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Gang bang nude male gay Dungeon sir with a gimp
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Looking back on things in my life I would have to say that it wasn't really at all that bad. Things were always good for us and we had everything we could possibly want. There were problems and some were worse than others, but we always came out smelling like roses.

My parents owned quite a small businesses in our small town, so as you can imagine, our financial situation wasn't really bad at all. It wasn't perfect and we weren't rich by any means, but we lived comfortably. They worked their asses off but always found time for my sister and I. Then as we got older tragedy struck our small family.

From that, I learned the value of hard work, by choice, but also because I had to. My parents both worked their asses of for what they had, and for what they provided for me and my sister. The tragedy that hit my family wasn't anything we expected. Dad got cancer and died. It was a very aggressive cancer and shortly after he was diagnosed with it, he got really sick. It wasn't till a little over a year after he got diagnosed that he died.

He had many many rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgeries, unfortunately, it wasn't enough and he died. It was a real bad time for us all to be honest. Now it was just me, my mom, and sister Addison. We had a very large house and the payments started to get behind, mainly because of the huge medical bill that was still there.

Mom worked her ass of to get what we needed and to keep a roof over our heads. But as we all know, when it rains, it pours it's ass off. This was no different. Mom started talking about moving into a different house or an Appartment so that we could afford to live. She sold our boat, and the small business they owned and it still wasn't enough to scratch the surface.

Here is the thing, my mom made great money, even before my dad got sick. The medical bills from the hospital just started to pile up and it was too much for my mom. I was 16 when I started working a part time job. I didn't have to but I wanted to help my mom as much as possible. The problem was, no matter how hard we worked, we just couldn't make ends meet, and I ended up having to quit my job to help take care of Addison, not to mention the fact that I was still in school.

My moms stress started to take a toll on me and so I started looking around to see what I could do to make good money. Well, I found something that I could do, but I knew she would not like it. It was going to take some convincing to get her to let me do it.

I'll explain what that was shortly. My name is Chad. I am 6'1 and weigh 165. I'm thin with an athletic build.

I play sports regularly, and work out from time to time. I have a 7 and a half inch dick that is pretty thick and have been loved by quite a few girlfriends. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes, I spent a lot of time out doors with no shirt so I had a pretty decent tan. For some reason I am very popular with the girls in school so I had no problem getting a girlfriend. I never had a problem keeping a girlfriend either.

I was a nice guy and for once I was targeted by many girls. I lost my virginity when I was a certain age, to my older girlfriend. Who was a little older than me at the time. When I was much younger, my interest in sex had peaked. I watched a lot of porn and did so even though I had girlfriends. The best part was that I did everything I saw and learned from porn to my girlfriends including anal. Needless to say when I didn't have a girlfriend, I still got laid.

One night I was at home by myself and I was watching porn, I was still 16 by this time. Then it hit me, what if I did porn, I mean, I may not be perfect physically but I can work on that and learn as much as possible. Then I watched an interview with a female teen porn star who was talking about how many guys there are out there that think they can do porn, but they lack the ability to. Things like, get rock hard on command, stay hard for a long time, not get hard until certain things happen, and cum on command.

That's when the light bulb came on. I was still 16 and we were desperate for money. So I though that I was going to try to do this. For a long long time I practiced and worked hard to accomplish those things, and believe me it's not as easy as it sounds. But the more I practiced the better I got at it. Let's just say that my then girlfriend started to absolutely love having sex with me. Especially when I started to get good at doing all of those things. I also started to work out a lot to at least put enough muscle on to impress my future co stars.

Luckily I didn't have to work very hard at it, but I did anyway. I had a six pack that wasn't to obvious and nice pecks as well.

After almost a year my body had changed and I had gotten really good at the things I needed to do in order to be a porn actor. We did end up having to move when I was 16.

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My girlfriend had broken up with me by then so it wasn't as hard to move. I had a lot of friends that I had to say good bye to. We were moving from Missouri to California.

We were moving to the north end of the state where my moms sister who had just recently divorced lived. She had three kids, my cousins, John who was 3, Jason who was 5 and Bethany who was 7. I hadn't seen them in a very very long time. I was nervous as hell about making that move, but I also understood why we had too. The great thing was that my step sister Addison and I were very very close. She slept in my lap and arms the entire way down.


Mom had to sell everything we had just to be able to move. You see, this was going to work out for all of us for one reason. They had a huge house that was paid off in the boonies. When my aunt got divorced her ex husband just gave the house to her. She didn't have a college degree so she was struggling just to live. My mom on the other hand made great money and was struggling to pay the medical bills. So by us moving into their huge 8 bedroom house, my aunt and mom both working it would work our perfectly, or so thought.

I still planned to help them as much as possible. My mom landed a job paying almost double what she was getting paid in Missouri, so that was a great day for all of us. When we got to California we got to our new home and got settled. I started at my new school and everything.

At first I was nervous about seeing my cousins but that all vanished. They all gravitated to me and my sister like magnets. Things were still rough and tight as far as money was concerned. It was a constant battle with finances and it started to get to the point that we couldn't eat some nights, well my sister and I chose not to so our much younger cousins could eat. My aunt had a low paying job by then. She tried like hell to pay me and Addison to baby sit her kids when they were both gone.

We turned her down flat, telling her that we would do it for free. We both talked about it and realized that we couldn't in good conscious make her pay us to watch the kids. Later on, she got hurt really bad at work and had to be placed on disability. That's when I decided to think about my idea. It was just that before, but as things got worse, I realized that I had to at least try it.

I had to help bring money in or we would be living in the dark, with no food, and possibly kicked out of the house for not paying taxes. We were desperate, and I was desperate to help, I had to do something. Mom was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. I was 17 and my sister was 12 by then, so I decided that since I was almost 18, it was time to try. It may work, it may not, the only thing I had to do, was try, the worst that could happen was they turned me down.

The only thing I didn't like about it was that I had to lie about my age. It had been almost one year of nothing but struggles. I kept practicing my new skills every night, and really got good at it. I finally decided to do research and found a few good prospectives. High paying ones that were looking for young 18 year old males for a new porn that was slated to start filming in June.

They wanted "fresh young male faces" ones that have never done porn. I started to get hard thinking about it and that's when I decided that I needed to talk to mom. She cried herself to sleep at night, that's how bad things had gotten. "Mom, I need to talk to you." I said. "What's up buddy?" She asked as she sniffed and wiped her tears away. "Look mom, you are struggling and I want to help make money." I said.

"You're only 17 and you are still in high school." She said. "I realize that mom, but I have to do something, and I have an idea." I said. "What's that?" She asked.

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"Ok, I'll tell you, but you have to absolutely promise to hear me out on this. You can't say anything until I'm finished." I said. "Ok I promise Chad." She said. "I'm serious mom, you can't utter a word until I'm done." I said. "I promise buddy." She said.

"I can have a job this Summer. It's probably going to take all summer, it may not, we will have to see. The problem is I have to go to Las Vegas, and I won't be home until the beginning of August if it works out." I said. "If I do mom, that will bring in almost 9000 dollars maybe more to help with all of the money issues.

And if I keep doing it, we could have all of Dads medical bills paid off in no time and I can stop working there." I said. "What will you be doing?" She asked. "You really don't want to know, but I promise that I will be safe, they said that they will assign a team of body guards to me if I choose to do this." I said. "What about your sister?" She asked. "I really don't want to leave her, and leave all of this responsibility on her shoulders, but we are desperate for money, I am the oldest male here.

It's time for me to step up." I said. "God we do need the money but I don't want you to d." She said as I interrupted her. "Mom listen, ever since dad died, you have done nothing but struggle to take care of me and Addison.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for us. But it's time that you have a break from all of this stress. It's time for you to finally get some sleep, it's time for you to stop crying yourself to sleep, it's time for you to finally relax and just live your life mom. I'm not just saying this all. You need a break mom and I want to give that break to you. That's why I want to do this, it is why I want to go make money mom. Please let me take some of this burden, please." I asked.

"What do you need me to do?" She asked. "I need you to not worry about what I am doing, just know that I am not doing anything illegal and I will not be arrested. I just need you to let me do this." She said. "God I want to say no, but we really really need the money." She said. "Then just let me do it." I said. "Where are you going to stay?" She asked. "They will be putting me into a hotel." I said. "If I say yes, do you promise me that you will call me everyday?" She asked.

"I promise I will call you me everyday mom." I said. "Is there anything else that you need?" She asked. "I need a birth certificate that says I am 18, and I need to change my license to say the same thing." I said.

"I'll start that process first thing in the morning. Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked. "Yes mom, I had never been more sure about anything." I said. "Ok then. I'll let you do it. How are you getting out there?" She asked. "Do you think auntie will let me use one of her cars?" I asked "I would have to ask her but I don't see why she wouldn't.

Now you and your sister are really close. You need to talk to her and at least tell her what you're doing." She said. Just as soon as I finished talking to mom she gave me a big hug and told me thank you for being so helpful.

I walked to my sisters room. I nocked on the door and she told me to go in. As I walked in she looked at me and smiled. "What's up Chad?" She asked. "I need to talk to you about something." I said. "Well come sit." She said. "Ok here is the deal. You're my sister and I love the hell out of you. We have been through hell together and what I am about to say may not set well with you." I said.

"Uh oh. What's going on?" She asked with a worried look on her face. "I may be leaving after school on the last day of school and I may not be back until school starts again." I said.

"Why?! What's going on?" She asked as she started to cry. "I'm so sorry Addie, but I need to start bringing money in. Mom and aunt Jessie are breaking their backs trying to support us all. We need help and I found a job that pays really really good. So if it all works out well, I will be making more money than mom has in the last month in a days time, maybe. I'm also doing it for you Addie." I said. "What are you going to be doing that will be keeping you away from me for so long?" She asked as she sobbed.

"I can't tell you right now, you're too young. But in due time I will tell you ok?" I replied. "Promise?" She asked. "I promise." I said as I hugged her tightly as she sobbed. "I'm going to miss you." She sobbed. "I'm going to miss you too." I said as I held her tiny body.

"When will you be leaving?" She asked. "Next Wednesday is the last day if school, I'll be leaving after School." I said. "You have to promise that you will call me every day. If you don't I will be pissed off with you." She said.

"I'll even Skype and face time you as much as possible. I promise you I will keep in constant contact with you." I said. "K. Can I sleep with you tonight?" She asked still sobbing. "Yes, get your things and come to my room, my bed is bigger." I said. Now that that was out of the way I decided to respond to the add as my sister came into my room and laid on my bed.

After emailing my stuff I laid behind her and slept with her in my arms. The next morning I had a response and it requested that I send in head shots. I went and talked to my mom again who took me to a photographer and had them done. I mailed the head shots off and waited. At school I had a hell of a lot of girls trying hard to get into my pants, I loved the attention to be honest. After a week or two I finally got a response from the add and they asked me to come out and audition Thursday morning the day after school ended.

They asked me to bring my birth certificate and license. Mom had already gotten my birth certificate altered and I had my license saying I was 18. When the last day of school finally arrived I got excited and very nervous.

I went home that day and said my goodbyes. Poor Addie walked me out to the car sobbing the whole time. She held me for like ever crying and telling me how much she would miss me.

My sister and I were extremely close, so close in fact that people got the wrong idea. I cried as I said good bye to her. After a while she let go of me and ran into the house. I got into my aunts brand new BMW and headed for Vegas. When I finally got there I called the number I was given and large group of people met me at the hilton. They put me in a room and told me to be in conference room by 8 in the morning. That night I shaved my cock and balls and practiced my new skills for several hours, and face timed my little sister who was still crying.

After a while I went to bed. I woke up in the morning at 6 and showered again. I made damn sure I was as smooth as a babies ass all over. By then I had a very young, very fit athletic body. I was confident yet extremely nervous. I called my mom as promised and talked to her for a while.


I put my best brand name cloths and shoes on and went to the conference room. I checked in and saw a shit ton of dudes there. The vast majority of them were extremely arrogant and cocky. They talked shit on everyone else and insulted each other. There were even a few fights. I was way too nervous to give a shit. After watching over one hundred dudes going into that room, I started to laugh as they walked out with severely deflated looks on their faces.

They were only in there for a few minutes at a time, if that. There were a least another 60 to go and I was one of them. By then I was the only one there that was nervous as fuck and scared. Everyone else were all arrogant as fuck. Finally I was called in. My jaw hit the floor when I saw two of my favorite porn stars sitting at a table.

One of them was Lexi, and the other one was Tabitha, and of course there were quite a few other people there. My nervousness went through the roof, so much so that I was trembling. I loved Tabitha because she was hot as fuck and I loved, loved loved the fact that she had braces on her teeth.

Lexi was also a blonde and was extremely hot too. Yeah, I was nervous as hell! "Hi there, what's your name?" Lexi asked. "I'm Chad." I replied.

"You're really cute Chad, like, really really cute. You're the cutest boy so far." She said. "Thanks." I said. "Are you nervous?" Tabitha asked. "Very." I said. "You know you're the first guy that has come in here all day that is nervous." Lexi said. "I know, I'm sorry." I said as I smiled and shook. "No don't be, it's so much better than the arrogance we have seen all fucking day, very refreshing." Tabitha said.

"Good god you're cute!" Lexi said as she stared at me. "Thank you." I said. "Ok let's get started cutie, god damn isn't he cute?!" Lexi asked. "He is the cutest one I've seen all day." Tabitha replied. "Ok so how tall are you?" Lexi asked. "I'm 6'1." I said. "Ok we know for sure that you are 18, have you graduated from high school?" Tabitha asked. "No I was held back a year. My dad died from cancer so I spent a whole lot of time with him instead of going to school." I said.

"Awwww, how sad. I'm so sorry to hear that sweetie." Lexi said "It's ok thank you." I said. "Do you realize that you will be doing porn, like you'll be in a porn?" Tabitha asked.

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"Yeah I do." I said. "What made you want to do porn?" She asked. "Honestly, I like watching it, and I loved doing all the stuff I learned from it to my girlfriends, and I really like having sex." I said. "So the money isn't a motivating factor?" She asked. "Honestly yes it is, my mom has been struggling to pay my dads medical bills off and we have lost everything as a result.

I want to help ease that financial burden for her." I said. "You are thee very first person all day who has been honest with us. That just won you some very very big points with us. All of the others said "no i just want to fuck some hot girls." Tabitha said mocking the other guys.

"I'm not going to lie, that is an upside to this, but honestly the money, my mom, and sister are the main reasons I am here." I said. "I really really like him." Tabitha said.

"So umm, I kinda want to see him naked." Lexi said. "Ok would you mind taking your cloths off for us?" Tabitha asked. "Oh no not at all actually." I said. "Ok so get naked, let's see what you have." Tabitha said. "All of them, underwear too?" I asked. "Yes all of it." Lexi said. I slowly started to unbutton my shirt and took it off.

I took my shoes and socks off. I then took my pants and boxer briefs off. I stood there naked in front of my two favorite porn stars. "Very very.vvvvery nice." Lexi said. "His cock isn't hard either, nice change. Oooooo, and he shaved for us. Yummy." Tabitha said. "I know. You have a really hot body Chad." Lexi said. "Thank you." I said. "So now, as a porn star you have to learn to do things. Lexi is going to come up to you and touch you. Let's see how long it takes for you to get hard.

The idea is for you to not get hard at all." Tabitha said. "Ok." I said. Lexi walked up to me and started to rub my entire body. She did so for a couple of minutes. She stood in front of me and started to undress. God she had amazing tits!! They looked so much better in person than they did in the movies I watched with her in them. I looked straight into her eyes. She pressed her body against mine and kissed my lips softly. "You have amazing amazing control." Lexi said softly.

"I've been practicing." I said. "Good boy." Tabitha said as she approached us. "Now, let's see you get hard now, but, and it's only if you want, I want to touch you. Is that ok?" Lexi asked.

"Yeah, that's ok." I replied. "Ok you cant get hard until I touch you." She said. She reached down and placed her finger on my cock and caressed it a few times.

She felt my cock twitch as she wrapped her hand around me. My cock grew fast and before we knew it I was as hard as a rock. "Oh my. You're a big boy aren't you?" Tabitha asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." I said. "Oh you're definitely a big boy. A really hot one too." Lexi said. "Oh god I'm getting all wet now." Tabitha said as she giggled. "Ok, now I'm going to let Tabitha stroke your huge cock, you can not cum until we say so ok?" Lexi asked. "Ok." I said. Tabitha grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted it on her hand. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking it.

"Shit! He is so thick my fingers won't go all he way around it." Tabitha said. "Neither will mine. Hey, you should be proud of yourself Chad, you are the only guy today who has made it this far.

So for that, congratulations sweetie." Lexi said. "Ooohhh, god, thank you." I said. "Oh he is loving this." Tabitha said.

"Does that feel good sweetie?" Lexi asked. "Ohhh.oh god yeah." I moaned as my breathing became erratic. "Mmmm, remember, no cumming until we say so." Tabitha said. "My god you have a very yummy hot cock Chad." Lexi said. "I know, I almost want to fuck him. It's so big, god!" Tabitha said. Lexi went and grabbed a tape measure and both girls measured me. They both gasped and squealed when they realized how big I was. Then Lexi and Tabitha stroked my cock at the same time making me groan.

My balls had already tightened and I had been ready to blow my wad for quite some time, but I kept that from happening. My fucking god that felt so so good having them stroke my throbbing cock! After quite a few minutes later Tabitha and Lexi both looked into my eyes. "You're a natural. You would make an amazing porn star." Tabitha said.

"You have amazing control of yourself. You are really really hot, you have a very yummy hot body, and a huge beautiful beautiful cock, and you a very very cute. Those are some of the keys in this business, and sweetie, you definitely pass the audition. Off the record, congratulations sexy." Lexi said.

"She is so right sweetheart, she is right about everything. Congratulations, we found our newest porn star." Tabitha said. "Yes we did, and I can't wait to work with you." Lexi said. "Oh fffuck. Thank you ladies." I said as my body trembled. "Ok, now you can cum." Lexi said as they both jerked my cock. I threw my head back and groaned as my cock finally erupted all over the place.

My hips thrusted and jerked with each shot of cum that came out of me. I felt like I was being electrocuted that is how intense my orgasm was. After a minute or more I came down from my orgasm and looked at the girls. They were licking my cum off of their hands and smiling at me. "I'm serious, I honestly can't wait to work with you.

In fact for my next movie I am going to request you specifically." Lexi said. "You can't hog him, I want some too." Tabitha said as both girls giggled. "I would love to work with you two. I've been a big fan if yours." I said. "Well, now we are fans of yours." Lexi said. They helped me clean up and they noticed that I was getting hard again. "Good god! You are going to be so perfect for this!" Tabitha said.

"Ok, you will be contacted by my agent for sure, don't doubt that for a second." Lexi said. "I'll be waiting then." I said. "You won't be for long." They said laughing.

"In fact I'm going to try getting my agent to pick you up." Lexi said. "Ok I want to see if you can go soft from here." Tabitha said. It took a few minutes but I was able to will my cock down, further impressing the girls. Once they had me cleaned and dressed, they walked me to the door. They knew that every guy told me that I would never make it.

They all said that I was way to shy and they would laugh me out of the room. They only knew that because they watched and listened to them. They walked me back into the holding area where all of them could see and they both kissed me on my mouth softly as they pressed their bodies against each others and mine. Those dudes were beside themselves and very very jealous.

I left the audition and went to my room and called my mom again. "How is it going?" She asked. "It's going good." I said. "So how long will you be there?" She asked. "Not sure yet." I replied. "Ok when you find out let me know." She said. "Ok I will." I said. We talked for a while and she hung up, then I called my little sister. Later that afternoon I got a call from the people that I applied with. They said that there would be a limo at my hotel at around 7 to pick me up.

They later sent a tailor to my room who fitted me in a nice suite. That evening I was picked up and I got to a very nice high end dining place. I was led in and Lexi was there with her agent. I signed a contract to do two porn films and quite a few photo shoots. They knew I had to be back in school for my senior year so they wanted me to graduate. Now here is where I was happy. Starting that minute they were paying me like a seasoned porn star. Apparently Lexi and Tabitha were so impressed by me that they demanded that I be their co stars in the next two movies and I get paid what they did.

I went through all the normal STD testing and every thing that went along with it. Of course I was clean. That Summer was a lot of fun, and I filmed more than two porn flicks, in fact I ended up in six porn flicks, with them and a number of other teen porn stars.

They even had me star in couple of them. I had my first series of threesomes during that process. I stayed very busy all Summer long, and I even surprised myself at how many times I could go. I also did many photo shoots with them and a lot of other teen porn stars. What I didn't expect was that they were all just as impressed with me as Lexi and Tabitha were. Now, here is the kicker, almost everyone of them involved incest of some kind.

Mainly step bother and sister movies. Now I know why they paid very very good. I walked away with so much money that I didn't know what I was going to do with it all. I wasn't a millionaire, but I had enough to make a sizable dent in my dads 350,000. dollar medical bill, and enough to pay all of the back, and current taxes off on my aunties land and house completely.

I have to be honest, I was absolutely loving my new job. They all knew that I was starting my senior year in high school so they suggested that I do webcam shows for horny teen age girls. I was surprised that it paid quite well. When I got home Addison ran out and jumped into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist. She cried she was so happy to see me. She had changed a lot during that Summer and she was looking beautiful.

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I hung out with her for the next few days. In fact, my mom and aunt took our cousins out for the day so we could spend the next few days together. We were joined at the hip like no other. I took her shopping for school cloths at the mall and for supplies. She for the first time ever got to get name brand expensive cloths. It was absolutely amazing to be around her again. I absolutely loved spending that time with her.

I didn't realize how much I really missed her until I got home. When we got home I went to my room and wrote a very very large check for my mom. I went and handed it to her and she broke down crying. "I can't take this son." She said. "Yes you can, and you and I both know you need to, so please take it, I'm begging you to mom." I said. She hugged me and sobbed. She wasn't expecting to get that much money. I gave my aunt a check also and the next day, Addison and I took our cousins shopping for school, cloths and supplies.

I felt really good knowing that they were all getting what they needed. When I started school I did web cam shows regularly. On the weekends they would film movies with me in towns and cities that were no more that two hours away. So I was still making porn and going to school. The money was great and the medical bills began to slowly diminish. My mom never asked me what I was doing ever. She was just happy that I stepped up and started to help pay the debts down.

I was a porn star now and I have Lexi and Tabitha to thank for my success in that. They were the reason I was having a hell of a lot of success. One day about a week into Summer, I was approached on one of my sets by a female porn producer. She offered me a job on one of her sets. It was going to pay much much better. She said that it was going to be along the lines of "Brothers Monster Cock" and it wasn't a step brother and sister one.

It was a full on "brother sister," as in blood related sibling incest movie. It wasn't real, but it was acting the part. She suggested that I make my cock bigger for it. I told her that I would think about it and get back to her. She told me that I was perfect for it and would like to see me go up to 8 inches if not bigger by then.

I was almost there as it was. I agreed and she gave me a bunch of male enhancement pills. Let's just say I did get bigger, I was damn near 9 inches, as in a few centimeters less that 9 inches and extremely thick when I stopped taking them, and that shoot was a lot of fun.

I don't know what it was about it that made it the best one I had ever done but it was. When at lease half of the school year had passed I was still filming, doing web cam shows for girls, and I had actually turned 18.

My movies started to come out in droves. I knew that young girls watched porn, but I was unaware of how many actually did. Well I soon found out.

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I had a lot of friends who had absolutely no idea that I was now a porn star and already had quite a few porn movies out, several of which I was the main character.

The cheerleaders at school seemed cool.

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I never associated with them because I didn't know them. That was about to change.