Fine blonde Cynthia wants orgasm before sleep

Fine blonde Cynthia wants orgasm before sleep
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Once I had regained a bit of consciousness, I found out I was laying flat on the floor and I felt my bare breast in contact with a smooth cold ground.

I opened my eye, then I realize that there is a soft and silky material warped around my eyes. I wondered where is was. I wanted to remove the blindfold, then I realize that my wrist was tied up behind my back. I panicked, I trashed back and forth and I also noticed that my legs were tied up as well. Then I heard a voice,"Hey bitch, don't bother trying to break loose. You won't succeed." The instance I heard the voice, I jerked my neck as a reflex to see the person.

My face immediately smashed onto the floor again, there must be something tied around my neck to the ground. I groaned and weep faintly on recalling what had happen.

My panties was still in my mouth and it was saturated with my saliva. I smelt the air around me, there was a scent of liquor and wood in the air. I must be in my basement! Just then a hand slid under my chin and lifted my head up while the restrain pulled my neck down. He was cut off my air supply. "You piece of meat, you are all mine. I will be your master and you will obey everything I say.

Is that clear?" Through the piece of cloth, I managed to vocalize a muffled yes. I also gave a slight nod. "Listen up, from now on you will call me master." He removed my blindfold which I became aware was my bra.

He was squatting down in front of me. I tilted my face to the right and took a glimpse of my body. My shirt was torn and used to tie my wrist together behind my back while my long cotton pants was used to bind my ankles together.

For the first time I could get a good look at the soldier's face. He had a tanned squarish face with a pair of mesmerizing and warm eagles' eyes. He had a long red scar on his left cheek. He was wearing his military uniform. He continued to grasp tightly on my chin. His lips reached out to kiss my lips. I held my jaws tight, preventing the invader from entering. His firm grip force my jaws open and slid his tongue into my mouth. He licked every inch of my mouth and the taste of strong liquor filled my mouth.


I tried to bite but his grip was too tight. With him forcing the sides of my mouth in I was biting onto my inner cheeks, I gave up fighting against him. He let go of my chin and our lips parted, my face fell and struck the cold cement floor of my basement again.


He untied the rope around my neck and dug his two hand into my armpits to lift me off the ground. Just then I realized how weak I was, I couldn't stand on my two feet and I needed his support to stand up.

He stood behind me and whispered into my ear,"I guess if you were still a virgin yesterday, I presume you have never done anal have you?" I shook my head.

I don't even know what if was. He bent me over. I saw through my legs that he was kneeing down behind me. Before is knew what was going on, I felt a cold and sharp piece of object rimming my asshole.

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It was somewhat arousing and at the same time it was relaxing. I started to relax my anal ring and immediately the cold piece was push all the way into my asshole. My anal ring closed up after the cold object enter my ass. He spoke again,"You liked it, didn't you?" My face blushed with embarrassment and excitement. "I don't want to damage the little plucker so I inserted a 7 mm caliber round to loosen it. Now I want to use your rectum muscles to push it out." I did as he had asked me to and began contracting my abdominal muscles and squeeze the bullet out of my ass.

It was more difficult that I had thought, the bullet was long and pointy, and when I contracted, the pointy end would always poked at my rectum walls. Finally, it came out with a 'pop'. A light smack landed on my ass cheek and he said,"Good girl, that ass is really some tight stuff. Tomorrow we will try something bigger like my rifle. Don't panic, I will take care of you.

You are like my very own toy, I won't want to hurt you, right?" He ran his rough hand down my smooth back. I felt really hot inside me and it was like I was going to explode. All those weird things he does to me really turns me on. "I will be leaving you here for tonight.

But before I leave, I will need to make sure you sleep pleasantly and comfortably.

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I won't want my little girl to suffer from a lack of sleep." He used the pile of rope my dad kept in his carpentry to tie me up.

He made me kneel down with my hand behind my back. Using the rope, he secured my wrist with my ankles together. Using clamps which my dad uses for his carpentry, he fasten it onto each of my nipples. He connects the two clamps to a small hook on the floor and tightened it so that I needed to bend down to relief the tension on my nipples.

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He squatted down in front of me and lifted my head so he could see my eyes and said,"Poor thing, let me help with all the pain with this." He picked up two hollow metallic balls and showed them to me and inserted them into my vagina. He took out the panties in my mouth and stuffed it up my vagina to prevent the balls from dropping out. Finally, I could speak at last! I pleaded,"Can you please release my nipples from the clamps, it really hurts a lot." He slapped me hard on my face and shouted,"Now whenever you talk to me you will address me as master or sir to show me respect.

It is that clear!" "Yes" He slapped my other side of my face and shouted in my face,"Yes what?" "Yes sir! Yes sir!" I whimpered. "Good, you really have plenty to learn. For that, I will punish you." He walked back to the pile of ropes to get some more. I begged,"Master, please don't.

I promise I will be an obedient good bitch." Unaffected he returned to me with a U-shaped piece of metal with some rope. He walked behind me. My heart was pounding so fast I may die from shock! All I could do was look down on the floor with the clamps pulling me down.

Unexpectedly, the U shaped metal was jabbed into my asshole. I wailed with sorrow as my ass was violated again. During this, he tied the rope to my mouth and connecting it to the U-shaped metal. He tighten the rope so that my head need to tilt up to prevent my ass from tearing apart. My master walked pass me a patted my head,"Be a good girl tonight and maybe I will release you tomorrow morning.

While you are waiting for morning to come, try to get some sleep as you will need it tomorrow. Good night! I will go now." He took his rifle from my dad's carpentry table and walked up the stairs leaving me behind. At the top of the stairs, he turned around and gave me a flying kiss and closed the basement hatch.

The basement had no lights and only a candle was present on my dad's table. It was burning out soon. Once the candle died, the basement plunged into complete darkness. I was left in the centre of the basement in such a predicament. My nipple clamps were pulling my body downwards while the rope around my mouth connected to my ass hook pulled me upwards.

I had to choose between one to relief the pain at one end and to intensify the pain at the other. I couldn't sleep through the night. Halfway through the night, I was exhausted, my nipples were sore and my ass felt ripped apart. My mouth was also tired from all the pulling. Through the night, I also tried to shift around to find a favorable position to rest but there simply wasn't any.

Then I felt the two hollow metal ball. I wondered why my master had placed it inside me, it was not doing anything. Then they started to grind against each other, it produced a small vibration. It was somehow very arousing.

My legs started to get sore from kneeing down for so long and I began to move a lot. The metal ball kept grinding and every time they ground it would vibrate.

I could feel the pussy start to get a bit damp and I was feeling hotter than ever. Suddenly, I lost all control of my body and I shook vigorously with ecstasy and pleasure.

The clamps tugged onto my nipples tightly as I spasmed, I felt like it was going to be ripped off. I felt so worn out that I leaned forwards and the U-shaped hook jabbed even deeper into my asshole. I was overwhelmed with torment again.

My entire body was completely drained, my nerve felt like it just died and I felt no more pain in my ass. The metal ball continued their work and vibrated with every small movement I made. Every time I managed to fall asleep the vibration cause me to orgasm, waking me up instantly.

'Slap!' as a hand whacked my face. It seem that I was able to fall asleep somehow last night. I was feeling extraordinarily groggy. I peel my eyes open just as another slap landed on my face, waking me up to full consciousness. "Hey bitch!

You awake now? Look at the mess you have made on the floor! What the fuck!" He took off the nipple clamps, blood flowed back into my nipples again and bringing back loads of pain with it.

I screeched with pain and tears flooded my eyes. Before the pain could subside, he pinched and twisted them again with extreme force. I was crying my heart out. He released them and instantly he stuck his hands on the top of both of my breast with thunderous force. As I jerked up, he whacked the underside of my breast. He left me moaning there for awhile while he circled me, observing me with his glaring eyes.

He stop behind me and pulled out the U-shaped ass hook and untied the rope on my mouth. He proceeded to untie all the ropes secured on my body. I fell limp into the puddle of my cum. "Slut, I give you 3 minutes to lick up all this cum on the floor." My arms and legs felt so stiff after being bonded together for so long. I managed to get up on my all fours. The order disgust me but the consequences of not doing as told forced me to do so.

I placed my head down and stuck out my tongue and lapped the fluid on the floor. It tasted salty and slightly bitter. I felt like throwing up but I had not eaten anything for a day and had nothing in my stomach. I managed to lick up all the cum on the floor that I created and I looked up at him still on my fours.

My master looked satisfied and spoke,"Not bad. You look as filthy as a pig. Go use that iron bucket over there and fill it up with river water in your backyard and come back here. I will be watching you." I was shocked that he wanted me to go out in the opens without clothes? I stayed there dumbfounded. "Bitch did you hear what I said? Well, if you are not going to move, I will drag you there." His hand dove down at my neck and I tried to avoid it but he was too fast.

He dragged me along as he waked towards the stairs. I quickly got up to my feet and stumbling as he dragged me along. My hands were on his hand to gain some sense of balance. When we emerged form the underground basement, I saw how wrecked my house was.

The furniture smashed, chairs overturned. The whole house was in a mess. I stepped on fragments and shards of materials as I walked pass the hallway to the backdoor. "Master, can you please slow down, my feet are bleeding and it hu" My sentence was cut off when he held onto my neck even tighter, cutting of the air supply. I choked with the lack of air entering my lungs. He noticed I was struggling and loosen a bit enough for me to breathe again.

I kept quiet, fearing that I will get choked again. Once he opened the backdoor, a gush of cold and gelid air hit my entire body.

My arms immediately retracted to my breast to cover it from the frost and to hide my modesty from the view of any neighbors nearby. At the stream at my backyard, we realized that it was still frozen solid from night and has not melted from the heat of the sun. However, you could see the stream was still flowing below.

I gave a sigh of relief, his plans of using the river to obtain water was futile. My master must have caught the sound of my sigh and glared at me. "Why are you so happy? Glad that the river is frozen and we can't use it? Well it is only going to make your life worse. I want you to piss on the thin-sheet of ice till it melts.

If it does not melt by the time you have finish pissing, you are not going to like what I am going to do to you next." He inserted his finger into my pussy to retrieve my panties and the metal balls from last time and said,"Open your mouth now." I opened my mouth and he filled my mouth with it and he forced it shut. He pushed me down into a squatting position.

Piss immediately came out of my sore pussy since I had not pissed for nearly a day. It was such a relief for my bladder and it warmed up the sore pussy of mine.

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I wanted to play with the golden stream of piss as it left my body to warm up my frozen naked body. However, my master held onto my wrist behind me. I tried to aim my piss around the area to melt more ice and it kind of worked, the thin-sheet of ice was beginning to melt. Despite that, my piss ran out when about a 2 inch gap was formed. "Oh how sad. You don't have anymore piss in you isn't it." I was getting a bit nervous and frighten by his words.

I shook my head in remorse. "Well that is what you get for not completing a task given to you. Go and put your ass down on that small hole you just made and rub your ass on that ice. It will definitely melt." My master released my hands and I turned around. I didn't want to sit on the ice, it would definitely freeze my ass to indescribable terms.

My feet was standing on the edge of the ground while my ass hung less than an inch from the ice. My arms were wrapped around my legs to keep my centre of gravity on my feet. "You dare defy my orders!" he shouted.

He grabbed my neck and twisted my whole body around and aimed my head at the hole I created. The collision between my face and the ice, shattered the ice. My face plunged into the freezing close to zero degree water. I did not have time to react and water rushed up my nose and mouth, choking me instantly. My hands flailed around trying to knock the arm that was pushing me into the river.

He lifted my head out of the river just when I thought I was going to drown. I gasped for air intensely and shivered after entering the chilly river.

I murmured,"Please don't do it again. Please master." Just then I remembered that the two metal balls and my panties was still inside my mouth and what I had just said would be very much muffled. "I can't hear what you said. You need to speak louder," my master sniggered at me. From his pocket, he took out a piece of rope and began tying my wrists and ankles together. Knowing the possible things he could do to me when I am totally bounded together, I fought against him.

He had already done with tying my wrist together, he used his free hand to pinch, twisted and pulled my right nipple. I squirmed in utter agony. He placed his mouth next to my ear and uttered,"If you dare move again, I will guarantee you I will pull off that nipple of yours." He continued tying my wrist to my ankles without me fighting back.

I was now kneeling on the ground. From his pocket, he took out a pocket knife. A wave of nervousness filled me, I looked at the knife and wondered what his is going to use it for. "Spread your knees apart, I want to see that beautiful cunt of yours. Come on, stick it out." I obliged, spreading my knees apart and raised my pussy up towards my master.

He used his hand a scoop a hand full of icy water from the river and pour it over my pussy. I immediately retracted my pussy back from the sure coldness. "No, you keep your pussy where I can see it." I stuck it out again. My master lowered his knife on top of my pussy and slowly trimmed off my pussy hair.

The cold blade against the surface of my pussy was slightly arousing. Quickly, he trim off all the hair and scooped up another hand full of water and wash my pussy clean. This time I did not lower my pussy. He told me to turn around to face the river. On my knees I managed to turn around, some of the pebbles scratched my knee caps as I did so.

Now the Sun was up and the ice over the river had melted, though there were some pieces left at the sides of the river. I felt my master's two hands holding me tightly on my elbows as he pushed the front of my body into the river. He slowly rotated my body around in the river. To make sure my whole body was wet and clean. My whole body felt like it was a frozen piece of meat like the ones sold in the market. After he was satisfied with the cleanliness of my body, he lifted me out of the river and untied the ropes binding my ankles together but kept my wrist tied.

I took a quick glance at my poor feet and I saw that the wounds had clotted up and the pain was gone. My entire body was trembling and shivering from the cold. I think that was the reason that caused my master to be sympathetic towards me. He slid his arms under my neck and my knees and carried me back to my house. I snuggled against the warm and dry shirt of his.

I placed my ear on his chest and could hear his heart beat. It felt like all my worries were over. Or maybe he didn't want me to die from hypothermia as he would not be able to use me anymore. Anyway, I never had the chance to ask him that. Back in the basement, he placed me down and said," I will be gone for a while, I know just the right thing to keep you entertained for this period of time." He took out the panties and two balls from my mouth.

I could finally move my mouth freely again. He untied the rope around my wrist and pushed me over so that I was laying flat on the ground facing up. He took the discarded bra on the ground and stuffed it in my mouth. After which, he walked away form me to get some rope on my dad's carpentry table. The thought of running away popped up in my mind but I knew that I was no match to this soldier and would get caught.


He tied a rope to each of my ankles and pass the rope through two far separate loops on the ceiling. Once he did this, he pull on both the ropes and my body was lifted off the ground with my legs going in two different directions. He secured the ropes and I was suspended off the ground.

Using a rope, he bound entire arm together behind my back. Once again he clamped my nipples and connected them using ropes to the loops on the ceiling on the respective sides.

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He also tighten them so that I need to contract my abdominal muscles to bring my body up to prevent the clamps from ripping off my nipples. Finally, he place the two metal balls into my pussy again. "Looks like you are all set to go.

Oh yes, I don't want you to crap all over the place while I am gone so I will be stuffing your panties up that pucker hole of yours for precaution." My panties was still soggy from all the cum and river water. My master placed the panties at the entrance of my asshole and used a finger to jab the whole thing in. I gave a slight moan when he did so. "Ah, now we are truly done, I love this smooth and hairless pussy of yours," as he stroked my pussy,"I will be right back before you know it." He gave a me a firm whack on my pussy just when he was going to leave.

He walked off to grab his rifle and walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, he turned around and gave me a flying kiss again and closed the basement hatch.

It was still around midday and the basement was lighted through the small window near the ceiling. My empty stomach growled with sorrow since I had not eaten anything for more than a day. I laid there hanging from the ceiling, hoping for time to past faster. I waited and waited. There will be more to this sequel soon!