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Gay black men having sex trailers and youngest boy having sex on
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"God these are ugly, I look like a freak." My sister April was standing in front of the bathroom mirror inspecting her new braces. She turned to me "Do they look okay, I mean do you think they are ugly?" My fourteen-year-old sister was in shock while she poked at her new braces for the first time. "Nobody will like me, they'll all laugh at me." "Come on April, they aren't that bad.

I can't even see them when your mouth is closed, no lumps or bumps to give you away. Why are you even freaking out, a lot of boys and girls wear braces?" She looked at me "What boy would want to be with a metal mouth like this?" "You're only fourteen, why are you worried about boys right now?" She stepped back from the mirror "Don't you look at girls?

Do you look at girls with plastic and wire grills?" "Believe me April, when I look at a girl it isn't her teeth I'm looking at." A sudden coyness blossomed in her eyes "What do you look at Wyatt?" I turned and left my sister agonize over her shiny new mouth work.

As I left it flashed through my mind it would be fun to hook up a 9-volt battery to them and watch her buzz. Two weeks later April came to my room disgusted "I was with Brandon and I wanted to kiss him but he told me it wouldn't feel right because of my braces, he started to but then stopped and started talking about something else.

I got mad and pushed him away and came home." "Have you kissed any boy yet, even before the tooth cage?" My sister lowered her head and admitted as if she was humiliated "No, he would have been the first boy to kiss me, I don't know how to kiss and now I can't get a boy interested enough to try.

Fucking braces!" I approached April with an idea. My kissing experience was equal to hers, which is to say, none. "Let's watch YouTube about kissing.

Maybe we can learn how to get someone to do it with us." So, we began watching YouTube videos about making out. First kisses, boys and girls giving advice on how to kiss and stuff like that. My sister was coming on fifteen and never been kissed for real by a boy. I'm only 11 months older than she and my girl kissing experience was limited to a quick embarrassing buss at a party at Taylor's house with his cousin one time.

I guess April and I were virgin kissers and both of us wanted to lose that stigma. First time kiss YouTube videos aren't hard to find.

We did a search and watched boys and girls from like five and six to adults kissing for the first time. A lot of them gave step by step instructions how to tilt your head, purse your lips and move your mouth while kissing. Some even went on to tell about tongue kisses. Once in while we could tell if the boy or girl was wearing braces so after a few videos of brace face kissing my sister stopped fretting about that.

We watched kissing videos for a couple of hours making comments and practicing on our own arms or the back of our hands then quit when her bff called. April told Kayla what she was doing but now who she was doing it with, neither of us wanted the world to know we were doing that together.

About a week after the first look at learning to kiss videos my sister and I were at it again. We got past the first shy kisses and started watching serious necking couples.

As one couple made out I remarked to April "You know, this is all very cool but maybe we should try it for real. I mean my arm doesn't kiss me back." She looked at me "You think we should kiss like that? You and me?" "No, not totally making out but some kisses, real ones on our lips and stuff." April was quiet for a long time looking at me like I was a puzzle she was trying to figure out "Okay, but my brother?

Will it be real? Maybe kissing you will be like, uh, totally gross." "Maybe, but let's try." We were sitting side by side at a desk where the laptop was set. I turned to her, she to me, our knees bumped together keeping a space between us. We leaned to the other she tilted her head to the left so I tilted the other way then with wide open eyes I moved to put my mouth on hers. Our lips touched and I knew immediately the kiss was wrong.

We didn't pucker or open mouth kiss, we didn't move our lips against the other. After about two seconds of contact we pulled apart "Well?" I asked. She frowned lightly then made her assessment "Well, not totally gross but totally blah." I mumbled an agreement then put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her close again.

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I closed my eyes and pretended I was going to kiss Rihanna. When our lips met it felt a lot better, softer, more intimate, more fun. April held the kiss for a few moments then tilted her head again so her lips slipped lightly across mine. We broke the kiss and pulled apart "That was better and my braces didn't get in the way" she judged. I didn't answer her but pulled her close again and went in for another mouth to mouth experiment.

That was the third time we kissed and being siblings was becoming trivial. My sister and I held our faces together for maybe fifteen seconds then she broke loose.

Her smile was contagious "Wow, did you like it too?" I smiled my agreement and nodded yes but didn't tell her that not only did I like what we did, my prick was warming up "Yeah, that was a lot better than the first." We stopped our little tête-à-tête and left the house. Two days later after we got home from school April invited me to go back to kissing lessons. I agreed quickly so after we changed into house rags we sat at my laptop again. We watched three videos of teenagers kissing and making out then started practicing.

The first few kisses were kind of experimental and we agreed we needed to do better.

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It was my sister who was bold enough to suggest "We should do it like them, put your arms around me." We were sitting in two chairs so holding her would be awkward, "Stand up." We stood facing each other then I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her close.

Her lips parted slightly just as our mouths met. I moved my hands and kissed April for a long time holding her waist, her hands were on my shoulders. We didn't hold our bodies against each other but the kiss was a whole lot better than what we had done before. When I pulled away from her, her eyes were bright as she critiqued "I think we are doing better." I didn't answer her, I just put my mouth on her again and held her a little closer as my lips slipped on hers.

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We kissed maybe 15 or 20 seconds, the longest yet then I let her go. April licked her mouth to wet her lips, then ran the tip of her tongue across the rack covering her teeth and suggested "Let me put on lip gloss, let's see how that feels." She left me standing while a video of a boy and girl necked on my monitor. She came back in less than a minute with a fresh layer of red gloss on her lips.

She stepped close to me, locked her eyes on mine then offered "Kiss me again, like you're not my brother." I put my hands on her waist and my mouth on hers. We kissed, the lipstick felt smooth and let my lips slide softly on hers. We held the kiss for about ten seconds then she pulled back and laughed "Ha!

Much better." She gave me a quick sisterly smooch on the corner of my mouth then sat back down at the computer. We watched three more videos, one was about ten minutes long and the boy and girl were showing how to tongue kiss.

Both my sister and I agreed that tongue kissing was something we weren't ready to do. Not with each other anyway, it would be too weird, kind of gross. After doing more kissing that bordered on full out necking April and I stopped.

We had learned to kiss, we were ready for other boys and girls. I don't know what she felt when we were doing it but the last couple of times we made out I got sort of turned on. My prick got heavy and my nuts tickled while I held her but I sure as hell didn't tell her that. It must be easier for a girl to find a kissing partner because even though I was flirting a lot with some girls not one would let me kiss her without dating or something.

On the other hand, April came running into my room one Saturday and happily announced she had kissed two boys the night before. "Two? Who?" "Brad and Jimmie. I was at Jaycee's for a party and we starting playing spin the bottle.

When I spun and got Jimmie we kissed like we were just married. Brad spun and pointed at me so him and me kissed. It was so cool that I had practiced with you, those two said I am a good kisser." She was beaming her pride, "I didn't even remember I have braces and that didn't stop either of them, did you kiss anybody yet?" I was kind of embarrassed to admit I still hadn't persuaded a girl to kiss me. I suggested maybe we should throw a party and play the bottle game too.

April was happy that she was becoming experienced at kissing boys so she offered "Let me show you how we did it, maybe if you get better and kiss a girl, she will like it and do it more." I was sitting on the edge of my bed so she moved to me then sat on my lap, put her arms around neck and said "This is how me and Brad did it." She bent her head then put her lips on mine.

She had licked her lips so they were moist so she moved her head making her mouth slip back and forth on mine. Her nose was bumping mine and she wrapped her arms around me tight.

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She was really kissing me like a boyfriend which made me kiss her back just as hard. When she pulled her head back she was grinning a mile wide, her eyes were laughing "How was that?" Her weight on my legs started to get heavy so I laid back on my bed pulling her down with me. April and I shuffled around so we were lying face to face while we talked. "You kissed Brad like that? You sat on his lap and did it?

How about Jimmie?" "Yeah, I sat on Brad's legs when we did it. After the game Jimmie and me sat on the sofa and made out a little." "Made out?" "You know, we kissed some more." "In front of the other guys?" "Hey Wyatt, most of the rest of them were necking with somebody too.

I even saw boys and girls putting their hands where they shouldn't." "Huh?" "You know, boys feeling up girls, girls rubbing on boy parts." "Did you and Jimmie do that?" She blushed slightly "Maybe, I'm not sure." I watched my sister's cheeks turn pink as she hinted she may have done more than necking "What do you mean you're not sure?" "I mean we were kissing and I felt his hand on my bra but it was like accidental.

I think. He didn't grab me or push on it but kind of moved his and across it when he shifted for a better kissing position." Crap! April was a year younger than me and she was learning a lot faster than me about boy and girl stuff.

"I never felt up a girl." "No doubt," she snuffled, "if you can't kiss em you can't feel em." I rested my head on the bed and looked at my younger sister. April was changing from a cute little girl to a pretty teen. Until that very moment I hadn't paid much attention to the emerging butterfly but at that moment it struck me she was sexy. At least to a fifteen-year-old boy she was sexy. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her close enough to put my lips on hers.

The brother sister connection broke down and I started necking with April. She wasn't reluctant to kiss me back so we made out like new lovers for a minute or so. She pulled her head back "That was nice" then put her mouth over mine again. I kind of moved closer and we put our arms around the other so we were touching on the legs, her breasts were pressed on my chest.


We broke apart again but only to take a breath then she mashed her mouth on mine. I don't know what she was feeling but I was starting to react to the hot girl in my arms. My prick got hard. I bent my back a little to keep her from feeling it but I enjoyed the feeling of what being close to her was doing to me.

Again, we stopped for air then after a quick couple of breaths she rolled to her back and pulled on my shoulder to face to her. I was lying on my stomach with my chest on her tits then she put her hand on my neck and pulled me into more necking.

I wrapped my arms around her, one under her back, the other around her waist and held tight while we kissed. Her lips were getting softer, warmer and my cock was stone hard. Instinctively I moved my right hand off her waist to her breasts. I pressed on her left tit, she puffed a short breath into my mouth. April pushed me up and off and stared wide eyed at me for a few moments then stated the obvious "You touched me." I started to apologize but she continued "Nobody did that before, it felt kind of good." "You said Jimmie did that." "Not like that, he didn't press, he just kind of brushed across it.

I felt what you did and it was kind of, uh, kind of --" she couldn't explain how she felt about me feeling her up but she was blushing. I reached over and put my hand over the mound of her breast again. April put her hand over mine and pressed it flat against her. I felt her heart thudding as hard as mine.

I looked at the bedside clock and saw to my surprise April had been in my room for almost 45 minutes. "Hey, I'm gonna be late for Karate lessons, I gotta go." "Okay. I think you are ready to kiss a girl now; go forth big brother and conquer. You should try Connie, she thinks you're cute and I hear she likes boys a lot." She got up to leave but I stayed on my stomach until she was gone, I didn't want her to see my hard-on.

Three days after making a pass at my sister I took Connie to the movies. We kissed a couple of times in the theater then we went to her house. Her parents weren't home so we kissed and necked then made out for a long time then I got really bold and put a hand on her breast. She puffed softly and pulled me tighter to her. She stretched out on the sofa pulling me with her then I got to feel her up more.

She whispered in my ear "Open my bra." My cock went from hard to steel while I reached behind her for the bra strap. My hand wasn't under the shirt and I couldn't figure out how to open the damn thing, I'd never done that before. After about a minute of fumbling Connie got frustrated and a little mad. She sat up "Didn't you ever take a girl's bra off before." I admitted I hadn't so she said "Maybe you should go, when you're ready you can come back." "Ready for what?" "Ready to make out with a girl and not be so freaking klutzy." I went home and jacked off into an old towel in my room.

The next morning April caught me looking for breakfast "You went to the movies with Connie, how was it?" "The movie?

We watched Black Panther, it was okay." "That's not what I mean." "I like her." She lit up with curiosity, she wanted gossip "What? What did you do?" My sister and I had gotten more comfortable with private talk since we started kissing lessons so it didn't bother me to tell her what happened, that Connie got mad because I couldn't unhook her bra.

April listened to my tale then after eating two pop-tarts she said "Opening a bra isn't hard, you can do it with two fingers. A girl can and she can't see what she is doing. Boys can do it too." "Has anybody opened your bra yet?" Her eyes glinted naughtily "No, but don't let that stop you. Come on, I'll show you how." She had just offered to let me do some more intimate practice with her. Mom and dad weren't up yet so she led me to her room then pulled a light purple brassiere from her underwear drawer.

She showed me how the clasps hook together then how with just a thumb and finger to unhook it. I marveled at the simplicity of the whole process and in seconds was hooking and unhooking her bra.

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I held the cups in my hands and looked at the size, 32C. After a couple of minutes of practice April asked "You want to try for real?" "What?" "I'll put it on then you can open it." She spun so her back was to me then pulled her arms out of her nightshirt so it was hanging around her neck. I was staring at her bare back and panties while she slipped the bra up her arms then with hands behind her back hooked it together.

She put the nightshirt back on properly then turned around again "Now open it" I gestured to her to turn so her back was to me again. I felt for the strap and the catches. I couldn't get good leverage with my fingers because her shirt was in the way.

April said over her shoulder "Under the shirt, put your hand under it then unhook it." I reached up under the shift, my fingers slid up her skin until one fingertip was under the strap.

I was watching her butt covered by floral print panties when I managed to get the hooks between my thumb and finger push them apart, her bra came loose. She chirped with delight "See, wasn't that easy?" She turned around and while hooking herself back up with her hands behind her back, encouraged me "Do it again only this time go under the shirt first.

Never try to open a bra through the blouse." The second time I had her bra off in a couple of seconds. She looked at me "Now Connie might like you more." "I don't know, she didn't turn her back to let me like you just did." My pretty younger sister looked cautiously into my eyes "Maybe if you try again, this time from the front; put your arms around me and pretend I am her." My aborted session with Connie started by making out so I pulled April to me to kiss her.

She didn't object so in less than a moment we were lips and arms locked together. I pulled her close, her breasts were denting my chest. I put my hands on her butt then moved my right hand up under her nightgown, with two flicks of my fingertips her bra was loose. I pushed back far enough to bring my hand around and hold her tit. April leaned back slightly which caused her pelvis to press on my bulging pants. She sipped a deep breath and pushed a second time against the obvious tent in my pants.

I rolled my hips meeting her body with mine, then stepped back, leaned down and licked a nipple through the flannel. She shook in my arms then stepped away, eyes bright with discovery. She backed up to the bed and fell back pulling me up between her legs, I was again rubbing on her sex.

She moaned when I started rubbing the bulge of my erection on her. We were both pretending she was Connie. I put my hands under her shift and started to pull the floral briefs down. Just as she raised her hips to let me I started convulsing, cuming in my pants.

I fell heavily on April who was panting. She pushed me off then and stared up at me, I felt completely shamed. She nudged my shoulder to get my attention, I looked at her when she said "Wow, I never did that with anybody before." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to------" She cut me off "Did you finish, did you mess your pants?" I tried to get off the bed, to flee but she put a hand on my arm and stopped me and said softly "Don't be embarrassed, I'm not, that was totally hot." I left her to clean up and jack off again as I remembered the feel of my cock stroking on her.

I didn't see her again until dinner and then we didn't talk at all; a total disregard for the other which was good because I was feeling a bit nervous. The next morning though, I felt a lot bolder about what we had done.

We necked, I felt her up, we rubbed our crotches together until we climaxed, me in my shorts. I'd gotten over my reticence and was looking forward to more practice with April.

My mind was fully focused on the next step in our intimate education, I wanted to fuck my sister. We'd almost done it the day before, really doing it was the next big leap. As I was thinking that she came into the kitchen wearing a mid-thigh, loose fitting night gown, her tits were bouncing freely under the cloth. She poked her head into the refrigerator then bent over and waggled her ass while turning her head to me. The nightgown pulled up far enough her thighs I could see black lace panties, her long amber hair fell over half her face, her hazel eyes were glinting with fun.

She grabbed a yogurt then left for her room, she flipped her hair back over shoulder then as she walked by blew me an air kiss.

My cock leapt from limp to hard in seconds. She paused, looked at my groin then turned and left. I damn near lost another load. I really wanted to fuck my sister. Mom and Dad were home so any thoughts of intimacy with April were put on hold.

I didn't see her again until after 10 that night when she came in from a date. Mom and dad were in the main room watching TV when she motioned me to her room. I followed her in and shut the door. When I turned to her she put her arms around me loosely and sighed.

She pushed away "He pissed me off." She took off her sweater then flopped back to her bed then offered "Come up." I checked the door, "Mom and dad are out there." "Come up here." Insistent.

I got onto the bed next to her and lay on my side facing her, my head propped up by my arm, she rolled her head to me "He got really grabby, I mean he would grab and squeeze my tits too hard, too much. I wanted him to stop but he didn't so I came home." "I thought this was the guy you like kissing?" "Kissing is not petting, you know, feeling up. I didn't like it and here I am." I was feeling less tense that our parents were just two walls away "And here you are, on your bed with your brother who knows how to turn you on." Her eyes drifted to mine "And here I am." Her lips puckered prettily then puffed another air kiss at me.

Emboldened by where we were and her pursed lips I made a move. I put a hand on her stomach then moved it up to caress the tips of her bra. I molded my hand over her right breast then massaged it in kind of a circle. April's chest rose on a deep breath then she pulled my hand away "That was way better than Jimmie." I smiled into her eyes and put my hand on her again and tweaked the point of her nipple.

Her eyes watched carefully then closed briefly as she smiled back. She put her hand on my neck and pulled me to her mouth. The hand on her breast moved down and under her skirt. My heart was slamming loose in my chest, my prick was swelling fast, her panties were warm and damp. I touched her, she puffed air into my lungs then pulled away "You better get away, we can't do stuff, not with them awake." I was high on hormones and her words weren't a rebuff but a caution, I sat up and rubbed the end of my erection through my pants while she watched "Do you think we will?" She studied my groin briefly then replied somberly "I don't know, I mean, you're my brother." She paused for a couple of seconds, took a calming breath then sighed out "You better go." I did her bidding.

In my room I got on an internet game and lost track of the clock. It was about 11 when I heard mom and dad go to bed.

I wandered out for a Coke Zero and saw no lights, even my sister was asleep. I went back to gaming and again got lost in time. When I next looked at a clock it was 1:17 in the morning and I was brought out of my game trance by a set of hands on my shoulders.

I turned and looked up into her face, she had refreshed her makeup, her dark blonde hair hung as a loose pony tail, she smiled down on me. I put down my controller; fuck my team, my sister was there. I stood to face her then took her hands in mine and stepped back so I could look at her. My gaze started at her face then to the rest of her. She was wearing the same clothes as earlier minus the bra, her nipples stood as points from the blouse. I took her in from head to feet then back to her eyes.

I didn't have to ask what she was doing there, the air around us was thick with consensus. I was wearing loose basketball shorts so in few seconds they were at my feet. She stepped back to the bed then laid down, her knees bent over the edge. I stepped between her legs and aimed my hard-on for her with my hand as a guide. She pulled the skirt up and her panties to one side then I pressed against the lips of her body. We were both innocent of the final act but that was something we were about to remedy.

I pulled my erection through the crack of her body, we were slick with desire. April widened the gap between her legs and put a hand on my hip then invited me with her eyes to fuck her.

I poked twice before I found her then gently pushed in. I pushed into her as far as I could, she didn't cry out, she didn't resist me.

I wondered briefly if she had lied to me about not doing it before. I pulled part way out then thrust against her again, any doubts I had vanished, it didn't matter if she was or wasn't virgin. My cock was lodged in April; encased in the sensational entrance to her body. She looked up at me and nodded slowly, a faint smile plied her lips. I pulled and thrust, her eyes flared, I started fucking. She held her panties aside while I rolled my ass, plunging and pulling. She moved her right hand to my stomach and pressed me away, her lips moved, the words silent but I understood "Take my panties off." I pulled out of her in a prolonged withdrawal.

I stepped back and she stood so I could pull her underwear down. She kicked them off her ankles then started opening her blouse. I went to the door and cracked it open to listen. The house was silent, dark. I clicked the door closed then locked it and returned to April. We stood in front of the other and pulled the rest of our clothes off.

We'd been too far, too close to feel modesty. She didn't need any foreplay, any time to get hot; she pulled me to the bed then went to her stomach and pressed her pelvis into the mattress. Her eyes fluttered briefly then she signaled me to the bed. I was light headed, dizzy with excitement when I went to my knees between her legs and pulled her hips up to penetrate her again. When my balls rested on her skin she squeezed her legs against mine and humped her butt.

Her eyes rolled up to my face, she put a hand over her own mouth and suppressed a moan. I looked down on April, the long pony tail flowed over her left shoulder, her back tapered to a narrow waist then flared as rounded hips to the top of her thighs.

Her ass magnetized my eyes as my groin rolled over it. April spread her legs even wider which gave me a view of my cock slipping in and out of her body. My balls were rapidly swelling to overflow. I learned quickly that sex could be noisy. I tried to be as quiet as possible while slapping her butt with my groin. I went slow, in and out, taking her without noise but with a lot of pleasure. She was rolling her back, biting her lower lip while her legs shook. Her eyes closed, flew open, closed again then she smothered herself again while gasping for air through her fingers.

She dissolved to the mattress and rocked her butt as she whispered "Do it but you have to get out first." I vowed "Okay." I rolled her to her back, mounted over her and slipped back into April. She put her hands on my shoulders and watched me screw her. Her eyes drifted from my face down my stomach then she spread her legs for a better view of what we were doing.

She put her eyes back to mine "Are you ready? Do it on my tummy and tits." I pulled out of her, my cock sprang up until it was hovering over her pubis. The first stream squirted up and over her tits and smacked her on the left cheek. Her eyes widened in momentary shock but then she smiled wide enough her braces were on full display. She watched me finish pumping my nuts empty on her breasts and stomach. I sat back up on my knees while she lay spread wide in front of me. My cock squeezed one last pulse which I daubed off and wiped on her leg.

Her smile was infectious, I was grinning as wide as she when I asked "Is that your first time too?" I needed to know. April nodded "Yeah, but it didn't hurt, I'm glad." She got off the bed, gathered her clothing then left my room as quietly as she arrived.

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I watched her leave then flopped onto my bed and spent the next two hours reliving what we had done. April had come to my bedroom then we gave up our virginity together. I jacked off two more times. By the time I managed to get to sleep I vowed to make the girl a part of my bedroom furniture.

The next morning I again felt shy about what I had done with April, I don't know why I was reluctant to see her, it was she who came to me. When she did run into me in the front room she flashed me an intimate smile and walked by saying nothing. Well, at least she didn't appear nervous or angry. I went to my room.

Maybe eight minutes I heard a ticking on my door, fingernails tapping lightly. I called her in "Yeah, come on." April stepped to me, put her hands on my waist then leaned up and kissed me in a most non-sisterly way. My cock thrilled from tip to balls. She tilted her head back "I like making out with you.

It's fun." "We did more than make out last night" I reminded her. Her eyes were playful "I know, and it was fun too." I wrapped my hands around her ass, her skirt crumpled upwards slightly.

April let me kiss her again then she pulled away "I have to go see Kayla." She turned and left, nothing more was said. I walked around gingerly the rest of the day because my prick wouldn't relax. I was sure my eagerness for April was visible so I stayed in. Mom and dad left about 6:30 to some middle-aged dream revival, I was online flicking my electric whip at some fucking alien when April stepped into view, to my side.

I dropped my guard and died instantly but that was okay, I had more lives. When she had my attention, she turned out of my room to the kitchen, I followed the scent her cologne. April pulled two Root Beers from the fridge, handed me one then said "Let's go sit" and led to the front room where she plopped her butt on the left end of the sofa.

I got to the other end, back to the arm facing her. My eyes drawn to her legs which were bare from just below her hip to toes. April cracked the tab on her can and took a sip "Tell me what you're thinking" she started. "Uh, I'm not sure, maybe you'll be kind of pissed or something." "About what we did?" "You've had time to think about doing it.

You're not mad or anything?" "Doing It? Are you so bashful you can't say fuck? We fucked Wyatt, you and me. Did you like fucking me?" Her words reminded me of how aggressively she came on to me, for kissing and fucking. Of course I liked it. I liked it a lot but wasn't sure I should tell April just how much I liked it. What if she was only experimenting and didn't want to again? Oh well, she wanted straight language, I gave it to her "Well, yeah, screwing you was awesome.

You want to again?" Her eyes were neutral "When will mom and dad be home?" "I donno, maybe around 10 like normal, that's three hours" I said with a trace of hope. April got off the sofa then with her Root Beer in hand headed to the back of the house. She was wearing white denim hot pants so I reacted to her legs and butt as she walked away; my prick turned to forged steel, glowing hot and hard. She walked past our bedrooms to the back patio sliding door. She waited for me then suggested we relax in the hot tub.

We'd been tubbing for years so what she asked was normal, non-committal.


I tucked my instant lust back into a corner of my mind and agreed then went to put on my trunks. When I met April at the Jacuzzi she was wearing a very brief bikini, one I'd never seen before.

I hadn't seen her in a swim suit for a few months and was stunned at the sight of her scantily clad body. We had been messing around for a few days and I fucked her the night before but this was the first time I'd seen her in something other than normal clothes. My sister was transforming into prime wet dream and the lust I had tucked away sprang from the shadows of my mind then basked in the glow of the fire that started in my nuts.

My prick regained full hard-on status in seconds. April stepped into the tub then sat next to one of the jets, I got in the opposite side facing her.

I took a swallow of my Root Beer then told her I liked her new bikini. "What do you like about it?" "Well first off it is tight, snug and shows you off and red is the right color." "Shows me off?" "You know, your body, the curves, your hips, your tits. You look sexy." "This is a bikini, it's not supposed to look sexy, underwear is sexy, this is for swimming." She smiled prettily when I replied "Believe me April, bikinis are sexy and you fucking well know it." "How sexy?" she wanted to know.

I rose and in two steps was sitting next to her. I pulled her around then started kissing her, full out making out, she responded quickly and in moments her hands were caressing my chest while our lips bonded.

I dropped a hand to her leg and stroked it until we broke the kiss. Her eyes were gleaming, her smile inviting so I lifted her to sit on my lap then we got serious about necking.

In moments my sister knew what I had in mind because she was rocking her butt the bulge of my erection. Hands, hers and mine, started exploring as we made out. She was sliding hers over the curve of my thigh when I felt the tip of her tongue brush against my upper lip. I pulled back to look at her, she licked her lips and asked "Did you like that?" I didn't answer her, I rocked my ass which pressed my cock against her ass harder.

She gyrated her hips. April put her mouth over mine again then we experimented with tongue dueling while I humped under her and felt her tits. We managed to come up for air after a minute or two then I stood her off my lap. She was facing me when I pulled her briefs down her legs then I reached around her and demonstrated my skill in removing the halter. When my sister was nude she pushed my trunks to my knees where I lifted my legs out of them.

My trunks and her bikini were drifting in the currents of the tub when April and I locked together with our arms. My cock was kissing her bellybutton, she was rolling her groin on it while I held her ass. She turned and put her hands on the edge of the tub then bowed her back, pressing her ass on my erection, April reached between her legs, pulled my boner down then gently eased it into her while I fought off the urge to cum.

She was standing in front of a water jet and I could feel the pressure of the water flowing between her legs, against my balls. April began to squeak every time my cock thrust up and in. She bounced against me for a few minutes while I groped her tits, held her waist and got even more turned on by watching her ass moving.

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Ball pressure was causing me to gasp and push as deep into April as I could. I had to take a break so I pulled out, my erection was standing alone in the warm water. She turned to face me, her smile lit up the patio but her eyes were questioning "Are you done?" "No, I want to see you when we do this." I pulled her to me again, our mouths met, our arms went around each other and her firm tits mashed against my chest. I dipped my knees enough to put my cock between her legs then we started rocking our sexes together.

April moaned, my ass jerked. I stepped back to the bench and sat, she lifted her knees to the bench then squatted on my cock. When I thrust up she stretched her neck back until she was staring into the sky. I looked at her from upraised chin, down her neck to her breasts and fucking lost it. I started cuming in April! Wow! The first time I ever came in a girl and it was an exquisitely amazing experience!

April didn't realize what I was pumping into her until she lowered her eyes to me. I don't know what she saw but she pushed off me in a second "You came in me!? Did you just cum in me!?" She put a hand over her pussy and pulled it up but the water rinsed away any evidence. "God Damn! What the hell did you do Wyatt!" In an instant the drifting swim suit was the only clue April had been there. My sister avoided me for three days.

If I came near she would burn red then flee my sight. I was scared as hell I knocked her up and in the few glimpses I got of her I would check the profile of her stomach and imagine she was swelling and break out in a cold sweat. I wanted to talk to her but couldn't get her alone. After three days of me not eating, hardly sleeping, my sister finally approached me.

We were in the living room, even though our parents were out it was public, she wasn't ready to be alone with me in a bedroom again. "My period started today." She ended the short encounter as quickly as it started, I felt a wash of relief as I watched her walk away.

It was the next day when she sat with me and broached the subject of what we did, "Are you fucking crazy Wyatt? What if you made a baby in me, what the hell would we tell mom and dad?" "Jeeze April, I didn't mean to. I mean what we did felt too good to stop and I just kind of lost it." Her eyes became less brittle "It felt good?" "Yeah, I could have stayed inside you forever." April blushed across her cheeks, she averted her eyes then got off the sofa, she paused in front of me then touched my cheek with a hand and confessed softly "I liked it too." She left to see Kayla with those encouraging words hanging in the air.

My sister turned fifteen shortly after I screwed her in the hot tub. I had my sixteenth birthday 32 days later. She gave me a certificate to get my ear pierced with an earring of my choice. When I got the chance, I thanked her with a kiss. Not a brotherly 'thank you' kiss, a kiss that conveyed what I was feeling in my balls.

She wasn't repulsed when I rubbed her ass and pulled her against my cock. After learning to neck with my sister and screwing her twice I felt a lot more confident and asked Connie out again. We went to the mall where I chose a black titanium earring.

The poke in my lobe hurt a bit but I got used to it.


Connie and I hung out for a while then she took me home. I won't say she was easy but within minutes she and I were necking like we'd been dating forever.

Her soft glossed lips were sliding on mine when I eased a hand under her shirt and flicked her bra open with thumb and finger. She tipped her head back, smiled approval then put her hands on my hips and pulled me tight against her pelvis. Connie licked her lips wet then we started tongue dancing while I put a hand over her left breast. She broke the kiss, stepped back and took my hand in hers.

As she started for the back of the house she said "Mom won't be home for another hour." I was panting like an overheated dog in the bright sun by the time we got to her bed. She turned, grabbed my other hand then moved back until her knees folded over the edge of the mattress. I was pulled between her legs; her skirt rode high enough I had an unhindered view of her cotton covered crotch. Hormones overwhelmed any modesty I might have felt so I opened my jeans and pushed them to my ankles.

Connie was watching the bulge in my boxers when I reached for her panties and pulled them down. She lifted her legs to let me pull them off, her eyes were locked on mine.

I put my hands on her thighs, pushed them further apart then stepped up, fished my hard-on out of my underwear then put the end of my erection against the folds of her pussy. She rolled her hips and the head of my cock penetrated the soft, wet entrance to her body. I'd heard stories about Connie from friends at school and I had just joined the band of brothers who she fucked.

Sex was still new to me, I'd only done it twice with my sister so it didn't take long until the tension in my nuts broke free. I'd learned my lesson with April so I asked the girl smiling up at me for permission "Can I?" She nodded, her eyes were sparkling. For the second time in my young life I felt the exhilaration of cuming into a girl. Connie put her hands on my arms then pulled me down for a kiss while my cock convulsed and surged.

She didn't have an orgasm, of that I was sure. When I pulled out of her pussy I watched cum seep down her crack to the blanket. She tugged on my arm "Come up here, beside me" then went to lie fully on the bed. I kicked my pants and shorts off my feet and joined her. She took my hand then pulled my middle finger straight then guided it to her pussy. "Rub me Wyatt, it feels good that way." For the next few minutes I caressed her pussy then she put a hand on mine and moved the finger up to the top of her crack.

Connie toyed with my stiff prick lightly while I massaged her clit until she erupted with a strong climax. When she was done shaking and moaning she pulled me up and over her, grabbed my refreshed erection and held it in place until I thrust into her. Connie wrapped her legs around my thighs and murmured "Fuck me, I like it." The second time I screwed her I managed to hold back my orgasm until she bucked, gasped and cried out hers. She was bouncing her hips against me while I filled her up.

Ten minutes later we were sitting in the front room when her mother came home, Connie introduced me then as I left the girl who liked to fuck I knew I was in love.

The next day after school April barged into my room and demanded "Tell me about Connie. She said you had sex with her. It that right?" "She told you that?" "No, Alice did. Connie told her she took you home. For her that's the same as saying 'I fucked him'.

Alice told me." I looked at my sister's inquisitive face and nodded "Yeah, we did it two times." "You prick, why didn't you tell me?" "Why would you want to know?" April smiled salaciously "Because I'm interested, you're the only guy I did it with and you only did it with me before so how was it, is she different, was it fun?

Two times, what did you guys do?" I went to the kitchen for a soda, my sister followed me. April grabbed a can then we went out to the patio, she was bouncing with curiosity "Tell me" she demanded. The memory of screwing Connie was still fresh in my mind so I related the entire affair to my sister, from first kiss to second fuck.

"She let you finish in her?" "Both times, she asked for it and didn't freak out." "Shit, you did that to me and I didn't even feel it but it scared the crap out of me." While I was talking to my sister, recounting how Connie took me to bed my prick was swelling.

My nuts began pumping hormones into my blood, my heart kept picking up faster beats while told my tale. When April mentioned what I'd done with her I felt bold enough to ask permission "You want to feel it what I did with her?" Her eyes snapped to mine as the question echoed in her ears then she said the exact same thing Connie had said the day before "Mom won't be home for another hour." Permission granted.

I took her hand then led her to my room. When we stopped by the bed April looked up at me "Do everything you did with Connie. Everything." "I finished in her both times." April paused, evaluating my statement then offered slowly "I guess it's okay." I pulled my younger sister into my arms and put my lips on hers. The first time I screwed Connie she was letting me because I was another conquest.

The second time she was a lot more into the feeling of getting fucked. Not so with April. When I lifted her skirt and pierced her body she arched her back, gasped then moaned. I plunged deep into my sister and she lifted her legs then wrapped them around my waist. I was standing between her legs pumping in and out and she was getting hotter than hell.

The longer I fucked her the warmer and wetter her pussy got, the fluids seeping past my erection were soaking my balls. She had said I should do to her the same as Connie so when the time was right I stopped holding back and warned her "I'm gonna cum now, are you ready?" April's eyes locked on mine then she nodded, I injected long powerful surges deep into her womb. April grabbed my ass and held me tight against her until I was done.

I plopped out of her and watched cum gush from her hole, down her butt crack to stain her skirt. April was smiling a mile wide, her braces on full display. I pulled her up by a hand then she and I undressed from the waist down. We got onto the bed where she encouraged me to show her more of how Connie and me fucked. I stretched my long finger against the slit of her pussy then started my sister on another journey of seduction and sex. April wanted to know if there was a difference between her and Connie and at first, I wasn't concerned, I was just getting my cock wet again and it felt good.

After a few deep strokes I started to feel her, started to notice differences. Connie is about three inches taller than April so the first thing I realized is that the height difference didn't matter, April took the full length of my erection as easily as Connie.

After realizing I could push as far into her as with the other girl I focused on the feel of her pussy surrounding my cock. Connie's pussy felt good but my sister was puffier, softer, fuller. The sensation of her body lips kissing my groin when I pushed deep was incredible.

April was more snug, tighter, her body caressed the plunging shaft with more sensitivity than Connie. I guess Connie had been screwed so many times she was stretched more. I leaned over and whispered in my sister's ear "You feel better than her." April's eyes focused on mine then she chirped a soft cry of ecstasy. She arched her back, angled her legs even wider and put her hands on my ass. She was helping me fuck her as the pressure in her loins grew in intensity.

It wasn't long before her eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip and her passion erupted as an orgasm. My sister gulped a huge breath then yelped it out as sharp cries as she climaxed. Her pussy was massaging my cock as she bucked under me, I came into her as she bounced. My sister and I didn't just taste the forbidden fruit that day, we pigged out on it. April was in the bathroom douching cum from her womb when mom came home.

Two nights later I woke up with my sister in my bed, her fingers encircled my limp cock. I started awake and looked at the glowing green digits of my clock, 12:39.

I flipped to face her, she was naked, "What the hell are you doing?!" I asked sharply. April grinned, her braces glinted in the pale light "Are you stupid, what do you think?" "Mom and dad are here!" "So, they were here the first time too." She nuzzled my neck, her breath was hot, her nudity rubbing on mine from legs to cheeks.

My sister was hot for sex and she wanted me to screw her. My cock grew rapidly as she pulled on it then when it was ready April rolled up on me, spread her legs across my thighs and pressed my erection into her. I pushed in, she whispered a gasp then she started rocking on me. My sister put her hands on my chest and smiled down on me as she got more ravenous. In a few short minutes her eyes pinched closed, her mouth contorted and she slammed her head down to my shoulder and shivered while forcing her silence by forcing her breath through her nose.

When she was done fucking me April lifted off then snuck out of my room, leaving me with a nut load of pressure. I jacked off while remembering the feel of her unbridled lust as she humped over me. I'd had enough of my sister. Well, not enough but I decided it was time she went somewhere else to get laid.

What she did the night before was way too risky to keep up so the next day I cornered her in the garage. "We can't do that anymore." "Why not?" "April, you need to find some boy to have fun with." She didn't understand, "You're a boy." "I'm your brother and we can't keep doing that." "Why not, we don't need to date or anything, we can just do it when we want, when mom and dad are gone or something." "Okaaay," I conceded, "maybe we can but before you and me have sex again you have to go find somebody else to screw you.

I shouldn't be your only fun time cock." "I don't like the way Brad kisses and Jimmie gets in too much of a hurry, he tries to take my clothes off without even a lot of kissing and stuff. Nobody else has asked me on a date so what can I do?" "Ask someone, the girl can ask a guy if she wants." Three days later April came downcast to my room. "I tried to get Archie and Tom to take me to the movies but they said they have other things to do.

What is wrong with me, am I so hideous I can't get a boyfriend, is it my braces?" "No Sis, you are pretty and you are sexy. If some guy doesn't want to go out with you then he's the freak, not you. My friend Travis told me a couple of times he would like to hang with you but since you're my sister he won't ask." "Why does being your sister stop him?" "It's a thing, guys don't date their friend's sisters." April studied me for a few seconds "That's stupid, it is like a rule or something?" "Not really, more like a social etiquette." She sat on the edge of my bed and scratched an itch on her right knee "Fuck etiquette, if he wants to see me he should ask, or maybe you should get him here and I can ask." "Actually he is coming later so we can get on to Halo." My sister smiled "Halo?

If he wants to game maybe he can have some game time with me." She was in a better mood when she left my room. In just two days she and Travis started dating.

She was happy, she was no longer worried about how her braces looked, they became part of her persona as she developed into a young woman. I took Connie to the movies sometimes then we would go to her house.

I wasn't the only guy she was fucking but that was okay with me, she didn't need a commitment so I didn't have to tell her I loved her or anything.

April went out with Travis for nine weeks before she asked my opinion "Should I let Travis?" I sat back and looked at her mildly surprised "You've been dating him over two months and you haven't had sex?" She shook her head.

"Look April, I won't give you love advice, you fuck him when you think you are ready." "I'm ready." "Then go for it. Two things though, don't get fucking knocked up and you have to tell me what you did." "I have to tell you?" "Hey, remember Connie?

You wanted details, well now it's my turn." "You didn't just tell me, you showed me." "This is mom and dad's bowling night, when you come home you can show me, fucking two guys in the same night might be a lot of fun." April's braces were gleaming behind a suggestive smile as she left the room, I called Connie to see if she would let me screw off some pressure before I fucked my sister again.