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Tight babe flashes tits and gets banged
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THIS TAKES PLACE AFTER KRYSTAL'S DEATH Suddenly the front door just opened up, and in walked the casino boss and his two enforcers. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked with venom dripping from my voice. "That is no way to treat an old friend." He replied back to me, as they closed the door behind them. "Get the fuck out of my house or I will call the cops." I shouted at them The two enforcers each step to a different side of the boss, and showed us the gun in their hands.

That got my attention real quick, and I sat back down next to my girls. "I am sorry about Krystal, but there is still the debt that she owes the casino." He said in an even tone. "She is dead, and we owe you nothing." I fired right back at him. "Wrong the debt is a family debt now, and needs to be paid off." He countered "Now hear me out.

The debt is around 50 thousand, including interest owed. Now if the girls work for me over the next six months on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I will consider the debt paid in full." He laid the information out there for the three of us to digest.

"Now you listen to me you fucking leech. I will not pay you a fucking dime, and the girls will never work for you again. Now get the fuck out of my house." I screamed at him.

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"I will give you the rest of the week to finish grieving and think about my offer. If the girls are not at the casino by the following Friday night, then I will send the boys over to give you some friendly persuasion." He said to me in a threatening manor, as they left. I thought no way are they going to take my two little girls away from me. I went down to the basement and checked out my guns. I had a couple of glock pistols with over a hundred rounds for them and 4 clips.

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A Remington over/under shotgun, a 22 semi-auto rifle, and 30-06 rifle. With plenty of ammo for each. I went out to the gun range to make sure that they all worked ok. Went home and cleaned them all and put them away. I stopped to a couple different gun store.

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I got some more ammo clips for each gun, and some more ammo for each. I went online and bought some night vision goggles and personal body armor. I paid the extra money to have it shipped overnight. A week has past, and I got home from work on Friday, and my girls were gone.

There was a note there that said we made the decision for you, beware of the consequences.


I snapped. I went stone cold with revenge flowing through my veins. I went down the stairs to the basement and put on my camouflaged hunting clothes, body armor, and hunting boots. Painted my face black. Put a couple of hunting knives on my belt, and a couple knives in my pockets. Hooked my Leatherman Multi-tool on my belt.

Grabbed my guns, extra ammo, backpack, and headed for the car. I got to the casino and parked around the backside of the building. I did a quick recon to kind of figure out what I just wanted to do.


There was no way to cut off power, they had a back up generator, same with phones, they had cells. I located some of the camera's, but as soon as I would take one out they would be tipped off that I was out there.

I though about ramming the rear door, but they had a guard post there to protect the door. The front door was almost the same way. I figured the best way was a front in assault. I had a bullet proof vest on, but this was probably a suicided mission. I was going to try and take out at least the boss, and those two black bastards, and free my little girls, if all possible. That was the plan anyway. I went over my gear. The 22 was my main gun, and I had 4 ten round clips for it plus an extra 50 rounds in a box in my pack, for reloading if time permitted.

I had a belt around my waist that held 25 #00 buckshot shells for my shot gun, plus I had a box in my pack.

I took one glock and holstered to my right hip. I stuck the other in my pants pocket, just in case. I had 4 full clips, and box of bullets in pack. I had slings for both the shotgun and 22. It was 3 a.m., the guest were gone, and they were starting to close the place down. I came flying up the circular drive the wrong way so when I jumped from the car, I could charge right into the casino.

A couple blast from the shotgun opened the door for me. I quickly reloaded the gun and charged in.

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Two security guards stood there with open mouths, but quickly went for their guns. I took them both out with a couple blast from the shot gun. Again I quickly reloaded it and change guns to the 22. Another guard came around the corner full speed, and I drilled him with the butt of the 22, knocking him out cold.

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A bullet hit the wall just above my head, as a guard was charging me with his gun firing. I kneeled down and put 2 shots from the 22 into his mid section, taking him out of the fire fight. It was still for a moment, giving me a chance to look around. The hired help was all run for their lives or hiding under the tables. Most were fleeing to the back of the casino. Wham a bullet hit me in the chest, knocking me back into the wall.

Dam did that hurt.

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I put two rounds in the guard who just shot me, taking him down. I wish I knew just how many guards they had in this place. As I headed for the stairs a couple guards came at me from the back of the casino firing their guns. I emptied the rest of the clip in the 22 at them, taking them out of the fight.

As I was concentrating on the guards, a casino pit boss jumped me taking the 22 out of my hands, and throwing it away from me. We struggled, till pulled my hunting knife and stabbed him in the stomach.

He was down for the count. I looked around for my 22, when a couple more shots were fired at me. Another guard was charging me. I swung the shotgun off my shoulder and pumped two rounds into him, putting him down. I slapped a couple of shells back into the shotgun. Then I saw the stairs by the bar, I remember Krystal telling about the stairs going up to the bedrooms on the second floor. I gave up on the 22, and made my way over to the stairs. I stopped by the bar and looked behind it and saw the bar tender hiding there.

I told him to get everyone out of here, because when I come back down the stairs, I will start shooting everyone that I see. I went up the stairs and there were 5 doors and one at the end of the hallway. I open the first door and there were 2 naked gals, hiding by the bed.

"Where are my two daughters?" I snapped at them. They just shriek and fled to the bathroom. I went to the next room and open the door, and it was empty. As I closed the door a bullet struck the door frame next to me. There was a guard coming up the stairs. I leveled the shotgun at him and fired one shot taking him down. I quickly reloaded my gun and went to the next door.

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Just as I opened the door, wham I was tackled by one of the enforcers. My shotgun went flying over the rail and hit the casino floor below me. The big guy was on top of me with his hands around my throat squeezing my throat shut. I managed to get my glock free of the holster and raised it up to his ear, and I pulled the trigger.

Man what a mess I had blood and brain parts all over my face. I pushed him off me, and got up and searched the room, but it was empty. They had to be in the next room, cause I figured the last room was the boss's office. I slowly open the door and bang I was struck by a bullet in the should, taking me down fast.

He fired twice more hitting me in the leg and side. I was hurting bad. I managed to roll out of the doorway and out of fire. "I got your two girls in here and if you don't want dem hurt, you better drop your gun and come in here." He hollered at me.

Now what the fuck do I do. God dam I hurt. I unbuckled the shotgun shell belt and tossed it through the door, along with my small pack, glock, and one knife. I put my hunting knife behind my back. I walked in with my hands up, hoping that my vest would protect me when I made my move.

He was holding Katie by her neck in front of him, and Kathy was on the bed in front of him. Both girls were naked. He motioned me to come towards him. I walked with hands up and limping from the wound on my leg. "You stupid fuck did you really think that you could come in here and kill everyone to get these two bitches back." He laughed at me, as he pushed Katie on the bed next to Kathy.

He walked around the bed speaking into his phone. As he got closer to me, Katie leaped off the bed and slammed into his back, knocking him off balance. That was the opening I need, as I lunged at him with the hunting knife in my hand.

He fired at me twice, the first missed and the second hit my arm, but the intense rage that was running through me right now, it would take a cannon to stop me. I drove my hunting knife up through his chin into his brain, killing him dead. Bang Bang Bang barked the gun in the casino boss's hand. The three bullets slammed into my back driving me to the floor right in front of Katie. I could feel my life start to leak out of me.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the glock and pushed it over to Katie.

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Thank God I taught both of my girls how to use a pistol, and they were both very good shots. She grabbed the gun and raised up and let four shots go, hitting the casino boss with all four in his head, with a shot going through each of his eyes. He was dead by the time he hit the floor. I laid there with the light fading from my eyes. Both girls ran to me crying daddy don't die.


"Take care of your sister for me." I coughed as I held Katie's hand. My eyes glazed over. I looked up and there was Krystal standing there with her hand reaching down to help me up. I got up and gave her a hug.