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Hot blonde outdoor sex interracial
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SLAVE WIFE TANYA: LACTATING IN LAS VEGAS Las Vegas is world famous for gambling. Secondly for all the various exhibitions, and thirdly for famous artist performances. And then the sex. Prostitution is forbidden within city limits, but in the local phone book you will find about 100 pages solely for "private dancers". A euphemism for female entertainment anyway you like it. Just outside city limits, you will find the famous chicken farms, large legal brothels, where almost every sexual desire can be satisfied.

Almost. There are some desires that need more refinement. Millions of people flock to Vegas for daytime exhibitions of all sorts and nighttime entertainment. Every year in January, the adult entertainment industry has the famous AVN trade show, which everybody can attend. What only few people know is that, simultaneously, there are special trade shows for special interests. These events are for invited only, and they are VERY expensive to attend.


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Obutulezi was satisfied. Deep down in the basement of Ceasar's Palace, a convention hall was the center of the annual discrete trade show he always attended as exhibitor. The event was so secret it did not even have an official name, but was referred to as the hucow expo. He had rented a fairly large area in the hall and decorated it as a comfortable lounge with bar, chairs and couches.

A low stage formed an inner circle, containing a bed, some pieces of scaffolding and a strangely looking machine. There was only one entrance to the lounge, and access was costly. Very. Mr. Obutulezi was happy, because visitors were flocking on his stand. The object for their intense interest was on the bed in the center of the lounge; a beautiful naked brunette seemingly in her mid thirties, with a voluptuous body: Long well shaped legs, bubble butt and flat stomach (but not too flat).

Her very large and firm breasts were dangling back and forth, as she was standing on all fours and had sexual intercourse with a well endowed black man.

Her beautiful face with big green eyes and full lips expressed a high degree of sexual arousement, and her moaning was increasing in loudness. This was Ms. Obutulezi, and she was about to have an orgasm. The third of the day. "OOOOHHHHH! AAARRRRRGGGHH!" Tanya came hard on the big black cock that was pounding her vagina, penetrating her cervix and knocking on the walls of her uterus. IT WAS SO GOOD! She climaxed loudly three times, while the audience applauded.


A female assistant held a bowl between Tanya's legs, collecting the huge amount of liquid she was squirting. The black man withdrew his huge organ from Tanya's wet pussy, moved to the other end of the bed and forced it into her little mouth. He came almost immediately, filling her throat with load after load of hot semen. With seemingly great pleasure, Tanya swallowed every drop, following her husband's strict order.

Mr. Obutulezi entered the stage, took one of the hands of the man who had just had sex with his wife, and lifted his arm into the air as was he a prize winning boxing champion. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give this brilliant lad a hand for his great performance!" People were clapping, as Tanya's sex partner got clothed in a bathrobe by the assistant and left the stage. The wife was laying on the bed, still panting from the massive orgasms.

Obutulezi continued; "My dear audience, watching a beautiful woman being satisfied is always an intriguing sight. But as you probably know, this show is actually not erotic, but for increasing the yield. Whenever this extraordinary woman climaxes, her endocrine glands will send massive doses of hormones into her body. Hormones that affects the milk production.

As you will soon experience, her breasts are full, even though she got milked only one hour ago. Miss Smith, please prepare her," he told the assistant.

The assistant, a beautiful small blonde dressed in sexy underwear and wearing high heels, took the still dizzy Tanya to a piece of scaffolding, bent her over and tied her arms and ankles to the metal rack. Tanya was now standing on her feet, her upper body lay on the metal frame, her big, heavy tits were dangling freely, and her curvy ass was protruding invitingly to the audience behind her.

Finally she put a red ball gag into Tanya's mouth. Her husband spoke again; "It is not only sex that affects her milk production. Pain is likewise as efficient, as it releases another blend of hormones, equally good for the yield. Now, this helpless woman now must have ten blows with a paddle to her beautiful behind. Which of you fine people would like to administer her spanking?" Hands flew to the air and excited shouting and murmur filled the lounge.

"The bidding starts at 1000 dollars. Who wants to pay more?" The auction ended when a tall Japanese looking man offered a sum nobody wanted to trump.

Obutulezi invited him onto the stage. "Sir, for that sum of money you can also have free access to her most pleasant bodily cavities. Please feel free to spank her", he said while cashing in the money and handing them over to a big muscular male assistant.

"But don't destroy her. She has to last for the rest of the show. Oh, and please don't touch her breasts and please cum in her mouth, Sir. We have to keep her pussy clean." The blonde assistant gave the Asian a wooden paddle. He weighed it in his hand and then gave Tanya's bubble butt a hard WHACK.

"UUUNNNGHHH!", She screamed behind her gag. Tanya HATED this part of the show! The man gave the tied up woman another painful blow, which almost made her go ballistic. He groped her red buttocks for a while before giving her the third smack. Tanya was now wailing and crying to the great pleasure of the audience. "Very good, Sir, you are most proficient with a paddle.

Seven strokes more to go, Sir," her husband said. The Japanese put the paddle on Tanya's back, unleashed his cock and forced it into her tight pussy. While fucking her hard, he placed another two blows with the paddle on the upper parts of her unprotected, firm buttocks. He then pulled out of her vagina, went to the other side of the scaffold, took out the ball gag and inserted his large organ into Tanya's mouth.

"SUCK IT, BITCH! AND DO IT GOOD", he shouted and spanked her butt twice, while she was sucking the best she could. The sooner he would cum the better, Tanya thought.

Her excellent mouth work actually made him climax rather fast, and she swallowed the hot sperm gushing into her throat. "You have a very proficient wife, Sir. A truly great cocksucker", the tall Asian said while closing his pants. He then administered the remaining spanking to the screaming woman. Her curvy ass was now red hot and felt like boiling. The spanker left the stage and Tanya took a deep, relieved breath. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, this fine lady has received both big sexual pleasure and terrible pain.

Now is the time to reap the benefits. As you will see, her breasts are already lactating. Now, we need a volunteer to do the milking of these magnificent udders. 1000 dollars for a start. You, Sir. Any higher?" Again, the Japanese won the auction. He reentered the stage and after having washed his hands in a small zinc, he was placed on a stool in front of Tanya and her big, hanging tits.

A stainless steel bucket was placed below them. The assistant gave him a short introduction to the milking process. "See, Sir, you either pull and squeeze her nipples like this", the blonde explained and milked a stream of milk out of Tanya's supple breasts, of you can grab the whole breast and squeeze it like this", she demonstrated.

Tanya whimpered as they handled her very sensitive tits. The man started milking Tanya like she was a cow. He seemed quite proficient in milking. He held both her tits in his hands, squeezed them tight and rhythmically one after another and forced out the white liquid from her nipples.

OHH DID IT HURT! His big hands held her sensitive parts in an iron grip, producing thick streams of milk gradually filling up the bucket. It felt like he was squashing her tits to pieces. Her tearful crying made no impression on the milkman, who switched into using her nipples only. "OOOUUNNGHHH!", Tanya moaned in protest and agony, as the Japanese almost pulled off her nipples, pinching and stretching them in the most painful way.

The milk continued to flow. After ten minutes, her husband interrupted the milking. Not out of pity for his wailing, suffering wife, but because he was afraid that the customer would empty Tanya's udders completely. "Thank you, Sir, you have done a wonderful job.

Almost half a liter in just ten minutes is very good for an amateur, if I may say so, Sir." The Japanese smiled for the first time. "Oh, I am no amateur. I have my own hucows back home. But none of them are as good as this premium cow.

Would you like to sell her?" He mentioned a price that stunned Mr. Obutulezi for a while, before he was able to reply. "Ehhmm, you are very kind, Sir, I really appreciate your offer, but this cow is not for sale. Not permanently, that is. You can always rent her for a period, like a weekend.

That has happened before. If you pass an email address to my beautiful assistant, we will contact you after the show to make further arrangements." He then addressed the audience. "Let us give this gentleman a hand for his proficient milking. Now, we proceed to the next procedure. Milking by hand is fine.

It has worked for thousands of years, but today machines are even better. My beautiful assistant will now demonstrate that for you.

Please proceed, Miss Smith." Meanwhile, the blonde had delivered the half liter of Tanya's milk in the bar, where it was put directly into a fridge. She came back onstage, wheeled the strange machine in front of the human cow and started it. A sucking sound was heard. The assistant placed two glass tubes, connected to the machine with clear plastic tubes, on Tanya's nipples. Greedily, the tubes sucked in her teats and pumped out streams of white milk.

For Tanya, this was both painful and arousing. The pump sucked so hard, but also extremely stimulating. Feeling the milk being forced out of her super stretched and hypersensitive nipples was a great sensation. Much better than the brutal hand milking.

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She began to moan, following the stoical rhythm of the pumping. It was like a fucking rhythm. Her husband once more addressed the audience. "As you can see and hear, the milking machine makes this cow very excited. If you were to inspect her pussy, you would find it very wet and inviting. I can assure you that this cow has a very tight orifice.

Furthermore, her uterus is placed so that men with large penises, like eight inches or more, can actually penetrate her womb. The cervix, the opening of the uterus, has lips that will suck on the penis head. That feels like getting a blowjob while you fuck her pussy.


Imagine that gentlemen. Who would like to try that extraordinary sensation?" The crowd jeered and shouted in excitement. Mr. Obutulezi smiled, as he continued. "Actually, we already have a winner.

You all received a ticket with a number, when you entered our stand. Would the owner of number 17 please get on stage? You are the lucky winner of this fine piece of cow pussy, Sir." A young man cheered and stepped onto the stage, aiming directly at Tanya's most inviting ass. He gave the ticket to Mr. Obutulezi, took out his cock and thrusted it into Tanya's wet pussy.

His tense face suddenly seemed blissful. "DIOS MÍO! QUÉ PEDAZO DE COÑO! ESTO ES FABULOSO! " He exclaimed while pounding Tanya's little pussy. She, meanwhile, had almost worked out an orgasm from the rhythmical pumping of her breasts.

Suddenly getting penetrated and fucked by a big cock moved her over the edge. "UUNNGGHHH! AAANNRRNNGGGHH" Tanya came like a freight train. The assistant, knowing her job well, placed another bowl between the climaxing woman's legs and collected the huge quantity of squirt emanating from Tanya's crotch.

Seeing that the Spaniard was about to come as well, the blonde kneeled beside him, grabbed his cock and pulled it out of Tanya. She then embraced the organ with her own lips, sucking him for a few seconds before he came in her mouth. "DIOS MÍO! What women you have! Mr. Obutulezi, thank you very much! I will tomorrow be back!" The Spaniard said afterwards, exhaustedly. "I am sorry about the interruption of my assistant, but we cannot allow sperm in Tanya's pussy these days. Hope you understand, Sir," her husband said apologetically.

He then concentrated on his wife, who was still standing in bondage, being milked. Only very little milk was coming out. Her breasts were empty. He ordered the assistant to stop the process, and spoke to the audience. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special treat for you. Actually, this is why you came to this venue at all. As you know, our beautiful little cow with the big udders produce milk of the finest quality.

And she can produce quite a lot. You are now about to taste her prime milk. My lovely assistant, Miss Smith, will soon serve a small glass for you with the finest human milk ever made. You are 20 people in here, and you will share the 2 liters of milk that you have just witnessed being extracted from these magnificent udders." He smacked Tanya's hanging tits lightly.

The assistant now served small glasses with a white substance on the bar. Each of the audience went by and passed her their entrance ticket in return for a glass. They then sipped the content slowly and carefully, smacking their lips and making comments like they were evaluating wine or whiskey.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obutulezi freed his wife from the rack, handcuffed her behind the back and walked her down from the stage into the crowd. "Well, gentlemen, what do you think of the produce?" In general, the crowd was very happy. "It is the best, Sir. Better than any other humilk I have ever tasted", a man exclaimed.

"How do you feed her? How do you train her? This milk is simply magnificent." "Oh, you are touching sensitive grounds, Sir. We have to keep our business secrets secret, you know", he said with a booming laughter. "Now, if you want to feel the finest pair of udders in this World, feel free to do so", he said.

The men started groping and caressing Tanya's sore breasts, expressing their appreciation of their size, shape and firmness. These were words from true connoisseurs, experts in human lactation, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their fetish hobby every year. Some of them also groped her butt and pussy. "Gentlemen, as you probably know, we select a few very exclusive customers every year, who will get the opportunity of renting this beautiful woman for a few occasions", Mr. Obutulezi told.

"Tanya will service you any way you may want, and she is highly skilled in pleasing men, as you have just witnessed. Now, if you want to participate in the competition for getting full and prolonged access to this fabulous body, please pass your contact details to my beautiful assistant Miss Smith. Need I say that my wife is very submissive and would love to follow your every order." Most of the men gave their details to Miss Smith.

A gong was sounding, indicating that the 45 minutes show was over. "Gentlemen, thank you very much for attending this show. Please come back later if you want. We are open every second hour, and we only allow 20 persons at a time." This was the third show of the day, and Tanya now had half an hour before the final event would take place.

The assistant followed her to the hotel suite, where she washed and groomed the beautiful body of the slave wife. Then, she put the naked woman to bed for a quick nap. Before the blonde left the bedroom, she licked Tanya's delicious pussy and made her cum once more.

One orgasm per hour, at least, was the strict instruction from Mr. Obutulezi, in order to maximize the yield of milk during the show. 45 minutes later, Tanya was awoken by the blonde assistant. She quickly put on a bra, g-string panties, a short, tight black dress and high heels.

The two women marched down to the convention hall, where their stand was already crowded with expectant people. When Tanya entered the center stage, the audience rose form their seats and applauded.

Mr. Obutulezi spoke: "Gentlemen, please welcome the most beautiful human cow in the World, my wife Tanya. She will entertain you for the next 45 minutes in the most exciting way, and some of you will get the chance to become very intimate with her. Finally, you will get a sample of her fantastic produce, perhaps even two.

If events develop as planned, we might serve you both pure milk and a cocktail. The content of the latter I will not reveal at this point of time.

But prepare for something very extraordinary." Standing by the bed on the stage was another big black guy in a bathrobe. Mr. Obutulezi continued; "How we have reached so magnificent results on both quality and quantity is of course a business secret, but I can tell you that SEX has a lot to do with it.

You will now witness how we maximize the yield of this hucow. It will involve both pleasure and pain. Now, you have been warned. Mr. Smith, please proceed". The big black guy removed his bathrobe and revealed a very muscular body and a huge semi-erect male organ. Slowly undressing, Tanya made a little striptease, revealing her magnificent body for the enthusiastic audience. When she had finished, standing stark naked on stage, the big black cock was fully erect.

She kneeled in front of the black man, started licking his balls, continued up his shaft and finally took his huge head in her little mouth. The applause was earsplitting.

She continued sucking for a few minutes. Tanya then placed herself on the bed, on her back, and spread her long legs invitingly. Her partner mounted her immediately, invaded her tight vagina with his big rod and pounding her hard.

OH, THIS IS SO GREAT, she thought when the huge cock knocked on the walls of her uterus and stretched her pussy to extremes. Soon, Tanya felt the first orgasm building up. She had to change position, so the assistant could collect her squirt, when she climaxed. She whispered to her partner, and they moved into doggy position. The audience applauded once more. The black guy now fucked Tanya slowly, using the full length of his massive organ.

He knew they had about ten minutes in total for the intercourse, and they should not climax too fast. As always, he was amazed at how great a fuck this exceptional woman was. The extraordinary feeling of her tight pussy against his shaft, and the simultaneous kissing of her cervix lips on his cockhead was surreal. It was amazing that he actually got paid for this.

He would be happy to pay himself for this extreme pleasure. Mr. Obutulezi made a discrete sign to him, which meant that they had to finalize the intercourse. The man increased the speed of his fucking Tanya, and predictably, her moaning increased proportionally.

The blonde assistant kneeled by the bed, ready with the bowl. The black cock now fucked the brunette rapidly, pelvis smacking against buttocks.

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"OOOOOHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHH!" Tanya came hard, squirting and moaning loudly. The man allowed her four orgasms, before he withdrew in the very last second before he ejaculated himself. Holding his hand firm around his cock to keep the sperm inside, he moved fast to Tanya's head and forced the organ into her mouth, while the hot semen pumped into her orifice.

She gulped down the lot. Applause from the audience was overwhelming. Meanwhile, the blonde assistant had collected Tanya's voluminous squirting with the bowl. Another half liter, she thought. This will not be enough. She then tied up Tanya to the metal rack on stage. After a quick whisper with Mr. Obutulezi, the assistant kneeled behind Tanya and began licking her pussy and ass, while she fucked her with three fingers.

With the other hand she held the bowl, ready to pick up thee squirt. Very soon, Tanya came again, producing another half liter of bodily fluids. "That was an extra orgasm for your benefit, gentlemen. Now we have reached the part of the procedure where PAIN is mandatory.

We need a volunteer." This time, the winner of the auction was a very well known billionaire, whose name was, of course, not to be mentioned in these discrete circles. He took the paddle, holding it like a trump card, lifted it high and viciously smacked the howling Tanya hard and fast ten times. He then took out another stack of big dollar notes from the bag of his assistant, and asked Mr.

Obutulezi if this was enough to fuck his wife. Tanya was still weeping from the brutal spanking. That had been the worst she had encountered during the show. Now, she felt a huge member pushing against her little twinkie, forcing the tight sphincter open and invading her dry anus. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! She moaned into the red ball gag. The red haired billionaire fucked her asshole SO HARD. It hurt SO MUCH. It felt like a big sword was penetrating her body.

Despite her tears, desperate facial expression, gag muffled shrieking and howling, nobody took any pity in her suffering. She was raped hard and long, until, finally, she heard the rapist roar and felt his sperm fill her bowels. OH GOD IT IS OVER, she thought. But the billionaire paid Mr. Obutulezi another huge amount, picked up the paddle and smacked Tanya hard on her sore buttocks another ten times, smiling all over his face. Then he paid even more money and fucked her little pussy raw, brutally and painfully.

"I really like this bitch. How much do you want for her? Name your price", he said to Mr. Obutulezi, who told him that his wife was not for sale as such, but that she could be rented for a weekend. "I want her next weekend in New York. You know the address. Friday at 5 PM. Do we have an agreement?" Mr.

Obutulezi confirmed the deal. He mentioned the price, and the billionaire simply gave him the assistant's bag, still half full of cash. "Consider this a down payment.

I look forward to spanking and fucking your wife's tight ass again very soon". OH NOOOOO! NOOOOOO! Tanya whimpered fearfully. The billionaire smacked her ass once more. "See you soon, bitch. We are going to have some fun, you, me and some friends!" He laughed ominously and left the stage. This time, a small Chinese woman won the auction for emptying Tanya's already taut breasts.

She had very long nails, making the milking very painful. She especially loved torturing Tanya's sensitive nipples. Apparently, the Chinese was very adept and emptied Tanya's sore breasts for more than one liter of milk, before Mr. Obutulezi stopped her. He could see the blood from her nail damaged nipples polluting the milk.

Or perhaps enriching it, he thought.

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There was a blood market, he knew, even though it was even more secretive that the hucow market. He did not even see the tearful, gagged face of his tortured wife. As her nipples were sore and bleeding after the Chinese torture, Tanya had no pleasure at all from the milking machine.

On the contrary, it was extremely painful to have her big udders pumped empty. Blood mixed with the milk, giving it a slightly darker color than usual. The winner of the draft for fucking Tanya, while she was getting milked by the machine, was a middle aged and partly bald Russian with a big entourage of viciously looking guards waiting outside the stand.

He had a striking similarity with a Russian politician and former KGB agent. His face was completely expressionless, while he fucked the best pussy on Earth, until he reached climax.

Mr. Obutulezi had told the Russian not to come in Tanya's pussy, but who am I to interfere with a guy owning the largest nuclear arsenal on Earth, he thought. And this was the last show for the day. No problem with sperm in Tanya's orifice at this time. Mr. Obutulezi watched passively, as the Russian emptied his balls in the pussy of Ms.

Obutulezi. "OH MAMA! MAMA! OHHHH MAMA YA TEBYA LYUBLYU", the Russian exclaimed as he was unloading into Tanya. The one bodyguard who had followed the Russian into the stand had to turn away, hiding his smile from his boss and wishing he had not turned off his hidden camera.

Tanya climaxed together with the Russian, who felt her vagina stretching and convulsing around his cock, while his cockhead was deeply buried in her uterus. WHAT A GREAT FEELING, he thought.

MUST BRING HER HOME TO KREMLIN, was his next thought. Again, Mr. Obutulezi had to emphasize that his wife was not for whole sale, but could be rented for a weekend. "Bring her to Russian embassy in Washington next weekend", the Russian demanded. Apparently, he wasn't used to bargain. "I am sorry, Sir, but her schedule is full for the next weekend. Another gentleman has just rented her services, Sir, and he made a substantial down payment.

I cannot change this arrangement," Mr. Obutulezi explained. "Who is this person?", the Russian asked. Hesitantly, Obutulezi explained whom the customer was, without mentioning the actual name.

The Russian smiled for the first time. "Ohh, he has New York tower, yes? He is friend of mine. I call him now. Is double price OK for you?

How much you want?" Mr. Obutulezi mentioned a price even higher than what he had offered the American billionaire, and the Russian nodded. "You want cash or weapons? I think your price is like one MIG air fighter or five T-80 tanks. You want them delivered here?" Mr. Obutulezu could think of some people in his native Africa, for whom a fighter plane or heavy artillery tanks might come very handy, but logistics would be difficult.

Especially in Las Vegas. "Cash, please," he said. In the meantime, Tanya's big bosom had been milked dry once more by the machine. Disappointingly, she had not orgasmed even once, the pain from her battered nipples exceeding her pleasure. This time, her mammal glands had produced almost three liters of milk, including the one extracted by the sadistic Chinese woman. She was SO THIRSTY and SO HORNY. Her husband freed her from the rack and offered her a large bottle of water, which she drank immediately.

"Gentlemen oh sorry, LADIES and gentlemen", Obutulezi said, suddenly remembering the long nailed Chinese woman still present. "We will now serve you two glasses.

One is the pure high quality milk of my wife, which you have just seen extracted from her impressive bosom. The other drink is a cocktail, where one part is her milk and the other ingredient is another liquid from her magnificent body. As you may have observed, my wife is a heavy squirter.

We have collected her jizz all day and made a cocktail wíth both squirt and millk. I don't think this has ever been served before.

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Please enjoy this world premiere of what we might call a Jizz Russian", Mr. Obutulezi said. The blonde assistant served the drinks extracted from Tanya's lovely body at the bar in exchange of the admission tickets. Her pure fresh milk (with a little blood form her damaged nipples) received rave reviews. The filthy rich human milk connoisseurs were extremely enthusiastic.

Some of them had been on the stand earlier that day, and they were adamant that this milk was supreme and even better than what the Obutulezi cow had produced ever before. It must be the blood, Mr.

Obutulezi thought. Tomorrow, he would cut Tanya's nipples with a razor blade, just slightly, to allow some blood to mix into her milk. The brand new cocktail of Tanya's milk and her squirt received a mixed reception. Most milk connoisseurs compared it to the biblical milk and honey, asking for more. In their opinion, this was the best human liquid they had ever tasted.

A minority found it bitter and vile. Mr. Obutulezi thought another taste might be good for turning this minority of prospective customers into becoming positive. "Gentlemen, we have an 80-20 percent ballot result.

I would like to offer the critics another go at the precious liquids of the body of my precious wife. Highly esteemed critics, please enter the stage. My wife will do her best to convince you about the perfect taste of her bodily extractions." Soon, Tanya was sucking cock on three men (the fourth seemed to be gay), before they were allowed to enter her precious body. She had their cocks in all holes, when she started cummin'. Her husband wanted all critics to get a salvo from Tanya's squirt, when she orgasmed, as the taste of her squirt deteriorated rapidly from being sweet and superb, into tasting sour and less pleasant.

The three critics changed positions on the bed, laying on their backs and licking her squirt eagerly, as Tanya was fucked by Mr. Obutulezi himself, cummin' constantly on his big black rod. After this performance, the verdict was uniform: Never ever had anybody tasted female bodily fluids as attractive as Ms. Obutulezi's. She was a true goddess, and not even in disguise, as her perfect body was naked, obvious to everyone and available at a cost.

For some strange reasons, Americans are crazy about awards, and by the end of the hucow expo in Las Vegas, the Obutulezis received the grand awards of "Best at Show" and "Most Innovative Company", following a poll including all the attendees of the show. Tanya's cocktail of milk and honey (from her squirt) changed the whole game of the show. Mr. Obutulezi did not take much notice of this, suddenly, rather mundane appreciation.

He was more focused on the upcoming weekend, where his beautiful wife would become the sex slave of a famous American billionaire and a Russian dictator.

This was the global elite, he had always wanted to attract. Watching his gorgeous wife sitting beside him in the plane, and looking at the impressive view of Las Vegas by night, Mr. Obutulezi thought; how do I get into the White House?