Twink soft ass photo first time Zac Gets Picked Up And Fucked

Twink soft ass photo first time Zac Gets Picked Up And Fucked
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The way of the War I grew up in a small Southeast Texas town, my Father worked in the oil fields. The year is 1930 and we lived rent free in a village of tents. They had build a wooden floor about 8" above the ground then the tents were raised upon them. The tents were 8' x 12' not to large but we were blessed I was an only child at that time, my sisters came later. We were blessed because other families had 4 and sometime 5 kids.

Most slept outside on the ground unless it was raining. Some were more privileged and had a tarp to cover them. I also slept out side not because I had too but because I preferred the outdoors.

Oh I forgot to mention I am 7 years old and my name is Chad Lincoln. Since we were so far from town there was no school.

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The women borrowed books and taught us as best they could. We never had an accurate count of the children, it changed daily. With families arriving and leaving daily … it constantly changed. Classes never lasted more than 3 hours, then we were free to run wild. There was a creek not over a 100 yds.

from the tent city. As soon as classes were over we all gathered at the creek for a little skinny dipping, both boys and girls. At 7 I was not too aware of the girls til the latest family moved in with 3 teenagers .Carol 13, Louise14 and Dotty 15 all with blossoming bosoms.


There was only one teenage boy, Toby 13. when this occurred. He took one look, his face turned red and he sat down in the creek. He did not move till the girls had left. I, not having ever seen bare tits was curious I walked over to the oldest and said "Those are pretty can I touch them." She nodded yes.

I reached out and put my hand on her left breast. It was so soft and so nicely rounded, the dark spot atop the brown circles began to stand up. I touched it, she asked if I wanted to put it in my mouth.

My answer was to suck it right in my mouth I rolled it around and felt and odd sensation in my groin, my little me was standing up tall. Her sisters asked if I wanted to feel theirs as well. I felt and rubbed and suckled all their breasts. The younger girls that had not started to blossom as yet, were rolling their nipples between their thumb and forefinger. All had little smiles starting to move their lips. This was as far as was ever attempted. It is odd that we were never inclined to touch between their legs.

Probably because we had ran naked most of our lives and to us that was just a pee place. This way of life lasted two years. After that the Oil Company s began to build the workers real homes. I was almost 10 when we moved into our first real home.

I was no longer an only child, My mother had given birth to my sister and my brother. For the first time we went to a real school. We were tested to see what grade we should be in. The teachers were surprised to find out we tested right even with the townies. We were lucky our small town accepted us right into the family.

We had been expecting to be treated as Oilfield trash. But we were accepted. At age 12 I entered 7th grade Mrs Jacobs was my home room teacher. She was the oldest and best loved teacher in the school. She always had a smile on her face and she made History fun to learn.

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She had a Teachers Aide named Dorthy Green to assist her for the first semester. Wow was she hot, big juicy boobs and when she bent over her ass was so perfect I almost creamed my jeans. She seemed very familiar and I was drawn to her, she looked at me and she smiled. Fourth period was Gym and we played touch football I am tall for my age at 6' I made a good target for our QB, I caught 6 passes and scored twice.

I noticed MS Green was sitting in the stands watching. Coach called me over and asked if I was going out for the team.

He was a little upset when I told him my mother didn't want me to go out for sports. She was afraid I would get hurt. I had and odd sensation in the pit of my stomach that I couldn't identify.

The only time I had felt anything like this was when I had ask Dotty to let me play with her tits when I was 7 years old. Oh well it was lunch time, I started to the lunchroom and Ms Green called me over and asked if I remembered her. I said no. She smiled and lifted her hand to her left boob and bounced it in front of me. I Ran on to the lunchroom thinking about Ms Green. Suddenly my mouth dropped open … I made the connection.

Ms Green was my Dotty I had felt those tits before.I wondered if she still remembered or if her bouncing her boob was a reflex action. I sat down, after getting my lunch, at a table that was unoccupied. The next table had three girls sitting together laughing and talking.

One of the school bullies sat down beside them and began to pick on them and try to touch them. I thought .I would like to take those mash potatoes in Julie's tray and smash them in Jo Jo's face. Everybody started laughing when the mash potatoes still dripping with gravy smashed into Jo Jo's face.

Jo Jo looked around in shock and ran to the rest room. I was more shocked than Jo did it happen? Did I cause it?

I don't know? .I noticed Ms Green at the door. During the next few weeks strange things continued to happen. Some of the things I had thought about. Like when Norma' s dress flew up and showed she was wearing pink panties, I had been wondering if she was wearing any panties.

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Another time I was just there like when Donna dropped her book and I reached down and picked it up with my left hand and reached out to touch her shoulder with my right.

She turned quickly and my right hand landed on her right tit. We both stood there for a few seconds not moving.


Then I yanked my hand back and mumbled you dropped your book. I handed it to her and scrammed out of there. In the window of an open classroom door I could see the reflection of Donna' s face and she was smiling.

I was red in the face. See what I mean never anything big but odd things were happening. And Ms Green seemed to always be their to witness my embarrassment. It almost seemed we had a connection. She always seemed to be at the bus loading zone when I got on, she always gave me a smile. The day Ms Green was bus Monitor, Donna decided to sit in my lap, her girlfriends had dared her to do it.

I don't think she noticed that my hands were in my lap. She spun her dress around and dropped onto my lap her butt cheeks landed in my hands. I popped a woody that tried to force her panties inside of her slit. It felt amazing.

This time she blushed.I looked up and Ms Green was looking at us and smiling. Donna got off the bus 2 stops before my stop so I had time to relax before having to stand up in front of her friends. Just barely.

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Little things like that continued to happen to me right up to the time Ms Green had to go back to College. The day she left she stopped me in the hall between classes and made small talk until the hall way was clear.

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She took my hand and placed it on her tit and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She said "We are familiars and have to be back together. I will return when my college is done. Now get to class." Almost immediately things went back to normal.Except with Donna.since the bus incident she always sat with me. I couldn't seem to get rid of her.Ha Ha Ha why would I want too. Donna was 5' 3" weighed a 110 pounds all located in the right places.

She had the largest boobs in our 7th grade class … and she let me play with them. I had started getting off the bus at Donna' s stop. Donna' s Mother had become a nurse at our towns new Hospital and was on the 3 to 11 shift and her dad didn't get home till 5: 30. Same as my dad I was expected home by 6:30 for supper. This gave Donna and I some play time. When we got to Donna' s house her mother was dressing to go to work. All she was wearing was her half slip and her bra and was ironing her uniform.

My eyes must have bulged out.Mrs Tate had at least 38 DDs and they were almost bursting over the top of her bra. She finished the uniform and put it on right in front of me and headed out the door saying she was late.

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The first time all we did was feel each other up, through our clothes. I loved to play with her tits even through her clothes. And we kissed, at first it was innocent kisses then I was surprised when she slid her tongue thru my lips and into my mouth. I can not describe the sensation that gave me.

For a few seconds It was like I was in another world. I returned the favor and Donna pressed her body as close to me as she could. I was reaching for the hem of her dress when we heard her dad 's truck pull in the drive. It was time for me to go home.

This became the ritual.seeing her mothers tits in the bra, then playing with Donna. It did not take long till as her mother closed the door Donna' s bra hit the floor. and it was play time. I kissed and hugged and rubbed her tits I suckled on her nipples and twirled them with my fingers. Being in fear of pregnancy we never went all the way.(remember this was a time before sex education all we had was scare tales) But we both had heard of Blow jobs and eating pussy.

Neither of us knew exactly how to proceed but were willing to try. One time Donna had Jacked me off so we were aware of the mess that could be made so we always had a wash cloth ready.

The day we were going to give it a try I lowered my pants and there my dick stood all 5 ½ " of it. We were sure of the length because we had measured it.

First Donna washed it with warm water.her fingers moving up and down was almost too much. I had to have her wait a few minutes before she started. First she kissed the head then she ran her tongue around it then she stroked it a couple of times before licking the underside all the way to my balls which she sucked into her mouth she rolled them around a bit.

She freed them from her mouth and licked back to the head. She opened her mouth and sucked me all the way into her mouth. As she move back to the head she would swirl her tongue around it then make another full stroke.

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My body was tingling and jerking and my hands were buried in her hair. I could feel my self reaching the need to explode, "Donna I am almost there." She made a last swirl with her tongue then pulled off and begin stroking me. I reached over and picked up the wash rag, she took it from me and held it to my dick as she kept stroking until I began jerking back and forth uncontrollable.

Then I began shooting cum all over the rag in Donn' s hand and onto her hand. She wiped me off then noticed some of my cum on the back of her hand. She stuck out her tongue and tasted it.

She looked at me and smiled not too bad really. We heard a Ding. We had set the timer on the stove for 5 o'clock so we could cleanup before her dad got home. I looked at her and said, "Tomorrow is your day.

Donna' s Day begins less than 10 minutes after her Mother leaves for work. We were in her bed room and she was stripping all her clothes off as fast as she could get them off. I guess I wasn't helping very much.there was so much bare skin I was trying to touch and feel as much as I could. Donna lay back on the bed we began kissing and our tongues were trying to do battle. I had a tit in each hand stroking and playing with her nipples.

I started to move down her body kissing as I went til I reached her breasts. Then my tongue found one of her nipples which I sucked in to my mouth and licked and sucked, I moved back and forth between her breasts. I moved my hand down her stomach till I was able to run my hand thru her pussy hair. And to slip my finger into her slit.


Her pussy was past being damp.She was soaking wet. Between the sucking of her tits and the finger in her pussy it tripped the switch and her body went stiff and then went completely loose … her first climax of the day.

I began to kiss down her body I tasted the moisture on her hair. I spread her legs for better access. I planted a kiss on the center of her slit.a french kiss. I followed up the kiss with a lick from wrinkled hole to the top of her slit. I licked and sucked on her petals and dipped my tongue as deep as I could go I slobbered into her pussy. Donna grabbed two handfuls of my hair and ground her hips into my face. She was making indecipherable sounds that sounded like humf, humpf her hips were twisting and bouncing and she was drooling and she was hollering Oh, Oh, Oh I'm, I'm Cummmming iiieeee and she burst through with the biggest orgasm of her young life.

I got her up and helped her to the bathroom and into the shower. It was near time for her dad to get home so I departed for my house. Two years later Donna's dad was transferred. Our routine had become very important to me and now that it was over I really missed Donna. Every one seemed to notice the difference in my behavior but no-one knew what to do to cheer me up.