Condom Blowjob From Krystal Orchid For Her Daddy

Condom Blowjob From Krystal Orchid For Her Daddy
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I was fifteen, it was spring break and my mother, grandmother, aunt, and cousin decided we were headed to Europe. The plane ride to Paris sucked, turbulance and whining kids. So after arriving and sleeping off a bit of jetlag, we all went out to see some of the sites. There was a small family resturant down the street from the hotel we were staying at. A nice place, the main thing that stuck in my mind was all the blue tile on the walls and floor. A little while after we began our meal, I decided to go grab a smoke and draw, maybe wander around a little.

I am what you would call a considerate smoker and chose to light up outside, being it was daylight my mother figured I couldn't get into too much trouble by wandering.

I walked out to the street and settled on the curb a few windows away from the resturant, lit up a cigarette and began to draw. I had managed a few puffs and a couple pencil lines on the paper when I soon found a canine muzzle shoving itself between my legs. I freaked, the already short skirt I was wearing easily pushed up exposing my pussy.

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I kept it trimmed, bald around the edges with a small strip down the front. Scared about pissing off the large dog, an excitable great dane, I didn't try shoving its head away. rather tryed to straighten my skirt down.

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The owner of the dog and his group of friends were laughing, talking to each other in French, trying to talk to me and pull the dog away. Me being American and never taking a foreign language, didn't understand a word. However, when I offered a thanks for getting the dog off of me, they smiled, I knew what had to cross every mind, 'American girl, how fun.' The shaggy haired blonde who I guessed to be the dog's owner, looking to be in his early to mid 20's, was the first to speak, "You are an American?" He didn't seem offended, rather mildly amused, I quickly answered yes, and began to collect my things, last thing I needed was trouble.

Boy was that what I got and then some. They talked quickly among themselve, the blonde guy asked if I had any cigarettes left. I lied and told them no, however offered to walk to a stand to get more if they wanted. I'd do anything to spend a little more time with them and keeping them happy, even if it was just buying some smokes. We walked a ways, probably passed three dozen smoke stands, however they nor myself seemed to mind. As we passed a street gallery I heard them talking more and more, laughing and pointing to me, something had to be up.

We walked towards a small alleyway, more a loading bay, nothing huge but tucked away.

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I knew something should have gone off in my brain as they seemed to crowd around me the more we all walked. Before I had much of a chance to change my mind, hands grabbed my upperarms, pulling and pushing me further down the alley.

The blonde spoke harshly, telling me to stay quiet, that no one would miss a dumb american slut, and since I had been so stupid to follow them so quickly, he knew that whoever I was traveling with wouldn't know where to begin looking. I kept my mouth shut as we finally reached the ending of the alleyway, crates, cardboard boxes, and those packing peanuts all strewn about.

I stopped, the hands turning me about and soon more began to roam about my body. There were four guys and the dog that had gotten me into this mess, all seemingly hungry to try a piece of the young american slut. I was forcefully pushed onto the ground and onto my knees, hands pulling me down further onto all fours. The dog needed no command as it quickly began to sniff and lick at my aching and well wet pussy, one of the guys held the dog back as the others pushed at me to face the panting canine.

It's cock was already slipping out of the sheath, thick knot following soon after. A harsh command for me to start sucking was all I really needed, moving to the aroused dog I gripped against the thick shaft as my eyes darted from knot to cock and back again.

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Moving my head down to wrap my lips against the gently pointed tip, the dog lifted a hindleg, and I continued to press the tip between my lips. I swear I had to moan aloud cause as I downed the cock like the little pro I was, the guys around me started again with the name calling, saying that I liked it and how much of a nasty slut I was. Reluctantly I moved my mouth from the dog, settling once more upon all fours, the thick canine cock quickly found its mark and slid into my taunt, wet hole, massive knot pressing against my opening, yet not entering.

I would have screamed had I not bitten down against my lip, the dog pounded away quickly against me, paws scratching a little as he gripped and held at me. Soon then invading, rapidly moving cock exploded within my pussy, the feeling alone of that thickness spreading me open and the burst of hot cum, was enough to send me over the edge. I came. Loud and clear, the dog finishing and dismounting from me and began licking my fluids off its dick.


Looking back up to the surrounding guys, panting softly, I knew what I was in for, they each had their cocks out, stroking and looking to me, -fuck.- The shaggy blonde was quick to move closer, his cock soon forced into my mouth. I protested at first, however quickly began sucking him like the canine, he was large, 8 inches, but I choked him down as best I could, my pussy starting to gently ache from the recent pounding and in anticipation to the next.

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The blowjob didn't last very long as he dropped to his knees and violently pushed his length into my slippery, cum filled pussy. I won't lie, I felt so dirty, but it felt so fucking good to know that I would probably get filled by each of them in turn. He began fucking me, hard and fast, his balls slapping against my upper thighs, hand gripped harshly at my hair. I thought I was going to scream so loud everyone on the street would hear and come running, getting a free show.

Of course, there were some that walked by, either they didn't care what was going on or chose not to involve themselves. Blondies harsh poundings soon brought a cunt clenching orgasm, I began pushing back to meet with the pumps in attempt to force him in deeper, if only half an inch. As my inner walls rapidly flexed against his cock, he flooded me as well, a few thick streams of cum oozing out of me as he filled me.

As he pulled out, a rush of mixed fluids began to leak, which was quickly plugged up by the next. A cock was fed into my mouth while another pounded me from behind, switching for each to have a turn. I was in bliss, even if I was being a dirty little slut, who cares, I got what I wanted and I am sure they did too. After each had finished they walked me partly back, a walk I'll never forget.

My sensitive thighs drenched with cum, occasional splatters hitting the ground as more simply trailed down my skin. I knew people were staring since everyone has that 'just fucked' glow to them after a good round of sex, I guess I just beamed.

Settling back on the curb, I could only fantasize about the pounding I had gotten and smile, picking up my sketchbook and lighting a cigarette again.