Fucking my girl in both holes

Fucking my girl in both holes
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Here's part 2, don't know what happened with my profile the first time so I reposted it to the new profile. Hopefully they don't delete me again. First period is gone and second is already started, so I decide to take myself to the office to get a pass.

Haven't been to the office much cause I'm not in trouble much however apparently the new me gets some looks. "Student, take that hood off your head right now," I hear from the offices. I pull it back to see the Principal Mrs. Jackson, an older Black woman, calling to me from her office.

"Yes Ma'am," I reply. She looks at me for a second and says," Guy Donnelly, is that you? What happened?" "I had to walk today Mrs. Jackson," she prefers to be called by her name," and I'm gonna get a pass so I can get to class." She gives me the once over and shakes her head," Right, my office, now." I head into her office, setting my bag down and sitting in the chair across from her. "Close the door Mr. Donnelly." She says staring straight at me. I quickly get up and close the door, then resume my sitting.

She stares at me for a minute then begins," I know that you're not a troubled teen with a history Mr. Donnelly. I also know that you're a good student and you keep some good friends. Now I saw your friend Derek and your girlfriend Heather get here on time this morning but you weren't there, now you come walking in very late, looking like a hooligan and I'm expected to believe that you walked all the way here?

You want to tell me the truth or do you want me to call home?" I take it in for a minute, either I get into trouble for keeping my mouth shut, or again I get to tell my biggest shame to my principal so she can tell my parents for me and I can get help.

"Okay ma'am, first off Derek isn't my best friend and Heather isn't my girlfriend," I begin with," I tried to be a good guy Mrs. Jackson, good friend and good boyfriend. And I got screwed, well actually that was the problem, there was screwing but I wasn't involved.

People wanna take advantage of the fact that I tried to be the good kid, I'm sorry ma'am but I'm not, not anymore. I respect you and I'm not gonna go out and start to cause you trouble but I promise you this, one person here thinks that I'm gonna go with the flow and let them walk all over me and I'll remind them what happens when you back the Irish guy in a corner." She sits there looking at me for a few minutes then takes a pad out of her desk drawer, writes on it and hands it to me saying," Give this to your third period teacher and from now on, either take the bus or don't take so long getting to school." As I take the paper I grab my backpack and start to head out.

Third period I show up with my hood back up and hand my pass off to the new sub this week and take my seat in the middle of the class right next to my sister and Korinna right behind her. "Hey Guy," Liz asks," What the hell did you two talk about in the car?" I take my bag off and take my binder out," She didn't tell you?" Liz glances back at Korinna who is smiling to herself," No, she's been acting like this since second period." I shrug and reply," I just gave her all I had left, she's really good at taking it and honestly I haven't been better.

You got a good friend there Liz." Liz just stares blankly at me then shakes her head,"Yep, now I'm more confused." Class comes and goes with no homework again, lazy subs. I head off to lunch without Liz and Korinna, get in line and its sloppy joe's made from fresh cat or cardboard and goat cheese pizza.

I settle for pizza with the 20 year old tater tots and milk, head off to an empty table and attempt to eat my meal.

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Not even through the tots and I see an all too familiar shape hovering by the chair across from me. "Can I sit down here," Heather asks? I don't even bother to answer. "Guy? Can I please just sit down here and talk to you," she asks again.


"Why?" I start to reply," Is it going to make things better?" She sits down at 3 o'clock on the table and sets her tray down in front of her. "Listen to me for a minute," she starts but I cut her off. "No, I'm not gonna listen to some stupid excuse I want to know one thing and then you can try to talk all you want, How long?" I demand.

"I don't know what you want me to say," she stammers. "How long have you and douche bag been fucking each other," I spit out with the subtly of throwing a brick into a duck pond. She stares at her tray and mutters," Since last May." I scoff loudly and start laughing. I start to see people looking around at me and her at the table and start laughing louder. Now she's looking at me with the 'What the hell is wrong with him' look I'm getting from more people. I stop laughing and just look at her.

"Okay, what did you want to talk about that was worth the last thing I ever wanted to hear from you," I say chuckling. "Can we not do this right now please," she asks looking around at the people staring. I raise my voice," You came over here to me, YOU chose to try to talk to me now in the cafeteria cause I wouldn't make it embarrassing." I perch up on my seat putting my feet where my ass was and pull my hood back off my head.

I can see I'm being watched and start to get self conscious of the situation, I've got almost the whole cafeteria looking at me.

Then I look down at Heather and I see it again, fear. "You cheated on me Heather," I yell out to the people watching.

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"You cheated on me and have been for six months now! You said we should wait, it was something special and we should wait but you decide that instead you're going to fuck around on me with my best friend! The two of you have been fucking each other and laughing your asses off at me for 6 months and you wanna explain to me something that will make all that shit better!" I can see the tears going down her face.

"You want to talk to someone go find Derek, you wanted to play me and fuck him so now go fuck him you pudgy ass, music class, lying, cheating slut!" I stand up on the chair and throw my arms out screaming," Thank you second lunch period, Good Night!" I hop off the chair, grabbing my bag and stroll out of the cafeteria pulling my hood back up.

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Fourth and fifth periods go by without any incident, Heather apparently didn't show up for class and I haven't seen Derek. As I'm heading to Studies class I figure I can do without homework period today so I check in with the teacher and head out to the Gym.

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I hit the gym to see that Coach Campbell has started his Girls basketball practice early, I head up to the top of the bleachers and pull my binder out. "Hey Meathead," no doubt that's Coach Campbell yelling at me," Why aren't you in class?" I pull my hood back," Sir, this is my studies period, my teacher knows I'm here and I'm just working Sir," he always liked being called sir.

He turns and gets back to yelling at the girls. I finish my work after about 25 minutes, and take up a hobby I didn't do much of since high school started, girl watching. Running, practicing, it's a wonderful thing to see, then I realize I'm being talked to while in my hood. "Hey, you're Guy right, the one who outed his cheating girlfriend at lunch today," this islander girl with a pony tail asks?

I nod in response. "So she did cheat on you," says a red head. I nod again. "Hey ladies, getting a drink doesn't mean talking to the guy in the bleachers," that voice I know to be Tracy, coach's little girl.

The two girls, leave and I watch them go, talking all the way back to the team. I hear the school bell but I can walk home again as far as the world is concerned. I see Tracy head over as they girls break practice an hour after school gets out, probably got some choice words for distracting the girls.

"Why come here," she asks? "Decided to see how the gym was this period, didn't know they had practice," I respond smiling up at her, at 6'2" she's still got an impressive figure standing over me, dark brown skin and a tight athletic build.

"Yeah well we do and now I need you to help me some," she states crossing her arms. "I'm not basketball material," I joke but just stares at me. "You wanna help me or you wanna crack jokes, cause I get to run them through outdoor practice and you are gonna help me with a little side project afterwards," She leans down and I can see her athletic bra in her jersey," and you will want to help me." After that she turns and started yelling to the rest of the team that they need to be outside in their running and who knows what else, I grab my bag and head out a different door after them.

I'm sitting in the grass watching the girls run, I take notice that they don't wear the uniforms outside like they do inside, short gym shorts and tight t-shirts. I'm having probably the best afternoon I can when a shadow hovers over me. "What the hell happened to you man," I hear Derek asking me. I stand up and whip around with my hood still over my head and face.

"Seriously man, we've been friends since middle school, you've never once been an asshole like this to anybody," Derek starts in," I know what happened was fucked up but we just want to talk to you about it." "No Derek," I sneer back," you want me to accept it, take it publicly now as opposed to secretly like I have been." He steps forward now within arm's reach," I didn't do this to hurt you, Heather and I it just became a thing that happened, she still loves you man," he speaks but stops as I start laughing.

"She loves me, yet she tells me she wants to wait till the right time for us both to lose our virginity all the while fucking you secretly," I get out between laughs," and now you're here why?" He slumps his shoulders," We're friends man, all three of us, been friends since." I decide I'm done listening," Go back to the cheating tramp, don't come find me again, neither of you talk to me again.

I'm done with the two of you." He stands shocked replying," So you're gonna throw away our friendship…," I let him get that far, I take my hands and put my palm facing me, crossing my wrists, bending my elbows and slamming the bottom of my hands on either side of his throat with a straight thrust.

I watch his eyes go wide as he hits his knees gasping and clutching his throat. "Here's what I always thought was funny," I whisper kneeling down," all those times you 'stood up' for me. Now let me tell you I never needed you to defend me, my dad told me you'd be a good friend cause then I wouldn't hurt anyone with what he taught me to do most of my life.

When you catch your breath remember you chose this.

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Don't come near me again, only warning." I go back to the girl watching and practice which thankfully is still going on despite Derek's display. I don't see him leave and almost hope he would try to fight me, but he doesn't. After the practice is completed I get waved over by Tracy to the edge of the field. I grab my bag and walk over. She hands me some keys," Red key, third door on this side of the building, wait ten minutes." I look at the keys as she turns and jogs back to the gymnasium.

I give it just over ten minutes and get the door open with the key. To my surprise I discover it's the girl's locker room. I tentatively look around and discover that the girls have packed up and headed out, I listen a little closer and hear voices from what I think are the showers.

I set my bag down by the door I came in and creep up a little so I can see what's going on. Tracy is standing at the front of the showers with a couple other girls from the team standing around all in their sports bras and panties, and the islander girl and the red head from the gym on their knees in the same.

"I'm gonna go see what's going on," I hear from Tracy as she starts to head to where I came in at, I wait for her to round the corner and see me. "Jesus," she gasps," what the fuck took you?" "I was just noticing it's a lot nicer here than in the boy's locker room," I joke and again I'm seeing her without a sense of humor.

"Shut up and just do what the fuck I tell you here," she starts in," don't say a word here or outside of here about what happens or I swear to god I'll have my Dad fuck you up." I almost say yes ma'am but smile and just nod. She grabs my hood and pulls it over my head and face and heads back to the girls. I follow after her and keep my head down. We get to the group and I see the girls looking at me with questions on their faces. "You two decided you wanted to play 20 questions," Tracy starts in to the two on their knees," we got a game in 3 days, I convince my dad to let me run some practice drills and you two wanna talk.

Now I know you've heard about the penalty when you fuck up practice, well I decided to up the ante. My friend here is gonna help me teach you not to run your damn mouths." She turns her head to me," take it out." Now and again you see this in porn; I'm standing here living it with a smile like a Cheshire cat.

I remember I'm going commando after this morning and unzip my pants, pulling seven and a half inches out.

Immediately the standing girls start talking," Tracy you sure 'bout this," one asks. Tracy steps forward and glares at the girl, then addresses the two on their knees," who is first?" I decide to take some initiative in the situation and step up to the islander girl first, up close I can see she's got some big tits for a sports bra. "Open your mouth," Tracy tells her. She tilts her head back a little and opens her mouth wide. I look at the girls standing and see some seriously hard faces before I hear from Tracy," Gag her." I pull my cock to her face and mouth and push my way inside slowly and feel nothing until I'm at 5 inches, then I get that warm wet feeling of her throat and she starts to pull back.

Not wanting to piss off Tracy and her gang of seriously hard females I take hold of the Islander girl's head and ram my cock all the way into her throat. Now I hear the other girls talking "Hold out; don't move off it; fuck her face." Only voice I'm listening to is the one that get me to start fucking her face, fast and deep. After a couple minutes I hear the gagging noise over the other girls talking and feel a hand on my shoulder," Stop now," comes from Tracy.

I let go and back off the girl slowly, she lets me out completely before she closes her mouth. The other girls stand her up and one takes her off to the side. "Your turn freckles," Tracy says. I'm harder now than before and she opens her mouth and I step up to the plate, so to speak. She's thinner than the islander girl and damn near an A cup, and she does have freckles on her face and her chest.

Tracy steps around and grabs my cock in one hand and the back of the girls head in the other then rams my cock all the way down her throat.

I look down and see her eyes go wide in panic as Tracy uses both hands to have 'freckles' face fuck my cock. The cat calling girls get quiet as Tracy takes charge of the situation, I can feel 'freckles' drooling and gagging on my cock I look into her eyes and see them looking up but not at me or Tracy. I quickly whip my head to see Tracy and give her a straight look of rage. She feels me staring and when we make eye contact I turn my eyes to the red head gagging on me.

As good as it feels to have my cock sucked Tracy stops and pulls the girl off too soon for me to get off and the other girls swoop in and help her up, she gasps and staggers off. Tracy looks at me for a sec and motions me to the back of the locker room while she goes and starts talking to the other girls.

"You two like that better than eating pussy," Tracy asks," Don't break practice and don't fuck with the team or next time I won't supervise another one of these again and we got some hardcore dykes who'd love to fuck up some pretty things in here." The two victims nod to Tracy and the rest of the girls get dressed and head out as I hear a shower kick on.

I'm hard and really riled up so I strip down and wait for the last door to close, I come around the corner and see Tracy's frame standing under the water in the shower facing the wall.

I hide myself around the corner and speak out," So what do I do now boss?" "What the fuck do you think, get the hell out of here," she calls.


Getting a little ticked off," Wait a minute, you call me in here and have me nearly choke a girl out, with my cock which was kinda kinky and now I just get to walk away and not cum?" I don't know what she's doing but I hear more water hitting tile," Well?" "Just go jerk off or something," she calls out.

No chance of that for me today, I round the corner and come up behind her. As soon as she starts to turn and put her back to the wall and latch my mouth onto her right tit, she grabs the back of my neck trying to pull me off as I place my left hand right on her slit, feeling for her clit.

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I start to rub and suck frantically as she attempts to pry my hand and mouth off her body. Her hand on my head stops trying to pull after a minute and starts holding my head in place as I flick her nipple in my mouth with my tongue. "Shit that feels good," she gasps. I slid my fingers down past her clit and stick my middle finger in her pussy to the first knuckle.

"Okay asshole," she gasps as I start working my finger in and out, I stop and take my finger out and my mouth off her nipple. She slides over to the shower nozzle and grabs it with her hand and pulls me up against her body. I hike up her right leg and let the left dangle as she uses her free hand to line my cock up with her hole. As soon as I feel the entrance Tracy lowers her hips onto my cock and I feel her smooth taut pussy wrapping half my member.

It feels different than Korinna, warm and wet but not soft, very firm. I push up into her as she starts gasping; she wraps her arm around my neck pulling me tight against her body with me holding her leg up to keep the angle to enter her.

Anxious I thrust my whole member into her and feel her body clench up, slowly pull out and slam into her again. She keeps my head next hers and gasps," Keep… fucking… me&hellip. I'm close&hellip." I lift her other leg up while she holds my neck and the shower nozzle, pulling back slowly again and thrusting myself deep into her pussy.

I feel her nails on the back of my head and placing my forehead against hers I start jack hammering my cock harder and faster into her. "Oh shit fucker I'm CUMMING," she moans loudly, I feel liquid running down my balls that isn't the shower water running down my back.

I keep pounding as she rides out her orgasm, then I feel that tingling in my member and start frantically shoving the whole length of my cock into Tracy's pussy. She snaps to her senses and starts to push me back, almost losing my balance and letting go of her legs. Placing her feet down on the floor of the shower and letting go of the nozzle drops to her knees and places her mouth on the head of my cock starts jacking my penis with her hand.

I place my hands on the wall behind her and grunt loudly and the first shots of cum blast into her mouth and throat. Tracy doesn't move just keeps pumping me until I'm spent and starting to go limp.

Exhausted myself and her more so we clean up quietly in the showers and get dressed. "One question," she asks me as I'm pulling my pants up," where did you learn to do that?

I thought you were a virgin." "Really, you have a coach to learn basketball, how do you think a virgin learns about sex," I chuckle. "Really asshole, you're gonna play games with me now cause I'll still kick the shit out of you," she states grabbing her bag. Not wanting a fight I plainly state," The internet. My sister got a new phone but I had to beg for one gift last Christmas, a computer." We walk to her car and I put my bag with hers in the back seat, once inside we speed off towards my home.

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I check my phone and see it's about 45 minutes till dinner time and I have 2 messages from home, one from Liz and one from mom. "So what do you think I should tell your sister," Tracy asks. I mull it over for a second," Honestly what do you want to tell her, I could tell her the whole thing and she'd think I was lying, you tell her and she'd believe it in a heartbeat." We sit in silence until she pulls in front of my house. "Here's what happens, you keep your mouth shut about what we did and what you helped me with," she says to me," and if you keep your mouth shut till after I say something, IF I say something this will happen again." I nod in agreement and exit the car, stopping to grab my bag and quickly stuff my underwear from this morning in my coat pocket.

As I enter the house, my mom hops out of the kitchen. "Guy Donnelly, where have you been for the past 3 hours," she demands. "Mom I'm sorry, I was at school, I missed the bus and when I saw Tracy she offered me a ride home after practice," I mumble out with my best sheepish look on my face.


She glares at me for a second and softens her gaze," Alright, well your home and you weren't getting into trouble so I guess I'll just tell your father you were fine." I hug her hello and head back to my room. A couple hours later and we've eaten dinner, my dad is in front of the TV watching ESPN and my mom is cleaning up the table, I'm heading back to my room when the house phone rings. I'm on the couch watching when I hear Mom perk up her tone of voice with the caller.

A few minutes later she hangs up and comes into the living room. "You want to tell me what else happened after school today Guy," she asks sternly. I am confused and racing over the day's events in my head, blankly I shrug my shoulders.

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"Guy," now Dad joins in," Your mother asked you a question." Still I shrug my shoulders," Mom I don't know what you're asking for." She steps in front of the TV," I just got a call from Derek's parents.

Apparently Derek wants to leave school, he's telling them that you threatened to kill him." Now I'm standing up but taking a non aggressive posture, last thing I need is my dad kicking my ass," Mom I didn't threaten him, I told him to leave me alone, he's not my friend anymore." Dad looks over to us," first off Guy sit back down, honey, I know you heard what they told you but let Guy tell us what happened. Now son, why aren't you and Derek friends anymore." I sit back down; mom takes her chair next to dad in front of the TV.

"I broke it off with Heather yesterday and told her and Derek today that I was done with them and didn't want to see them again." I know the next question as soon as I finish my sentence, it's mom who asks," What happened with the three of you." I sit back and resign myself to the truth of the matter, my dad cuts me off before I can speak," they betrayed your trust didn't they," I look up quickly," I know that look, they did something and you trusted them not to, something that hurt." We sit silently for a few seconds and my mom decides to speak," Okay, well next time you have life altering moments please refrain from burning any possessions." We all laugh; I hug my mom and smile with my father.

Quickly I head to my room and close the door. An hour later I'm lying on my bed and there is a knock at my door, sitting up I see my sister poke her head in," Can I come in?" I nod and she enters and moves over and sits on my bed, she's got a loose tank top and some cotton short shorts on.

"I don't know what happened with you Derek and Heather; I don't know what you said to them at all." I don't say anything as she continues. "You and Korinna had a major conversation in Tracy's car and that's what I want to know about, she's my friend and you two missed the whole first period," she queries," what did you two talk about there?" I shrug and say," it's late Liz, I gotta get some sleep and we gotta be ready, Tracy doesn't want us late tomorrow." She scowls and hops off my bed then grumpily leaves closing the door behind her; I shut off my light and head off to bed.

More to follow please post any comments or PM me with any ideas.