Hot fitness girl and little black teen i have always been a respected member of the

Hot fitness girl and little black teen i have always been a respected member of the
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The Naga Roast Story: Ani-Can 7 Copyright ©2005-2006 Written: September 11 2005 - November 3 2006 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** When Lina Inverse got out of bed this morning she had no idea just how crazy the day would be for her and how a simple act of revenge would cause her to "meat" the same sticky end as her large busted co-partner Naga the serpent, Naga known for her high pitched laugh and over inflated ego was once again making fun of her diminutive junior partner Lina.


Lina was reaching a boiling point in Naga's insults over the last few years and was getting to a point where she feared she might do something rash, or in Naga's case "long overdue!!" Lina having woken up this morning at the crack of dawn to get an early start on the long walk to the next town tried to sneak away from the sleeping Naga, carefully and quietly trying not to wake her up.

Just as Lina thought she had gotten far enough away from the most annoying woman she had ever known, "HAHAHA, though you could get away from me did you Lina, got a juicy little job in the next town and thought you could cut out, Naga the serpent" Lina was used to this kind of bolstering and just gave a muffled "Hiya Naga" and continued to walk down the road leaving Naga in stupefied pose. Naga having to run a ways to catch up to Lina was still laughing, "HAHAHAHA" as they bumped into a man heading in the other direction, "Hello ladies" the man said in an almost faint whisper as he took in the sight on Naga and her outfit of very small tight black leather and a cape leaving very little to his imagination of what was hidden under that leather.

Not even giving Lina a first look let alone a second, "Excuse me?" Lina said to the man who ignored her, "EXCUSE ME!" she yelled finally getting the man's attention from Naga and her huge breast's, "What is it little girl?" he asked, Lina turned bright red with looks that could kill any normal man as she started screaming, LITTLE GIRL!?, ohh your dead!" she said as the man started to back up realizing he might just have made a mistake in his assessment of the young girl and her ability's.

Just as Lina fired off a "FIREBALL" spell Naga tripped and landed in the path of the intended target for the spell and was bunt to a cinder laying unconscious on the floor, while Lina turned back to the man who had called her "little" but by the time her attention was back on the unknown stranger he was long gone from sight.

Hours later Naga woke up, "Lina why did you do that?" she asked, "Not my fault you got in the way" Lina replied while she sat down to enjoy a hot potato she had just skewered to a tree branch and was slowly roasting it over the tiny fire she had set for their camp that night, "Sure wish we had some meat" Naga said as she joined Lina at the fire and skewered her own hot potato.

"Ya but meat now adays is too expensive, we cant afford it" Lina replied wishing she could get her hands on a nice steak or beef bowl, "Well you know" Naga started to say but then stopped not wanting to enrage Lina further, she had not yet cooled off over the stranger calling her "little", "You know what? Naga" Lina asked as she took a bite of potato. Naga looked in to Lina's eye's, "Well its just that if you would let me spit-roast you I could have some meat" Naga said turning quicky back to her potato, "Why me?

why don't you let me roast you?

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then I can have some meat" Lina replied in an angry almost comical tone, not really taking Naga seriously. "They have been roasting young girls in Seyruun now for a few years since there are no cattle left to slaughter, the people there say that girl-meat is just as tasty" Naga said licking her lips looking toward the dumbstruck face of Lina staring back at her, "You cant be serious?" she asked as Naga just shook her head in the "YES" motion and continued to bite on her potato.

That night nothing more was said on the subject of a girl-roast and Lina and Naga both went to sleep. The next morning both girls were up early and packed up what little they had to travel with and continued down the road to the next city as they passed a sign that said, "Atlas City" pointing in the direction they were headed and the other point on the sign read, "Seyruun" in the other direction, Naga had peaked Lina's curiosity about the girl-meat roastings in Seyruun she talked about before, and they started down the road to Seyruun.

After walking down the road to Seyruun for a few hours the early morning night sky started to lift leaving bright midmorning light in there wake, they were still a good distance from seyruun when they came upon a band of men dancing around two large fire pits, with a man at each slowly rotating something over the hot fire, Lina and Naga still being a far bit away couldn't make out what was roasting on the spits but Naga knew without having to get closer, having seen it once before and knew there were young girls roasting over those flames.

Lina was way to curious now to turn back she moved closer with Naga behind her trying to get a better look at what the men had roasting on those huge roasting pits, when Lina got about as close to the pits as she could, still hiding in the large row of bushes that lined the dirt road she could see the pit closest to her had a very beautiful young girl who couldn't have been much older then herself fully impaled rotating on this spit over the fire, and what shocked Lina most of all is, "THESE GIRLS ARE STILL ALIVE!!" she shouted to Naga her disbelief, causing the men around them to hear her and charge into the bush after them.

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Lina jumped up at the sight of the first two men heading her way, "HAHAHAHA" Naga laughed as a man tried to grab her, "You think you bandits can capture the great Naga the serpent and her diminutive small breasted junior partner, don't make me laugh" Naga said, at this Lina was beyond mad she had taken just about as much from Naga as she could take shouting as loud as she could "EXPLOSION ARRAY" causing the ground around all the bandits and Naga to explode in a flash of green light.

Lina being the only one left conscious took her time deciding how best to get back at Naga for years of insults to her chest, then with a look over at one of the girls slowly roasting alive on the spit Lina had a stoke of brilliance, using a series of "fireball" spells Lina cut a third pit not far from the three already in use by the lovely young ladies, with the pit ready Lina borrowed one of the bandits extra spit frames and set it up over the hot fire pit.

When that was done she took a moment to carefully consider what she was about to do, hearing Naga laugh at her in the back of her mind made her decision for her and she picked up the unconscious Naga and started to strip off the tight black leather she wore all to often, once that was off Lina got a good look at the huge tits that she found under the tight leather straps Naga wore as a bra, and couldn't help herself she had to touch them, lick them, and she though, "What the hell, go for it, she wont know" and with that Lina started to suck on one of Naga's huge nipples.

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Lina was suction cupped to that nipple for what seemed like hours she just didn't want to let go of her new prize, but then a thought hit her, "If her nipple is this good to suck on, I wonder?" she though as she moved down lower and found the object of her thoughts Naga's very wet bald pussy, even in an unconscious sleep Naga could be sexually aroused, Lina took this as a sign to continue and placed her mouth right over Naga's pussy and started to suck on her drinking as much of her juice as she could get.

After she came up from Naga for a quick breath she looked over to the two young girls already on the spits roasting with no one to turn them, they were starting to burn and Lina realized she had played with Naga long enough it was time to get her former partner on to cook, she looked into the pleading eye's of the young girls roasting not far from her but didn't care if they cooked properly or burned to a crisp she was only interested in eating one girl, this would be her revenge.

Lina took Naga over to a wooden table with wrist and ankle cuffs, "this must be where those bandits impaled those girls" she though to herself, "now its Naga's turn" she though again as she placed Naga onto the table on her back and chained her down, picking up the extra spit Lina was ready to end her troubles with Naga and get a nice meal out of it as well, assuming what Naga said about girl-meat was true.

Lina placed the sharp end of the spit into Naga's pussy and pushed it in a few inches at a time savoring her power over her former partner, once the spit was in as far as it could go without tearing though her Lina leaned in closer to Naga and gave the girls clit a nice lick causing Naga to shudder and cum still in her unconscious aroused state, with that done Lina pushed the spit in hard with one single trust forcing nearly half the length inside Naga, Naga at this time was forced wide awake and gave an ear piercing scream as the wave of pain met her pleasure and she tried to work out what the hell was happening between her legs.

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It was not easy for Naga to figure it out, she knew she was naked, chained to a table, extreme pain between her legs that was slowly traveling up though her body, taking a look to the left side of the clearing they were in Naga saw the two young girls still roasting over the fire with their meat burning and was partly mystified to see a new third pit unoccupied, then she realized the pain traveling up though her was a metal cooking spit, she could see the bandits on the ground still unconscious but could not see Lina, "OHH NOOO, Lina is going to spit roast me!!!" she though as she tried to look straight down her legs to see where Lina might be standing.

Before Naga could give a single protest that was not a scream of pain the spit had reached the entrance to her throat and she was forced to hang her head off the table to allow the spit to align to her mouth and exit her body, once she was fully spitted her line of slight was very limited.

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Once she was done with the hard part, getting the meat on her stick Lina was ready to start covering her lovely meat with sauce and grabbed a big bowl of barbeque sauce that the bandits were using on the two former lovely ladies who were now to burned to be recognizable as once being lovely ladies their meat obviously ruined, Lina moved into Naga's line of sight and looked into her eye's, "Your right meat is just to expensive now I will have a nice feast tonight, you insulted me one time to many" she said as she released Naga's arms and legs from the restraints and tied her arms behind her back and then tied her legs to the spit.

then using a levitation spell Lina picked up the now fully spitted, tied and saucy Naga and had her placed over the fire pit that has been waiting to kiss her tender juicy meat with it's hot flames, Naga was sexually excited at this point and was cuming left and right but she was also trying to beg Lina with her eye's not to do this to her, Lina wasn't listening.


After several hours Naga was fully cooked and ready to eat, Lina did feel a little bad at this point with all of Naga's faults she really didn't deserve to die and be a cannibal feast, "BUT she did make that comment about me roasting to feed her!" with that though Lina began to eat and enjoy the meat Naga provided, several more hours passed while Lina was digesting her fill of Naga-roast the day time light fading being replaced by night time air, Lina fell asleep.

Lina was woken up an hour or two later and realized she was naked and chained to the very table she had used to spit Naga, "You little bitch, not only do you crash our party and blast us unconscious, you have ruined our meat!!" the bandit was holding the spit she had used on Naga, "So now we take yours" he added placing the sharp end of the spit inside Lina's pussy, "I don't think im gonna make it to Seyruun today" she thought to herself.