Busty blonde vibrator pussy and masturbate glasstoy

Busty blonde vibrator pussy and masturbate glasstoy
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Power Pussy 1 I am in my first year at college and have a small apartment just off campus. In my chemistry class was a very beautiful girl named Audrey. She was a sophomore about 5'10", 115 lbs, dark hair, and a kinda Italian look to her. She had very nice tits which she proudly displayed by wearing low cut blouses. She always had guys trying to sit next to her in class. Many times the guys almost got into fights about who would sit next to her.

Audrey knew she was good looking and did nothing to discourage these incidents. Someone said that she did some part-time modeling on the side. She was always telling her girl friends about all the guys she went out with. Since I am slight of build, about 5'6", and quiet I never tried to get near her. I have shaggy blonde hair. My name is Tim. We were instructed to pair up and for our lab experiment. The professor paired everyone according to alphabetical order. So to my surprise I was paired up with Audrey which angered many of the other guys.

Audrey wasn't happy about being paired up with me either and kept trying to get the professor to give her another partner. The professor wouldn't do it so she was mad at the professor Audrey came over to me "You had better be a good lab partner." I was in such awe of her I could barely speak.

"I will do my very best Miss Audrey." I answer. "You'd better." she said annoyed. We agreed to meet to do the lab. I ended up doing all the work while she stood around talking to her friends. We had to write a report on the lab so I told her that I would write the report which was okay with her. One of her friends told her that she had better check my work so I wouldn't cause her to get a bad grade. Audrey told me that she would come to my apartment the next day to check on my progress.

Audrey came by about 2 in the afternoon, she had just come from aerobics class and was wearing tight shorts and a sweaty t-shirt. I had not finished the report and so she was very mad at me. I was wearing cut-off jeans and a white t-shirt.

"I've got a date tonight and can't waste time here with you." she complained. The report was due the next morning so I kept working on it as she watched. She became very impatient with me "You are pathetic, Timmy." "I'm doing the best I can." I assured her. "I don't trust you to do the report right so I'm going to stay right here until it's was done." She then got up "I'm going to shower here." She got up and started to the bathroom and as she did she took off her t-shirt exposing her sports bra as she walked away.

I tried not to look but couldn't help myself. She went into the bathroom and started showering without even closing the door. I would catch glimpses of her in the bathroom but was so afraid to get caught peeking at her that I didn't lift my head up.

After her shower she came out wearing only a towel and was drying her wet hair. She stood next to me as I sat on the sofa typing on my laptop which was on the coffee table. I could smell the scented soap on her as she checked on my work. Once again she was displeased at my progress. "God! you're worthless." She said looking at me. "You know you look like a sissy. Geez, Timmy what a wimp name." "I'm sorry." I apologize to her and tried to work better. She went back into the bathroom and came out with some skin lotion.

She dropped her towel and was completely naked in front of me. She had dark almost red nipples and her pussy hair was trimmed very short. "What are you looking at? Don't you dare look at me." She scolded and started to rub the lotion on her arms.

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She tells me "I can have any guy I want and you'll never have anyone as good looking as me so don't torture yourself by looking at me." I couldn't concentrate with her standing naked in front of me so she sat down on the coffee table facing away from me and handed me her brush.

"Brush my hair." she orders. She tells me "Since you are a worthless little sissy if you want me to stay and help you you have to do what I tell you." I could only look down and nod. I brushed her hair while she talked on the phone to her friends. Audrey could tell that she had an affect on me.

"Take off your clothes." she commanded. "When I hesitated she stood up and looked down on me "Take off your clothes now!" Blushing I did as I was told and stripped down. I have a seven and a half inch dick which on my little body makes it looks even bigger than it is. She looked down at my hard cock. "Wow you certainly have got a nice dick, much more than I thought you have, but you look too much like a sissy for me. Too bad for you. I might have let you have some." She gave me the lotion.

"Put some lotion on my back and shoulders." I squirted lotion on her back and shoulders and started rubbing it in. I couldn't believe I was touching her naked body. As I was rubbing the lotion in I managed to touch the side of one of her breasts. This angered her so she twisted around and smacked me in the head. "Don't touch my titties." she said.

"Now do my legs." she ordered. She then spread and stretched out her legs. I crawled around to her front in-between her legs. I kept my head down and tried not to look up at her as I was afraid she would get mad at me.

Unfortunately I couldn't help myself as I was rubbing the lotion on her legs I looked up and saw her beautiful spread pussy. She smacked my head "Don't look at my pussy." and as she did I shot off on her foot and ankle.

"OH you bad little boy!" she scolded. She smacked again me in the head. "Look what you did. Clean your cum off me." I started to get up. "Where are you going?" she demanded. I was very embarrassed and was blushing a deep red. "I going to get a paper towel." I stammered.

"You are not going to use a rough paper towel on my beautiful legs." She said. I stood there kinda confused." Well what do you want me to use?" She starts to smile devilishly "Use your tongue." "My tongue?" I was shocked. "Yeah that's right. Lick me clean. It's your mess now clean it up." she says as she raises up her hand to strike me.

I kneel back down in front of her. What else could I do? "You're lucky! You know how many guys want to lick me." she laughs.

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I did as she ordered and started to lick my cum off her leg. "Wait." she said "Wear these." She then throws her sweaty panties in my face. I couldn't help myself so when I caught her panties on my face I held them to my nose and sniffed then.


"Oh you little perverted panties sniffer" she said and smacked me on the head again. "Put them on." I stand up and put on her panties.

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"Now that's more like it." You really look like a little sissy now ." she laughs. Audrey grabs my arm and pulls me back down to her feet. I finish licking all my cum off her foot and ankle. Audrey is watching me as I lick her feet and ankles. "You know you did that pretty good, I might let you lick my pussy. Yeah lick my pussy." she said. "Would you like that?" All I could do was look down and nod.

Audrey leans back and points at her pussy "Come lick it." She lifts her legs up so that her feet are on the edge of the coffee table. Her pussy is completely exposed. I move up close to her pussy, my face is only about an inch away. "No wait. You haven't proved you can use your tongue good enough." she states. With that she stands up and moves over to the sofa and bends over the arm with her tanned butt sticking out.

"Kiss my ass." She commands. I kneel behind her and start kissing her ass cheeks. I put my hands on her thighs just below her ass cheeks pushing them up and together. Audrey reaches around and smacks me in the head again "Don't touch me with your hands." I remove my hands and keep kissing her beautiful ass.

I rub my face on her ass cheeks expecting to get smacked again. "That's enough, now lick my asshole." she tells me. I notice her voice is a little bit lusty.

I press my face into her ass-crack and start licking her puckered brown asshole. She is moving around a little so I figure she is enjoying it. "Get in deeper." she pants.

I lick her asshole deeply for some time before she straightens up and turns around and sits on the sofa. "Now you can lick my pussy." she relents. I crawl up between her legs and start licking her pussy and clit the best I could. Audrey began moaning and starts orgasming and orgasming. Her pussy is gushing wet and her pussy lips are wide spread.

Finally she stands up and gets dressed in her sweaty shorts and one of my t-shirts. "I'll be back later tonight. If that report is done I might let you lick me again. That is if you do a good job." she tells me. With that she leaves and as soon as she is out of the door I take her panties off and hold them to my face as I masturbate.

When I start to cum I shoot off into her panties. I absentmindedly toss the panties onto the sofa. I start back on the report and finally finish it and print it. At eleven o'clock Audrey walks back in. She is dressed in tight jeans, white tube top, and open toe high heels. She has pink lipstick on, gold earrings, and a large pearl necklace.

She looks at me "That report better be finished." "It is. Here." I answered. She looks at the report "Mmm yeah I guess this will be OK." Audrey looks down on the sofa and sees her panties and picks them up and unfolds them and sees my cum in them.

"What the fuck did you do to my panties." she demanded.

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"Nothing." I lie. "You little pervert you shot your cum in my panties!" she said. "Didn't you?.Well?" I could only look down embarrassed and nod yes. "Well guess what you little perv I got some more cum for you." she said. "I fucked a guy before I came over here and his cum is still in my pussy and ass." Audrey strips naked in front of me. She leaves on her pearl necklace and earrings. She tosses her new panties at me.

"You know what to do." she orders. I hold the panties up to my face and inhale her scent. Audrey reaches over and smacks me on the head causing her tits to swing about wildly. "No you little perv. I meant put them on." she commands. I drop my shorts and take off my t-shirt and stand before her naked. I step into her panties and pull them up. She grabs me by my ear and pulls me down behind her as she leans forward and sticks her ass out.

"Start on my ass first." she demands. "Miss Audrey may I please touch your titties." I beg. Immediately she smacks my head again. "You little perv, like I would let someone like you touch my beautiful titties." she said.

"Well maybe if you do a good job." I press my face into her ass crack again and start licking. This time the taste is different. Last time she had just got out of the shower but this time was different. I realized that there really was some guy's cum in her ass. I could see the cum oozing out of her asshole.

Audrey reached behind and smacked my head again. "Don't stop licking. My ass is sore from all the fucking I just did." She tells me. "Stick your tongue in deep." Not wanting to get hit again I press my face hard into her ass and stick my tongue deep into her cum filled asshole. The cum in her ass tasted different from my own cum and I licked and sucked every ounce out of her asshole. "Oh yeah that's the it." she cooed.

After twenty minutes of ass licking she turned around and rubbed her titties all over my face. "You are a good boy." she smiles. Unfortunately the tits in my face caused me to shoot off again on her both of her feet and legs. Immediately she smacks my head again. "Jesus Christ you little perv look what you did again." she chastised. I could only look down and blush while kneeling at her feet. "And I was going to let you lick my pussy." she said.

"Now lick your cum off me." Having done it before I knew what to do so I bent down and quickly licked and sucked my cum off her legs and feet. "That's better, OK now you can lick my pussy." she said as she sat on the sofa and spread her legs wide. She took her fingers and spread her pussy lips.

There was cum oozing out of her pussy and dried splotchs of cum around it. I dove in and licked and sucked all the cum out of her pussy. She started having multiple orgasms as I did. I could feel her body tense up and shudder each time. Finally Audrey sits up and pushes me away.

"Well I have to go now. Take off my panties so I can wear them home." She tells me. I stood up and took off the panties and started to hand them to her. "May I smell them one more time Miss Audrey." I pleaded.

"God! you little perv. But well you did do a good job of licking my pussy and ass." she mused "OK you can sniff them and masturbate while I watch." she said. "Get back on your knees before me." "I kneel down before her. I hold her panties up to my face and start masturbating furiously. She watches and then leans over and rubs her tits in my face. Of course her titties cause me to shoot off but this time I hold her panties over the tip of my dick and cum all in them. Audrey smacks me in the head again.

"Damn you. You little perv. You came in my panties again." she voices loudly. "I'm too tired now but I'm going to come back tomorrow and punish you for this. And wash my panties." Audrey walks out of the door leaving me naked on my knees with her cum filled panties in my hand. The Next Day In class the next day Audrey completely ignores me the whole time.

The professor skims over our report and remarks on how good it looks. Audrey walks by me after class in the hallway "I'll be by at two." and walks off. In the afternoon I am sitting on my sofa wearing just gym shorts watching TV when Audrey walks in. She has just finished her aerobics class again and was all sweaty. "Did you wash my panties?" she demands.

"Yes of course. Miss Audrey" I answer while pointing to the clean panties folded neatly on the dining counter. "Good." she said. She gets herself a cold drink and starts toward the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower, you don't mind do you." she asks sweetly. "Of course not." I answer.

"Come back here." she shouts. I walk back to the backroom where Audrey is standing with her cold drink. "I want you to wash me." she commands. "Sure." I respond nonchalantly. But I am so excited that I will see her naked again that I am instantaneously hard. "Undress me." she tells me. I start to reach over to her t-shirt when she lightly smacks me on the head. "No stupid you have to undress first." she said. I immediately take off my shorts exposing my hard-on. Audrey sees my big hard-on "You better not cum on me again!" "Now take my clothes off for me and don't make me spill my drink." Audrey commands.

Audrey sits down on the edge of the tub, holding her drink high. "Take my shoes off." she orders. I kneel down at her feet and remove her shoes and socks. I look up from in-between her legs and notice that her crotch is all wet from sweat.

Audrey stands up in front of me. I stand up too and lift up her t-shirt and pull it off. she has on a red sports bra that unhooks in the front. I am standing so close my face is in-between her cleavage with her tits only an inch from both sides of my face.

My hands are shaking as I unhook her bra and expose her tits. God they were so awesome I couldn't help but suck on them. Audrey lightly smacks me on the head "No." I kneel down in front of her and put my hands on the waistband of her gym-shorts. I get real close to so that my face is only a couple inches from her crouch. I slowly pull her gym-shorts down and let them fall to her ankles. Audrey steps out of them. She has on thin red bikini panties.

I can see her pussy lips thru them. I slowly pull them down and let them fall to her ankles. I bend my head slightly to the side and put my face in her crotch and stretch my tongue out to lick her pussy. I expected Audrey to smack me but instead she lifts up her right leg to kick her panties free and puts her foot on the side of the tub giving me better access to her pussy. I lick her sweaty pussy for a several minutes before she pushes my head away.

"Later Sweety. You need to give me a shower now." she coos. I could barely believe that she talked so sweet to me. I stand up and start the water running as she steps into the shower. The water is nice and hot as I get the soap and start soaping up her body. She wouldn't let me touch her with my empty hand but with the soap in my hand I rub soap on every square inch of her body.

I finally get to feel her beautiful tits and I especially wash her ass and pussy since I know I will be licking them soon. I use a hand held water nozzle to rinse her off as she stands under the main shower nozzle. I get some shampoo and squirt some in her hair and and slowly wash her hair. My hard dick is rubbing all over her as I wash her and surprisingly she said nothing about it. We stay in the shower for about 15 minutes as I was in no hurry to stop and I think she was enjoying it.

Finally we stop and she steps out of the shower. I dry my self quickly and then slowly dry her off with a big thick towel. "Now I want a massage. Do you know how to give a girl a good massage. "Oh yes Miss Audrey I can give a good massage." I answer.

I had never given one before but I had read a book on massages. "You had better." she warns. Audrey walks into the bedroom and lays face-down on my bed. I get some lotion and get on the bed kneeling beside her. I squirt some lotion on her back and start rubbing it in. "Is that OK Miss Audrey?" I asked. "Yeah that's good." she answers. I do her back, neck, and shoulders and then squirt some more lotion on her ass and rub it in. After the lotion is rubbed in I use my knuckles and knead her butt cheeks.

"Umm baby that's nice." she coos. I feel so proud to have pleased her that way. Next I do her long legs from her thighs to her feet.

I massage each of her feet then crawl up to her. "Do you want me to massage your front too Miss Audrey." I implore. "Of course." she answers and rolls over.

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I put a little lotion on my hands and gently rub her temples and sides of her neck. "Mmm that's nice." she said. I next squirt some lotion on her chest in-between her tits and rub it in. I start under her tits and massage them upwards then again from the sides. Lightly I pinch her nipples and when I do so she arches her back ever so slightly.

"Oh yes that feels good." she coos.


I bend down and kiss each nipple expecting to get smacked again but she just lies there with her eyes half closed. I squirt some more lotion on her taut belly and rub it in. I move down to her legs and do each leg which I can tell she enjoys by the little smile on her face. Audrey spreads her legs allowing me access to her pussy.

"Well did you miss something." she teases. "No Miss Audrey I was saving that for last." I answer. I move up so that my knees are touching her hips and put a little dab of lotion on her abdomen just above her pussy.

I rub it in to her abdomen and then put my whole hand on her pussy and gently rub up and down, letting my middle finger slide in and out of her pussy. "Oh Sweety that feels so good." she moan gently. I rub her pussy like that for several minutes when she shocks me by gently griping my dick. I almost cum immediately but manage to hold it in. I rub her pussy until she starts orgasming. "Miss Audrey may I use my dick." I ask. "Yes Sweety you have been very good." she coos.

I get between her legs and place my dick at the opening of her pussy. I kept expecting her to smack me and stop me but she doesn't. My dick slides into her pussy and I was in heaven. Her pussy was hot, wet, juicy and very tight. I start slowly stroking in and out of pussy. Audrey was moaning the whole time and I made love to her like that for quite awhile before I pulled out and rolled her over and started doing her from behind while she was laying face down.

I kissed up her spine while reaching under her and gently pinched her nipples as I fucked her causing her to have a massive orgasm. This was too much for me and I was close to unleashing a huge load of cum in her.

I put my head next to hers "Miss Audrey may I cum in your pussy?" This was too much for her and she lost control. "Yes! Yes! Cum in my pussy! Give me your cum!" she exalted. I started pumping her hard and as I started to cum I squeezed her tight around her tits and gently bit her ear which caused her to have another orgasm during which I shot load after load deep into her pussy. We laid like that for several minutes before she turned her head.

"That was awesome." she said out of breath. "I love big dicks." "Thank you Miss Audrey." I answer.