Chunky Redhead Going Down on a Stranger

Chunky Redhead Going Down on a Stranger
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I never expected to find Ellen's sister naked in my hotel suite. It was a surprise, to walk into my EXECUTIVE WATER VIEW SUITE at Mandarin Oriental Hotel and then suddenly - wham!

- it happens. I had arrived early and I put my briefcase on the hall table and walked through to the bedroom. The suite is 'L' shaped, and as I move down the carpeted hallway I look to my left, as I go down the corridor.

The bathroom door is open and Jenny stood at the sink, her back to the door and naked. Janice is a tall woman, probably about five-ten and she's slim - well proportioned, if you know what I mean.

She is bent over the sink doing something with her hair and her legs are splayed out a little to get her down to the height she wanted without having to bend her knees.

It is a very erotic sight, I can tell you: long shapely legs, firm and well toned, and impossibly long - they just seem to go on forever, up and up, each thigh a model of perfection until they reach the neatest little ass I've ever seen. It is firm and round, each cup-cake buttock beautifully defined.just begging to be grabbed - framed by the flare of her hips and the tight curve of her waist. The flesh of her back is as smooth as alabaster, a sort of creamy-white color, marked only by the faint outline of where her bra-straps had been.

Her head is down, hidden behind her shoulders, and the sound of running water drowned out my gasp of surprise. I'm stopped dead in my tracks, my eyes glued to the view. My mouth dropped open-in shock and surprise.


Shock because one moment I'd been thinking about work and the next I had this vision in front of me, only a dozen paces away. Surprise because I'd meet Jenny when Ellen would visit her here in D.C.

or when she came to Dallas for a visit. I never realized just what she had hiding under the jeans and baggy sweaters she liked to wear. It was like finding a pile of money under the floor that you never knew you had. I don't know how long I stood there, gawking at her. Long enough to pick up the small details: the thin gold chain around one shapely ankle: the dimples behind her knees; the smooth warmth of her skin, good enough to eat; the little curve under each buttock that defined their roundness, and the neat little crease above them where the crack of her ass began.

Best of all though, was the sight of her pussy peeping back at me from between the cheeks of her ass as she bent forward. It is in shadow but I'm close enough to see it clearly, hiding like a little furry animal in a cave with a few wisps of hair around it, as fine as spun gold - testimony to the fact that she is a genuine blonde. She must have sensed my gaze, as I stood there staring at her.

She stopped all movement and is still for a moment, listening, and then she pushed herself up and turned her head slowly, her eyes peering backwards through the little gap between the smooth skin of her waist and one of her arms.

For a moment she is motionless, her eyes on my face. I feel the hot flush of embarrassment staining my cheeks at being caught - but I just couldn't move: and then she stood up slowly and turned towards me - just standing there, front on. Her breasts are bigger than I had imagined, sitting firm and upright on her rib cage, the nipples thick and protruding. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed back and the lips of her vulva are slightly open, revealing a gleam of pink wetness behind them; and her hair is wet, a dark blonde, lying around her face as she regarded me.

For a long time we stared at each other. Her eyes are grey and steady, neither embarrassed nor angry. She allowed them to roam over me - moving over my body slowly, resting on my crotch for a few moments before sliding back to my face. I can see a gleam of amusement in them, an awareness of the sudden impact she had made on me, and her mouth curled slightly in the faintest of a smile: her teeth so white behind the softness of her lips.

I caught the sound of her chuckle: a throaty little laugh that promised almost as much as the sight of her body had - and then she leaned forward and quite slowly and deliberately closed the door, shutting out the best thing I'd seen in a decade.

I'm reading a book in the library and the words are a shapeless blur. My mind is filled with the vision I had just seen. the golden skin, the teardrop breasts and her little furry pussy - and the calm grey of her eyes as she watched me looking at it. Pink Wet. Slightly open. And all this time when she visited I had never noticed. I heard her footsteps on the tiles in the kitchen and them she walked in.

Her hair is still damp, but tied back in a little pony tail that lay across the vivid blue material of her blouse like a strip of gold bullion.

I looked up at her guiltily. " I'm.sorry, Jenny. I - I didn't expect to see you here. I was surprised." She stopped and looked down at me. " You sure took your time being surprised." I'm silent, not knowing what to say. " Well, what have you got to say?" " I've said I'm sorry." She leaned forward a little. " Sorry for what, John, for catching me, or for standing there for half an hour perving when you did?" I stared up at her. She is still looking at me, her eyes bright.

" I wasn't perving." She laughed. " Well, you sure gave a good impression of a perve." She turned her head on the side and fixed a glassy look on her face, poking her tongue out of the side of her mouth for a moment in an expression of imbecilic attention.

" Just like that, John, for half an hour. I surprised you didn't drown in the drool that was sliding down your chin." I laughed with her. " I wish it had been half an hour. Anyway, its your fault." " Me? How's that?" " Well, you looked - um, I mean, well - you were worth looking at. What are you doing here?" " So you're saying that you liked what you saw.

I want to thank you for getting Ellen her new job here." I looked her in the face. " Sure." " How much?" " What?" " How much did you like what you saw?" " I don't know what you mean." She laughed again.

" Sure you fact, I saw how much you liked it. a lot, judging by the reaction. A huge amount." I feel myself coloring again. " So why are you asking me, if you already know?" " Just checking." She turned away but stopped by the door and looked at me again. " It was a perve, you know. Now you owe me." And before I can answer she had gone in a flurry of skirt, leaving a trace of her perfume and a disturbing memory of that long, golden body.

That night when I lay in bed and played the tape in my head again - but the clarity of the image gradually diminished.

I never really connected it with going further, either: she was Ellen's sister, and I didn't do that. It had been a pleasurable few moments of my life, and time needed to move on.

I guess it would have died altogether, like a faded photograph that is finally thrown in the trash, had she not come by my room that night. It is stinking hot: one of those heavy, oppressive days when the air is as thick as a wet sponge. You can almost feel the oppressive air crushing down on the town, robbing everyone of energy. All you wanted to do was to lie down. I had went to bed early and I stripped off and lay on my bed with my eyes shut listening to the occasional growl of thunder and feeling the trickle of sweat on my skin.

It was as if the world had stopped and I was the only survivor, lying in bed in a stupor with my eyes shut. I can hear the muffled tick of the old grandfather clock in the hallway and then the faint clunk of its mechanism as it reached the hour and prepared to chime: the crisp click of the gearing, lifting the hammer, drawing it back.and then the first chime, too loud to be through a closed door: and I opened my eyes and see her.

Jenny had opened the door and moved silently across the room to stand next to the bed. She is leaning forward slightly, her weight balanced on one foot as if ready to flee and she is dressed only in a sleeveless sports top and panties. I see the gleam of perspiration on her skin and the hair at her temples is discolored with sweat, darker than its normal shade of pale honey.

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Her breasts are full and round, pushing against the material of her top, and I can discern the outline of her nipples against the weave of the cloth and the dark shadow of her aureole around them. The thin fabric of her panties stretched tightly over her mound, the filigree lace delicate against the golden tan of her skin. She held her head at a slight angle, looking down at my nakedness as if puzzled by what she saw, and there is an expression of guilt on her face, like that of a little girl reaching out to steal a cookie.

She must have known I was aware if her, but she didn't look at my face. She turned a little, almost sideways on so that I could see the swell of her ass filling the white lace panties, and the curtain of her hair dropped forward to hide her expression. She is very close to me. The film of sweat on her skin gleaming in the pale light from the window; and I can see the fine golden down on her arms and in the crack of her ass just above the elastic of her panties.

I smell her, too: the fragrance of her perfume, overlaid with more powerful aromas: salt and sweat and the faint musk of excitement.

She bent forward a little more as if to inspect me closer, and the elastic leg of her panties move over the curve of her buttock to reveal a crescent of firm flesh - and beyond it the dark shadow of her crotch with the tight gusset of her panties snug between the golden thighs. I visualized what was behind that strip of damp fabric: the plump lips that I had seen before, but now wet with the heat and perhaps open a little wider than before. and the tight little orifice behind it, crimped and snug between the fragrant cheeks of her ass.

I imagined the dampness there - the press of her wet flesh against the material, the leak of her juices into the weave of the fabric, as sweet as fresh honey. My cock grew hard quickly, moving silently over my belly to stand proud, bobbing slightly as she watched. The head distended and swelled, purple against the pale skin of my belly, and a drop of clear lubricant dribbled from the tip like a pearl against the darker hue of arousal.

For a few moments more she watched it, her body quite motionless, and then she stretched out her hand and touched me with the tip of one finger, resting it gently against the heated flesh of my hard rod. I feel the pressure of her fingertip against the base of my shaft; and then, ever so gently, she drew it slowly along my full length until it reached the very tip. My cock lurching in response and a fresh trickle of lubricant escaping from the end, oozing against the tip of her finger, stringing out in a fine thread of silver as she lifted her hand away.

Almost without thinking she presses it to her lips and the tip of her tongue dabbed the shiny wet pad, and then, as if suddenly realizing what she had done, she turns away and almost ran to the door.

She stopped there and turned towards me. " Ellen must not know about me bing here, John," she said, but her voice is gusty and uncertain. I said nothing.

I didn't need to. She could read it in my face and I saw her confusion. She turns again and ran down the corridor towards the sanctuary of her room to shut out the lust in my eyes.

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I stopped thinking about her as Ellen's sister - I figured she had moved beyond the normal relationship when she stroked my cock and tasted my pre-cum. She is fair game now and it is clear to me that I wasn't the only one enjoying it, for I had seen the flash of her white panties as she ran with a dark stain of her desire at the crutch.

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I seized my cock and stroked it, imagining how she would straddle me and lower herself onto my straining rod. I knew how tight she would be how she would move, and I could feel the cloying heat of her cunt and the tight rhythmic undulation of her hips. I imagined how she would look as I stared up at her face: her mouth open, lips slack and wet and her hair moving languorously back and forth as we fucked; and I could feel the satin of her thighs either side of my hips and the press of her hands on my chest to steady herself.

My hand gripped harder, flying along the shaft, feeling the inexorable spiral of pleasure until that one tremulous instant where I was balanced on the very edge of time: and then I spurted. A groan of intense pleasure burst from my lips and great streams of thick, steaming cum burst from the head, desperate to be inside Jenny's pussy but finding only the skin of my belly on which to land. Immediately afterwards, as I lay in my room panting with the effort of my exertions, I thought I heard furtive footsteps back away from my still open door.

I wondered if she had watched me spurting and known who was the subject of my lust. I wondered if she would soon be doing what I had just done, and I ached to be with her. I slipped into her room and onto the bed.

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" Man! What a petite, little ass you have," I muttered as I caressed her tummy and toyed with the hem of her panties. " You have smaller hips then Ellen.

I'm really gonna crack that small tight cunt of yours wide open!" Then my hands are on her crotch, massaging her pussy through the material of the panties. The panties are one of those bikini types, pure white silk with sheer lace trim at the sides. She shrieks with horror as she feels my mouth on her crotch. I'm kissing her there! I'm pushing my face roughly against her, rubbing the silky material of the panties back and forth across her pussy. I suck on it, kiss and slobber over it.

At first she is horribly humiliated, but after a few minutes a strange sensation came over her that she has never experienced before. She can't really describe it--her body is tingling and it feels as if her pussy has received an electric shock.

And then she feels her pussy lips suddenly moisten, and it isn't from my spittle! She is oozing juice, she clenched her teeth and tries to fight the mounting tension that overtook her body. Then my tongue is pushing through the thin, wet panties. I force my worm-like tongue deep into her, rubbing the insides of her labia with the soft silk of the panties.

Her body is on fire. She arches her back and emitted a shriek of pleasure, a shriek that she couldn't have suppressed if her life depended on it. She just can't help it. Her cry excited me and I'm suddenly jabbing her pussy with renewed energy. My tongue is relentless. It poked, it jabbed and it flicked everywhere. She starts to groan; the pain in her arms and shoulders momentarily forgotten. It feels so nice! Then I rose a little, slipping a hand into the hem of her panties and simply tore the thin material off her with one powerful yank.

Her hips bounced and she gave a surprised squeal. " Oh yeah, baby!" I groaned as I fell back between her legs. " I love the taste of your tight pussy!" I spread her moist lips with my fingers, bent forward and started to flick my tongue across her swollen clitoris. She thought she had died and gone to heaven.

I kissed her vagina, ran my tongue around in circles and then I started to chew on her clitoris, raking my teeth over it, stars exploded in her head. She came then for the first time in her life. Her heart is pounding and her brain is numb, but the sensations wouldn't stop.

She arched her back way off the bed and emitted a very long, panting squeal. " Ooo---Ooooo---Ooooooooo---Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" But I wasn't stopping. I sucked and slobbered on her swollen pussy, pulled and nibbled on her sore labia and relentlessly flicked my tongue across her clitoris until she came for the second time. It is more intense than the first one. She couldn't breathe----She couldn't see straight.

Her head is pounding as the orgasm overcame her. She feels cum shooting down her vagina in crazy squirts. She just couldn't stop the wonderful sensations that shook her body from head to toe. " A-aagh! A-aagh! A-aagh!" I pulled my head away.

She couldn't see me for her head is stretched far back. All she saw was the opposite wall and that from such a crazy, upside down angle that her head is starting to spin.

The orgasm is over and now the pain in her shoulders returned. I helped her to a sitting position. Her body wobbled and her breath is coming in heavy gasps. I reached out suddenly, clasped my fingers around the section of the bra between her tits and ripped it off her.

She cried out as the bra straps tore and as the hooks of the back band tore into her flesh. She clawed at my arms as I cupped her breasts in my hands. I gave them a rough brutal squeeze and she cried out with pain.

" Keep your hands off me!" She hissed at me and I gave her tits another fearful squeeze. Because she is petite her 34 C breasts are round and firm standing out like fat torpedoes.

The tips of her breasts come to a conical point and her nipples are very evident. Their protruding nature makes them very sensitive. She cried out when I pinched one. " Oh----look at those nips!" I thrust my face between her tits, squeezing them together and mashing them against my cheeks. My thumbs kneaded her nipples and she squealed with discomfort. Then my mouth is over her left breast.

She cried out with shock as my mouth closed over it, compressing it hard between my lips. Then I attacked the other in the same fashion. How long is that damn penis of his, she thought and bit her lips.

It is only when I pull the shorts down past my knees that my monster popped into view. Now she has no idea how long a penis should be but she is sure that mine is bigger than she ever thought a penis could be. It is impossible to be so huge! It must have been at least nine inches long and at least three inches in diameter around the base. The pink, oval-shaped head is about four inches long, thick and swollen.


The whole nine-inch shaft is thickly veined and full of lumps and bumps. She clasped a hand to her mouth and almost fell off the bed. " Oh my God!" I grinned as I kicked my shorts aside. " Yeah, I've busted Ellen's tight pussy with this thing. Now it's your turn!" Her face turned as white as a bed sheet. " Busted? Please, John. You'll kill me with that thing. Please!" I shook my head. " It's a figure of speech, pet.

You know----take a girl's virginity. You'll walk out of here alive. Well, stumble is more like it. It's sort of awkward to walk straight after you've had this monster inside of you." She jumped off the bed and made a run for the door. But my hands are on her in a flash. I sank my hands into her long blond hair, spinning her around and hurling her back towards the bed. She fell against the bed, her body stinging from the pain. Her head is on fire and she is sure that I had some of her hair in my hands!

" Get on it, you little vixen!" " No! No! No! No!" She screamed and tried to get to her feet. I'm right there and I yank her to her feet----by her hair! She screamed again and tried to kick me but it is a fruitless attempt.

I lifted her off her feet and simply threw her on the bed. I'm on top of her suddenly pinning her body down. She cried out, spat and clawed but I'm much too strong. I rolled her over so that she is lying on her side, reaching over her head and proceeded to strap her wrists to the headboard with handcuffs. Then I got off her, then I got on the bed next to her and slipped up behind her. My huge penis poked her spread thigh and she cringed with fear.

I drew her close towards me, slipping one hand under her body and cupping her right breast. Then I grabbed my huge cock in my free hand and guided it slowly towards her swollen pussy.

She cried out as she feels the massive head push against her lips. " Here we go, Jenny," I groaned. " I'm gonna crack that tight cunt of yours wide open!" She cringed with fear. " No, John!

Please. . ." " Sssh! You're gonna like it!" " Please, John," She begged. " I'm not on the pill! This is the time of month for me, damn it! Do you know what that means?" I laugh. " You're fertile? Excellent! I'm gonna give you something to remember me by. My huge balls have so much jism that I never miss. You won't be the first bitch to bear my child!" " No, John! Please!" I push a little, lifting my hips as the massive head slowly slips into her pussy.

She thought that I was going to split her open! Only an inch of my bulbous head is in her but it is enough to make her cry out with pain. I push a little harder and she thought that she was going to faint.

Her pussy lips are being stretched to the limit as my huge head wormed its way deeper into her. She tore at the handcuffs and shrieked in agony. " Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" I wrap my free had around her thigh and gave a hard forceful push. The whole four-inch head slips into her. Her pussy lips slap shut around it with a loud sucking sound. The pain is unbearable. Her head is swimming and she feels as if she is drowning.

Then I start rocking my hips back and forth, slowly slamming the massive head in and out of her. She feels her pussy sphincter being stretched wider and wider. " Oh yeah, baby!

It's so nice and so tight!" I groan as I start to heave my huge penis deeper into her with every push. She tore at the cuffs and screamed. Suddenly I can't push any further----I had reached her hymen.

She started to sob and beg me to stop. But I'm to far gone to think of stopping now. She senses from my tense body that I was going to put it in all the way, all nine inches of it. I suddenly clutch her tightly and heave my buttocks forward. She emitted a shrill shriek as I tore through her hymen with one, brutal push. She feels something wet slosh past my massive shaft and knew that it was blood. I gave her a few, slow thrusts----then pulled out. She breathed a sigh of relief as her pussy lips slowly closed.

The pain she had experienced from my large penis and the pain from her ruptured hymen is still dancing in her head and she thought that if I continued that she would lose conscious. But I wasn't finished with her yet----far from it.

She hears me chuckle and before she knew it I had thrust that big beast inside her again. I slip in about five inches of it with one push and surprisingly it had gone in without any trouble.

She let loose a fearful scream as my big thick cock split her in half. I start to ride her then, pushing not more than half of my long penis in and out of her with soft, gentle strokes.

It is still so painful, but not as much as before. She started to like the feel of my thick penis rubbing the soft walls of her vagina. It is definitely something she had never experienced before.

It was painful, but a pain that she is willing to endure! She starts to pant and groan, suddenly overcome by a wonderful sensation.

I start to push harder and harder which sent tingles down her spine. She arched her back and groaned. She is torn between various emotions. Her sister's lover is raping her and she wanted me to stop yet it feels so damn good that she wished I would never stop. It is so confusing. She started to cry with the shame of it all. Then suddenly I'm ramming it in and out with hard powerful thrusts. The pressure against her vagina is unbelievable and she cannot help but to cry out with uncontrollable pleasure.

She came for the fourth time that night and it was the most violent one. She thrashed around on the bed, gasping and groaning while I held her tight in my arms. Soon the waves of pleasure subsided. My huge penis is now starting to irritate her for I still had half of it in her.

My constant little jabs are driving her insane. Then I start to push forward. She threw back her head and cried out with shock as another inch is thrust deeper into her. I'm taking my time. I draw back about an inch of my huge cock only to thrust it back in, shoving it in deeper than it had been before.

I rode her like this while she screamed her throat dry. Inch by inch, deeper and deeper. Her pussy is on fire. The pain is excruciating but she can't help feeling horribly turned-on at the same time. Her pussy is being stretched beyond any imaginary limit. Her cervix is being forcibly stretched as the monstrous head worms its way deeper into her, deeper than she thought any man could venture.

At the same time her swollen labia are being stretched wider as the thicker base of my penis inches past it. She thrashed about the bed, whipping her hips up and down and moaning. I like it! I start to thrust my immense cock in and out faster and faster, ripping her pussy open.

Then with a grunt I exploded, she feels hot cum gushing deep inside of her. " Yeah, baby. Yeah!" I moan like some wounded animal, a deep growling sound that came from deep within.

I pull out my penis as cum and blood drips out of her to stain the bed sheets. She sighed with relief, thinking that the ordeal is over. How wrong she was! I start again. She can't believe that I'm still rock hard! I slip it in again, real slow this time.

I did it so slow, so very slow, allowing her swollen pussy to get accustomed to the massive intruder. I didn't ride her----none of the agonizing thrusting in and out. I just keep inching that huge monster deeper into her! Deeper than I had gone before! The pain is excruciating and she can't help but shriek with every push. Yet the most wondrous sensations are ripping through every nerve ending at the same time. Eight inches then nine inches of my massive penis ground its way deeper and deeper into her so she thought that she would burst at the seams.

Then the massive head pushed her cervix open and a titillating sensation exploded throughout her body. She gasped as a fifth, even more powerful orgasm ripped through her.

She can't breathe, she can't think or see. All she wanted to do is scream. Scream she did as her mind exploded and loads of juice swept down her pussy. It acted as a lubricator, allowing me to push even further. She cried out with agonizing pain as I stretched her cervix, flipping it back.

And with one final heave I'm in all the way in, all nine inches of it, the massive bulbous head buried deep in her womb. I left it buried in there and clutched her tightly against me. My right hand started to squeeze her breast and I bent down and sank my teeth into her neck. That set her into orbit.

Her body shuddering as another orgasm rippled through her, the most violent one yet making her thrash around and grind her hips against me. " Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes! Yes! O-o-o-o-o-o-ooooooooooooooooooo!" I suddenly raise up off her back. I pull my massive penis slowly out of her and lift her up onto her knees. I lifted her up off the bed by her tummy and spread her thighs wide.

She is panting and gasping as she stared back over her shoulder as I positioned the bulbous head against her pussy again. Then I'm in with one push. She thought she was going to die right then and now.


The pain is so excruciating. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as my huge balls slam against her. I'm into the hilt! With one massive push and I had buried my entire length deep inside her again, ripping through her tight cervix again so that my head lodged itself inside her womb.

She threw her head back and screamed like she has never screamed before. But I didn't care. I'm thrusting in and out like a madman while I simultaneously grunted: " Take it, you little bitch! Take it!" In and out I slammed my huge monster.

I would pull out until only the head was lodged inside her and then lunge forward. All the way in. My huge head would slam through her like a piston, the huge swollen head spreading her cervix wider and wider. Relentlessly I slammed myself in and out of her, again and again. She thought that I was going to rip her apart. Her body aching. My huge balls slamming against her with every push and it drove her crazy! My cock is starting to swell, stretching her sore vagina even wider than before.

She suddenly can't help the burning sensation that is burning through her like a forest fire. It is a new feeling, one that is impossible to describe. She had several more orgasms, one after the other, one more violent than the other. She is in a daze----she wishes it could go on forever.

Every nerve ending is tingling as if it had received an electrical charge. She is beyond feeling, beyond caring, beyond anything at all. A total wave of ecstasy swept through her. She stopped fighting and just let it happen. I continue thrusting in and out with long purposeful thrusts, slipping it almost all the way out only to ram it in to the hilt again.

It is a sloppy fuck----tons of pussy juices are being forced out of her every time I drew my dick back. Her knees are squatting in a pool of cum----the sheets are soaked. She didn't care. She wished that I would never stop----never! Then suddenly my cock swells to immense proportions. She shrieks as she feels it tearing her raw pussy.

Then I gave a loud roar and buried my huge cock deep inside her. My body tensed and then she feels my hot cum shoot deep into her womb. Plop! Plop! Plop! Loads of the stuff kept shooting out of me. I had an endless supply----it just wouldn't stop. The sensation of my hot cum slamming against the delicate walls of her virgin womb sending her into euphoria. She experienced her last and final orgasm as I unloaded the last of my sperm deep inside her.

She had died and gone to heaven. The sensation just wouldn't stop. Even after I drew out my partially limp penis from her swollen pussy she is still in the throes of a orgasm.

It rocked her body. " Thanks, Jenny," I said quietly as I slip on my shorts. " If I were you I wouldn't tell Ellen about this. You're one hell of a good fuck and I will fuck you again." I bent down and kissed the top of her quivering head.

She is just lying there, panting like a wounded animal. She is too far gone, completely devoid of any sensations other than what she is experiencing right now. " Stay inside me, John," she said. " Stay and fuck me all night." " I will be back soon." I returned two hours later, finding Jenny asleep. I push her onto her back and then pull her legs apart. She thought she was going to have an orgasm right then. I climbed between her thighs and she feels the head of my cock probing her opening.

I start to push into her sore pussy again. God, it hurt! It took awhile but my cock finally slipped into her raw sore pussy. It feels like someone is filling her with a baseball bat.

I rested my large cock inside her until she got use to it. Slowly, I begin to push in and out of her sore tiny hole. She had been waiting all this time and now her sister's lover had taken her virgin pussy.

I lifted her legs up as I pushed them towards her chest. My cock feels enormous as she feels my big balls slapping her ass again. They are making this slapping noise as skin is hitting skin. She remembers crying out as I fed her every inch of my thick pole for the third time tonight. The excruciating pain is back but it is slowly subsiding. She wanted me to stretch her out again so she could easily take my dick again. She is sure there is going to be more times. I told her as much.

" You're mine now baby, I am going to have you anytime I'm in Washington." She didn't doubt it for a moment. I let go of her legs and she wrapped her thighs around my back. She placed her hands on my chest and I gave her the fucking of her lifetime. She had used her fingers to arouse herself in the past after hearing Ellen tell her about me fucking her all night. This is totally different. My big cock is rubbing hard against her tender pussy walls.

The friction is causing her to have small orgasms first. They soon build into a constant wave of sensations. She is climaxing over and over when I again release my seed into her. I knew she wasn't on the pill and I wasn't wearing a condom.

She didn't care. She needed to feel me cum inside her again. I grunted as I proceeded to squirt my hot semen deep into her for the third time. Her muscles reacted and she squeezed my hard cock. That made me shoot even more of my cum into her. Yes, it did occur to her that she might get pregnant.

She was too far gone again to care. I kept fucking her for at least another thirty minutes. I'm like some wild animal taking her there in my bed. Finally I slowed down and she feels my cock slide out of her swollen sore pussy. My cum and her blood spilling out of her slit. I fucked her virgin ass. I only did it one time.

The pain was so intense but I said she was totally broken in now. My cock is more than enough to satisfy her now.

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I walked out of the bedroom she was still on the bed panting. Her pussy hair is matted with sweat, sperm and blood.