Porno mensch und tier

Porno mensch und tier
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The stars glittered, the night dark and eerily quiet. You stumble across the sidewalk, your skirt from the club scrunched up high, revealing your black lace panties snug tightly against your wet folds. The cold night air blowing, making your nipples erect and visible through the thin material of your dress. The club was hot and heated, too many guys were groping and pressing against you, leaving you no choice but to leave. Unfortunately you didn't bring your car and there were no taxis, forcing you to walk.

You shook, remembering of all the rape stories when girls were alone this late at night. You felt a thrill in your body and a little tingle below. The thought of being taken forcefully. Being pounded again and again and again, being slammed so hard that you cry out for mercy.


Shuttering, you kept on walking, completely unaware of a tall lurking shadow following. You sigh, feeling your horniness creeping up as you kept thinking about it. Your panties now soaked, thighs damp.

Slipping a hand into them, you prod your slim fingers into the hot folds, feeling your clit. Panting, you let out a low moan of want. Sure, you were right there in the middle of the sidewalk on a public street, halfway to home but hell nobody was around. Stopping, you look around for a quick getaway to go tease your kitten more.

Slipping into an empty park, you quickly find a place shielded by bushes and trees.

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You can hardly contain yourself, the panties are half off and around your legs as your fingers dip slowly into your dripping wet honey pot, the other grasping your perky breast.

You pant heavily, the breaths puffing visibly into the night. Your fingers working deeply into you, grinding against your hand. Your back arches and your eyes open slightly, moaning loudly. Your breath catches a little as you see a figure standing above you, before you can scream he's on you. Pushing his hand onto your mouth, cancelling out your cries of fear.

You see his other hand go inbetween your legs, ripping the panties all the way off and throwing them into the bushes. You shake your head, eyes wide with fear as you look at him, pleading. "Mmph, Mmm!" His face is covered as you realize he's wearing a ski mask, only his piercing blue eyes gaze into you. He licks his lips, studying your terrified face as you squirm underneath his strong figure.

You pant hottly against his hand, your chest rising and falling rapidly. He bends down and slowly licks his way up from your shoulder to your neck. You can't help let let out a low moan as he breathes heavily in your ear.

You can feel one of his rough, scratchy hands pry your legs apart his pelvis grinding against your naked pussy. He bites your neck, leaving deep teeth marks as his other hand unbuttons the front of his jeans, pulling out his rock hard member.

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It brushes against your folds, slightly parting your lips, teasing you. You quiver, moaning deeply, but quickly remember what's going on. "MMPH, MMMNPH!" Putting your hands against his hard chest in attempt to push him off, he grabs your hands in one, shoving them above your head roughly as he grabs hold of your throat, choking you slightly.

His member pushes harder against you, slipping inside slowly.

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You can feel your tightness trying to resist him out but to no avail. He groans in your ear as his grip on your throat grows tighter. You gasp for air as he pushes your legs apart more with his knees, feeling his thickness spread into you. "Please." You choke out. He stops abruptly, looking into your eyes.

He stares for a few moments and you think he's going to stop, only to see him grin maliciously as he suddenly slams his full length into you. You cry out, your fingers and toes curl as you feel him hitting the end of your depths, right against your G-spot.

You grasp the hand that he's holding your wrists down with, scratching into his palm as he slams into you again, hard and deep. You breasts bounce from under your dress as he pounds into you, his breathing harsh in your ear.Snaking his tongue into it, he lets go of your hands only to focus on choking you out. You claw at his grip on your throat, trying to breathe. "Uuuuuhhhhnnn." You pant loudly, squirming against his penetration.

He groans and pants into your ear, your folds tightening on his thick member. He grabs your ass from under you, digging his nails into it. You cry out, looking up into his never-leaving blue gaze.

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Your moans and pants are barely heard as the wet slapping of him pounding into your wetness echoes through the park. "Uhhhn. P-please. Don't.

Please. Stop. Uhn. uhhhhh. O-ohhh." Your back arches as you feel a build up in you. "O-ohh. Oh goddd.

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Please!" His dick slams into you like a piston, harder and harder and faster and faster. He claws into your throat and ass more.

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Your legs circle his waist, pulling him even deeper into you. "Ohhh!


Yes, yes! Uhnm, uhhn.


Uhnnn!" He suddenly stops again, looking back down at you. "N-noo! Don't. Don't stop. Fuck me!" He chuckles, nibbling your earlobe. "A-ahhh.

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P-please." He breathes into your ear again, earning him another squirm from your tight, hot body as you try to grind on his dick. You moan loudly as he growls and bites your ear.

His dick slams into you once again.your grip on his member tightens as your eyes start to roll into the back of your head, your back arching even more, pushing your breasts into his chest. "Yes! Harder! Pound me! Uhg!" One of his hands grabs onto your hips, digging into it as he lifts your ass from the ground, you can't hold back your screaming moans, you explode on him, feeling his hot member pound into you without mercy again and again and again.

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His hot seed filling you up completely as the world around you grows darker and darker, reality slipping away as the last thing you feel is his grip on your throat tight as he pumps his the last of his load into you.