Limex Spreads Her Legs For Dick

Limex Spreads Her Legs For Dick
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I know there isn't any Dialog in here, its more of a me telling you what had happened kinda thing. Fake-all that fun stuff.

It was just a dream I was sitting on the couch when Chris had decided it was time to "Torture Kayla" We were both on the couch and his hand pressed hard against my breast while trying to punch me.

But i moved my arm. We both decided it was smart that maybe me and him wouldn't say anything.

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So we both decided to watch tv. I was feeling uncomfortable, but i was getting wet at the thought of him touching my tits. it felt really good, and i had wanted him to do it again. I had placed my arm down and i had accidentally felt him. he was hard, and in the corner of my eye i saw his eyes raise down to my hand.

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i leaned over him, making sure my tits pressed against his dick and grabbed a blanket. as i placed the blanket over us, we started to watch the movie again.

At that moment i decided to touch him again with my fingers. I started playing with him, and he liked it, he took my hand and held it, he squeezed it because my parents were in their room and we didn't want them to hear us.

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Every time we had heard someone, we pretended we were sleeping and i would squeeze Chris, messing with him and he would smile, with a teased smile on his face. When my parents had both left to the grocery store, i had pulled his dick out and started licking it, i started to lick it faster, and harder, i had started deep throating him hard.

i took him as deep as i could in my mouth, listening to him beg me to keep going.


I went harder and faster going crazy over the taste of his dick. I could feel him tensing and i knew i had to push myself to go harder and then as fast as it happened i felt his cum squirt down my throat, not a drop out of my mouth and it had tasted amazing.

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mm He had told me he was now in charge, so he threw me where he was and i started to finger me. He went in slowly knowing that it teased the fuck out of me, and as i begged him to go faster, he went slower, as i begged him to go deeper he didn't. So i started to thrust against his fingers. He only pulled out more, and he kept pulling back as i kept pushing myself forward and i kept doing that.

Then i closed my eyes and he pushed so deep in my pussy, i felt him push against my g-spot and i squirted all over his hand. So he went faster, and deeper.

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He asked me if i have ever used anything else, and i told him i like to play with myself and use a tooth brush as well and put it on my clit and move it slowly in circles. So he got up and went to go get one. He put it in his mouth making it wet and he put it on my pussy, on my clit to be exact and it drove me crazy. i was moaning so loud and so hard, i started squirting every where.

i kept getting very close to a climax but he didn't let me have one, he kept pulling it away and waited till i calmed down and then did it again.

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he started telling me how he fantasized me in the shower, and how he had fantasized about my chest from the very first time i went to the pool over at his and his girl friend's house.

He said he'd noticed years before but never decided to give it a chance until after he touched me when we were swimming. The thought drove me crazy! He took the other end of the tooth brush(not the prickly part) and stuck it in my pussy pressing hard against my g-spot. He started calling me baby and he started asking me if i would like to climax all over his fingers and body. I told him yes. So he put the tooth brush back on my clit, and he started twisting it in circles and he started fondling with my nipples and he knew that it was driving me crazy so he started to lick my nipples hard and he started to lick them very lightly to tease me and he realized as he did that i was going to climax pretty quick to it.

So he started asking me if i had wanted to cum yet and i said yes. i begged him to let me cum all over him and he pressed harder and he pressed in circles faster driving me insane. He kissed me, and he knew that drove me even more crazy i started to cum every where and he told me he wasn't going to stop till he thinks that i needed it. My clit was becoming very sensitive and so he had stopped with the tooth brush an used his fingers. I was moaning really loud and he put his fingers in his mouth, my pussy juice was every where on the couch, and he kissed me and then when i squirted really hard on him he said it was okay and that i could calm down then.

so i laid on him and we fell asleep watching a move. He was really exhausted after wards and after that we decided to keep playing together everyday:) i hope you enjoyed. =]