Sissy Teen Brunette Masturbating and cumming by TROC

Sissy Teen Brunette Masturbating and cumming by TROC
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I was proud of my restaurant, we weren't the biggest in New Orleans, and we weren't the most famous, not by a long shot, but we were working our way toward being the best. Some people had even got around to noticing us. Some good local press and a few real positive reviews were bringing in the crowds.

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Life was looking good. That night, though, I was a bit nervous.


Jolie and Maria were scheduled to close and they had staring daggers at each other all night. It appeared they both had the hots for the new bartender, Carlos.

They were usually among most my most reliable staff members. Jolie was a petite Cajun girl with wavy brown hair and a dazzling smile. She managed the waitresses and often Maria, our bar manager, had long dark hair that trailed down over her slim shoulders. Her body build was a lot like Jolie's, short, slender, cute tits, and nice tight butt.

They were both in their early thirties, you'd think by now they'd have more sense than to tangle over a man. But, those looks were giving me worries. I told Jolie I'd cover closing for her and she told me she had some scheduling changes to make and really needed to be here.

When I spoke to Maria about covering for her, she said she really needed to stay to go over some orders. Those answers made me even more nervous. What I finally decided to do was use my office. My office is a high tech wonderland.


I've got hidden cameras all over the restaurant. I said my goodnights and circled through the back room to my office. The staff was used to seeing the glow of the monitors under my door, I never turned them off. I sat back watching the monitors as the final customers left and the staff finished cleaning up. Finally there was just Maria and Jolie left in the building.

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At first, things were looking good. Both were in their separate spaces, working on paperwork. I was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when Maria started over to the table Jolie was working at.

I'd already plugged in the headphones, all I had to do was select that microphone. "You ready to do this?" Maria asked with her hands on her hips.

Jolie looked up and returned the glare.

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"More ready than you'll ever be." I prepared to barge out my door when they gave me a surprise. They headed for the linen room and each grabbed an armful of tablecloths.

I sat back down and watched them spread out the tablecloths on the banquet table in the back room. When they finished this task they both began undressing. I was baffled but excited. They stood facing each other completely naked. Jolie's cute little tits still had an upward tilt, on the camera it looked like she had no aureole around her light brown nipples.

Maria's aureole were dark brown, her tits were a bit bigger and hung a bit lower.

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They both had flat bellies and firm round little butts but the most stunning thing they had in common was that they both had shaved pussies. "You know the rules?" Jolie asked "No hair pulling, no punching or slapping, no clawing. Pussy to pussy until the loser cums or gives up.

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Loser eats cunt. Winner gets a free hand with Carlos" Maria replied. " You got it babe, we sexfight until you cum or give up and I get a free hand with Carlos." "No way your pussy can beat mine, bitch!" Maria growled "Prove it!" Jolie growled back. They climbed up on the table and lay there on their sides. Spreading their legs they moved towards each other until their naked pussies were in contact. Maria began rubbing her cunt up against Jolie's cunt.

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Jolie was rubbing up against Maria. My hand was rubbing up against my hard cock. I set the boy free and began stroking as the girls slid their pussies together with more and more force. It looked like they had each managed to open the other's cunt lips and they were rubbing slit to slit as their cunt lips kissed. They were rolling their hips to bring their pussy up against the other's swollen clit. I could hear groans of exertion and pleasure through my headset.

Their tiny bodies were straining hard to gain the sexual upper hand. They each were rubbing hands all over her opponent's body, trying to excite her more. Breasts and asses seemed to be the favored caressing zones in this strange but stimulating battle.

They now had their legs wrapped around each other, there was going to be no escape from the pussy pressure each was applying. They were grinding their wet cunts together, their thin backs looked like dangerous snakes twisting and turning, each trying to bring the other off. Between the groans and heavy breathing I could hear occasional soft moaning and the light slurping sound of two wet pussies grinding together. I was getting so worked up that I had to slow down my cock pumping.

I didn't want to cum before they finished. I now really wanted to see who was going to win. They were each moaning, pressing harder and deeper, both of their faces red and strained, both beginning to look a little desperate, a little closer to the orgasm that would mean defeat.

All of a sudden, the battle took a new turn. The grinding became pumping. Limited by being locked between her rival's strong legs, each still began banging her cunt up against the other's sensitive pussy. Orgasm or surrender had been the terms, it looked like each was afraid of cumming first and was now trying to force a surrender.

In the mutual leg lock neither could get much leverage. What was meant to be a pussy pounding was becoming a mutual fucking, their cunts thrusting together, rubbing, separating and thrusting together again. From the sound of their moans and groans, it appeared that it was causing each more pleasure than pain. Their breaths were coming out in gasps, either total exhaustion or the dreaded orgasm seemed likely for each of the tiny gladiators.

They began cunt fighting as if they knew this was the final push, that defeat or victory was just a few moments away but still very much in the balance. The sound of gasped threats, panting, groaning and pussies slapping together blended in my headset. "You're gonna cum.cum in my pussy" "Fuck, you me, you're gonna.suck" Their hips were now pistons, their cunts slapping frantically together until Maria's legs squeezed even tighter around Jolie and her muscular back arched.

I could hear Marie moan in both pleasure and despair as Jolie's well-timed thrusts pushed her over the edge. The orgasm ripped through her sweat-drenched body.

Her legs loosened from around Jolie and the Cajun rolled Maria flat on her back, still grinding her pussy into her exhausted, beaten rival. "Say it!" Jolie growled in a husky voice. Maria was flat on her back, shaking her head. I thought I heard her crying. "Say it," Jolie commanded "or I'm gonna break your miserable cunt." Freed from Maria's legs, Jolie's strong ass muscles clenched and unclenched as she began pounding Maria's pussy with her own.

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Maria was crying as she said, "I give up. Stop it, please, stop it." Jolie moved over until her cunt was in Maria's face. She gently held Maria by her long hair as she ground her pussy against Maria's tongue.

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My cum spurted all over the office as I watched Jolie's cute ass shaking with her own powerful orgasm. As Jolie began getting dressed, the still naked Maria began hauling the tablecloths over to the laundry basket. I quickly snuck out of my office and headed for home. I knew I'd never forget catching that incredible sexfight, I just hoped they would each be able to walk when they woke up.