Freundinnen schlank rasierte Muschi essen Liebhaber

Freundinnen schlank rasierte Muschi essen Liebhaber
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Mummy's true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter two It hadn't taken mother long to book a trip to a place in the sun with a beach. So in her second week of pregnancy right the Friday after the Friday we had found out she was pregnant we packed our bags and got us a taxi that brought us to the airport.

The woman at the information told us we would have to wait. So mother got us a table in one of those airport cafes and we sat down. She wore a pair of those high heels she had bought at May's shop. They were white and the heel was about three inches and I guess its end was small enough to fit in my pee hole.

The soles didn't have that porn- like plateau but were flat on the floor. Mother's toes were free and I could see the fresh red I had painted on them the night before. A little behind the toes a thin leather piece crossed her foot to fix the shoe.

At the backside another piece of white leather went in circles up mother's leg and ended somewhere underneath the knee. I don't think this piece had any "real" function, but it looked great and when mum had put those shoes on at home I couldn't do else but shot a load on them. But mother enjoyed that her slave loved her shoes and feet that much and was proud on me. And she wore a fitting white skirt. That certain skirt had been a surprise for me because it was not a new one she had bought in NY or in Jersey, obviously she owned it since my dad had died.

It was cut in some exciting eighties style and was damn short. Unnecessary to mention that none of us wore underwear and that if mother sat down everybody who wanted could see her Brazilian V. The other sexy thing about that skirt was that it had big cut outs at the waist.

Those were half round and left a big part of mum's thighs uncovered. So if anybody would still doubt he would be certain that this hot lady wasn't wearing panties.

Mum had combined the skirt with a wide belt that still didn't reach her navel which was like some proof how tiny this skirt really was.

I had seen her standing in front of her dresser a long time to find something she could wear to cover her breasts. Or in our case I should say to cover them in a way that they were covered but really uncovered. She tried on about eight billion different blouses, T- shirts and bikini tops and what else the magazines call those things. And finally she had made her decision and it was a great one I think.

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So she wore a- well would you like to guess? - White T- shirt with a sigh on the front. The special thing about that shirt was that on the one hand the back was totally free. So it was a neck holder. On the other hand mum had taken scissors and cut small holes in the front where her nipples were. And then she had pulled them through those holes.

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And since her nipples meanwhile were pierced the piercings held her nipples out. And the third brilliant thing was that her piercings and nipples were in some great way integrated in the sigh on the front, so people would see her and maybe think "Oh my god, this woman has her nipples out of the shirt…" and then they would think "but this can't really be…" and then "oh, I'm such an idiot, it's just the sigh…". So you must say that mother again did something incredibly sexy and found away to do it in public but almost only for me.

I think you are not stunned to hear that that's why my cock was hard like a rock all the time. Now I told you earlier that I had to wear my slave costume under my normal cloth. And I told you before that this ring my cock was pulled through pumped even more blood in it and that this was the reason why there was absolutely no chance for hiding my pride from others looks.

Mum had decided that I should wear something that fitted her outfit. So I wore bright trousers, brown sailing shoes and a wide white shirt. Those colors didn't exactly help to hide my status of erection form the public. But the truth is that my mother liked to show to the world "what her slave had".

And people would not stringently know that she was my mother but they would at least think she was my older sister or an aunt or anybody else I was related with.

And now they saw this guy in his bright pants walking behind or next to an older woman who was dressed up- let's use the word- like a whore from the late eighties. And they saw that his cock must be hard like a rock in those bright pants. And that- you might see the point now- was a great way to humiliate me, which was the one thing that turned on mum really much. So we sat there on this little table in this not so really little airport caf?nd mum had parked her high heeled feet between my legs as if it was the most normal thing you could imagine and felt my penis pulsing against them.

"Oh my goodness, sweetheart," she said and didn't even try to talk silently, "are your mummy's feet turning you really on that much?" I think I turned red because she smiled, and it was a mix from evil mistress mummy and mummy. Then I nodded and smiled, too as a nearby older couple started talking and pointing at us. Mum drank a caf?nd I didn't do anything but sitting there and enjoying my mother's feet between my legs.

Anyway I was sure I would drink mum's caf?n a few hours, too. After what felt like about two hours but might have been more the speaker system called us to some gate and a friendly young stewardess boarded us.

Mother hadn't told me where we were flying and somehow I had managed not to read it from the screens. But now that we checked in I saw our destination.

It was the Bahamas! My inner eye performed visions of white beaches and palms and cool drinks and for sure my mummy in a great sexy bikini. Since I tend to hang after my daydreams like J.D. once in a while the next thing I remember was that the same stewardess asked me to fasten my seat belt. And I saw mother right next to me and she held my hand.

We traveled first class. You might wonder where mother took the money from to buy all those things we had bought. Well, let's say when dad died his life insurance paid and mum was wise enough to invest the money and so years later she was a rich woman. Then the plane speeded up and seconds later we were on our flight to the Bahamas. Mum had crossed her legs in a way that her skirt was lifted up even more. When I looked out of the window which was left of me where mother sat I could clearly see the reflection of her triangle V in the glass.

My mistress had put her hand from my hand to my cock and there it lay and from time to time it moved along my shaft until a warm feeling floated through my body. As if there wasn't enough blood pumped in my penis by wearing this ring around it and by being with my mistress, mum stressed her slave being close to Cumming all the time. From time to time, when she saw my eyes looking down her body she lifted the upper leg and gave me a direct look at her pussy.

Whenever she did so my pride for sure moved and she massaged it until she felt my urethra slowly filling up with semen and my balls getting tight. It hadn't taken her long to open my zipper after we had launched.

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That way she had full control of her slave and I could really see how much fun she had touching and massaging and holding her son's cock and leading him that close to shooting. Certainly the fact that all this happened in an airplane ten thousand meters above the surface of the earth was some additional kick for her as well as it was for me. From time to time the nice stewardess, her name was Mary, asked if we needed something.

I guessed that she had flown with enough people to ignore mummy's outfit and, if she had realized but I can't imagine how she could not, that mum was jerking me off all the time.

Mary wore her stewardess uniform for sure. It was a dark blue one which she had combined with a bright but not white blouse. She also wore stockings with suspenders I could see it when she bend down to get some vodka for another passenger.

Whenever mum ordered something or talked to her she moved her lids down to my cock as if to give Mary a sigh to follow her eyes. Since following a first class passenger's sighs in some way was part of Mary's job and maybe had once been a reason why she was hired, she certainly followed her eyes. The first time mum did so Mary visibly fought for countenance. But after a while it became obvious that she liked what mum had shown her. From time to time she leered on us. "Seems like you've got a fan, sweety" mum said and kept massaging my pride.

I simply nodded and concentrated on my first task which was not to cum. "Look at her, baby" mum whispered in my ear and looked over to Mary while she took care of some older passenger, "isn't she a real beauty?" My cock moved in some certain way right that moment.

"I take this for a yes, my love." Mum giggled. "Let me try something" she said and left my cock. Then she got up. Although it wasn't tight she slid her lap over mine in a way like a stripper would do it.

But well, this behavior fitted her appearance. I felt her piercings touching my cock as she moved herself to the middle way. As she walked to the airplanes back she tinkled at me.

When she was gone I pulled some blanket over my pride to cover it from all those looks that I think weren't really there but I feared when mum wasn't with me just as much as I loved them when she was. I saw Mary smiling at me and I smiled some "yes my rock hard cock is under this blanket but I try to ignore it you hot little stewardess" smile back.

Then she went to the rear end, too. What happened then was told me by mum years later and I must confess that I still can't belief it, but the results tell me it must have been like that. Mum met Mary in the middle.

Right between the two curtains that split the first class from the economy class. "Madam, did I see right that you are wanking this young man's cock al the time?" "Mary, what kind of a question is this?

Since you saw his hard cock the first time you can't stop looking at us." "Oh my goodness, Madam I'm engaged, how dare you…?" "So you telling me you don't want this hard dripping cock inside you…" mum lifted her eyebrow like she sometimes did when I hesitated on doing something she asked me to do. "This is unbelievable. How can you ask me things like that?" Mary said but mum already felt her defense breaking. "Oh Mary, sweet Mary… I can almost smell your vagina.

Since you saw this cock you stared dripping. Either your fianc?s some really bad lover or you have been on tour so long that you lust for a hard cock filling your pussy.

Aren't I right? Come on, you would do anything to have this cock between your legs. I am sure you are picturing it all the time in your head.

Can you see the long hard shaft? The wet glittering surface?" mum saw Mary standing there with a half opened mouth. It was obvious that she was horny like hell. "Look; what is this." Mum said and pointed at Mary's leg. A thin stream was running down there. "I'm so sorry Madam," Mary started, "I really love my fianc?but it really has been a while since I had some great cock inside me. I don't want to lust for your&hellip.what is he? Your teenaged lover?" "My son and my slave" the answer sounded like the most normal thing in the world.

"Your son?" Mary tried to sound shocked but this chat was just too strange to really shock her. "So yes," she went on, "I really don't want to lust for your son or slave or whatever, but my body seems not to agree with my brain in this case." "Don't apologize for your body." Mum said.

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"If you want him you can have him, he's my slave, and he'll do whatever I tell him. It would be a great experience for both of you. He will get into the mile high club and you will get some great fuck before you get married.

So what do you say, Mary?" Mary nodded. Mum still saw some doubts in her eyes but they vanished as she again painted the picture of my cock in her innermost. "Now, sweet Mary I need some proof that you are willing to fuck my slave." Mummy said as May was finally convinced. "What could that be?" Mary replied and mum didn't see any calculation in her question.

"Give me your panties." Mother said with her strict mistress voice. So Mary couldn't do else but obey. She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. They were tiny black ones and the smelled like her sweet juices.

In fact the small front triangle was soaked with juices. Mum held them under her nose and sniffed them. "And you tried to tell me you were not willing to let someone fuck you." It was about ten minutes later when mum came back to me.

"Did I tell you to cover your pride, honey?" she said and sounded sweet and motherly. "No mummy." I said and looked down in a guilty way. Mum took the blanket away and saw my cock had lost some of its hardness but for sure was still held relatively hard by the cock ring and by the fact that I had a hard on in public for sure.

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"What is this?" she said and this time she sounded ironic. "I think we have to do something about it." With those words mum let herself fall onto me and somehow managed to slide my cock into her vagina on the first try.

She leaned back and pressed her back to my chest. At the same time I felt her inner muscles moving and immediately blood got pumped into my penis. "I like it more when it is like this, sweetheart" she said as if she was saying "I would be happy if you left your dirty shoes at the door." Mum kept fucking my slowly as if she didn't want to risk a shot.

Then she held some black piece of fabrics under my nose. "It's not yours, mum" I said as I smelled the lust in it.

"You're so right, my love." She replied. "Its Mary's." this moment I thought that if this wasn't my mother I would have been stunned how she got the stewardess' panties, but since she was my mum and my mistress and since she seems to a never ending source of little secrets I just said "Ok, cool." "She's waiting for you at the toilets. Get there and show her what you've learned." I just nodded as I felt a little drop of precum shooting into mummy. "And don't you dare cumming inside me now." Then she got off me and my hard pride popped out of her.

She took her seat next to me again and pressed my cock into my pants. She closed the zipper and saw the gracefulness in my eyes that she didn't want me to walk through the whole plane with my cock out. Just like mum had told me I found Mary at the toilets.

She stood there and I saw a thin stream of anticipation running down her legs. I smiled. As I got close to her she grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the door behind her. It had been open but she had leaned it to the frame.

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With only one flowing hand move she looked the door. "Hey." She said and looked onto me from shy eyes. "Hey" I said and looked back. "Your mother borrowed you to me" "I know" "She is your&hellip.mistress?" "Yes she is and I love her." "OK and that makes you… her slave?" "Sure." "And what does a slave like you are one do?" "Everything his mistress tells him." "Everything?" "Everything." "Everything…like what for example?" "Mm, everything like kissing her feet and cleaning her…" "You clean your mummy?" "I do." "When?

Don't let me ask you all this questions; she borrowed you to me, which makes you my slave. Right?" I was surprised how fast her shyness had disappeared but she was right. "Yes my mistress that makes me your slave." "All right, slave then tell me what you do for your mistress." "I will my mistress. I kiss her whenever she wants me to. It's my task to be ready for her all the time and to have a hard cock for her. I lick her feet and shoes and she likes my worship. I lick her vagina whenever she asks me to do." "Mm.

What else do you do? Do you do any nasty things for her?" "I do." She twisted her index finger to denote me to go on with the enumeration. "Maybe my nastiest task is being her toilet." "Being her toilet?" Mary sounded shocked but somehow I had doubts she really was.

Maybe mother's explanation after all these years had had some gabs. "Right; whenever she asks me to, I am there for her service." "You mean you dink her pee…" "And I eat her shit. It's tasty." "…" this time I think she really was a little shocked. "You are a guy and your mothers slave and you eat her shit?!" "That's correct." "Wow." She looked at me and her eyes seemed totally new.

Then she grabbed my penis with the one hand and opened my zipper with the other. As she did so I got aware of the sweet smell that lay in the air and I was sure she had climaxed during the conversation. If I had found the time I would have wondered how mummy was able to find the prevent people out of a whole group of normal ones. "I want you to be my slave now." Mary said and her voice had a little of mum's mistress voice color.

She pressed me to the ground in the small room and lifted her skirt. I saw freshly trimmed black pussy hairs inches from my face. Some pulsing heat streamed out from there and I saw small liquid crystals reflecting the light. Then Mary pressed my head to her pussy.

I kissed it slowly and felt the sweet juice running down my esophagus. She tasted sweeter than mum but not as sweet as Kayko. I heard her moaning above me as I slid my tongue inside her.

The inner muscles formed some moving tunnel around it and I had to fight to get deeper inside. It seemed as if she was getting tighter with every inch I got forward. Her hand grabbed my hair from behind and she pulled them. Then a warm wave floated over my tongue and it became hard to breath. I did my best to swallow her second orgasm and was surprised how fast it had cum. It was obvious that it had been a while since she had had sex.

As the eruptions ebbed away she pulled my head up to her face and kissed me and licked the rests of her juices off my face. "I taste great." She laughed. "Yes you do" I said. Then there was a break and all she did was looking in my eyes and kissing me from time to time. She rubbed her wet vagina on my hard pride and looked down from time to time. "Your mum has kept you hard for a while, right?" she asked.

I nodded. "You would like to cum, wouldn't you?" I nodded again. "Ok, here is my suggestion: I will allow you to cum when you are a good boy and are my toilet today, too." I lifted an eyebrow.

And as if she had guessed my thoughts she said: "Don't sorrow, we stewardesses are supposed to get tested on all kinds of parasites every three months." I still had my eyebrow up. "Really: I shit into a box every twelve weeks and then it gets tested and if we are infected we are not allowed to fly.

It's the law if you fly to exotic places." she smiled at me. And I for sure wanted to belief her. Then I nodded and didn't even think about why she had been able to guess my thoughts. Mary climbed up the toilet seat in a way that her heels hung over the frame and her ass looked to the door, where I stood. "Is it right this way, my slave?" she asked and it sounded way strange in my ears. I made some consenting sound. Then she ordered me to be her toilet. So I got as low to the ground as I could and stared licking Mary's asshole from behind.

"Yes, that's good. I need some help. Lick my ass until I have to shit." Her words sounded familiar. So I circled around her light brownish asshole and made it all wet with my saliva.


A thin stream ran from her vagina and I tasted some mix from pee and juices. I swallowed parts of it and used it to get her ass even wetter. Then she moaned. And her ass opened a little. I saw a small brown piece inside and joy floated through my body. I smelled her ass and it was the smell of a true mistress. "I think its coming." She moaned and the stream from her pussy got thicker. I couldn't resist any longer and I put my tongue inside the small opening which was her butthole.

I tasted the warm brown snake on my tongue tip and I loved the taste. It wasn't really strong. More like May's bowl but with a little sweetish note.


Then, as if this last stimulation was all it had needed, Mary pressed out an enormous piece. I wrapped my mouth around her butthole to make sure the whole first load found its way into my mouth. I heard her moan while the odor and the taste wrapped around my head. I inhaled the sweet note and left it n my lungs. And I started chewing. Mary's crap was soft and easy to swallow.

"Yeah that's good, swallow my scat" It ran down my esophagus like a piece of cream cake. And so it didn't take long until my mouth was empty. "More" was all I could say before the next snake forced its way down my mouth. I chewed it and swallowed and felt those pieces filling my stomach. The taste was all in my mouth and the odor all in my head and I felt just so good.

Mary made some pressing sounds. "There's more for you, slave. I haven't taken my shit for a while; it's going to be much." And she managed to take four more massive loads. I think this had been the biggest load I had gotten from one single woman until then.

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"Now lick me clean, slave" she commanded me. And I did all I could to lick her asshole clean and to eat all the tiny pieces she pressed out while I did so. As I was done I heard her laughing. It was laughter as if she was freed from some heavy load she had to carry for years. I got on my feet again and held her hand as she climbed down the toilet seat.

"That was so much fun, slave." She said and smiled at me. Then she kissed me. "Mm, this is how I taste…" she rolled her eyes. I nodded. She smiled. "Now fuck me." Her words had something absolute. She grabbed my hips and jumped onto them. Then she held herself with one hand around my neck and reached behind herself with the other.

As she found my cock she inserted it into her vagina and started moving on it. She felt even tighter around my penis than she had around my tongue and so she milked me like a fucking robot.

I knew I was close to cumming and she knew it, too. I fought with my thoughts not to cum.

And finally I felt her vagina getting even tighter around my shaft and I knew she was close, too. "Let's gum together." She said.

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Then she started screaming lightly. And I took it as my signal and let myself go. My balls tightened and I felt semen crawling up my urethra. "Now" she whispered in my ear and punched her body into my shaft for one last heavy time. Then there was no holding back at all. My cum shot deep inside her vagina and I felt her muscled milking even the last drop from me. She breathed hard and so did I. Then after what seemed like hours my load ebbed away and so did her wave of lust just as if it had broke on some rock on a far away cost.

"Thank you." she said. And we stayed like this for a while. Then she finally crawled down my body and came to the ground on groggy feet. She pulled her skirt down and gave me a short kiss on the cheek. "I hope you knocked me up, so I will have a son slave like your mother has one, one day, too." she opened the door and smiled, I smiled back, closed my zipper and walked out.

I took my seat next to mummy. "Did you have fun, sweetheart?" she asked and had some evil smile in her face. I nodded and she leaned over. We changed a long French kiss. "Mm, so that's how Mary's shit tasted. Great." She smiled at me and said: "Now relax a little, this flight takes like two more hours and I want to fuck you on this toilet later on, too." Minutes later Mary appeared and went on servicing the passengers.

When we left the plane two hours later she wished us a good day and a nice stay in Grand Bahamas. And I never saw her again. She was my mistress for one flight. End of chapter two. Please leave comments. I would especially like to hear from my female readers how they liked it. (And maybe everybody who reads this could take his time to write a short line.) Watch out for chapter three.