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Little Asian babe anal masturbating live show
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Maya was just fourteen when her parents divorced and knew that she was the major cause of the failure of the marriage. Since her birth, she had been spoiled by her father; and had often gone to him for whatever she wanted, knowing he would give it to her in spite of her mother's disapproval. Because of this, Maya and her mother did not get along, so Maya went to live with her father when her parents separated.

Maya noticed that her fathers attitude was changing towards her as time went on, he was less lenient and getting progressively harsher in his punishment of infractions when she disobeyed.

And right now, she hoped he wouldn't find out that she had pulled her worst maneuver yet. She had agreed to go to a party on the upcoming Friday evening with a boy three years older than she. She wasn't yet allowed to date, and knew her father would scream bloody murder about the whole thing.

Friday came and Maya got ready to go, her father thinking she was going to a girlfriends' house for the evening. He reminded her as she went out the door that she was to be home by ten. She yelled something incoherent back to him and took off down the street to where her date waited to pick her up, pulling off the baggie shirt she'd worn to cover the much more revealing top she wore under it from her fathers' eyes.

Her date's eyes lit up when he saw her, settling on her partially exposed breasts after travelling over her body.

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She settled into the passenger seat, trying to hide her excitement and inexperience as he put the car in gear and pulled out into traffic. It was a short drive of three blocks to the house where the party was already in full swing, and almost as soon as they walked in the door, Maya and her date were handed strong drinks. They spent the next two hours talking and joking with friends, drinking, and dancing.


Maya was very drunk by the time that her date led her to one of the bedrooms and began to slide his hands under her clothing, stroking her breasts and buttocks before letting his wandering fingers find the waistband of her panties. Maya was lost in the sensations that the booze and his hands had induced, not realizing that he had most of her clothes disarranged until his questing fingers slid into her hot little pussy and encountered her hymen.

She tried to pull away from him, but he had an arm around her and held her tightly against himself, preventing her from escaping. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her leg, his hands became rougher in their handling of her flesh as his excitement grew, and she knew with a sinking feeling that she had made a major mistake in going out with him and drinking as she had.

She began to fight him, causing him to grunt as her knee connected with his erection, though the blow wasn't hard enough to actually hurt him it did cause him to loosen his grip enough for her to get away from him.

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Maya ran, staggering through the crowded house; in her panic not registering the disheveled condition of her clothing or the stares and laughs that followed her progress.

She never stopped running until she had covered the three blocks to her house and slid through the back door, locking it behind her. Just as she caught her breath, the bright kitchen light came on and Maya saw her father standing in the doorway with a stern look on his face as he took in her condition. Two steps brought him to her and he took her arm in an unbreakable grip, pulling her from the kitchen and into the dimmer light of the living room.

Several times she stumbled, but his grip on her arm kept her from falling until he released her in front of his favorite chair and she sank to her knees in tears. He sat silently and impassively for a few minutes, his anger apparent on his face as Maya slowly stopped crying and waited for the explosion she was sure was coming next.

Her eyes widened as he finally started to talk, telling her that he knew where she'd been and with whom, and from her condition, what she'd been up to. Maya tried to protest that she'd done nothing with the boy, but knew her father was too angry to hear what she said. Without warning, he suddenly grabbed her and laid her on her belly over his lap, his hard hand connecting with her ass as he proceeded to spank her hard. It shocked Maya, as her father had never raised a hand to her before, and as each blow fell, she jerked and twitched.

Her ass started to sting as blow after blow fell, her hips jerking against her fathers lap as she tried to avoid them unsuccessfully. She could feel him hardening, pressing into her groin area and causing her still inebriated body to surge with lust. Her movements slowly changed from escape attempts to rubbing against him seductively.


His hand came down one more time, harder than before, and he pushed her from his lap. She landed hard on the floor in a heap, tears running down her face as she stared in disbelief at her father. His face showed none of the love it always had as he stared at her and told her that he had taken all he would of her disobedience and that now she would learn to behave. Her heart started to pound as her father ordered her to get to her feet and follow him.

He led her to the basement, to a door she'd noticed but never investigated, and her eyes popped open wide when he opened it and she saw the equipment inside. She had no idea what it was for, but had the feeling she would be finding out quickly. Her father shoved her through the door in front of him, and locked it after he had stepped through. Before she could do more than glance at some of the things around her, her father had grabbed her wrists and cuffed them together in front of her.

He reached above their heads and grabbed a hook hanging from a pulley, clipping it to the cuffs and suspending her so that she was on the tips of her toes and hanging helplessly before him. He stepped to the wall and took down a ball gag, quickly securing it in place so that Maya couldn't speak.

Next came a blindfold, and Maya felt completely helpless as she hung from the cuffs around her wrists, unable to anticipate what her father would do next. He walked around her as she hung there, his eyes travelling over her. Maya was shaking from fear and the strain of being suspended with most of her weight on her bound wrists. Her father reached out as he stepped back in front of her and ripped the blouse off of her. She whimpered as the cloth tore away, exposing her firm young breasts, covered by only a gauzy bra, to his gaze.

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Her skirt was next, shredded as her father tore it from her body and threw it into a corner. Reaching again to the wall, he plucked a cat o nine tails down and circled behind his daughter.

All Maya heard was the swish as the whip cut through the air before it wrapped halfway around her buttock and right hip. Her muffled shriek of surprised shock, the way her body jerked and twisted in response to the blow, gave him a thrill. He landed another blow on the other side, feeling the same twinge of pleasure at her repeat response.

As he whipped her with the cat, Maya's father felt his cock start to swell and harden.

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He ripped the bra and panties from his daughters' helpless body, laying the whip across her young flesh so that the lashes left a crisscross pattern of red marks. Once satisfied with the color and pattern he'd striped onto her back and thighs, Maya's father moved around to stand in front of her. He held the whip up and swung it back and forth several times before striking her right breast with it. He slowly repeated what he'd done on her back, taking a moment now and then to flick the tips of the lashes against her nipples or groin and watch her twitch and jump in her restraints.

He was enjoying what he was doing to his daughter and could see by the flush creeping over her that she was as well. As the red stripes multiplied on her skin, he lost himself in the punishment he was giving this insolent and willful child of his loins who had so controlled his life for fourteen years.

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Maya felt a heat rising in her body as her father finally took control, refusing to hear her whimpers and sobs. She couldn't see or speak and had no idea what would happen next as she hung from the cuffs and endured the whipping being administered, but she vowed to herself that she would do whatever she must to avoid having her father do this to her again. Little did she realize that her father had finally lost the silent fight he'd been having with himself about the girl he'd watched grow from baby to young womanhood.

His patience gone, she had pushed that last button and sent him into a place where she was quite simply a very bad girl who needed to be corrected and controlled; and he was going to take care of the problem. Maya felt her father's fingers sliding over her skin, finding the places along her sides that made her shiver and shake.

The fingers slowly trailed to her breasts, finding her nipples and pinching them hard. She felt a jolt of desire race through her body, her virgin pussy throbbed and she felt it contract. She could hear her father's harsh breathing as one of his hands left the nipple it was mauling and travelled down to her hot, wet mound. His fingers combed through the short hair to find the damp heat of her sweet young pussy, the other hand playing viciously with her rock hard nipples.

His lips and tongue tasted the skin of her neck as she twisted in her restraints, her body now one solid mass of lust, her whimpers of protest turned to moans of need. His fingers slid between the swollen lips of her pussy, testing the wetness and heat as he released her nipple and freed his hard cock from his pants.

Suddenly Maya felt her father's hands lifting her legs so that she hung suspended by her wrists, her legs over his arms, her whole groin area completely exposed.

She felt her father move closer and then felt him push against her.

His hard length drove straight into her in one thrust, rupturing her hymen as she shrieked from the sudden pain and shock of the violation. He drove into her to the hilt, his balls slapping against her upturned ass cheeks.

She bounced slightly as he adjusted his grip, and began to pound in and out of her tight little pussy. Maya felt the pain recede as her body adjusted to the invasion and the desire returned stronger than before. She couldn't move, could only hang in her father's arms as he fucked her harder and faster and the desire overtook her.


She found herself shuddering in his grasp as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through her helpless body, making it shake and shiver uncontrollably. Maya felt her father's body stiffen as he completely lost control and his hot jism spurted into her, flooding her tight burning pussy and causing her to cum yet again.

She felt exhausted, drained by the restraints and the pounding fuck her father had given her. As both father and daughter caught their breath, his slowly softening manhood slid out of her clasping wet womanhood and he staggered backwards against the low shelf behind him to rest for a moment, leaving Maya hanging defenselessly in the middle of the room.

Maya's arms and body ached from her father's assault and the stress of hanging by her wrists. She wanted to be let down, get rid of the gag and get herself a shower. She glanced at her father and saw his eyes glittering as he stared at her. Her fear returned as she realized that he wasn't done with her. She moaned pitifully into the gag, eliciting no response from her father other than for him to turn to the shelf he'd been leaning against and rummage around on it. Maya couldn't see what he was doing until he turned to face her again with a set of chains which had cuffs, collar, and a belt attached to them.

He stepped up to her and fastened the belt around her waist tightly. Next came the cuffs and then finally the collar. When he had finished he loosed her from the hook she'd been hanging from and quickly secured her wrists to the belt at her waist before she could react.

One of his big hands burrowed into her hair and grabbed hold as he forced her to bend over and follow him with her head at his hip to the cage in the corner. He forced her into the cage and locked it securely after stepping back outside of it. Looking at the floor of the cage beneath her, Maya heard her father say "Now girl, you are going to learn to obey" before she passed out cold.