Curvy coed Stella Carter fucks her twat with a big dildo

Curvy coed Stella Carter fucks her twat with a big dildo
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Since we met, she has never hid the fact that she was bisexual. Even though she loved and married me, she still has times where she needs a woman's touch. At first this was strange for me, but over time, I got use to it.

She never kept secrets from me, and when she would return home after meeting a female friend, she would tell me all about their sex. Her retelling always ended with us having wild sex, so I had nothing to complain about.

Shellie, my wife, had a traumatic accident when she was a teenager that caused her to be barren. We tried different things for her to get pregnant, but nothing worked. We had always planned on adopting but for one reason or the other, we never went through with it. Shellie never seemed to be bothered by not being about to have kids. Once she started teaching, she would say she had all the kids she needed. She loved her students and they loved her.

Shellie was stern but fair, and her students knew if they tried, she would help them in any way she could. Because she had never had pregnancy to deal with, my wife looked the same at thirty-eight as she did at nineteen when I met her. She had shoulder length brown hair, with blue-gray eyes. She stood five feet and seven inches. She had always been blessed with curves having wide hips, thin waist and a 36C bust.

We bought our house after she was awarded her position at the school. It was a nice ranch style home with three bedrooms, two baths and plenty of room for just the two of us. Our neighborhood was a pleasant one. No one was too nosey, but everyone would look out for their neighbor and their property. Daniel and Leah moved into the neighborhood about a year after us. We were all about the same age, so we hit it off rather quickly.

Daniel and I were always go to sporting events, fishing or hunting together. Shellie and Leah, would always go shopping or to the spa.

Although I always questioned her, Shellie and Leah never had sex. Although Shellie had no problem with her sexuality, she never pushed it on any one. She had her go to girls, and never made a pass on any of our friends.

She would say that she didn't want sex to change her relationship with our friends. A couple years after Daniel and Leah moved in the neighborhood, Leah became pregnant. I am not sure who was happier, Leah or Shellie.

Shellie would go with her to the doctor, and became her lamaze coach. Their shopping trips became more frequent and much more expensive. Once the baby was born, we became like her second set of parents.

When Leah went back to work after her maternity leave, Shellie would pick Lynn up everyday from the day care and would keep her until Daniel or Leah got off work. We were also on the top of the babysitter list and kept her many nights while her parents went out. I can remember growing up how people would always say how time would fly by, I fully understand that now.

It seemed like Lynn was born, the next day she was walking, the following day she was in school, and today she is turning sixteen. The whole sixteen years were a blur.

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The tiny baby that we had kept was now a young lady. Lynn had turned into a beautiful young lady. She was short like her mom, at only an even five foot.

She had black hair and her body had an olive complexion, so she always looked tanned. She also had the cutest, perfectly round ass. I actually felt bad when she walked by me, because I couldn't help but look. Her breasts were not big, but they were perfect for her stature. Shellie was close to Lynn and served as her voice of reason. Numerous times Lynn would come crying to Shellie about an argument with her parents, or something at school.

Shellie would always be understanding and try to lead her in the right way. About a week after Lynn's sweet sixteen party, I arrived home at my normal time. Just like everyday, I went inside and placed my things on the table and then went into my shop to piddle. While in my shop, I heard the door from the house shut.

When I looked out I saw a barefoot Lynn walking across the yard toward her house. Being friendly I called out to her. "Good afternoon Lynn, leaving so soon?" I must have surprised her because she jumped back and her hand went to her heart. I noticed that she looked flush. Her nipples were strained against the confines of her bra and tee shirt.

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"Jay, you scared me to death." "I am sorry, I didn't mean to," I responded and walked out to where she was standing.

Her hands and voice trembled and she refused to look me in the eye. "I ahh have some homework to do. Shellie was just helping me with a problem I had. I will see you later okay?" I nodded and she continued across the yard. I gave into temptation and took a quick glimpse at her ass as she trotted away. I shook my head, then went into the house. I knew something was not right, but I couldn't lay a finger on it.

I walked into the house and Shellie was at the kitchen sink. She was wearing just her pink thong and a tee shirt. That was not odd, usually after school she wanted to get comfy. So I walked over and wrapped my arms around her from behind. As she always does, she turned to face me, and had the cat that ate the canary look on her face. I noticed that her nipples were hard as well.

My mind began to churn with ideas of what Shellie and Lynn had been doing. After a nice long kiss, I sat in chair beside the table. "Okay, what went on today?" I asked. "What on earth do you mean honey?" "Lynn acted strange, and had this flushed look on her face.

Her nipples were hard and she wouldn't look me in the eye. Then I come inside, and you are almost in the same state. Did you do something?" Shellie raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Probably not what you have going through your perverted mind. Lynn needed some womanly advice, and was too scared to talk to her mom. So I, lets say helped her." Honestly, what I had going through my mind was pretty perverted.

All I could see in my mind was Shellie and Lynn is a lustful sixty-nine. My cock was hardening as the image continued to play in my mind. I just sat there looking at my wife, waiting for the details. "While in class today, some of the girls were talking about sex, and Lynn was curious. She told me that a couple of girls talked about how guys had made them cum, and also talked about masturbating." I sat at the table and nodded.

"I explained to her how a guy can make a girl cum by stimulating the clitorus, and explained that during masturbation, it was pretty much the same thing except with no help." I sat up in the chair.

"So you both got excited while talking about masturbating and have an orgasm?" "Not exactly," she continued. "After I explained it to her, she still didn't get the jest of it.

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So I took off my clothes and demonstrated. Honey, it was so hot having her watch me. It really turned me on. It didn't take but a few minutes and I was cumming." The image of my beautiful wife masturbating in front of our cute young neighbor had me hard. I adjusted my member in my jeans. Shellie must have noticed my situation and walked over and knelt in front of me. "After I was done, Lynn was in awe. Her big brown eyes were wide open," Shellie continued as she unbuttoned my pants.

"Witnessing me having such a big orgasm, just made her have more questions. I answered them the best I could then I had an idea." Shellie had my cock in her hand and stroked slowly as she enlightened me on her idea. "I suggested she take off her clothes and I would coach her on how to masturbate.

Surprisingly she didn't hesitate. She stood and peeled her clothes off in a flash. I am telling you Jay, she is a little hottie. You would like seeing her naked. Her pussy was covered with light pubic hair and her lips were all puffy." Shellie kissed the head of my cock. "I had her lay down and talked her through her first orgasm. I am telling you, it was the hottest thing I have ever experienced." She barely got the last words out of her mouth before she engulfed my hard cock.

She was always a master at giving head, but that day she was on a mission. She sucked my cock in all at once while her hand cupped my balls. Her lips tightened and she bobbed up and down on me like a mad woman. With the images in my head, and Shellie's words playing through my mind, I couldn't hold back. My normally strong stamina had a weak spot. In less than five minutes, I emptied my balls into my wife's mouth.


My whole body trembled as she sucked every drop I could give her, and she sucked for more. After my cock deflated, Shellie released my cock and continued to prepare dinner. We ate and together we cleaned the kitchen and relaxed for some television. During the evening I would ask her about her day with Lynn, in hopes of getting her turned on for a night of sex.

A couple days later I received a text from Shellie before I left from work. She informed me that Lynn was to spend the night with us while Daniel and Leah had a work event to attend. I text her back that I was okay with it and continued to work. I arrived home at my normal time. I went into the house to place my things on the table, as usual. Lynn was sitting at the table doing homework while Shellie was preparing dinner.

I spoke to both and went out to the shop and worked until Lynn called me in for dinner. I went in and washed up and sat down to eat. After dinner I cleaned up the dishes and the rest of the kitchen while Shellie looked over Lynn's homework. When they were done, Lynn excused herself to go take a shower while Shellie helped me finish up.

Once done we retired to the den for some television. Lynn joined us shortly after we had gotten comfortable. She came out with a towel wrapped around her head, a tee shirt and her panties.

Her smooth legs look very good as she sat in the chair directly across the den from me. When she sat down, she pulled her legs up and hugged her knees while she watched the show. I could not keep my eyes from glancing in her direction.

She looked so hot and innocent. With her legs pulled up she was giving me a perfect view of her plump, panty covered vulva. I felt guilty looking at her, but I could not pull my eyes away.

A little before ten, Lynn told us goodnight and went to bed. As soon as the door closed to her room, I heard Shellie giggle. I innocently looked over at her. "You sly old fox, couldn't help it could you?" She said as she giggled.

"What are you talking about?" I could feel the blood rushing to my face. My cheeks were burning. I knew she had seen me looking, but for some reason embarrassed by it.

Shellie opened her legs and rubbed between them. "You couldn't help looking at Lynn's plump pussy could you?

You can't stand that I have seen it and you haven't." "That is ridiculous," I lied. "You seeing it has nothing to do with it. Lynn is a sexy young lady, I am a man, it was visible and I looked, it's as simple as that".

Lynn tossed her panties into my lap as she walked by me and went to our bedroom. Like a dog chasing a rabbit, I was close behind. Normally, we do not have sex when Lynn is there, but apparently I was not the only one turned on my our sexy neighbor. Shellie and I fucked for a good two hours. She was loud, maybe even louder than normal. I tried to muffle her with my lips but in a couple positions, kissing was difficult.

She was always a dirty talker, but that night she was off the chain. Like every morning that Lynn stayed with us, I got up early and cooked her a big breakfast. Pancakes, sausage, and some fresh fruit. When she sat down to eat, she seemed tired. I felt bad that Shellie and I may have kept her up. "How did you sleep, sweetheart?" I asked, with concern. "I slept great, just not long enough." Not another word was spoken until she and Shellie left for school.

I kissed Shellie on the lips, and Lynn on the cheek as they went out the door. I cleaned the dishes and finished getting ready for work. Before I left, I went through the house and turned off all the lights and checked curling irons and other styling tools to make sure they were off.

I walked through Lynn's room to check her straightener. I then turned to straighten the bed when I noticed a pair of panties under the comforter. I picked them up to put them in the dirty clothes hamper, but they felt damp. I couldn't resist the urge to smell them. I raised the pink bikini panties to my nose and inhaled.

The smell was intoxicating. The sweet musky smell of the crotch made me hard instantly. My first thought was to jack off with them, but after the marathon sex Shellie and I had the night before, I knew I would not have the time.

So I placed them in the hamper and left. Lynn's scent was with me the whole day, therefore my cock was hard almost all day. By the time lunch rolled around, I had to have some relief. I went to the bathroom and attempted to wash the scent off. It was no use. It was stuck in my senses. I was in agony by the time I got home. For once, I wish that Shellie had worked late so I could use the panties.

Unfortunately she didn't, and to make things worse, when I pulled up at my house, Lynn was prancing her cute ass back home. I got out of the truck and went inside. Shellie was sitting at the table when I walked in. She smiled when she saw me. "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" She said with a laugh. I just rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I looked back at the hamper and the panties were gone.

I was relieved. I was not sure I could handle seeing them again. If I saw them, I would have to smell them and then the torture would continue. I left the bathroom and went back to the kitchen. "She heard us last night." Shellie said with a smirk. "I don't know how she could have not. You were a wild woman." I replied "You should have heard the questions she asked me before you arrived. She asked me if I was screaming because you were hurting me.

Of course, I told her it was quite the opposite. I was screaming because it felt really good." In my state of arousal, I really didn't need to hear what Shellie was saying. My cock was already in pain. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop her. "She is so curious about sex. I am so glad my parents were more open with me." She concluded for the time being. She got up and began dinner. I went out to the shop and tried to get my mind off of Lynn and her panties.

By the time Shellie called me in for dinner, I had finally shook the thoughts out and was thinking clearly. We sat at the table and ate. "Did you put Lynn's panties in the hamper?" Shellie asked, almost making me choke in the food I had put in my mouth.

"Yeah, they were on the bed, so I put them in there to be washed." "She almost freaked out when they were not in the bed. She told me she got so turned on by hearing us, that she took them off and masturbated." Fuck, that was not what I needed to hear. "She asked me if it was bad of her to have fantasized that it was her that you were fucking instead of me." I sat my fork down and looked at her.

The tension was getting too much for me to handle. The thought of our hot neighbor masturbating while thinking of me fucking her was torture. "Jay, what is it?" "Shellie, this is not right. I shouldn't be having the thoughts I am having. Lynn is a special young lady. She shouldn't be thinking about fucking me. She shouldn't be masturbating for you.

None of this is right." "What the fuck Jay? You make us sound like pedifiles. Lynn trusts us, and she is at a time in her life where her body is changing. Her hormones are running wild. You wouldn't believe the girls around school that get pregnant or come down with an STD because their parents are too uptight to explain sex to them. I don't know about you, but I would rather Lynn find things out with us than to be taken advantage of and become just another notch on some high school casanova's bed post?" I had really pushed her buttons.

Shellie got up from the table, heading straight for the bedroom and slammed the door. I got up and cleaned the kitchen alone. In all of our years of marriage, I had never made her that mad. So when I was done, I went to apologize. I knocked on the door, but all I heard was silence. I knocked again, and opened the door.

Shellie was laying on the bed with her back to me. I walked over and sat on the foot of the bed. "You are right. I had not thought of it like that. I too would rather Lynn find explore her sexualality with people who love her and that she trusts. I would kill any boy that hurt her." Shellie rolled over and looked at me. "I am not a pervert, Jay, I only have her best interest at heart." "I know, baby, and so do I. I am just not use to the tactics, but I promise to try and understand." Shellie then sat up in the bed, and a cheshire cat smile came upon her face.

"I have an idea. Would you fuck Lynn? Wait! Before you answer. From our talks and all her questions, she is on the verge of finding out about sex, whether we help her or not." "When she comes over again and starts asking questions, I will give her a line of questions. If she answers them in the right way, I will know whether she is contemplating having sex, if she is, then I will suggest that she allow you to be her first." This plan shocked me to the point that I almost fell off of the bed.

My wife had just asked me if I would fuck our seventeen year old neighbor. The same neighbor whose intoxicating aroma had kept my cock hard that very day. I couldn't believe she had to ask. "Shellie, I couldn't fuck Lynn. I could never cheat on you." Ever heard of Briar Rabbit?

There was no way I was going to blurt out how fast I would fuck Lynn, to my wife. This was her idea, but I was playing it safe. She was going to have to convince me that she was all in, before I would "reluctantly" agree. "It wouldn't be cheating if I was there too. Lynn is going to need someone to comfort her. The first time can be a traumatic event for a girl. If you go jabbing at her virgin cunt with your fat cock, it will scare her to death." Shellie's idea was getting better and better.

I am sure if I had of thought of it, I would be considered the pervert. I sat and thought about having sex with another woman in front of my wife, for what seemed like several minutes, but in reality, I was trying to think of a subtle way to accept without sounding too excited. "I am still not sure, it still feels like cheating to me. I would be having sex with a woman that was not my wife, however, if you think it's best for Lynn, I guess I would go along, if and only if she agrees, without too much coaxing from you." I smiled to myself, I nailed it.

Shellie sat up and hugged me tight. I never knew she would be so happy for me to say I would fuck another woman. I hugged her back, my own little way of telling her thank you. Shellie quickly took off her shirt and stipped her panties off. She lay back and spread her legs. I quickly disrobed and mounted her. My cock needed this.

It slipped into her wet pussy and we began to fuck. The longer we went the harder I drove my aching cock into her. In almost record time, my cum blasted into her. It was such a relief, the whole day if smelling Lynn's aroma had taken its toll on my stamina. I rolled over and lay on my back. Shellie got up and went to the shower. I laid there thinking of our discussion. I remembered how Lynn's plump lips looked through her panties the night before.

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I remembered the smell of her panties, and I felt my cock begin to harden again. I got up and joined Shellie in the shower. It had been weeks since Shellie and I had our discussion. Lynn had been to our house several times, and even spent a few nights with us, but nothing was said about our agreement.

Each night that Lynn would stay with us, Shellie and I would have sex. Just like the time before, Shellie made a point to be loud enough for Lynn to hear us.

One Saturday, Shellie, Leah and Lynn went shopping. Daniel and I worked in my shop until the football games started. Then we popped open a few beer and kicked back for an afternoon of uninterrupted football.

By the time the ladies returned, Daniel had already went home. Leah picked through all the bags and retrieved her purchases, and left. I was still into the games, so it didn't dawn on me that Lynn had stayed behind. "Honey, we are going to bed." She said as she leaned down and kissed my cheek. I kissed her back and told her good night. I finished off my beer and got up to get another. As I was about to sit back down, I heard giggling coming from our bedroom.

Curious as to what was going on, I tip-toed down the hallway and peeked in. Shellie was sitting on the bed with nothing on but her panties. Lynn, on the other hand, stood at the foot of our bed, with her back to the door. She was wearing a sexy white thong, stockings with garters and a matching white bra.

My eyes were glued to her hot ass. I had never noticed the dimples on her back. My cock grew at record pace. Shellie saw me standing there, and pointed toward me. Lynn turned. I have never seen her so beautiful. The white fabric of her underwear accented her skin perfectly. Her innocent smile, as she looked into my eyes, made my legs weak. Shellie awakened my trance. "Dont just stand there, come in." I walked slowly toward the bed, my eyes never left Lynn and hers never left mine.

Her angelic beauty was mesmerizing. I sat on the bed a couple of feet from Lynn. My eyes scanned her body. The bra made her 34B breasts look bigger, the panties were barely enough to conceal her plump lips, and the stockings were like a second skin over her toned legs. My cock was throbbing.

Shellie moved to me and kissed my neck as she reached down and took the hem of my t-shirt. I raised my arms as she lifted it off. Lynn moved closer, I saw her eyes shift to Shellie as if she was asking permission to continue.

She knelt between my legs. Her brown eye looking into mine as if she was staring into my soul. She took the bottle from my hand and seductively took a swallow of my beer. Any other time, I would have scolded her, but under the circumstances, I couldn't speak. Her small hands laid upon my legs. She slowly moved them up my thighs, and across my full grown bulge. Her brown eyes widened when she felt it under my jeans. Her fingers trembled as she attempted to unbutton my jeans.

Shellie saw her struggling and moved behind her to help. I let out a sigh of relief as my jeans opened. My cock had been pressed between them and my stomach, now it had room to breathe.

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Shellie helped Lynn pull my jeans down to my knees, and each pulled a leg to completely remove them. I sat on the bed in only my boxers as I looked down at two of the most beautiful women in my world. Lynn sat between my legs. Her eyes were glued to the imprint of my cock inside my boxers.

Shellie was on her knees behind Lynn whispering encouragement into her ear. I stood up and pushed my boxers down. My cock sprung up like an old jack in the box. When I discarded my boxers, I sat back down on the bed. My hard cock pressed into my lower stomach. Lynn reached toward me. I am not sure which one of us moaned the loudest once her fingers reached my throbbing cock.

She wrapped her fingers around it the best she could and slowly stroked it. "That's right, nice and slow. We don't have to rush anything. We have all night", Shellie instructed. All night? I was going to be lucky to last twenty seconds. Lynn brought her other hand's up and placed it on my cock above her other. At first she struggled to get into rhythm, but it didn't take her long until she had it under control.

I laid back on my arms. My upper body was raised so I could watch her, but my stomach was away so she had room to move. "Don't you want to taste it?" Shellie asked. Lynn looked at her, then my cock and then back to her. She had doubts. Shellie moved closer and placed her hand on top of one of Lynn's. "There is nothing to it. I will show you." Shellie moved her head above my cock. She spit a gob of saliva onto my cock and rubbed it in with her hand.

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She lowered her head and parted her lips. Her tongue cupped the underside of my cock as her lips parted. She sucked about a quarter of my cock in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down slowly. I was kind of confused. Shellie could easily take my whole length into her mouth, but instead she concentrated on just the upper fourth. Then it dawned on me that she didn't was taking it slow and easy for Lynn. After a couple minutes, she rose and allowed my cock to pop out of her mouth.

"See, nothing to it." Shellie moved out of the way and allowed Lynn to move back into place. She placed her hand at the base of my cock and placed her mouth above my erection. She slowly parted her lips and her tongue touched my tip. I almost blew it. She swirled her tongue around my head a few times and then lowered her mouth onto me. The feeling was amazing.

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Her mouth was so wet and warm. She just sucked for a minute before Shellie placed her hand on the back of her head and pushed her down a little. Lynn began to slowly move her lips up and down.

I gripped the sheets of the bed so I would not push my cock into her deeper. Without being told, she began to move a little faster. Soft muffled moans escaped her throat. Her hand tightened around my base and she began to stroke me while she sucked. Her quickened pace allowed me to push more into her mouth.

She seemed to be really getting into it. Her saliva ran down my shaft and she rubbed it in with her hand. Sucking sounds joined in with her moans and before I knew it she was bobbing faster and sucking harder. I couldn't last much longer. Normally I could hold back, but the whole scene of my wife watching while Lynn sucked my cock was too much. I placed my hand on top of her head and began to thrust my hips.

I bit my lip so keep control so I would not ram my cock down her throat. "I am about to cum!" I announced. Lynn either didn't comprehend what I had said or ignored it. She continued to bob and suck. My legs grew stiff as she primed me for release. I growled loudly as the first jet of my cum shot into her mouth. The cum must have surprised my little cock sucker because she released my cock and coughed.

The second shot hit her on the chin, and the remaining shot into the air. Some landed back on me, and the rest landed either on her hand or on the carpet.

Lynn had a look of confusion on her face. Shellie praised her and hugged her. She took her finger and wiped the glob of cum on Lynn's chin. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it off. "See, I told you there was nothing to it. You did great!" Lynn didn't look like she believed her.

"I didn't know if I should swallow it or not." "Some girls don't, but some do. That is entirely up to you. Guys like it when you swallow. I am not sure why, I guess it's a man thing." I could barely hear them talking as I came down off my orgasmic high.

I sat up and listened as Shellie finished. "That was amazing Lynn, you are a natural," I added. Lynn had a funny expression on her face. "I am not sure that is something I should put on my college application." We laughed. The tension had eased and I had a feeling this was going to be a wonderful night.

Shellie hugged Lynn. Lynn turned and looked and had a disappointing look on her face. "It's not hard anymore." Shellie and I laughed. Shellie ensured her that it would rise to the occasion when it was time. Shellie then instructed her to lay on the bed so I could show her how a guy can please a woman, orally. Lynn lay on the bed and I moved up over her. I began to kiss her neck. She giggled a little but kept her composure.

As I kissed down her neck, I pulled her bra straps down her arm. I kissed across her chest, then back across the swells of her breasts. My hand moved back and unhooked her bra. I slowly lifted her bra and uncovered her perfect breasts. Her pink nipples were small but very hard. I lowered my mouth and gently sucked her left nipple into my mouth. Her fingers quickly moved through my hair and pulled me tighter toward her. I had almost her whole breast into my mouth as I sucked and teased her nipple with my tongue.

She began to grind her hips against my thigh. I moved my pleasuring to her other breast. I wasn't leaving a place on her perfect body untouched. She wrapped her legs around mine as I sucked on her right breast. Her moans grew as she thrust her hips against my leg. I released her breast and kissed down her flat stomach. My tongue circled her belly button as i kissed lower. Her legs spread wide. I looked up and saw her head laying in Shellie's lap. The look of lust on her face was so beautiful.

I hooked my fingers into her panties and pulled them as I kissed over her mound. She smelled delicious. I pulled her panties off and looked down at her smooth, puffy lips. Her clit was red and engorged. Her juices were seeping out of her already.

I removed her panties and laid between her legs. I kissed the crevice where her legs join her torso. I kissed all around her pussy but delayed contact for a moment. Lynn ached with anticipation. Each time I neared her pleasure cove, she gasped, then moaned in disappointment when I passed it by.

I could not stand it any longer. My teasing was torturing me as much it was her. My tongue finally slipped between her puffy lips. She moaned loud as my tongue hooked and contacted her clit. I would never confess to my wife, but Lynn's was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. I snaked my tongue between her tight lips and slithered it in and out. Her legs tightened around my head and she thrust her hips toward me. My hands moved under her and cupped her ass.

My tongue moved up her slit and concentrated on her clit. She was writhing back and forth. She moaned and cried out in pleasure as I sucked her clit in between my lips. I pulled back and allowed it to slip from my lips, but sucked it immediately back in. My thumb slipped into her pussy.

She was so tight. Her hips thrust driving my thumb deeper into her. I was slightly surprised, there was no barrier, but honestly I was into eating her sweet pussy, I didn't care.

Her legs tightened around my head like a vice. I sucked and fingered her the best I could. Then it happened. She screamed loud. Her body convulsed. Her hands pushed me away as her pussy erupted. She squirted her womanly juices all over the bed. I looked down in awe. I had never made a woman squirt before.

My cock had regained its composure and was standing proud.

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Once Lynn had recovered. Shellie again encouraged her and told her she was doing great. Lynn was in a daze. Her eyes and mouth were wide open and a smile was on her face. Once fully recovered she sat up and looked at the soaked bed and frowned.

Shellie instructed me to lay back. "Lynn wants to be in charge. Your cock is bigger than the dildo I gave her and she doesn't want you to jam it into her." I didn't complain. I laid back and spread my legs. Lynn crawled up my body and straddled my lap. Shellie reached and took my cock and held it in line with Lynn's pussy. Lynn placed her hands on my chest and lowered her butt.

The moment of truth. I was about to enter this sweet pussy. Shellie held my cock until my head slipped into Lynn.


She was extremely wet. With just the head in, Lynn sat up and closed her eyes. She took a couple deep breaths, and then slowly lowered herself. She was so tight, there was some resistance. My cock bent a little until it hit the right spot, then it slipped in like it was supposed to. With just over half of my length in her she placed her hands on my chest and leaned forward. My hands cupped her hips as she began to rock up and down.

With every down thrust she took a little more. I looked down and saw her lips stretched accommodating the thickness of my cock. She moved with a slow, easy rhythm. I was not complaining. She felt amazing. Eventually, her hot ass came in contact with my thigh. I was all the way in. She sat up and ground her ass against me.

She smiled down at me. "This feels awesome!" "You haven't seen anything yet." I sat up and twisted her around and laid her on her back. I pulled her legs up to my chest and began to fuck her hard. Our bodies slapped together over and over as her pussy gushed. "Oh fuck me Jay!" I watched her body as I fucked her. Her small breast swayed back and forth. She didn't know what to do with her arms. She would grab the sheets, she would grab Shellie's hand, and she even grabbed her breasts.

I pulled out and turned her over. I lifted her ass and slipped back into her. I pushed the entire length in with one thrust and she cum immediately. Her body reacted the same as before. She trembled and convulsed. I waited but she didn't squirt, to my disappointment.

I let her settle then I grabbed her hips and began to pump. I knew I was almost done. Her tight pussy felt so good. My fingers dug into her ass. Just at the moment of no return I quickly pulled out. My intentions were to squirt my cum up her back, but my wife had another plan. When I pulled out and grabbed my cock to stroke, Shellie pushed me back.

Before I knew it, my cock was buried into her throat. It didn't take but a second and I was coating her tonsils with my second big load. Once my balls were empty, I fell back onto the bed. I could not say a word, but I was smiling from ear to ear. The last thing I heard as my eyes closed was Lynn say she was hungry.