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Tia cyrus takes the big black cock well monstercock and interracial
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Hanna set out on her Pokémon journey eight years ago when she was given a pokeball with no Pokémon in it.

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The Pokémon Riolu hated his pokeball so he ended up staying out of it with Hanna. They have been traveling ever since. Hanna was now eighteen and her Riolu had evolved into a Lucario. Hanna had long brown hair with crystal green eyes. Her breasts were nice and full as they bounced with each step. Lucario was tall and had really soft fur for his breed, but had the same coloring as other Lucarios. "mnnn it's a nice day huh Lucario?" Hanna asked "Yes and there's even a nice breeze" he said in Hanna's mind using telepathy.

"Do you want to stop for lunch? Oh look there's a nice sunny patch of grass!" "I am getting quite hungry, would you like me to go gather berries?" Hanna nodded and watch Lucario bound off into the forest. As she waited Hanna took out a blanket and some vegetable. She went to a nearby stream and started to prepare the vegetables to be eaten. She had just got everything out when Lucario came back with a bag of berries. "Wow look it all the berries! Oh you got Nanba berries?" "Yes there was a Tropius who let me pick the fruit growing off him" "Well that was kind of him.

Well let's eat then!" The two started to eat and lavishly enjoyed their meal. They enjoyed it so much that they didn't notice the clouds turning grey. Soon the sky was black before the two could react the heavens opened up and pelted them with rain. It was all Hanna could do to hurry and pack up the food and blanket before Lucario was pulling at her.

They ran into the woods in search of shelter, but Hanna's foot got caught on a root and she fell. Lucario was instantly at her side picking her up and headed deeper into the woods. Lucario soon found a cave and darted into it while holding Hanna close to his chest t trying to protector from the rain. Once they were in the cave Lucario set her down and looked at her knee. "You're hurt!" He said worry in his voice.

"It's only a scratch I will be fine" Hanna started to rummage through her pack as she took out two large fluffy towels and the first aid kit. Hanna tossed a towel at Lucario and the started to clean and treat her cut. She got up after putting a Band-Aid on it and examined her soaked cloths. Hanna would have to change out of them if she didn't want to catch a cold.

"Lucario turn around please" "Why?" "Because I have to get out of my wet clothes or risk catching a cold" Lucario turned around but he felt hot, he wanted to see her undress.

He turned his head some and looked at her. Lucario got hotter and he could feel his erection start to poke out of his furry sheath, she had taken off her shirt and bra and could see the curve of her back.

Then Hanna started to take off he shorts and her nice round ass was revealed to him. It was almost too much for Lucario as he got rock hard.

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Hanna bent over to take off her shorts and panties that dropped at her ankles and her pussy was peeking between her creamy thighs. Lucario turned his head around and heard her put on her towel and hang up her cloths on some rocks to dry.

"You can turn around now Lucario" "Ok" his voice whispered into her mind. He didn't turn around right away because of his erection making clear how horny he was. Then he remembered the towel he was holding and wrapped it around his waist it didn't help much but it was all he had.

When he turned around Lucario wanted to growl with lust. The towel wrapped around Hanna's body showed her wonderful curves and that her breast were barely contained. "Wow" "What? Is there something wrong?" Hanna asked "Nothing at all" he didn't realized he had spoken into her, mind.

Lucario walked over to Hanna and sat down next to her. But before he noticed what he did Lucario had Hanna in his lap and was holding her close. He blushed when Hanna looked at him with surprise. She wiggled her hips and was looking down at were the towel covered him, Lucario groaned with pleasure. "Lucario there's something in your towel poking me" she said touching to feel what it was. Lucario moaned as her fingers brushed up against his hard cock.

"Hanna." She looked up at him and saw his eyes were full of lust. But she looked puzzled as she never seen the look on his or any others face before.

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Lucario out his paw behind her head and kissed her passionately. Hanna pushed at him and he finally broke the kiss after Hanna was flushed and frazzled. "What are you doing?" Hanna asked touching her fingers to her lips, that was her first kiss and with a Pokémon no less.

I want you Hanna" She looked back up at him with a blush upon her face. The kiss didn't feel bad and now she felt hot and there was this feeling deep in her making her want Lucario's touch. Leaning forward Hanna lightly kissed him, liking the feeling the kiss gave her she kissed more. Lucario moaned and kissed back and wrapped his arms around her. When he finally broke the kiss Lucario started to kiss and nibble on her neck. Hanna let her head fall back and let a gasp escape her throat.

Lucario sat Hanna down on the ground got up walked over to the backpack and grabbed the blanket and laid it out.


Then Lucario scooped up Hanna and placed her on the blanket. "Lucario is it really ok for up to do this?" He didn't answer her for he started to kiss her neck while he untied the towel around Hanna. It left her naked and exposed to Lucario's touch.

Lucario looked at Hanna's breast they were full and round the nipple hard pink buds, looking lower her pussy quivered as did the rest of her.


Taking one hard nipple into his mouth he began to lick and bite lightly. This made Hanna writhe with pleasure. As he teased one breast with his mouth Lucario stroked and teased the other one with his figure. Hanna was moaning and writhing around so much that it was driving him insane with lust, but he made himself wait just a little longer.

Lucario released her breast and Hanna was breathing hard as her face was flushed. Smiling Lucario left a trail of kisses down her body as he made his way to the soft wet petals of her sex, he licked and Hanna gasped.

He licked again and she made more little noises, with one paw Lucario took two figures and parted her pussy lips so that she was open to him. He licked slowly up her pussy entering her hot little hole for only a second. Hanna moaned loudly and opened her legs more to give herself more to him. Lucario did take the offering and shoved his tong deep as it could go into her quivering wet pussy.

She cried out and her hands flew to his head trying to get him deeper in her. Lucario drank deeply of her juices, Hanna started to gasp and moan.

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And then let out a long moan as she came and her juices came faster. When Lucario could no longer control his lust he sat up and removed the towel from his waist. He looked up at Hanna and her eyes were large as she saw his swollen cock. "Are you going to stick that in me?" Lucario nodded and positioned himself at her entrance.

Slowly he slid his cock in inch by tiny inch as he filled her. Then he felt a barrier in Hanna's tight pussy, he pressed against it and she whimpered. "Does it hurt?" Lucario asked his voice husky in her mind.

"Yes but it's supposed to be broken, and I think is only supposed to hurt little.

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Lucario you can break it, take me completely" That was only permission he needed as he pressed into her hard and fast against the barrier and felt himself slide deeper into her. Hanna cried out in pain, Lucario froze for a minute then started to thrust into her slowly. She moaned in pleasure and he started to thrust harder into her tight hot pussy.

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Lucario's cock was being squeezed by her tightness and he growled with the pleasure of it. Hanna cried out when his cock started to press into her cervix she could feel him get deeper and deeper into her working his way to her womb. Hanna moaned as she felt Lucario's knot at her entrance and moaned even louder as it popped into her.

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Lucario's thrusts became slower and slower until he threw his head back and howled. He spilled his hot seed into his beautiful master and Hanna cried out in ecstasy. When Lucario finished filling Hanna with his cum he rolled over bringing her with him to lay on top of him and stay still so his knot and shrink. Both of them were breathing heavily and Hanna's body was quivering with the aftershock of sex. Lucario kissed Hanna softly, lovingly as he stroked her hair.

Hanna kissed back and made small circles on his chest ruffling his fur. About ten to fifteen minutes later Lucario's knot was small enough for him to pull it out of Hanna. She sat up and stood up slowly as not to hurt either of them, a small pop was heard and his cock slid out of her.

The cum that had filled her spilled down her thighs and pooled down at her feet. "Wow that's embarrassing!" Hanna said blushing bright red. "Not to me, it means your mine" Lucario said possessive like.

Hanna looked at him, she had never heard him sound so possessive like that. In his eyes she could see that Lucario really thought that she was his to keep. Hanna knew she was his, especially after what had just happened.

She knew that Lucario's are protective of their mates and would challenge anyone who would try to take them away. Hanna laid back down with Lucario and he wrapped his arms around her gently but protectively.


She buried her face in his fur and realized how much she loved him. "I love you Lucario" she said into his warm fur. "I love you to" Lucario's voice whispered back into her mind.

Together they fell asleep and slept till morning. When Hanna got up the next morning she was sore but put her cloths on and packed everything up with Lucario helping. Before leaving the cave that held their secret if the taboo that had happened Lucario pinned Hanna up against a wall and kissed her till her knees well jello.

The only thing holding her up was Lucario's arms bolding her to the wall. "You're mine finally" he said as he kissed her.