Horny redhead siri getting her curvy ass banged by her brother in law

Horny redhead siri getting her curvy ass banged by her brother in law
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This story is a continuation of my last one. I have embellished some aspects to make it more enjoyable but this is pretty much what happened. I spent the whole day in anticipation of that evening. I found myself not breathing whenever I was thinking about it.

I had to try and relax! It was less than 3 hours to the time when Sinead asked me to knock on her window. I was certain which window was hers, Matt had pointed it out to me before when we passed her house and were talking about her. It was around the side of the house. The house was like a big cottage. Her window was low one, the sill would meet my waist level.

I noticed that the windows were those big old 'slidey uppy ones,' don't know the name for them. They were quite wide and I imagined that I could easily slip in and out of the window, if that was what was going to happen. I know I wanted to slip in and out of something, if you know what I mean, eh, eh!?!? To be honest I had no idea what Sinead had in mind for that evening and this encouraged me to conjure up all sorts of wonderful scenarios in my flittering brain. I wished the fucking clock hands would move faster as I stared at the clock in the kitchen.

I walked up the road at the time she asked me to and I approached her house. I noticed that the car was gone. This was a good sign that the coast was clear.

I walked down her driveway, aware that hey had a big Alsatian, normally kept locked up around the back. There was a small opening in the curtains in the living room and I looked through the gap. I could see Sinead reflected in the mirror over the fireplace.

The mirror happened to be angled to show whomever was on the couch. She was wearing a large white T-shirt and her legs were bare, tanned and almost gleaming in the lights of the room. Her hair was down and she was watching the TV with her legs curled underneath her.

I could see that she was not wearing shorts or a skirt. My cock twitched. I gently tapped on the glass and Sinead stood up instantly and came to the window. Her huge breasts were beautiful shaped in her T-shirt. If I had to guess she was not wearing a bra. She gestured to me to go around the side of the house, to her bedroom window. I did this with a nod to her. I waited for about 2 minutes for her and then the light came on in the room there she was.

She was wearing a t shirt and panties, not shorts or a dress, little light blue panties. The T-Shirt went down to just below her ass. I could not believe how fucking gorgeous she was and how turned on I was. Her bed was right underneath the window, length ways along that side of the room. She closed the door of the room carefully and turned the key.

She slowly walked over to the window. She was a bit nervous and I could see that her nipples were hard and clearly protruding through the white t shirt.

She climb across her bed and opened the window, sliding it upwards slowly. "Hi," she said nervously and with a smile. "Hi," I replied unable to take my eyes off her slim tanned thighs. She noticed how I was looking at her and she was kind of pulling on the hem of the t shirt a bit.

There was a sexual tension between us that was so new and exciting. The gap in the window was plenty of room for me to rest my arms on the window sill and have my head in the room.

We didn't kiss or anything and seconds passed as we just looked at each other and observed each others movements. She had a nervous excitement about her. She rested on the bed ass with her legs curled up along side her and leaning on her left hand. "Do you want to come in," she suddenly blurted. "I mean, if you want to, but you have to be very quiet, the kids are asleep.

Or maybe, you should stay there!?" She was nervous. "It's okay, I'll stay here for the moment, its fine" I replied calmly, as if this was a normal situation. "Okay," she visibly relaxed a bit. We exchanged some chit chat, awkwardly enough at first, about where her parents were and when they would be back. Eventually, we kind of got into a rhythm of conversation and she seemed to chillout. Soon, she was flirting with me.

She was flicking long black hair and smiling and looking down at her legs. Her T-shirt was revealing her panties and I was looking as much as I could at this area.

She knew and liked it. Her nipples were hard and every now and again she would rub her breast with her hand to brush her nipple and I could see the paroxysm of pleasure she got from me seeing her do it. I was hard and my boner was pressed against the window sill. We were struggling to keep the conversation going as we were all geared up to jump each other.

It was all very coy to begin with. During a pause in our conversation, she uncurled her legs, stretching them out and sat in profile to me, giving me a nice view of how brown and long they were, right up to her panties.

She leant back on her hands and my hand went to the bulge in my jeans to give it a squeeze. Her eyes followed my hand. I could have easily reached out and touch her. "I like your room!" I said distractedly. "I like yours too…,"she replied in an instant.

We looked at each other knowingly; I recalled all the times she watched me stroking my cock and cumming as she watched me from the driveway entrance. She started to move her knees, to and fro, apart and together. She was horny as hell, I could see it now clearer than never. "Can I come in now?" I said.

"Yes", she said, moving over, "be careful," she said anxiously.

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I entered the room easily and flumped on the bed next to her. I saw her pull her t shirt from under her firm buttocks to make it easier to reveal more of her hot body to me. I was now lying on the bed alongside her.

"You should take off you shoes," she animated. "Oh, right, ya" my hands were shaking as I pulled them off me. She was lying next to me, facing me, resting on her elbow.

"You should take of your jeans too, it's not fair that I'm like this and your not!", she said this with that naughty smirk I had got to recognise. "Okay, if you insist." I smiled nervously back at her. She watched me as I stood at the end of her bed and slowly opened my belt and started to remove my jeans.

I had to make sure that she had a good view of my swollen cock bulging from my Y front underwear. I was so hard and my swollen tool was never so big, I swear it had grown an extra inch. She was staring at my wood as I removed my jeans and socks, having a generous look for herself.

She looked so amazingly hot. Her long, tanned and toned legs ending at her little blue undies.

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Sinead was laying back on the bed now, a bunch of pillows propped behind her and her tits were busting to get out of that white T-shirt. I climbed on the bed again with just my T-shirt and underwear, both of us dressed the same and slid next to her and lay on my back with the pillows behind me back and head.

We weren't sitting up; we were more horizontal than vertical. We just stayed in that position for about thirty seconds. Then I felt her knuckles rub against my hip and my underwear waistband. I did the same to her. She started to pull up her T-shirt with her right hand and she shifted her weight so she could pull it up as far as the bottom of her now quickly heaving breasts. I saw how perfectly flat her brown belly was and I noticed a little tuft of hair at the top of her panties.

Our hands touched and I could feel her left hand graze my skin more boldly and journey slowly towards my where my cock was struggling against the waistband of my underwear. I moved my left hand and gently thumbed my cock, to help it breach the top of my underwear.

About an inch of my purple cock head was now exposed to her. She got up on left elbow so as to get a better view of it. She was mesmerized. With her right hand she reached over and touched the fabric of my underwear where my cock shaft was pulsing against it.

She rubbed her fingers gently along the shaft of my cock and it pulsated. Her eyes lit up and she was a child with a new toy. I was breathing heavily and I wanted to just grab my cock and heave it from its confines.

She slowly glided her fingers up the shaft, feeling it with just her thumb and index finger, and then she touched the exposed purple and throbbing head the same way. She glanced at my face as she did so, because my cock spat out a bit of precum. Her eyes were wide open and she was breathing excitedly, looking from my eyes to my cock. I decided that I would make the next move and I removed my T-shirt as smoothly as possible so as not to disturb her motions.

She really liked this also. I could see her delight as she looked at this almost naked boy in her bed with a large thick erect cock poking from his inadequate underwear.

I was a very fit young man and my six pack was very defined and I had nice pecs as well. Thankfully, Sinead emulated my move immediately after and she slid off her T shirt and revealed the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my young life.

Her tits were beyond compare. They jiggled around as she settled back on her elbow and the loped beautiful as she settled on her elbow again, then she took some time to gently nudge her hard nipples. She was only a bit self conscious. The nipples were a dark brown colour about an inch and a half across and her nipples were standing up about half and inch long, like little bullets. I was still on my back and taking all this in, my thick six inches poking from my underwear.

Then, she started to caress her breasts with her right hand and she looked longingly into my eyes, willing me to help her. With my left hand I reached across and fondled Sineads amazing full breasts. They were so soft and she squirmed delightfully as I massaged them for her, her thighs and knees rubbing together and she bit her lip as her eyes returned to focus on my cock.

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She brought her full attention to my abs and a cock area with her right hand. She rubbed my toned stomach up and down and each time she did so, she purposefully touched my leaking cock head with the side of her hand. I knew it was time to give my cock the freedom it deserved and I removed my underpants faster than I had ever done before and we resumed the massaging and the rubbing and caressing. Sinead was goggle eyed as now she assessed my whole naked body next to her.

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Her hands darted up and down my chest and down to my cock, gliding over the whole of my cock and balls and back to my abs and chest and then she reached around to smooth her hand over my ass.

I was heaving with pleasure as I idly fondled her breasts. Sinead stopped rubbing my body for a moment and her hand darted to between her own legs and she gave her clit a quick and determined kneading. She then returned to investigate my cock.


Free from its underwear, my rather thick (two inches mid shaft) six inch cock was sticking straight up in the air. She brought her hand to it then and grasped it gently at first and having felt the heat from it, she squeezed it more purposefully and I was nearly going to come in those few seconds, but somehow didn't. I stopped fondling her tits as I was overcome by the sensation of her hand on my thick shaft.

She started tugging it a bit and looking at my face for the reaction, I moaned in pleasure and then she started gently squeeze my balls. Fuck me! It felt good! Her mouth was open and her eyes and lips were overflowing with desire and lust. All of a sudden she jumped on top of me, her tits in my face and she started grinding my cock with her clit. We started to kiss like we did the night before but this time it was different, it was fraught with animal lust.

She was kissing my entire face and panting and grating her body against mine. She then, moved her hands down and tried to take off her by now very wet panties. I helped her out of them and she proceeded with her molesting of me. At last, Sinead and I were naked and grinding into each other.

"Play with my breasts," she panted. "Please, grab them!" she almost shouted.

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I hoped the kids were sound sleepers. I did as I was told, and I grabbed and mauled her big brown tits and squeezed her nipples while she squealed softly and ground her pussy into my cock.

We were dry humping and I could feel her pussy hairs on my shaft. Once in a while my cock would slip down to her wet pussy and slipping in there and then out again popping out on to her clit once more. We were generating a lot of perspiration. We were positioned literally on top of each other, symmetrically.

Her legs were only a small bit open and positioned on my legs. Her face on mine! Eyes on one another! It was amazingly erotic. Sinead was unbelievably turned on and I could sense that she was close to an orgasm.

We were both sweaty and hot and were literally sliding on each other on a film of teenage sweat and lust. It was then that my cock found its home and nestled itself in the sweet spot.

I had penetrated her and she was only too delighted to continue this course. I was consistently pounding in and out of her now and I could see Sinead's face next to mine and she had a expression of pure ecstasy, her mouth wide open and her eyes open but unseeing. I knew that she was going to cum soon.

Amazingly, I was not close to coming. I was groping at her entire body and feeling how wet with sweat we were, the heat radiating from each other. Our bodies continued to slide up and I could feel her wet ass was clenched so tight and I scraped it with my fingers. She slid harder and harder on to my cock, totally in control and then she was slowly gasping, higher and higher.

Then, her body went rigid on mine and I could feel the throes of an orgasm manifest itself in her short, sharp gasps. Her eyes closed now and she let out a loud exhalation of relief and pleasure, burying her face in my neck.

"Oh Jesus, ya, Jesus!"she exclaimed through shallow breaths. She was still moving her crotch on mine but less intensely now, my cock still in her and I made little thrusts into her. Her orgasm lasted about one minute and then she laid on top of me for a further 2 minutes, as I made little thrusts into her seriously wet pussy every ten seconds or so, teasing her further.

We were both covered in a film of sweat and Sinead literally slid off me, remained on her stomach next to me, beautifully naked and glistening and panting slowly. I was close to coming but I really didn't mind. I was here in Sinead's room looking at her completely naked after she came, as a result of me.

I got up on my knees and looked at her stretched out before me. I thought she was exhausted. I kissed her back and she twitched slightly. I licked down her spine to her crack, tasting the salty sweat.

My cock was still engorged. I started to caress and massage her toned hard ass, wet with the sweat from our exertions. I massaged it deeply and I heard Sinead whine with pleasure as my hands kneaded her ass muscles. Her face was planted in the pillow. Her skin was incredibly smooth. I still had a huge hard on. It bobbed up and down as I massaged her buttocks and I couldn't help rubbing it against her ass crack and rubbing the precum into her crack.

I massaged her deep and in such a way as to reveal her little puckered asshole, gently widening the crack as I massaged it, getting a wonderful view of her little brown hole. Beautiful! I used both hands to massage. I swept my fingers down her crack, making sure to tickle her hole. I could see her hole pucker more as I did this and I heard a whisper of concern. "It's okay" I assured her. I continued to massage in and around her little brown eye and then I started to lick it, flicking my rather long tongue into its centre.

Sinead became instantly aroused as I did this. She sighed as I worked my tongue along her crack and tasted her asshole.

I also could see her pussy now and how wet it was with her juices and probably some of mine too. This was not my first pussy. She had dark hair around the opening, this was before the proliferation of shaved pussy. The skin was darker around her opening. I decided to see how she would react to me fingering her, one of my favourite activities.

I was still leaking precum from my cock and I wiped some off my pulsing cock head onto my fingers and I gently touched her pink fleshy part with them. Sinead stirred and looked up from where she was recovering from her orgasm. "What you doing?" she said sleepily with a curious light in her eyes. "I am just touching it, is that okay?" I ventured. "Oh, okay, be careful". Be careful of what I thought? Sinead continue to lie on her stomach and looking at me over her shoulder to see what I was doing.

She was looking at her ass where my fingers were now poised to explore and how big my cock still was. I, very gently, pushed with my two fingers at the wet gash. I heard her moan and I looked at her face and she was watching me intently, her eyes on mine again.

I could see the desire. Her sleek back was still wet from perspiration and it was truly the best view I had ever seen. I repositioned myself on the bed. I knelt between her legs and gently pried open her legs more by moving my knees up her inner thighs. She acquiesced to my motions. Her asshole and her pussy were mine to do what I wanted with and I had more than a few ideas. I probed more forcefully with my two fingers and I slipped them up at least 3 inches.

She panted "Oh fuck," with a gasp. "Slowly!" she said. I was stroking my cock with my other hand and a trail of precum had dribbled from my full hard on. I saw Sinead's face and she liked what she was looking at. I continued to penetrate her with my fingers, going in and out of her, slow at first but then faster and faster.

I could see she loved it and was now looking straight in front of her and moaning rhythmically as I fucked her with my fingers. I put three fingers up her and pumped them harder and harder she was groaning louder and louder, her ass shuddering with every deep plunge into her. My thumb was stroking her asshole with intent as I continued and she was writhing on the bed.

Her hand reached underneath her for her clit and I could see her fingers fondling and grabbing at her clit as my tempo increased. She released guttural sounds of pleasure as she abused herself and I persisted on getting deeper in to her, my thumb really working puckered hole. A few times I went too far and she resisted. I was continually stroking my cock. Frantically, I told her to turn around get onto her back and she did as I asked, feverishly wanting me to continue with my assault on her juicy and hot pussy.

She was now propped up a bit by the pillows and I kept going at her as she lay with her mouth open and closing and pulling faces of pain and pleasure as I ripped in to her soaking pussy.


My little finger was now edging into the opening of her ass which was lubricated with her juices and sweat dripping from my fingers. Every now and again it would go in an inch or so and I could feel Sinead spasm in pleasure underneath me. I continued with the fingering of her ass.

My little finger thrusting into all the way, up her tight hole. She kept on kneading her swollen clit with one hand and tweaking her hard nipples. She stared at my hands as one fucked her hard and the other was stroking my fat cock faster and faster.

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Then she said "Put it in me, now! PLEASE!?" I was so fucking ready to come. I continued to fingerfuck her and she continued to writhe in pleasure. She wanted my cock inside her but it was too late and I could see she was about to come as her breathing became shallower and she suddenly halted breathing. Her naked body, sheathed in fresh, glistening perspiration arched convulsively and her ample, full breasts spilled and jiggled all over the place as she shuddered with another overwhelming orgasm.

She let out a rasping breath repeating, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!", her hand still kneading her clit to the very last. I could not contain myself any longer and I shot my load in streams of all over her stomach and breasts. She uttered a small scream as she felt the pale, warm liquid on her body. I spurted about seven or eight streams on to her and she just rubbed it all over her breasts and nipples in a frenzy, my fingers still deep in her, feeling the walls of her pussy. She was incredible to look at.

Her face was one of uncontained amazement. I collapsed in a heap next to her on the bed unable to stay on my knees. She looked at both her hands and manipulated my semen between her fingers. Sinead looked into my eyes and she said, "Wow, that was a lot." It was a lot and Sinead wiped her fingers on her breasts and body and gave me a glorious smile. We had come together and this was proving to be the best night of my life.