Elsa jean osa lovely our cute little plaything

Elsa jean osa lovely our cute little plaything
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I sat on the cold bathroom floor, naked.

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The knock at the door made me jump a little, I was still sticky in certain places with cream, my nipples ached in the cold, I felt embarassed but hot on the inside. The boy with the mustache opened the bathroom door an inch and eyes flooded it, i felt there gaze crawl over my body and i felt my body heat rise, the boy with the mustache said "alright, everyone come in, but you gotta pay to do her" Twelve boys stepped in, all aging from 6th graders like me to 7th and 8th grade, two boys stood out, one very small, almost a short as me, skinny and timid, the other was much taller, nearly 6 feet tall and very fat.

The boy with the mustache said "alright, one dollar gets you a handjob, five dollars gets you a blow job, ten gets you a titjob and twenty you get to fuck her" I didnt know what those jobs were but a part of me felt curious.

The nice boy from before came beside and said "Okay, so, you get one quarter of what we make here, all you gotta do is, if its handjob, just stroke their cocks until the release their loads, blowjob, you use your mouth and titjob, you use these." he poked my chest, he his hand rougher than I remember, but I liked it.

I asked "whats fuck?" he smiled and said "they're gonna pound your pussy, but dont worry, i dont think they have that money, besides, I want you." I nodded and a 7th grade boy, black with short hair stepped up to me and pointed his cock at my mouth "suck it" he said, his cock was six inches long and at least two inches around, it smelled awful but i sucked it lovingly, he didnt take long and came quickly.

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The next boy was an 8th grader, he was about 5'4'' with dark blond hair, is cock was only four inches long but i sucked him once he pushed his cock near my mouth. The next five boys all got blowjobs, my mouth and throat felt hot from all of their cream, I felt kind of full too, I would probably have to skip lunch, I thought to myself.

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The next three boys all got tits jobs, I didnt drink their cream, just used tissue paper to wipe it up, none of the boys lasted very long, cumming very quickly. Then it was the fat kids turn, he pulled out a twenty and I blushed, he dropped his pants, his thick belly rolling out but his cock dropping out as well, it was only six inches long but so thick i felt my pussy tighten up and go wet a the same time, he took my shoulder and guided me to the floor gently and said "you're beautiful".

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He pushed his cock in slowly, it didnt hurt but the thick cock forced me to spread my legs as wide as they could go, I groaned and wrapped my arms around his neck, he leaned forward, his breath hot on my neck as he thrust into me, slowly at first, then quicker and quicker, he grabbed my hips and lifted himself from my grasp.

Grunting and thrusting into me harder and harder, his stomach was shaking and he was sweating as he said "gonna cum.gonna cumm.inside you.".

The three boys who originally sold me to him were all watching, rubbing themselves and smiling at one another, they had alot of money now, I was gonna get some. The fat boy yelled "oooh." i felt a surge of hot liquid fill me up, I gasped as it did, loving it. The fat boy pulled his now limp cock out and said "thanks." The small timid boy said "okay.umm." walking up to the boy with the mustache and asking "how much will a fifty get me?" the boy with the mustache looked stunned "Uh.whatever you want." the timid boy pulled out a fifty and handed it to him.

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He came to me and said "Okay.lets get started" he was already sweating as he stripped down, he pulled down his pants and revealed a tiny cock, only three inches at best, limp. I smiled and thought, not so bad. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs and thrust his tiny cock into me, i felt it go rigid inside, probably only reaching four inches as he thrust quickly and roughly, even though i barely felt it, his enthusiasm made me hot.

My tits swung and jiggled and he stared at them with an animalistic delight in his eye, I felt something.


He thrust in me and came but pulled out his wet cock and it began to grow, the boys all watched in awe, his cock expanded to nearly ten inches long and three inches around and pulled me to him, thrusting hard inside me.

I screamed, it was too big to take all at once like that, I felt hot and like i was gonna burst, I shut my eyes and bit my lip he leaned down and growled "open your eyes". I did so and looked at him, he wa slick with sweat, gripping my ankles and thrusting into me as my tits jiggled and shook beneath him, he leaned forward again and took most of one of my tits into his mouth and lickedsucked then bit it roughly, I screamed again but he didnt stop, he switched to the other tit and did the same, the nibbled and sucked my nipples.

He began to slow down, his thrusts becoming short but still powerful, he began to draw out his cock, I looked up, tired and confused, he grinned and slammed his cock back into me, releasing a huge load of cream.

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I yelled out and moaned "oooooohhh.!!!" he laughed and pulled out of me, his cock returning to a limp three inches as he dressed and left. I felt everything go spinny and black, I passed out.

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When i awokethe three boys were standing over me, smiling and touching themselves, I felt sticky all over and the nice boy said "we were trying to wake you with a hot shower, anyhow, come on, schools over, lets go back to my house after you get cleaned up at home, we got more business and pleasure to handle." Thank you, that is the end of part 2.

Please submit any ideas you have for part 3 in comment form. Thank you again.