Amazing Blonde Hottie Doggystyle Quickie

Amazing Blonde Hottie Doggystyle Quickie
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Joe had no problem giving me a ride home, which I thought may have been weird for him. The morning had been a thrill, after Mr. Bass had gotten dressed I couldn't resist the urge to free his cock one more time.

It wasn't difficult, when he got closer to the bed I stretched out my hands and rubbed his cock under the fabric of his clothing. He made no move to stop me and I rescued the semi-hard cock from its enclosure and placed it tenderly in my mouth. Mr. Bass moaned as I used everything I had ever learned about sucking cock at once on his. His shaft was sliding in and out of my throat and I could feel the tip hitting the back of it every couple of seconds. His hands were at his hips while mine played with his balls and pulled him towards me.

I was staring up at him with big dough eyes, spit falling out of my mouth along side my muffled groans of pleasure. The taste of my pussy on his cock was replaced with a mouthful of his cum as he pushed my skull against his groin. I could feel the cum all the way down my throat and knew this wasn't going to be a one time thing after this.


Once me and Mr. Bass got dressed and left the room the vibe became more serious. Most of the guests and employees from last nights party had left already with it being noon. But when we reached the kitchen we were greeted by Jack and Maryland, two temps who had been at the company since I had started. "Hey Jessica, I thought you had headed home last night." Jack stated in his usual energetic demeanor. Maryland gave me a curious look but didn't say anything. CRAP I hope I didn't miss any ruffled hairs or drops of semen around my mouth… Mr.

Bass was already on my defence before I could speak, "Long night, Jessica took me up on my offer to sleep in the guest room, I'm just taking her home now." Jack nodded without betraying any possible suspicion of my alibi.

"Well do you want any breakfast?" He asked holding up a piece of toast. I glanced up at maryland who was now pretending to be more interested in her newspaper. "No I really should be getting back home, but thank you." I answered giving Jack a smile. Me and Joe made it to his garage without anymore interruptions. "So tell me, what are you going to tell Glen?" Mr. Bass asked once we had gotten on the road. I cringed slightly at the thought. "Um… I'll tell him.

Eh probably that my phone died and I couldn't get an Uber." "Well if you want you can blame it on me." I looked over at Joe and saw his face was staring ahead with a wide smirk on it. "Yeah I don't think that would be the best move…" "How would you feel about changing up your work schedule?" Mr.

Bass asked changing the subject. "What kind of changes were you thinking?" I knew what Joe wanted, and I was actually starting to get excited about it. "I'm thinking maybe promoting you from my secretary to my assistant and giving you a desk in my office." He turned the car into my apartment complex.

"Though the job would have some extra responsibilities." Mr. Bass put the car in park and looked over to me. I couldn't make out the expression on my face but it seemed cautious and slightly mischievous. I gave him a wink. " I think I can handle some new job duties." I reached over and gave his cock a little squeeze through his pants. "Well then I will see you tomorrow bright and early tomorrow 8 o'clock sharp." Shit was I going to have to wake up an hour earlier now?

Well whatever I guess that would be fine… "See you then." I told him and got out of the car. On the walk up to my third story apartment I had to push down all the thoughts of the morning and the previous night in order to be prepared to face Glen's sure to be rapid fire interrogation.

I had never cheated on him before, but something about his ex cheating on him or something had always made him overly bull headed. I got to my door and took a deep breathe, well here goes nothing… I stepped into the living room and locked the door behind me.

Glen wasn't anywhere in sight so I headed for the bedroom. I could here the shower going from the bathroom next door. Not wanting to alert him I tiptoed around the room and found a new outfit. It was a spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of gym shorts. I could still taste Mr.

Bass's cum in my throat so I made for the kitchen and chugged some orange juice from the fridge. I went back to the bedroom and laid down on the bed and used the time to scroll through Glen's texts. 9:45 "Seriously Jessica you're going to just go party while I'm stuck home?" 9:48 " I thought we were spending tonight together WTH" 9:48 MISSED CALL 9:50 "What the fuck babe… Answer me 10:56 MISSED CALL 10:57 MISSED CALL 11:45 "What are you doing?" 12:11 "Are you coming home?' 12:15 MISSED CALL 12:15 MISSED CALL 12:15 MISSED CALL 12:16 MISSED CALL 12:16 MISSED CALL 8:56 "Where are you?" 9:11 "babe what's going on are you okay?" 9:13 MISSED CALL The door to the shower opened and Glen stepped out wrapped in a towel.

Glen glanced at me and then walked to the dresser. "Where have you been?" The irritation in his tone was see through. "The party went longer then expected that's all." I answered trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

"You didn't text or call me Jessica! What the hell you promised me you wouldn't ignore my messages anymore!" Glen dropped the towel off his hips and began changing. I couldn't help but be disappointed in his small build and meek stature all of a sudden.

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"I'm sorry babe my phone died." Glen spun around with a glare. "Bullshit, your phone was ringing, the messages said they were delivered so bullshit why are you lying to me?" Glen started walking over to the bed. He had put on a pair of basketball shorts but hadn't quite made it to getting a shirt on yet. His body wasn't unattractive he had played baseball all throughout high school.

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But ever since graduation he had began slacking on his workouts and his once fit body was skinnier than ever. I still hadn't responded so he kept going. "Jessica you're on your phone right now… It's obviously not dead so what's going on?" "I charged it at Joe's house." I told him weakly.

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Glen's eyebrows raised up. "Wait you were at Joe's house?" "Yeah…" I started. "we all went to Joe's house babe. He let me sleep in the guest room." I told him. "I'm so fucking pissed at you right now, you aren't telling me everything.

And besides you told me you'd be home last night." I reached up and took Glens hand in mine. "Babe" I said trying to sooth him. "I'm really sorry I wasn't here, the party was super lame if I'm being honest.


I would have much rather been here with you but I had to be there. I would never ignore you on purpose, it's my day off are we really going to spend it fighting?" Glen's expression stayed rigid but I could tell he had calmed down for just a moment. The last thing I wanted to do was fuck Glen right now, I was far too sore but I knew it would put this fight to an end.


I let my hand leave his and looking up at him I reached my hand up his shorts and grabbed his soft dick. Glen wanted to keep arguing but I knew he wouldn't. I almost never instigated sex between us and I knew he wouldn't miss this opportunity. I pulled his short down around his ankles and sat up in bed. His cock dangling in the air in front of my face.

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Come on Jessica you can do this his cock is half the size of Joe's and he cums quicker! I grabbed his cock at the base with my hand and put my mouth around the head of his penis. Glen almost instantly became hard in my mouth. Deepthroating him wasn't a challenge even if I didn't usually do that for him, but the quicker he came the quicker I could put this to rest I knew.

"You know I am sorry right?" I asked him looking up into his eyes. I opened my mouth and let his cock slide down my tongue till my lips were at his base. I kept looking up at him pleading my fake apology. I jerked my head back and forth letting his cock really feel what it was like to fuck my mouth. "Oh baby!" Glen moaned. "I can tell you're sorry yes, oh fuck yes!" I had him now, I let his cock fall out of my mouth and crawled onto the floor on my knees.

I lifted his cock up and wiped his balls on my face licking and kissing them as they passed over my mouth. Glen grabbed my hair and stuck his cock back in my mouth. I went to suck it but Glen violently slammed his dick down my mouth making me cough and spit up drool. I hated it when he grabbed my hair but I kept my mouth open as he slammed himself into my mouth over and over.

I was just about at my limit when he pushed me onto the bed and stripped off my shorts. Glen bent down between my legs and I immediately panicked. "Hey babe! No don't worry about eating me out just fuck me." I knew my pussy was still full of Mr. Bass's cum and the last thing I wanted was Glen to find out by getting a mouthful of it. "I'm just going to make your pussy wet." Glen put his head between my legs and licks my pussy from the hole to my clit.

I heart was beating faster than ever but his tongue on my pussy lips felt good. I put my hand on Glen's head and guided him to my clit whiling letting out an exaggerated moan to motivate him to not ventured down to my hole.

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He was beginning to get into it and my moans began to become less and less fake. I felt his tongue slip into my pussy and I found myself becoming truly horny thinking about my little secret. I put my head against the bed and arched my back to press my pussy against his mouth. "Yeah you like that babe?" "Fuck yeah you eat me out so good babe." I pushed his head back into my pussy and moaned at the thought of him cleaning me out. His tongue went back to flicking my clit for a second but I told him no and jammed his face back into my pussy.

Glens tongue was circling around the inside of my hole licking up all my juices. After he had his fill he stood up and pulled my pussy towards the edge of the bed and put himself inside me.

My pussy had no problem fitting him inside it, in fact he was small enough to not irritate my already sore loins.

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Glen never lasted long inside my pussy and I knew it was only a matter of time before he'd nut. I laid back and closed my eyes and let out a convincing moan every now and then. "Fuck I'm going to cum babe!" Glen told me less than a minute later. I figured doing one more sexy thing for him wouldn't hurt so I pushed him off me. "Come up here and cum on my fucking face babe!" If Glen was surprised by my unusual request he didn't show it and immediately climbed on top of me and began to stroke his cock over my face.

I looked up at it expectantly and stuck my face into his balls for a second to make it happen faster. He took my hair in his hand and pushed me to the bed with his free hand. I stuck out my tongue and let his cum fall on it.

He sure didn't cum as much as Mr. Bass had, but my cheeks, nose, and left side of my face now had his cum splattered on it. Glen moaned and fell over on the side of the bed.

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I immediately made for the bathroom and used a towel to clean up. I looked into the mirror at my tangled hair and smeared makeup and couldn't wait for work tomorrow!