Hardcore slut brutalized tube porn

Hardcore slut brutalized tube porn
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At long last, it was about to happen. What I've always dreamed and longed for: to be dressed and made up as a woman and to have male-female sexual intercourse with a man! My friend is James Worth. James is a handsome, virile man who has confided in about me his bisexuality. And I have likewise confided in James about my feminine, bisexual orientation.

We are a perfect match, for James has always wanted as a lover a man who pretends to be a woman. James told me that he often fantasizes while having sexual intercourse with his wife that she is actually a male transvestite. He told me that he always becomes more sexually excited when thinking that his penis is thrusting inside his sensual shemale lover's surrogate vagina. James believes that a true transvestite is more alluring and feminine than most genetic women, because the transvestite acts more feminine and is more hungry to feel and experience the thrill and joy of the hard cock than most genetic women.

James is making foreplay love to me on the couch. He has taken off my skirt and unbuttoned my blouse. I am still wearing my padded long-line bra, waist cincher, garter belt, sheer nylon stockings, spiked open-heel shoes, panties and my black, sexy and very lacy full slip.

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My face is made up and my shoulder-length wig is carefully combed. My chest and legs have been carefully shaved to remove all traces of unwanted hair. I am wearing a pearl necklace and alluring dangling earrings. James is holding me in his arms and deep-mouth French kissing me as his hands fondle my thighs, legs, and buttocks. My little cock is flat up against my tummy, constrained by my waist cincher and confined by my women's panties. Tonight, this little hard cock of mine is to my clitoris.


James has told me this about my clitoris many times in preparation for our sexual union. James is truly in-charge. He has made this obvious, just as he has told me how desirable I am to him. He looks intently into my eyes and, while he kneads my panty-clad buttocks, he says, "Brenda, darling. Your eyes are so beautiful.

I can see through them all the way to your vagina!" As he said this his finger pressed into the silk of my panties, finding its way between my asscheeks.

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James was now gently finger-fucking my surrogate vagina. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Oh, JamesI need you so, I want to feel you inside me!" He got up from the couch and took my hand. He led me to the bedroom and instructed me to get in bed.

He placed a pillow under my buttocks to prop me up. He then took off my panties, but left them dangling over my left ankle. His eight-inch cock was rigid and so handsome.

I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I was so excited knowing that his cock was hard for me! He knelt on his knees on the bed, facing me. He told me to place my legs over his shoulders.

Time seemed to slow. The events were now in slow motion. My world was focused on the view of my heaving bra cups constrained by my bra and slip. My slip was pulled up above my waist.

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My "clitoris" was sticking straight up in the air. Just below my clitoris was James' rigid cock. He applied K-Y jelly to his large tool, and then he worked some of the lubricant into my rosebud. I cried out, "Do me! Please take me" He replied, "Yes Brenda.

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I need you so badly." With this, I could see and feel his hard cock slowly ease inside of me, until his chest was close enough that I could touch and rub him. The view of my nylon legs astride his broad shoulders, my body attired in women's intimate undergarments. The incongruity of the unmistakable presence of a small but very hard penis protruding from the "woman's" groin, in what otherwise appears to be a completely heterosexual couple beginning coitus. Now James is momentarily still.

I can feel his hardness deep inside me.

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I feel so feminine and desired. My sexual feelings are more intense than they ever before. I can't imagine why I would ever want to be with a woman when I can be a woman in this way! And, I'm not a lesbian; but a fully heterosexual woman! Now, James begins to slowly thrust inside me. My surrogate vagina clings tightly to his penis.

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I can feel every delicious inch of his mantool. As he slides in and out, my mind's eye tracks the motion of his cockhead inside me. I know that the stimulation of his cockhead against the tight confines of my surrogate vagina must be giving him immense pleasure.

I hope his the pleasure he is feeling is as intense as the pleasure he is now giving me. I am now fully adjusted to his cock, and he is able to thrust inside me with ease. I want him, oh I want to feel his semen. I cry out, " James!


fuck me faster! Do me! Do me! Please don't stop!" With this, my lover begins to fuck me faster. I can now hear the bed springs squeaking. Wow!


My small cock flops about as my body takes the now-jack hammer drives of my lover. I grab my flopping sissy stick and begin to jack off as I take my lover's profound sexual thrusts.

Suddenly, James' face stiffens and he cries out, "Fuck! Fuck! Take my cum my sweet bitch!" My darling now gives me those last short strokes. OMG! I can feel his semen flooding deep into my bowels! I feel my own climax as my sissy stick shoots my juices onto my tummy and onto his groin. I cry out, "I'm a fulfilled woman!" I can't comprehend why I had waited so long to discover this pleasure.