Romantic xxx hot american students girl

Romantic xxx hot american students girl
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It's my first story, so only contructive criticism. I awake at the sound of a blender. This is where my life starts. My name is Mike Stewart and I'm thinking this is going to be another boring day at school, but boy am I wrong.


I drag my self into the shower and wash myself down. I get out and throw some clothes on, I walk downstairs and grab a bowl of Cheerios. It's finally time to walk through hell, I walk through the local park which is about 5 minutes away from my house to get to school. I finally walk in the front door and am greeted by a nice friendly "take that hat off!" from the principal.

I drag it off my head, and he smiles. I walk into my plannning class, which my friends who sit beside me and I think it is the most unproductive, and boring class in history. I realize it's 9:59 and put my backpack on and wait while talking with my friend about Gears of War, yah I know pretty lame.

I get into socials and it turns out we have to do this stupid Cariboo Gold Rush game on the laptops. I almost threw mine at the teacher because no matter how close I got to Barkerville, it always glitched and restarted. I head out of the class and in to the room next door for lunch, this is the drafting room for metal and wood shop. I sit down and talk to my buddy about how stupid my friend is who is apparently married to some girl who is non-existent on his Facebook, I later realize she lives London.

England. I hear the bell ring and walk over to my peer-tutoring class where I sit at the front of the room and watch grade 8's take notes or do whatever. The teacher finally asks me to go around and check on them writing notes.

One of the girls who sits near the back is the one I always go check on first. Kelly.the nerdy, sexy, amazing err. nerd. She is pretty hot but in that nerdy kind of way, she is about 5'2 tall with short brown hair, amazing ass, and nice perky tits. I finally looked up from my table and realized it was 1:20, 10 minutes before we leave for our next classes. I decided after only staring at that one girl I was going to make a move. I went up to her not knowing what she would say and asked her "do you want to come over after school so I can help you with your work?".

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"Definetley!" she replied without hesitation. I got through science easily and went to her locker, I had to wait about 5 minutes before she got there and when she did I jokingly said "where the hell have you been young lady?".

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She thought I was serious, and acted all scared and said "Uhm. sorry. "Don't worry" I said "I was only kidding". We walked home through the park I came through on my way to school. All the way through the park I caught glimpses of her looking at my crotch.

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We're about 5 minutes away from my house when I say "Uhm. my parents will probably be a little embarrasing when we get there, just the fact that you're 2 years younger than I am". "Don't worry" she said. We finally arrived at my house and I took a deep breath and opened the door, no one was home. Right, they were at my sister's volleyball game. I told her stick her binder on the table, and I went over and made a snack.

I went and sat down and instantly through our glass table I saw a trickle of cum run down the inside of her thigh, she was obviously thinking something was going to happen. I quickly kicked it out of my mind, and said "ok let's get started".


She reached over to grab her binder, and that's when her shirt lifted up and exposed 4 inches of her thong runnning up her back. She turned back around and luckyily she didn't see me staring.

"Lets start with world religions" she said, I agreed. It was about an hour into the study session and I had no idea what we were talking about, partly because I was extremley tired and I was also ussualy just looking at her boobs. I snapped to attention when I heard the word sex.

I asked her what she said and she repiled "Sorry? I was day dreaming". I now knew she really wanted it. I said to her "let's watch some tv".

We jumped onto the couch, and I turned on the tv, the instant it flicked on it was some hot pornstar getting ass and throat fucked. I just sat there in shock and I looked over and saw her blushing, and had a tiny smile on her face.

I quickly turned the tv off and there was an awkward silence for about 15 seconds before I said "Hold on I need to pee-pee", she laughed at that.

I jogged upstairs, and locked the door and the minute I was about to pull my jeans down I heard a click and the locked popped out of the door, I looked up and saw her feet entering and she had undressed fully to her underwear.

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I sat there in amazement for about 30 seconds, before she shot me that look (you know what I mean) and walked out. I finshed my business and had a partial hard on partly because I didn't think her body would look that great. I was walking towards the stairs before I heard a creak behind me. I looked behind and saw her bending over which puffed out her little mound near her ass. I thought to myself "this is a hot piece of 14 year old ass. I'm fucking it now". I walked over, and I don't think she knew what was coming, and slid one hand down the back of her underwear and stuck my thumb into her pussy, and one hand under her bra pinching her nipple.

When I did this she shuddered and let out a huge moan, I picked her up and threw her on my bed. By the time I knew it she was on her knees and 5 inches of my 7 were down her throat.

It never occured to me that such a normal girl would be such a nympho slut, I felt her squeeze her throat muscles and I instantly shot a huge load into her throat. I saw her eyes light up in shock as she tried to swallow it all, I coul feel her tongue lapping at the bottom of my shaft as if it were trying to free itself so it swallow all of my cum.

I came to a stop, and I slid my dick out of her mouth as she finished sucking all the cum out. I never thought of her virginity, but the next thing I heard was amazing. "I want you to be my first" she said. "Are you sure?" I replied, and she nodded. I positioned her doggy style, and right before I asked her "you ready?" she just said "yes". I put my dick inside her and she gave out a little moan, I went a little further and felt some resistance I pushed a little bit just to make sure she was ready, and she said "mhm".

I brought my dick back about half an inch and then rammed forward, I couldn't tell if it hurt her or if she enjoyed because she was just staying still, then I slid my dick out and I saw a little bit of blood run out on to my sheets.

I then slid my dick back in and she gave a shudder, I continued in and out slowly for about one minute until she started thrusting her hips onto me, this told me to go faster I started going in all the way to the base of my cock.

She started moaning alot, and there was alot of juice running out of her pussy which I rubbed around on her clit for extra stimulation, this made her cry out. As I started fucking her harder she started talking dirty. I only realized this minute, but my dog was sitting on floor with his paws up on the bed wagging his tail, I guess he could smell her pussy, this gave me a great idea.


I fucked her alot harder and faster now that I had a plan, and it was making my balls bubble up faster even thinking about it. I finally reached the point of no return, and I could start to feel the cum at the base of my shaft seeping forward with every thrust.

I was about to say I'm gunna cum! but she beat me to it. "I'm gunna cu--" and her body started shaking and loads of cum shot right at my dick and oozed out the sides of her pussy. When this was taking place I also came and when I did her back dipped as if I shoved a baseball bat up her. She finally collapsed on the bed and I pulled my dick out of her, and it was followed by about a cup of both our cum.

She wrapped her arms and around me and we kissed for about 10 minutes until I rememberd my plan. I struggled out of her embrace and said "stay here i've got something special". I went outisde the room and got a blindfold, 4 ropes, and grabbed the dog and made him wait outside my room. I went in and said "don't look". I went over to her and draped the blindfold over her face, all this time cum was dripping out of my dick and out her back.

I then got the ropes and tied one to her left hand and foot and put them under the bed and led them to the other side where I did the same to her hand and foot. She asked, still weary from her first orgasm "what's going on?" I replied with "you'll see". I led the dog in and told him to be quiet and I put him on the bed.

Instantly he smelt her pussy and dove straight into it with his mouth, she hadn't ever had someone eat her pussy so she didn't really know what a tongue felt like. The whole 5 minutes before getting fucked she was moaning and groaning and thrusting her cunt into the dog's face just like she had done with my cock earlier.

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The dog had had enough of eating and I saw him jump off the bed turn around and then come back on. I saw his 8 inches portruding from his furry sheath right next to her warm cunt, he positioned his cock right at the hole of her pussy and gave a massive push and butied all 8 inches of himself into her.

She let out a huge wail in pleasure, at this time I had my camera and I was taking pictures of almost every thrust and was getting a few pictures of her moaning. I was thinking it was time for his knot to form, and as I thought that, it did.

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I could instantly see the reaction of her body, as she stopped moving completely and then let out a huge "Uhhhhhh". At this time the know was only about and inch in diameter, but I knew it would grow to about 3 inches.

The next few seconds she grinding herpussy up against the dog's cock and then his knot grew immensley in size to about 3 inches wide. She let out a massive scream and she started acting extremley frightened, probably because she had never been fucked by a dog. I could now see the dog's hind legs tensing up and instead of plunging into her pussy, he was giving her short stabs, a few moments later she screamed "Uhh, uhh, I'm cumming!".

This moment in my life was probably one of the most amazing because the seal between the dog's knot and her pussy was so tight her cum, mixed with dog's, was shooting out like a fan on a waterhose. I finally saw her head droop down onto the bed and also saw the dog's knot decreasing in size.

The instant he pulled it out 2 cups of cum spilled out of her hairless cunt. I went over to her, and we passionately kissed for 5 minutes before I said "So, how was your first dog fuck?". I took the blindfold off her face, and noticed she had a tear running down her face, "I would've got him to stop if you asked, but it looked like you were having so much pleasure that I didn't want to bother you". She looked at me and said "I loved it".

I sighed in relief. She said "Well I've got to go now", "Alright" I said "Let's have a shower then". I went in and turned the steam, and the rain shower on, and we quickly jumped in. Within seconds she was on her knees again sucking me off, she didn't flex her throat muscles and I guessed she wanted me to fuck her again. I violentley pushed her up against the wall, while I was kissing the back of her neck, I took my dick and I placed it just under her pussy and started rubbing it forwards and back for about 20 seconds.

I stopped and whispered to her "You ready?", and before she could reply I shoved my prick up her ass so fast that she couldn't even scream, she gasped for air for about 30 seconds while I was ripping her ass apart. When she finally caught her breath she was moaning so loud it was echoing off the walls, all you could hear was the sound of my dick plunging her, and her moans.

After 5 minutes I started cumming loads into her ass, I guess she felt my cum hitting the back of her ass and she started cumming too. She slumped down and I dragged her over to the little seat and we both sat down and made out for about 10 minutes straight. We got and dried off and we walked downstairs, she gave me a huge french kiss and then left. To be continued.