Sehr dünn Oma mit einem Dildo ihre enge Pussy Stretching

Sehr dünn Oma mit einem Dildo ihre enge Pussy Stretching
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Dear diary: Omg I can't believe it but it happened! I actually had sex with my own mother! It was such an amazing night of intense, wild sex. We were both drunk and on her bed after we watched this soft porn movie I dared her into watching.

I mentioned how I've been feeling so horny lately, and asked what she thought was wrong with me. She said it was nothing, that she gets the same way too sometimes. We talked a little about guys and our disappointments, and I was leaning back into her, and at some point she started massaging my shoulders.

As I was thinking how close I was, a thrill of anticipation ran through me and I moaned, and she said, "oh you are horny aren't you honey." And that's when I did it! I asked if she would rub me just a little, just to relieve the tension. And then her hand slid down between my legs! Omg!

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I was instantly in another realm as a shiver of ecstasy ran through. I spread my legs and my skirt ran up to my hips and only my panties were between her hand and my mound. Oh I moaned so sensuously and laid back on the pillows. When her other hand went to my breasts I looked up into her eyes. And then I made the move.

I reached up to her neck and drew her to me. And then we were kissing. Oh did we kiss! It was a kiss like nothing I've experienced before.

We made out for over an hour, our hands everywhere. And then we took turns between each other's legs. I was so fucking aroused I couldn't believe it! My juices were flowing like never before.

But the real fun didn't start until mom got the strap on out of the closet. And what a good one it was! I had no idea my mom was like this. The dildo was 9 inches and shiny black. And thick! About as big as my wrist! She strapped it on and got back on the bed on top of me and said, "let's see if I can fuck the horny out of you." And then she put it to my pussy.

I was so wet it went right in, and she was soon thrusting away. Oh I came again and again. I've never been fucked so long.

She kept thrusting and thrusting, so steady and deep, and we kissed and kissed, and the feel of that thick rubber cock penetrating so deep again and again was driving me wild. I could hardly stand it as I moaned. And then it was something like two hours later and we were both drenched in sweat. My pussy was actually aching and sore, and I had cum so many times that I was a bit senseless. Mom was still fucking me! It was around 1 in the morning and my arousal was out of control!

I was so deep in carnal ecstasy that I asked her to put it in my ass. I said I NEEDED it in my ass. She paused with all 9 inches of that dildo buried in me and lifted her head up from my neck. "Are you sure honey," she said, "because you know a girl has to clean up after herself." Omg it was unreal! I had no idea my mom was so naughty! I knew exactly what she meant because I always do ass to mouth after anal.

It's always seemed to me to be the natural thing for a girl to do. And I've gotten used to the taste of my own ass, which only seems to arouse me when I'm all hot and bothered. I remember biting my lip, "oh please mommy," I begged. She pulled that 9 inch dildo out of my cunt and put it to my butt as I pulled my legs up to my breast. It was so slick with my fluids and my ass so covered in my juices and sweat that it went right in. I winced from the quick hot pain.

It was the biggest thing I ever had up there, but it felt so good! I was alive with energy as she thrust it deep. I grunted with the sharp pang when it bottomed out, but then moaned my approval. Mom began fucking me and I grunted and moaned my way through it. Every thrust was uncomfortable - I just wasn't used to something so long drilling my ass, but my sore pussy was tingling in excitement as I wrapped my legs around her.

It was then that Mom started talking dirty. She called me a whore and a slut, and a dirty bitch, and pounded me hard as she did it. "You deserve everything you're going to get you filthy cunt!" Mom snarled as she pounded me harder and faster. Omg, that got me so hot!

Dirty talk has always pushed my buttons. "Oh yes, I've been so bad, Mom. I've been a dirty whore. Punish me, fuck the bad out of me!" And oh how I've never been fucked so long in my ass! Deep thrusts again and again and again.

There was no tiring or flagging, and I was in distinct discomfort. As hot and horny as I was, even I was wondering if I could go on. But I've never tapped out on sex, and I wasn't about to stop now. It was sometime after 2 and my insides were aching sorely and I was getting nautious from the relentless pounding in my bowels. I was only grunting now, and uselessly clenching against her thrusts.

But I realized then that this was the best fucking of my life, the very type I always fantasize about but never get.

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And I was doing it with my mom!!! Oh fuck it was so forbidden and naughty and nasty! I got so turned on all over again that I gritted my teeth and just rolled with it. I drew my mom's lips to mine and voraciously kissed her as I rolled my hips up and into each of her thrusts.

Even though the pain only intensified and I got well and truly nautious, I was burning with such an intense arousal that I was loving it! Omg I got as hot and horny as I've ever been! I was meeting each of her thrusts with my own and grunting with every one without breaking our liplock.

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I tell you it was the greatest sex ever! And I was determined to savor it and see it through to the end. My mom finally tired out sometime after 3. She turned me to my side then buried the dildo deep in my butt as she spooned me. We were both slick with sweat and the bedsheets sopping wet as we lay there embraced, letting the ecstasy ebb.

Mom kissed my neck and reached around to cup my breast. "Oh baby, I'm so sorry. I've just been do mad at you for stealing your father away from me." And omg, I wasn't even sure she knew about me and daddy! I suddenly felt real bad and apologized, and she said it was okay and that she forgave me. And then she was asleep in no time. Alone with my thoughts, I was suddenly acutely aware of how sore and nautious I was.

But even so, I fell asleep shortly thereafter - even with that big dildo buried in my ass! I woke at 6 with an intense pressure in my bowels. I needed to go like never before! Omg I couldn't believe the pressure! It was the dildo, and my body wanted it out.

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In no uncertain terms. Mom was still asleep, a leg and arm wrapped around me.

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As I started to disengage myself she woke. She held me tight and kissed my neck. "Oh honey that was so wonderful," she whispered in my ear. And it was, and I told her how much I loved it. She leaned over my shoulder and kissed me, but my bowels were straining so hard it was hurting! Still, I returned her kiss. Her hand moved down between my legs and she began rubbing my clit. Omg I reacted instantly!

I started rolling my hips and moaning. I slid a hand to her hip and our tongues entwined. I was so sore and the nausea so intense, and yet here I was getting all hot and aroused again!

But I just had to get out that dildo. The pressure was so intense that it was sharply painful. My body was beading in sweat. I told her I had to go to the bathroom. Mom caressed me and soothed me as she unstrapped the dildo. "Such a sweet girl has to go potty," she said as she rolled me to my back, holding the dildo firm in my butt. She sat up between my legs. "Don't worry mommy will help you," she smiled down at me.

I lifted my knees and the dildo started coming out. Slowly. Mom restrained it, one hand holding the dildo and one hand rubbing my belly. "Did you like it honey?" she asked. I bit my lip and nodded. "Oh yes mommy, it was the best sex ever!" She asked if I wanted to do it again and I said "yes yes yes!" She let the dildo slide out a little more as she rubbed my belly and the top of my clit. The combination of relief and stimulation was out of this world!

I was panting with newfound arousal.


And then my mom said, "Oh my!" as the dildo came out a little further. "It seems you've made a bit of a mess," she said. And then the dildo was out and I felt such relief that I came right then and there! Mom held the dildo up and I saw the 3 inch streak of brown caked from the head down its sids. My heart fluttered. I had never shit on a dick before!

Of course, I've never had such a large phallus lodged up my butt all night, either. Omg I don't know if I can tell this next part!

I am so embarrassed! But I really did it. And I didn't really hate it. It was disgusting, but it was also hot! Mom helped me lick it clean and it got us both so aroused! I almost threw up a few times at first, but once I got used to it I just dove right in!

We were fingering each other's pussies while licking and sucking on the shit. It was so dense and hard packed that I had to scrape it off with my teeth in places.


But then Mom and I would kiss and pass the chunk back and forth until it dissolved in our saliva. I just can't believe how aroused all this made me!

And when we were done, mom gave me the most amazing rim job. We peed in each other's mouths, and made out for I don't know how long, before finally showering together.

And omg was that hot! That's a story all by itself. And now we're going to do it again tonight! And I'm so sore and hurting you should see me. I can barely stand and can't even fake walking normally.