Ärger für den Hahn cbt

Ärger für den Hahn cbt
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Avery sat on the edge of her hotel bed. Not so patiently waiting for the group of men she had found on craigslist to show up. The thrill and danger of the meeting was sending electric waves to her tight, teenaged pussy. Or maybe it was the triple dose of klonopin she had swallowed a handful of earlier, but whatever it was, she could already feel her juices flowing out and soaking her teal boyshort panties. Reaching down, she slid her fingers into her wet cunt with a squelching noise, and began to work them in and out, thrusting her hips to meet her palm, moaning along with the rhythm in which she explored her hole.

A loud knock startled her from her trance. Running to the door, and flinging it open, she could see 7 very large men, towering iver her 5'1" petite frame. "But where is everyone else?" she asked, disappointed. They had promised her a group of 27, and she had reserved 2 whole nights for this. "Dont worry about it whore, theyre coming" the closest man replied, as he shoved her down onto the floor. Then the men started filing in. one after another.

Some of them spat on her as they passed. A few nudged her not so gently with their boots. Eventually, one of them grabbed her and began to tear at the only item of clothing she had on, her panties.

While all the other men started to strip down, this one threw her onto the bed with as much force as he could muster. "Take those ugly fucking underwear off" he commanded. Avery complied, shaking in fear. Maybe this had been a bad idea. She was only a teenager, she was too young to die. What would her parents think?

Could the cops trace this back to her ad? The one searching for a large group of men to ravage her body. Her head spun.

"Alright little miss" the man who threw her on the bed, began to speak. "Im Corey, and I want to let you know that whatever your plan was when you walked into this hotel room, is gone. Your holes belong to us now, and we are going to use them as we see fit. I can tell by your tiny tits that you are not as old as you said.

I want you to know I dont care. In fact, it turns me on even more, knowing that Im going to annhiliate that young pussy." She could see his erection growing through his pants. It was then she decided to look around the room. There were so many men, she couldnt count them all, all stripped entirely naked.

Some were old. really old. They reminded her of her pop pop, the one who used to grind his boners into her bottom when she was a little. The one who used to use kiss her on the lips, and who taught her how to please a man with his mouth.

All of these men had cocks similar to his, old, papery looking, and half hard at best.

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But they stood there stroking to her naked body nonetheless. Most of them were about her dads age, 45, and the rest were young but still at least 10 years older than her. She started analyzing the dicks. Some were average, the old men were flat out small, but some of them. my god, some of them had meat as big as her forearm. She started a new level of panicking.

Can she handle those? What if it hurts? The only things that had penetrated her pussy until that point, was her pop pops small dick, her fingers, the 20 some-odd pencil dicked high school boys that exchanged favors for use of her easy pussy, and the few phalically shaped objects she had scoured the house for.

"Turn over and put your ass in the air!" Corey barked. She immediately obliged. Positioned so vulnerably, in the dimly lit room, sent another electric shock through her body. Time was moving so slow, and she could hear every minor noise in the room. Coreys pants dropping to the floor. the sounds of fists shooting up and down the shafts all the dicks getting ready to violate her.

Despite the fear, her pussy was still soaking itself with her sweet juice.

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Before she even had time to prepare, a man was grabbing her hips and roughly jabbing at her rear end. His cock pressed at her asshole a few times before sliding its way down and slipping into her pussy. She could tell it was one of the old perverts. He was already breathing heavy. She felt his cock smush in and out of her soppy cunt, and groaned against her will.

He might be old and nasty but the feeling of her pussy hole being stretched was still pleasant. Then she felt hands all over her body, groping her A sized tits, shoving fingers in her mouth. The voice she recognized as Coreys began to whisper in her ear. "How do you like that dick, you little bitch. You sound like you love it." He chuckled, as the man fucking her cunt picked up his pace, declaring he was ready to blow.

He pounded her slow but steady, his saggy balls slapping her clit, causing her to moan uncontrolably, until suddenly he stopped. She felt him throbbing inside of her, and upon realizing what he had done, frantically tried to crawl away from him. "The ad said you had to pull out! You said yall would pull out!!" She screeched. Averys mom was a devout christian and strongly opposed birth control.

She continued to scramble up the bed, but 2 men held her in place. Everyone was giggling, and she felt like the outsider in an inside joke. She started to sob, even as another man entered her used pussy. This one mustve been younger. He humped away at her hole with what seemed like unlimited stamina, as he pushed a finger into her virgin ass hole. Averys mind amd body betrayed her, as she began to enjoy the violations. After about 2 minutes, she felt this man empty his semen into her.

She groaned. why did it feel so good? She was terrified of getting pregnant, her parents thought her a virgin and she didnt want to drop out of school toraise a baby. The 2nd guy wasnt even fully out of her pussy before another slipped in.

The only reason it slid in so easily was because of the 2 loads lubing her hole, this guy was huge. She gasped, at the new feeling of being too full, and shrieked as he jammed his too long cock into her cervix. "Fuck!" he yelled angrily.


"Im bottomed out and Im not all the way in!" This apparently didnt concern him too much, as he continued to force more dick into her, splitting her open. But it was short lived, as he shouted through his orgasm just a few seconds later. The next several men went without any excitement, simply emptying their loads into her pussy with a few grunts.

What she counted as the 9th man, finally flipped her over so she could see. Laying there, she could feel buckets of cum drip from her pussy to the bed, hot, and sticky. He penetrated her well used cunt with ease, as he covered her mouth and nose with his hand.

He bucked wildly, as she flailed, unable to breathe. "Yeah, you fucking whore. You take that dick.


You like being a little baby slut? You like to lure men with lies, you conniving fucking bitch. You pretend to be 19, Ill fuck you like youre 19." He lifted his hand and sharply cracked his palm against her face, before jamming his fingers into her mouth.

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He pulled them out and slammed his fist into her stomach several times as he continued to hammer into her. "You gonna take my cum, whore? Are you going to lay there while I shoot this load deep into your pussy, are you?!" He yelled. "Youre gonna take this, bitch. Youre going to take every last drop, wether you want it or not." She could hear the hatred in his voice, and it was terrifying.

Then he went rigid, and groaned as he emptied his balls directly into her unprotected womb. Yet another slew of guys took their turns filling her young cunt with their sperm.

She lost count after 22, they just kept coming. and cumming. Her pussy was raw and swollen, her mouth was dry, some of the men were violent and she could feel bruises forming, and her legs hurt from the constant switching of positions from on her knees, ass up, to her back, folded in half to keep the cum in her. It was sloshing around in her belly, and she was sticky and wet from all that has spilled out. Her face was wet with tears and pre cum from all the men rubbing their limp dicks on it.

Corey broke the hour long silence to announce that everyone had already used her pussy hole, and it was time to form lines to get her ass or her mouth.

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Most of them lined up to take her ass hole, only 3 wanted her mouth. Both sides entered at the same time. Thrusting hard, jamming her neck and back as she got sandwiched between. By the time the men were done with a 2nd round, she felt like she would die.

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Over 20 men had fucked and came in her ass and it was so painful. For a brief moment she had enjoyed it but the 2 hour long train left it prolapsed. As the last guy grunted to his finish, with his cock plugging her throat. making her eyes water, and bile rise up in her gut, she felt a sudden hot stream of. piss, washing over her back.

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But she was too tired to fight anymore. She laid there and took it as a few of the other men joined, soaking her hair and the mattress. Laughing and kicking her around the bed until she fell off. As soon as she did, the men located a small styrofoam cup and Corey lifted her so they could collect all the cum from her holes. She felt it pouring out, not knowing the goal they had in mind. Ince she was empty, Corey dropped her carlessly to the floor, where she yelped in pain.

He handed her the cup and told her to drink. She could see it was very near overflowing. Avery had swallowed plenty of cum. but not like this. She began to gag.

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Then she heard the door open.