Needy wife seeks gratification from family doctor niks indian

Needy wife seeks gratification from family doctor niks indian
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Antonio had his slim arm wrapped around his girlfriend's shoulders, his hand softly rubbing at her light skin. His dark fingers made the light coming off the television screen form a shadow print on her porcelain arms.

Every few moments, he would look down at her and kiss the top of her head, his arm grabbing her to get her closer to his body. With the way she fit perfectly into his body there was absolutely no way that he could ever imagine living his life with someone else. While Anna watched the television, she felt her boyfriend's hand soothingly stroking her shoulder. After a few minutes her breathing had become in sync with his soft brushes, the beats of his heart playing like music to her ears.

The feel of his lips touching the top of her head produced a wash of warmth over her body. For a time, the couple watched the television idly as the moon rose into the sky. Night animals had already begun to creep out from their dens and make angry noises at the soft pitter-patter of rain that had been going on and off all day. The rain progressed into a steady drizzle on the windows of the house and conflicted with the rhythm of Antonio's heart.

Just as Anna was about to fall asleep on Antonio, the television shut off. The low buzzing of fans, air conditioning, and tick tocks on the electrical clocks had disappeared with the light.

"Ugh, the power went out? What the hell? Baby, go turn the lights back on," she complained sleepily, her high-pitched voice muffled by her lover's chest. Antonio agreed to go fix the box and got up from the couch as soon as Anna had moved out of the way. Antonio's footsteps grew silent as he walked away followed by faint sounds of fumbling for a flashlight. Sitting in the eerie silence of her home, Anna could hear the scattering of animals on the ground below and felt the hair on her arms raise with the goosebumps on her skin.

She quickly went into the next room to get a pack of matches to light the multitude of candles placed around the second floor. Anna's petite frame appeared in the darkness of their room, her shoulders squared off as she grasped her sides across her stomach, the moonlight making her blond hair ghostly pale.

Her brown eyes went over to the nightstand that stood next to the couple's California King and her body soon followed. Her small hands opened the drawers and proceeded to search through the junk.

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She was so preoccupied with finding the matches that she failed to hear the soft creeks of footsteps coming up the stairs. "Aha!" she cried triumphantly with a prideful smile on her face. The pride was quickly turned into pure terror as Anna felt strong, rough hands grab her around the shoulders while the other covered her mouth. "Shhhh," a deep, throaty voice soothed into her ear from behind.

Warm breath drifted over Anna's exposed throat and was followed by the smooth lips of her holder.

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A shiver shot through her body each time the lips touched her neck, each shiver going straight between her legs. When the hollow of her neck was given a lingering kiss and a hard suck her clit began to throb and she involuntarily let a gasp of pleasure escape from her covered lips. Instinctively, Anna grabbed the sides of the open drawer and moaned as her assailant continued to suck on her neck, occasionally nipping at her skin. Her clit was throbbing against her tight jeans that were rubbing against her, the moving fabric forcing her to thrust her round, firm ass backwards.

Without missing a beat, he worked his hips against her ass-- hard.

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Through the fabric on her jeans, Anna felt the bulge in his pants. Wanting that release from her throbbing clit, she grinded herself onto his hardening cock. "Oohh yeah baby. Work that ass," he moaned before biting into her flesh. His hips rammed against her body and forced her to shake the night stand. Grinding his pelvis into her butt and sucking on her neck, he slid his hand from her mouth.

Anna's moans filled the room, her chest heaving with anticipation. His slim fingers teased the sides of her breasts, gently squeezing her tits and dragging the nails across her thin tank top.

Her breath quickened with her aching cunt as her nipples hardened through her flimsy bra.


Seeing her hard nipples poking through her shirt, he gently pinched them and was thusly rewarded with a throaty moan. "Moan for me! Yeah, that's it! You like it when daddy plays with your tits? Would you like it if he started sucking on your nipples baby?" Antonio's deep voice rasped into her ear.

She whimpered and begged him to suck on her hard, little nipples deep into his throat. "You sound horny baby. Do you need a dick in that wet pussy?

I know you love to be my little slut. I bet you're soaking those jeans," he fiercely commented. He wanted to pull her hair and ram his stiff cock deep inside her velvet pussy. Both his hands continued to maul her firm breasts, his fingertips circling and pinching her nipples to make them harder. The harder her nipples got, the louder and more desperate for his hard dick she became. Gasping for air, Antonio dropped his hand to the button of her jeans and loosened them so his hand could fit inside.

He slid his fingers past the smooth skin of her abdomen and over the shaved pussy lips to find her soaked clit. "Oh god—fuck yeah, rub that clit!" Anna cried, the knuckles turning white as her hands gripped tighter on the drawer. Antonio furiously rubbed her clit and tit with passion, her moans driving him on; the slow gyration of her hips fueling him to bite and kiss and lick the back of her neck. Finally reaching the breaking point, he pushed her jeans and thong down her legs and ordered her to face the bed.


As she moved over, she tossed her pants aside and pushed her ass out for him. Her shining pussylips glinted in the moonlight with her wetness brought Antonio to his knees. With only his boxers on, Antonio knelt behind her and let his tongue slide over her lips. He heard her gasp and moan at the touch of wetness on her cunt and continued to groan in pleasure as he bathed her sex with his tongue.

His mouth worked over her lips and clit with vigor as his cock leaked with cum, staining his boxers. The moans he was making come out of his girlfriend's sweet, full lips drove him insane—he was addicted to the lovely music that filled the room mixed with the smell of her pussy juice.

His tongue wriggled inside her tight pussy and sucked hard on her throbbing clit. The strong pulses of her hot, creamy cunt throbbed around his tongue and prodded him on to make her cum.

In his mind he chanted the words he wished to speak to her, to scream out loud and make her answer him. Feeling the pulses strengthen inside her tunnel, his mind went into overdrive and found a new energy to fully attack her glistening cunt. Anna was gripping the sheets with ghostly white hands, her eyes closed tight in pleasure, her joyful screams so high that her moans turned to silence.

As her body tensed, she cried out at the top of her lungs, "OH GOD ANTONIO! OH FUCK I'M COMING!

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Oh yeessss&hellip. fuck baby, yes!" Pussy juice coated the lower half of his face as he lovingly cleaned her mound. With long, slow licks, Antonio drank all of her cum and had even gotten her wet enough to take his cum-lubricated cock deep inside of her sleeve. With his hand, Antonio guided his thick, veiny cock into her warm vagina. Anna buried her face into the bed sheets and moaned with a raspy voice. Securely enveloped by her fleshy muscle, he grabbed a handful of hair and forced her to rest her weight on her hands.

His hips retracted, pulling his cock along the ripples in her pulsating cunt. He slowly pushed his length back into her wet sleeve of pleasure, enjoying the look of his black dick going deep in her white mound.

His speed grew gradually, his hand gripping harder on her hair. "You like that don't you, you little bitch? A hard cunt pounding makes you want that cum doesn't it?" he spat through gritted teeth, his hips frantically pushing against her. The sound of his balls slapping against her clit fell in sync with her hitched moans.

"Get in that pussy baby! Yeah daddy, fill my cunt up with your hot cum! Make me flood that cock with pussy juice!" Anna urged him on with bated breath, her tits bouncing as they hung in the air beneath her. "God you make me so horny. My pussy has never been this hot before Antonio.

I love you so much baby. I love you and your hard fucking cock!" Their breath quickened with his pounding.

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In his last few strokes, Antonio pulled her up so her back was against his chest. A hand went to her clit while the other stayed clenched around her hair. Anna threw a hand to cradle the back of his head, gripping the long hairs near the nape of his neck, while her other hand drifted to her jiggling boobs.

As her boobs and clit were massaged, she bounced harder on her lover's pounding dick. "I'm gonna nut baby. I'm gonna blow in your pussy," he whispered as he pinched her clit. Anna let out a piercing scream as her pinched clit made her release a torrent of cum on Antonio's balls and thighs, some dripping onto the bed. Antonio felt the strong grip of her pussy muscles around his thick member and felt the first spurt of cum explode from the tip of his cock. He pushed all of himself inside her slippery cunt and emptied into her.

In the moment of passion, he planted his lips on hers and tangled their tongues together in ecstasy. Their lips mashed together and their tongues massaged as they rode the last waves of their orgasms. As the effects of their orgasms drifted away, their hips stopped moving. He kept himself inside of her until he shrunk out of her tight canal.


Their lips worked over each other's mouths, their tongues licking the other's lips softly. With glazed eyes, they stared at each other happily. Antonio smiled and kissed his love on her cheek.

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