LP Officer fuck Pepper Harts tight pussy like a spreadeagle

LP Officer fuck Pepper Harts tight pussy like a spreadeagle
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​ The morning after I had left my jizz on my step sister's stomach, I awoke on the couch. I was hung over a bit and I had dreamed of Becky the whole time. I realized what woke me up was her in the kitchen making food. I walked in and she looked at me and gave me a quick, nervous smile. "Damn my head hurts." I said, with sincerity, it was really pounding. "Yeah, alcohol and booze, they can sure make you do stupid stuff that you feel so silly about later." She said.

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I obviously knew she was referring to our little escapade but I wasn't gonna just ignore it. "Did you sleep ok Becky?" "Yeah, why wouldn't I?" "You seemed a bit upset last night. . ." "Well, you KNOW, stupid alcohol and weed made us silly. But we don't have to be embarrassed, we can just forget about it." She said. "Oh," I said and walked to the fridge. I grabbed the OJ and walked over to get a glass, Becky was right next to it, cooking on the stove.

She was wearing a white t shirt (bra shown through, and some grey sweat shorts. The line of her panties was visible. Between her pony tail and her summer tanned legs, she looked hot as fuck early in the morning.

I walked up behind her and set the OJ down, sliding my arms around her tummy and pressing my hardening cock into the small of her back. "But I don't want to forget about it." I said softly. "Marc, what are you doing?!" She sounded panicked, she was gripping the spatula like a weapon. "Becky can't you see how bad I want you. . ." I said as I ground my pelvis into her and slid one hand under her shirt to feel the skin of her tummy and where my cum had rested earlier. "God you perv!

Gross!" She dropped the spatula and pushed me away from her and ran back up the stairs. She didn't speak to me the rest of that day and by the time the parents were home with our baby brother, I had given up that things would improve. The next 4 weeks sucked. I was more and more enamored with her, and she seemed to not want to have anything to do with me.

She stopped asking to watch Ally McBeal with her, she stopped asking me to go to the movies or out to eat with her, in fact, she barely spoke to me at all. I guess she viewed the 4 weeks as punishment because suddenly she popped into my room and asked if I wanted to see the new Scary Movie.

I jumped at the chance. We got stoned before hand and had a great time at the movie.

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I decided I was happy to just get to hang with her again and didn't push for more. Things continued to get better the next few weeks, as we started hanging out again and having fun together and it seemed like everything was better. I was constantly fighting the urge to grope her or give her a sexual vibe. I knew the only chance I had was to drop her inhibitions again, and that meant getting her fucked up.

It took a bit of leg work but I finally found someone who could get access to some pot brownies. I forked over the cash and put them in a shoe box in my closet, waiting for the right time.

That time ended up being about 2 weeks later. The parents were going to a concert series down in the bay area for Friday and Saturday night.

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They asked us to watch our little half brother and we agreed to do so. After the parents left and Andrew was busy watching The Little Mermaid, I grabbed the brownies. My buddy had told me there were very strong, all the better I figured. I pulled one out and took a bite with Becky watching. "Would you like some?" I said quietly as not to get the attention of my little brother.

"Are they. . ?" "Yeah, and I figured no drinking around the little guy, but I don't want to be bored all night." "Ok, can I have a half a one?" "Sure" I gave her a bit larger than half a brownie, and ate my half slowly, wanting to gauge the potency.

We moved to the couch lazily watching the movie with my brother. 20 or so minutes later Becky turned to look at me. I met her gaze and she mouthed to me "Holy fuck, I am fucked up!" and laughed. I laughed too, "No kidding, me too." By the end of the movie it had gotten dark outside and my brother was getting sleepy and grouchy.

We put on another Disney flick and within a bit he was dozing. Becky strutted to the kitchen to cure her munchies. I followed her, my cock rock hard in my shorts. She went past the kitchen and into the laundry room where the pantry was located. She looked damn good from behind. She was wearing a faded fabric pink t-shirt and adidas soccer shorts that were blue. Her meaty but firm thighs were so smooth, and her knees rounded nicely. With her athletic legs you would expect fat knees, but hers were as attractive as the rest of her.

Her legs were golden brown with a mid summer tan and her but, while not as pronounced as that of a Hispanic teen, was bulbous enough to show a visible shift up and down with each step. I loved how she walked toe to heel with each step, it caused her legs to flex with each step.

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Those cheerleader legs, so sexy and taut, her hips seemed so defined and her waist seemed to get impossibly small above them. Her t-shirt hugged her sides and the curve from them to her hips seemed to form a C. I could see the outline of her bra pressing through her shirt.

Her light brown with blonde streaked hair was pulled up in a pony tail. It waved back and forth as she walked. As she turned the corner I caught the brief glimpse of her chest, her breasts were still only B's but in that one size too small t-shirt, they looked absolutely perfect for her frame, perky and round, which lead to excellent cleavage for the size. The laundry room was skinny, with the water heater in a closet, four sets of wood pantries and the washer, dryer and laundry sink.

Becky had opened a pantry and was looking at the crackers. She had one fingernail in her teeth as she previewed the options.

One foot was flat on the tile, the other was curled up onto the top side of her toes, her leg wagging at the knee. I just couldn't take it, I wanted her so badly. There wasn't much room behind her but I squeezed in and I could see and sense her body tense up; she must have sensed my intentions toward her before I initiated them.

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I slipped my arm across her tummy, felling the t-shirt fabric scratching against me ever so softly. I loved the flat firmness of her stomach and stepped to her while pulling her back to me.


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. . Marc don't. . ." She said softly, not trying to separate herself from me. I pushed my groin up to her, my erection nestled into her butt cheeks. My mind's eye flashed an image of those muscular and thick thighs, tan and bare, rubbing against my pelvis as I fucked her silly doggy style. I am sure she had no idea I was technically a virgin still, but I certainly had imagined it in every way and done everything but with my ex.

I began to kiss her neck, sucking and licking the nape as I my hips continued to grind into her behind. I tell you it would not of taken long to cum in my pants, but I didn't want to waste my cum, I wanted all my cum for Becky. Her ponytail tickled my cheek as I kissed her cheek. I could feel how warm her skin was, and with her lack of discernible anger, I could only assume she was reacting to my actions positively.

"You are so hot Becky, I dream about you every night." I moaned softly into her ear as I nibbled on her lobe. "Hmmmph Marc. . why. . .huuuuuh" She sighed a sexy sigh, which took away the last of my inhibition.

I stepped to the side and grabbed her hips, picking up the delicious little tart and pushed her up against the washer, wrapped my arms around her back and kissed her hard. I shoved my tongue into her mouth and wrestled with hers. She moaned a slight objection but it was very short lived. "Ummf, dammit Marc, oohhmmm" She put one hand on my cheek and her other wrapped around my neck and she pushed back to me, kissing me as hard as I was kissing her.

"Om god Becky! I am fucking, nom, crazy. . unf. . about you!" I moaned louder than I should have as we made out. I moved one hand to her left luscious thigh and scooped it up, feeling her thick thigh up on my hip. I couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to be in her, well, to be in any woman to be honest, but knew I wanted her to be that one.

"Ooooh Marc, muah, god why are you doing this? Mmmf, I can't keep pushing my feelings away." Finally, the words I had longed to hear, she did share my feelings. I knew of course, but until she broke down to tell me, a huge barrier had remained. I let go of her leg but she kept it next to my hip while I slipped a hand under her shirt to massage her breast through her bra.

It felt so firm and buoyant, it only made my hard cock harder, hard to the point it was hurting. My dick needed her, and it needed her now. I moved my hand to her ass and quickly worked my hand past the waistband. I massaged her ass while I continued to moan into her mouth. It took very little time to work her shorts over her pronounced hips. "Mm--Marc don't. . .Marc we can't, umph, Marc. . ." She feigned protest as I pushed her leg down and it allowed her shorts to fall to the floor.

Her panties, were half peeled off, but one side still over her hip. "I need you, mmph" I groaned into her mouth as I pushed my shorts to the floor, my steel hard erection bouncing up and jiggling back and forth with my movements, the head sliding around her tummy, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her. "Oh Jesus Marc. . Marc we can't do this!" "Leave your panties on, oohmph, if you leave them on. . .monm. it doesn't really count." I was groping her furiously now, my passion was to the point I had to cum one way or another.

"Oh God, God Marc we can't, we really can't. We, muah, can't. . can't. . Marc we can't have sex!" She moaned in a whine, obviously wanting to, but having trouble settling her mind on such a devious act. "Just leave your panties on, we will keep them between us, then it's not really sex." I was so desperate to not leave that room without getting her to give in. "Shit Marc, that doesn't really mean anything." "It does Becky, it not really sex that way." "Shit!

Mmmmph. . ok. . ok do it, but you have to pull it out before you cum ok?" "Mmm-hmmm, mmmm-hmmmph!" I groaned in agreement, already grabbing my unit and starting to push. Becky grabbed my face in her hands, "Marc, look at me. . " I stopped my mindless actions and stared into her eyes.

"You HAVE to pull it out before you finish. I am not on any contraceptive." "I will, I promise, ok?" "Ok," and she smiled big. Finally, finally she was giving me the full green light. I was gonna get laid! I was gonna fuck Becky! I was gonna fuck my gorgeous step-sister! I was so excited, too excited really. You know how the first time for a guy doesn't last long, well add in a ton of emotional lust and it was a lot more intense.

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Becky was diligent and pulled her panties up and pulled the sides to make sure they were covering her opening. The second she was done I was pushing and shoving my dick trying to get into her. "No, no lower, lower.

Here. . " She put me into position and I felt the slightest give as I was lined up with her opening. "Oh wow.


. . " I said in a hoarse whisper as I went in. It was very slow going because her panties basically had to pull off of her sides to give slack to let me push in. It was slow, but my determination was not swayed. "OH Jesus, oh god you really are.

. hah, hah! You're inside of my. . .hah. . oh my god!" Becky said in a breathless moan. Her panties were pulled halfway down her ass and pelvis now, covering my penis as half of my 6 inches were inside my step-sister's body. I scooped her leg up again and this time she hooked her calve and foot over my bare ass. I couldn't hardly appreciate the sensations I was feeling over the emotional impact of what was happening. I have to say, sex didn't feel like I really expected. I was so used to my hand, or the few times I had received a blow job, but it was so different.

It was so tight, not to mention it felt like her pussy was literally at a boiling temperature. As for the actual feeling of her pussy itself, I didn't know. Her silky cotton panties masked the true sensation of her insides but it didn't change the overall impact of the event.

"Urrr god Becky! Oh god! Ummmph! God it's so tight!" My words came out in a grunting snort and I think they were discernible, but who knows. I was gripping her upper thigh and lower butt in my one hand, the other was holding the edge of the washer to give me balance. My awkwardness of inexperience, coupled with my animal instinct to fuck as hard and fast as I could were making things difficult, on top of the inherent difficulty of my thrusts muted by the give of her panties.

I was able to get almost 3/4 of the way in, and poor Becky's legs and lower butt had her elastic stretched to its breaking point, and it was digging into her. "Holy shit. . it's. . ." Becky said panting, staring down as my penis was trying to go in and out of her, it's efforts retarded by the above mentioned restrictions.

"It's. . ho God. . you're. . oh shit you're really insi--hide me!" Her voice was shaking now, one hand holding the back of my neck, the other holding my side. "Oh Becky, holy shit! God you feel so amazing!" I was starting to pant, and my voice had gotten squeaky. "M-m-m-m-m-marc d-d-d-don't forget to pull it out, hah!" Becky panted, her eyes as big as dinner plates as she bit her lip watching me have sex with her. Oh jesus, why did she bring that up? Instantly my mind's eye showed me a vision of my cock exploding with cum, filling up her young womb with my spunk.

That vision alone nearly caused me to lose it, my only reprieve that I could feel my cum rocketing up from my balls and it gave me a second or two to act. I wanted to cum inside her, I wanted to coat the panties with it and have it gush out the side and into Becky's body.

I wanted to put my stamp on her, and fill her. But I knew this would be my one and only hurrah if I did, and I didn't want that. So mustering every ounce of strength and will I have, I yanked my penis out of her body, for a moment her panties sticking to the tip of my dick before peeling off.

I had my cock about 4 inches from Becky's wet panties and wetter pussy when I came. "Ouuush! Mmmmmmph!" A warm rope of cum rushed out of my mushroom cap and splattered all over her lower tummy, panties and upper right thigh. I nearly lost my balance and had to grab on to Becky just to keep my balance. "Oh shit, you're cumming! You didn't come inside did you?!" She had panic in her voice. "N-n-nnnn-nah! Oooof!" I hugged Becky tight and my penis was now wedged between my left thigh and her right thigh and pointing to the wall a foot or so away next to the washer.

That was where my second launch of cum landed, leaving a glob on the wall that slowly was crawling down towards the floor. My face buried into Becky's shoulder and my eyes closed, the orgasm ripping through my body was the most intense I could remember since my first one and my legs were jelly, tingling like the rest of my body.

My step sister had taken my greatest gift, she had taken my virginity and I never wanted to forget.


. . "Ungha!

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Hah, hah, hah. " I panted as my last shot of semen flew out and coated more of the wall. I pulled my head up a bit and rested my forehead on hers. My eyes were still closed but I enjoyed the feeling of her hot breath, the sound of her panting the moisture on her skin. I wanted to feel everything from my. my lover. My first lover. I don't know how long we held each other but it was a good while. I think we finally noticed how long we had been there when the noise from the Disney movie quit.

I was the first to move and there was a pronounced pop when our bodies separated, both of us joined by the sperm that my manhood had left on Becky's body and clothing. Becky and I both stared down at my now flaccid penis. I thought it looked awfully pathetic, after being smashed between our thighs and cumming as hard as it ever had, it seemed extra shrunken.

But Becky fluffed my ego. "Wow, it really can get small hmm? I mean, I remember John's the one time we did it and, well, I barely noticed it.

I still can't believe that was in me. . " I brushed her bangs away from her eyes and kissed her again. I wanted to tell her I loved her but worried about damaging a sensitive situation. Instead I just said, "Thank you. . .you were amazing." Becky smiled and blushed and she kneeled down and grabbed her shorts.

Before she stood up she leaned in and kissed my penis on the tip. She stood up and pulled her shorts back on and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Thank you too. I think we both know we needed to do that. Thank you for not letting me back out. Thank god you pulled it out in time. It was special, I won't ever forget it." With that she snuck past me and bounded up stairs. It was hard to describe but I sensed a serious finality in the way she spoke and gestured.

I thought of this as the start to a wonderful affair, but she gave me the impression of a one time fling. The parents wouldn't be home until tomorrow morning, which gave me the rest of the night to try to secure my relationship with her.

Unfortunately by the time I cleaned up the laundry room to conceal our transgressions and cleaned up the kitchen and put my brother into his bed, her light was off and her door was closed. I hopped in the shower and cleaned up, amazed how soft my penis felt.

I really had wore the little guy out with that orgasm. I got out of the shower and almost knocked on her door, but I was exhausted and satisfied and just for now, I didn't want to worry about what would happen. She probably would not react well to my waking her up anyway. I went to my room and crashed, and no longer being a virgin, having had sex with Becky and having my first orgasm via a vagina, I felt very accomplished.