Asian Teen Getting an Awesome Handjob

Asian Teen Getting an Awesome Handjob
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He just came home from wrestling practice. The next door neighbors' son was the cutest thing I could imagine, with a frame that gave him the proportions of a full grown man, if not yet the height. I had spoken with him a few times, just in passing really. I mean, we're neighbors AND we go to the same school. He was a sweet 5'7 with hair short enough that it stood up with sweat after he ran his hands through it. He still wore his black and red spandex uniform, the fabric soaked and even more form-fitting than usual.

I could see, at least, that he took his cup out after practice, the outline of his boy toys just a size-able lump protruding in the front. As he continued up the walk, his gym bag slung over his shoulder obscured the firm butt I hoped I'd get a glimpse of. He entered his house and my trance was broken. Both our parents got home real late, and without thinking I made up my mind that today was the day I would pay him a visit he wouldn't soon forget.

Putting on one of the many football jersey's from my older brother's closet (sports really aren't my thing but they were apparently my crush's) and tying it in the back with a knot that showed the tiniest bit of my lower back and navel, I made sure my blood red hair was flat ironed and swept over at just the right angle to reveal my pixie nose and thin-set lips. how could he pass this up, even if he was straight?

I was practically a 16 year old girl, not the 18 year old man-boy I was in reality. My tight jeans, ending mid-calf, held a tight butt and almost no bulge.

Not that I'm small, but I can hide it when I want to look extra femme. I swayed my hips as I crossed the street and up the walk to his house. I danced up the last few steps and rang the door bell.

It took a minute or so but, sure enough I saw a curtain move in the bay window to the right. Just as soon as the curtained stilled, the the door opened.

There he stood, a few inches shorter than me but with a presence that made me feel I was on my knees looking up. He had obviously been in the process of undressing because, oh lord, the shoulder straps keeping the spandex one-piece up were off and hanging at his waist. For a 15 year old, his chest was delicious, muscular enough to make it square but smooth enough to be cute.

The elastic fabric had fallen just low enough to see the top of a thick bush of hair above the large lump just below that. On further inspection, that hair trailed lightly yet densely up, not in a line but in a band six inches across up to his firm chest and around his nipples. I could see the light brown hair under his arms as he leaned against the open door.

"Hey," he said to me in a friendly greeting. Then, noticing my outfit, his eyes set into a different expression. "Need something?" he asked, friendly again, but with a cocky smirk to one side. I took a moment to consider a possible way of getting in his house, then settled on the only logical reason I could be there.

"Actually, I was wondering if you needed anything," I said in my cutest voice and bit my lip. "I- uh." the smirk faltered as he took in all the implications of my offer. Then, probably deciding he took me the wrong way, said, "You wanna come in?

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We can watch some TV after I get changed." His smile came back but with only welcome, maybe confusion, as he moved out of the door way to let me in. The front door opened into the large living room. There was a four-seated couch and two reclining chairs facing mounted TV on the right wall. the open space gave it a very liberating feeling of welcome.

"You can put something on the TV while I get dressed if you want," he said as he led me in then continued to the staircase across the room. "I was thinking more along the lines of taking something off," I whispered, eying what was still covered by the spandex as he made his way upstairs. He paused for a second but continued, probably brushing it off as the wind or something. Boys can be so thick sometimes.

I sat down on the couch, turned on the TV and almost let the remote fall. I wondered if he knew his parents subscribed to porn. I watched for a few seconds then quickly turned off the TV again. I heard him coming through the upstairs hall, then back down the stairs across the room now wearing a simple white v-neck and red basketball shorts.

"Don't like TV?" he asked as he swept the remote from the arm of the couch where I'd found it and leaned on the arm right next to where I was sitting. As the TV came on, I seen the cutest red hit his maturing face, making him look the age he should, without the obvious beginning of stubble. I bet he hasn't shaved 10 times yet I thought to myself. "I - umm. My par--" "Aron, it's just porn," I said, looking up into his dark green eyes, "No problem." "Yea." he looked relaxed again.

"Toby, right? Algebra last year?" "Mhm," I confirmed.


He had forgotten the porn for a second, but the moans from the TV brought it back. Without looking at it he hit the off button on the remote and the sounds went with it.

"I am sorry about that though. I guess my parents." he trailed off seeing I wasn't buying it. I had finally put together that the reason his uniform was unstrapped to the waist wasn't from him being in the middle of changing in the living room.

"Ya know, if your a little." I didn't finish I just glanced real quick at his crotch. "I could." I didn't finish again. I just put a hand on one fuzzy thigh, as he was now sitting casually on the arm of the couch, his slippery shorts having ridden up quite a bit. "Whoa, I'm not gay, dude.

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I mean it's whatever but I'm not." he explained, springing up to stand looking down at me. "Well, I know that. That doesn't mean I can't help you out. Have you ever even had sex?" I asked, knowing of course he hadn't. I never seen him with a girl, ever. Not that they all didn't talk about him. He was definitely the most grown-up 15 year old I'd seen, physically anyway.

maybe not features, but definitely everything else. But I knew he was straight, since that particular porn channel was dedicated exclusively to f/f. Maybe he hadn't found the right girl yet. I was willing to give it a go. I just tugged the bottom of his shirt, luring him back to the couch. "Just sit, baby boy.

Let me do what I do." He just complied, mouth moving but no sound as I tugged the shirt up and over his head, making his sweaty hair stick up every which way. I tossed it aside, and admired the maturity of his body. He was like a man, but miniature and with the attitude of a pubescent boy.

the light hair on his chest alone made me strain in my too-tight pants. I bent down and kissed his belly, and he just layed his head back and closed his eyes. I moved up, kissing a trail to his nipple, then to the other.

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He got comfortable, or forgot the exact situation, and raised his arms and put them behind his still layed back head, exposing trimmed brownish hair. The perfect male and he was right in front of me. I couldn't help it, I had to take off those shorts. I layed both hands on a pec, and slid them down the fuzzy road of his tummy and into the the first of the two bands of elastic separating me from the most intimate part of this young stud.

The shorts slid down like air, past his knees and the course down of his legs and off his socked feet. He just lay there, head back and eyes closed, his breathing slightly increased. I just sat back on my heels and took him in again, a hairy sturdy body like no fifteen year old should have and a face just crying innocence and strength.

Only a tight pair of pure white boxer-briefs cover the now tightening mound of meat growing down one thigh. It only made sense he would have the raging cock and full balls of a man too. That equipment in the hands of a constantly horny younger teen that replenishes sperm constantly. I couldn't hold back anymore, and by the looks, neither could he. I tucked my fingers underneath and tugged them off in one go, unleashing his thick meat from it's cage where it slapped forcefully against his belly, causing the littlest residual layer of smooth baby fat on his tummy to ripple.

he finally stirred, moving only one think arm down and feeling for my head. I allowed him to take hold of my neck, and guide me down to his monster. I used one hand to pick it up and the other to hold onto his furry thigh.

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he nudged me down and I open willingly for the thickness he was blessed with. the head itself was the size of a small plum and almost as purple from the strong rush of blood his young heart supplied. The whole thing was red and felt like velvet covered steel as it slid further into my stretching mouth.

It took getting used to, but after a few slow ins and outs, I felt ready. I would take this thing to his bush if it killed me. I forced it in, his head guiding and his moans encouraging. when it hit the back, I did gag, but swallowed and to my surprise it continued in. Each time I swallowed, I felt it slide further in, down my throat. I wished I could have seen this from his point of view. I wondered briefly if you could see the pulsing rod in my throat as I worked it down.

It had to be a good 6 inches of sausage but pretty damn thick. I'd closed my eyes at the first swallow, and still had them shut tight when my nose buried in his teen bush. Momentary victory washed over me, then with a new conviction I started to pull off. He began to protest, but as I unbuttoned my pants, turned and got on all fours, he got the picture. He was too in the moment to stop now, I knew that. He'd do anything to release the almost visible pressure in his egg-sized balls that seemed to defy gravity.

He slid off of the couch and onto his knees behind me. In what seemed like seconds he had me on my back, naked with my legs behind my head. I love being overpowered, especially by someone younger and shorter than me. He pressed his raging beast of a cock into one cheek then the other, searching frantically for my hole, with an animal look in his eyes.

It scared me, but even more it pushed me further into ecstasy.

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He was obviously loving this, and his pleasure only drove me harder. He found the small opening, using only the spit that was there to begin with and the endless flow of precum as lube, and pushed.

He pushed and pushed until he was flush with my ass, his brillo pad of pubes signalling the end of the pain.


He didn't care and I didn't want him too. I just wanted him to pound at me until he roared with mind-blowing pleasure. He layed on top of me, my cock pressed between us as he pistoned in and out, the hair on his belly causing friction on my steel rod. It was at that moment I couldn't hold it. It was welling up inside from my balls, then the flood gates opened and shot after shot of sticky cum made it's way between us, sticking us together while he still hammered away, pound after heart stopping pound past my pleasure spot and in deeper.

With one last out, a growl of complete euphoria and racking release filled the room, with a single ram back in, he came, and it was a white-hot river inside me, thrashing against my insides. He continued to bulldoze my ass, until I felt the last spasm of his thick meat.

he collapsed on top of me, breathing as if he'd held his breath the entire orgasm. I layed there too, just feeling his amazingly hard cock still stiff inside me, pulsing to a heartbeat like a drum roll. When I did move my body and looked at his face laying on my chest, I realized the little bastard had fallen asleep. I guess that's what happens when you have body-shattering sex after a rough day of wrestling practice. I just rolled the not-so-little-guy off of me and got dressed. I left him there knowing full well he'd wake up before either of his parents got home from work.

I did go over to check on him a few hours later just to make sure he woke up, so his parents wouldn't walk in on him naked on the living room floor. That'd raise some questions! But before I got to knock I heard the moaning sounds of Skinemax through the door. I just shook my head at my virile little man and walked back to my house smiling.