never forget how beautiful she looked that night in her white silk dress, we spent all day picking out dresses and it was the first time she ever got to pick out her own underwear.

I knew what she was wearing under her dress but she was right I never thought I would see her wearing it. Holy shit!! She was so beautiful!!! I flipped back to the picture of her in her outfit, not able to comprehend why she was doing this and why I was so turned on by my own daughter. I sat at my desk still naked from the waist down and found myself stroking myself as I looked through her pictures, what have I done?

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I had to let her know this was wrong but I didn't want to hurt her feelings either. "Honey you are beautiful! Yes I liked them A LOT, I never imagined my little girl looking as sexy as you do but you know you didn't have to do that.

I sent those pictures not knowing you had your mamas phone, I didn't intend on you see them." "I know I didn't have to do it, I wanted to.

Ever since I felt you while we were dancing I have been trying to see what it looked like, when you sent that message I knew this may be my only chance. Please don't be mad at me for tricking you." "Sweetheart I'm not mad at you just in shock.

I have noticed your were growing up quite a bit lately, especially since that weekend but I guess I just didn't want to admit to it. You are definitely a very attractive young lady and I feel very lucky to have you as a daughter and even luckier now that you have shared your secret with me but we still need to keep it a secret, our secret!" "Daddy give me some credit, if I am smart enough to trick my own daddy into sending me pictures of his dick (which is very nice by the way) I am smart enough to keep in between us.

I will make you a deal. I you promise not to tell mama on me I promise to give you something to look at." "That's a deal, I promise. By the way, what are doing in my bedroom?" "if you promise to send me that last picture I wanted I will show you!" "I promise." "Give me 5 mins." I knew what picture she was talking about, she wanted to see me cum.

I figured I had went this far why not! I leaned back in my big leather chair and started stroking my throbbing cock as I looked at her pictures, wondering what she was up too at home in my bedroom.

Minutes later my phone buzzed offering me the answer. "I love to play dress up when I'm at home by my self, thank you for buying mama all this nice stuff! Maybe if I'm nice you will buy me some too!" There was Lori wearing Beth's favorite naughty underwear, a pair of blue crotchless thong panties with matching open front bra that had only a thin blue circle framing her firm titties. The next one was her looking over her shoulder in the mirror, her tight ass pushed out showing the blue silk disappearing into her thick cheeks.

The next was taken from under her stomach as she was on her knees showing her slick lips wrapped by the thin blue strips on each side. By now I was about to explode, while trying to change my phone to the camera she sent another. "If those didn't make you cum maybe these will!" I stood and blew my load all over my desk as the first picture flashed up.

Still in the same position I saw her sinking my wife's hot pink vibrator between her tight lips, I kept shooting globs of cum all over my hand and desk as the next one showed up.

By now she had sank it deep in her hole just able to see the little whit knob on the bottom as she had her hand on her left ass cheek. I stood and stroked my drained cock as the next one showed her sucking half of the vibrator into her mouth, a few more stokes and I was cumming again. I was drained but I knew I had to take one more picture so I laid my limping dick up on my desk in the pile of spattered cum and started taking pictures.

The thoughts of her looking at them slowly stiffened my cum cover dick until it was almost back to full size, looking at my dick laying in all that cum I started imagining that it was Lori laying there in front of me with my cum covering her tight stomach. Thoughts of seeing her covered in my cum had me flailing away on my dick again wondering what she was doing still in my bedroom.

I had to know if she was still playing dress up. I pick two pictures of my dick laying on my cum covered desk and sent them to her. It didn't take long for her to let me know she still in the mood. "OMG! You made a BIG mess mister! You better not leave that for your secretary to clean up! Ha Ha! You don't know how good I feel knowing I caused that mess, you make me feel so good daddy!" "Here's one more for your imagination, I have to get cleaned up Donna and her mom will be here shortly to get me, I hope you have a great day, I know I will!" It was a close up her squatted down wearing a pair of her mamas red garters and red hose, her lips slightly spreading over the shiny tip of the largest dildo Beth has with it suction cupped to the floor.

I knew how big that thing was, there is no way my little girl could fit that inside her, at least I hope not! "Oh honey you better be careful, you'll hurt yourself with that thing! Please be careful, I love ya have fun at Donna's.


Call me tomorrow and I will come get you. Remember, our secret." That was it, I spent the rest of the day looking at the pictures on my phone and thinking about what had happened. I couldn't believe what we had done, I knew it was wrong but I didn't feel bad about it after all she started it so I knew she was happy with it.

I was scared as much as I was excited but I couldn't wait to see what happened next. The day was almost over and I was looking forward to the night alone with Beth, Lori had me so wound up I knew it was going to be a good night.

The short winter days had it almost dark by the time I got home, I pulled into the garage and shut the door. As I neared the door into the house I saw a sticky note stuck by the handle.

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"I hope you are ready for what you are about to receive" I smiled as I read the note, I knew then Beth was up to one of her games. As I made my way to the living room I saw another note stuck on the doorway.


"Leave your clothes here, you won't be needing them!" At the bottom of the stairs there was another. "Follow the trail to find your treasure" There were a pink rose petal on every other step as I made my way up, the last petal had been replaced with her pink vibrator. I took a second to place the vibrator to my nose and inhale the unmistakable smell of sex, I quickly noticed it was not the smell of my wife so I knew it still smelled from Lori using it earlier.

Still holding the toy to my nose I noticed the petals had turned red, I followed the red petals down the hall until I found her red lace bra the matched her garter set replacing a petal. Only feet away at the entrance to our bedroom I saw her matching red thong from the set. As I stepped into our bedroom I was greeted by Beth down on all fours wearing the same red garters and stockings I had seen Lori in earlier with her ass toward the door, my thoughts of making love to my wife turned into thoughts of Lori.

I chuckled as I saw another yellow note stuck to her right cheek and our favorite lube laying by her leg. I stood behind her and pulled the note from her ass, neither of us had said a word yet.

"Prelubed for your pleasure, yes BOTH holes" I knew right then what she wanted, I dropped the note and stepped closer laying the head of my dick between her slick lips and stopped there.

With a twist of a knob her vibrator was ready, with very little resistance I slid the length of the vibrator deep in her bowels as she exhaled her first words telling me to put it all the way in so I pushed it in until I felt her ass start to close on my finger. With a hand on each hip I closed my eyes and imagined it was Lori bent over in front of me getting ready to take my length as I pulled her to me and pushed myself balls deep in her well used pussy, that was the first stroke of many as I unleashed one of the hardest fuckings I had ever gave my wife.

The rest of the night was filled with orgasm after orgasm, going through every toy she had filling both of her holes with my seed until we collapsed in a pool of sweat and cum only getting up for some cold water and to set the alarm. I woke the next morning and made my to work leaving our mess for her to clean up before she went to work. Once at work I cancelled or rescheduled my appointments for everything after lunch in anticipation of picking Lori up at her friends, thinking of her all day.

Around 10:00 I got an email from Beth telling me James was going to stay another night with his friend but Lori called and she needs to be picked up at 1:00 and asked if I could go get her.

I told her I could and would see her when she got home. Minutes later I got a text from Lori. "Hey daddy, can you come get me at 12:00? Can we go eat lunch?

Can't wait to see you!" "Yes baby I will be there, looking forward to spending the evening with you." "Thanks! Love ya!!!" "Love you too" I was with my last client when I got another message from Lori, pausing my client I opened the message.

"Mama didn't miss these did she? I've go to get me some these they are so comfortable!!! Hint Hint!!" The message was replaced with a picture of her standing in the front of a bathroom mirror wearing a pair of her mama's black crothchless boy shorts and the matching black bra. I stuttered as I told my client I had to get this and spun around in my chair while the next picture opened of her butt taken in the mirror.

I felt my dick swelling as the next one appeared, a close up of her splitting her slick lips with the handle of a hairbrush. Amazed at her beauty I thought to myself, I wonder if she knows that bra slides opens to let her boobs hang out? If not she will figure it out after wearing if for a few minutes, she will either have to keep fixing it or let them hang out! I was still staring at the last picture when I received another one. "Remember. Our secret!" I laughed as I turned back to my client.

"Daughters, what are we going to do with them? Now, where were we?" While driving to pick up Lori she sent me a message. "Hurry up! My boobs keep falling out of this bra, Donna keeps looking at my nipples and laughing! Hurry up!" I busted out laughing, I guess she figured it out. Lori ran out when I pulled to Donna's house and tossed her bags in the back seat and jumped in. I instantly noticed her nipples pressing against the tight material of her shirt, looking up at her blushing face I wanted to laugh but mesmerized by her smile I smiled and told her she was beautiful.

She exhaled a deep breath in relief. "Thankyou! You make me feel beautiful, of coarse wearing sexy things help a lot too. Why didn't you tell me about this bra? I would have worn a thicker shirt had I known." she asked with her hands stuck to her hips and a smile across her face. "I knew you would figure it out, besides I think you look great." I replied as I looked down at her nipples pushing at the tight white shirt that barely reached the top of her faded denim hipsters.

After a quick conversation about where to eat and me telling her she needed to stop borrowing her mama's underwear we decided on a small Italian place in the mall. I felt like we were on our first date as we ate and laughed about her being nervous about everyone looking at her tits which looked like she wasn't wearing a bra at all, her firm Cs did catch the attention of men and women while they walked by our table but I couldn't blame them I found myself looking at them pretty often.

As we waited on the waitress to return with the receipt she took me by surprise. "So, did you ever think you would be jacking off to picture of me?" she asked as she crossed her arms and placed them on the table. I was struck. I couldn't believe how comfortable she was with what we had done, I figured if she was going to act like an adult about it I should too. "No, I sure didn't. I sure never thought I have the opportunity but I will admit I really enjoyed it while it lasted, you know your mom will want her phone back today don't you." I answered biting my lip.

"Yeah I know. I don't want this to end, I really liked sending those to you." a pouting face looked my straight in the eyes. With no warning she excused herself to the restroom. The waitress returned as I waited for Lori, I was thanking her when I felt my phone vibrate. Lori had sent me a message. "I wanted to get one more in before the day was over, xoxo" There was Lori standing in front of the restroom mirror her pants around her thighs holding her shirt up showing her tits hanging from the open bra.

I was still looking at the picture when she returned to the table and stood in front of me pulling a hand full of black lace from her pocket and handing it to me. "You had better put these up when we get home." I stood and shoved the items in my pocket as Lori turned and walked toward the exit.

I couldn't take my eyes from her thick ass knowing she was completely bare under those jeans, her beautiful tits free from restraint under that thin cotton. I took her by the hand as she waited outside the restaurant and walked through the mall, her pulling at my hand as we passed the lingerie store we bought her underwear for the dance.

"You can later, I promise" as I kept pulling her to my side finally stopping in front of the cell phone carrier which I have. She turned to me and smiled.