Amateur busty chick tries out anal sex

Amateur busty chick tries out anal sex
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For the last couple of weeks I had endlessly been looking for a job. By any means necessary I was going to find me a decent paying job before the week was over with. That Monday morning I got up at the brake of dawn, and began doing online applications for jobs in the area, i found a live sex cam website from what I've heard is very good paid job doing video chat.

I read online that if you come up with something new a lot of peaople will go in privat with you. The website name is I made account easily and after that around 9'o clock I received a call asking me to come to an interview, it was for one of the positions that I had applied for.


I got dressed and made my way to the company that had called me. When I walked into the building I was greeted by this African American BBW human resource lady. She was in her mid-40 and nicely dressed for a heavy set female. She stood around 5'10 220 with some double D tits and a huge ass, this Milf was thick in all of the right places.

She handed me a stack of papers and told me to fill them out. During the exchange of the paper work she gave me an odd, for some reason I thought that I had seen her before.

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As she led me down the hallway I remembered where I knew her from. About a year ago I danced at a sex party that some BBW's were having at a motel 6 in my city. The party was a wild one those mature ladies were some big freaks, I ended up spending the weekend with the human resource lady.

Her husband worked out of town a lot, and he could not fuck her the way she liked to be fucked anymore.

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She was the type of mature Black lady that loved a big long young dick. For two days I fucked her every way that you could image, she loved my young dick filling up all of her tight holes. This BBW was a world class dick sucker, the first time she gave me head I came in under 3 minutes. I could not think of her name to save my life, the entire time I was feeling out the application I was trying to think of what her name was.

I began day dreaming about how she liked to be fucked doggy style, and then it hit me her name was Linda I called her Jasmin i don't now why, while we fucked and it drove her crazy.

For the next hour I was day dreaming about that weekend in the hotel room. I was the last person to get called in for the interview.

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When I walked into her office I shut the door behind myself and acted normal as I could. We talked about my job skills and that I fit what the company was looking for. At the end of the interview I said Mrs. Linda you must do you remember me? Her hand began to shake and by the look on her face I could tell that she remembered who I was. She said that she thought that I looked familiar, so I began to remind her about the weekend that we spent together.

While I was talking I noticed that she put her hand between her legs a couple of times. After a few minutes she stood up and said that was enough and that it was her lunch time so I had to leave. When I got outside I began to search my email list I had her name saved somewhere in there. I found a picture that I had taken that weekend; I had her face pushed into a pillow while I had my dick all the way up her ass hole.

I sent the picture and message that read "I can't wait to taste that sweet pussy again". Then I remembered that when we were together she liked when I bossed her around, it made her thick ass get dripping wet.

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I drove up the interstate to the next exit and got a room at the first hotel that I saw. Once I got the key I dialed her number, when she answered I said hey Mrs. Linda this is King I need for you to bring your ass to the Knights Inn room 316 right now and hung up the phone.

I was praying and hoping that she still liked being bossed around by a young guy. I quickly logged on and after speaking with several users i told them that soon i will fuck a woman that she do not know that I'll make a video with my hd hidden camera, and everyone will be able to watch it.

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Ten minutes later I heard a soft at the room door. I was in my boxer shorts with a huge hard on already, Mrs. Linda said that she only had 45 minutes left on her lunch break, and that she had just come over to talk nothing else. She even handed me my jeans and asked me to put them on, I did for the time being. When she set down on the couch I noticed how her perfume lit up the cheap hotel room.

While we talked I was mentally undressing her, thinking about a way that I could eat and fuck that tight sweet pussy. That dress made her thick curves stand out God I wanted to bust a quick nut inside of her married pussy.

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The small talk was driving me crazy I wanted to fuck her brains out to make sure that I got the job. I got on my knees and crawled over to her, once I reached her I started feeling on her thick legs. I took her heels off and began to kiss on her legs making my way up to her thighs. While Mrs. Linda relaxed I let my tongue ride all the way up to her tight hairy pussy.

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Her mouth said stop but her hands did not push me away; I looked her in those big brown eyes and said Jasmin I just wanted to suck on that sweet pussy for a little while.

I pulled her dripping wet panties off with no problem; her hairy pussy had a strong womanly scent that made my young black dick stand at full attention. I kissed and licked on her pussy digging two fingers as deep as I could in her wanting pussy. Mrs.

Linda had a handful of my dreads while I eat her tight wet pussy, I pulled back to catch some air and I said Jasmin you are not fucking my face right. When I dug my fingers back into that pussy and began to suck on her clit like a newborn baby.

Within seconds my face was dripping with her cum, and damn it tasted better than honey. I got up and placed the head of my fat black cock at the entrance of her dripping wet pussy. The entire 10 inches hit the bottom of her pussy without a problem. I said Jasmin could you feed your baby a breast with I give you my dick.

Mrs. Linda placed her hand behind my head and put her double D tit in my mouth. I began to hit every corner of her pussy that I could, damn her pussy was good as fuck. I could not hold back any longer. I said Jasmin I'm about to cum.

I shot a load so huge that it was dripping back out onto the couch, we enjoyed a deep and long kissed until all of the cum had leaked out of my black monster. Mrs.


Linda had ten minutes left on her lunch break. I told her to leave her panties and to only take her car key; I did this to make sure she came back. I told her that I wanted her back in my bed as soon as she got off of work. As she walked out of the door a grab her by the arm and pulled her back to me.

I kissed her one more time and said hurry up and come back Jasmin I want to make love again, I gave her huge ass a playful slap as she walked away. After that i go on my laptop and see that i won a lot of money on the live sex chat. The next few hours went by at a snail pace. I got a call around 2 o clock saying that I had to come back tomorrow for another interview.

At 3 Mrs. Linda came back to the room and told me that I was going to get the job. That I had to keep our affair between the two of us, I said yea whatever and suck my dick now, she dropped to her knees faster than the speed of light.

The way she gave head would make the normal guy cum in a few seconds; I had to think of other things in order for me not to shoot my thick spunk down her throat. I lay down on the bed and we got in the 69 position damn Jasmin loved the 69 she was trying to suck the skin off of my young dick.


I could tell that she was ready to fuck but I kept sucking on her clit trying to make her shot in my face. She got up a sat on top of me; Mrs. Linda said Jasmin wants to come on baby fat dick. I could not say anything; she was a professional dick rider before I knew it the both of us had come stronger than an F-5 hurricane. Two hours had passed by since she came back to the room. Mrs. Linda had five missed calls from her husband while she was telling him that she had a few more papers to handle before she came home.

I pushed her down on the bed and put her in the doggy position. For some reason her hubby wanted to talk and for some reason I wanted to fuck her tight ass hole. I spit on her ass a couple of times, I tried to push it in but it wouldn't fit. Jasmin dug a couple of fingers inside of her ass and got it ready for me. While she was still on the phone talking to her limp dick hubby I was pushing the full length of my young dick in her ass. My God I could tell she was loving it.

When I picked up the pace she hung up the hone on limp dick and told me to fuck her hard as hell. The next five minutes all you could hear was our fucking sounds. Her next orgasm came out of nowhere my dick was locked deep in her ass it was milking my dick. I joined in busting a huge nut while hubby was calling back.

She told me that we could finish this tomorrow after work.