Fuck pussy from behind until creampie shot

Fuck pussy from behind until creampie shot
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It was strangely cold in that sickly humid, hot, dimly lit strip club office. The worn couch she found herself uncomfortably prone upon smelled of the years worth of cheap cigars and cheaper booze consumed and spilled on it.

She looked dispassionately up through her long, dark lashes at the disgustingly sweaty, rutting pig of a balding fat man on top of her. He was far too busy however, rubbing his half-hard cock and muttering to himself, trying to jam it in between her legs to get on with her 'interview' to notice. He grunted with slimy satisfaction when he finally got his tiny, almost limp dick to cooperate and she retreated deep into her thoughts to ignore what was about to happen to her.

Kandi Skylar recently came to the realization that she had been born to be a stripper and everything in her life that happened since then only reinforced the gut wrenching discovery. Her petty criminal father had been the one who named her Kandi- with a K- on one of the only three days he was out of jail since he knocked up her mother nine months prior.

It was literally the only thing he ever gave her, as he wound up knocking over a corner liquor store and ultimately dying in prison a few months later. He was viciously stabbed during a drug smuggle op gone bad. Her mom was no better. A maid at the run down motel on the edge of their neighborhood, Sheila never amounted to anything in her life. When she wasn't working, she was at the bar on the corner, waiting for the next low-life scum-bag drunk to take her home with him. She easily traded whatever tattered dignity she ever had to keep any semblance of a dilapidated roof over their heads.

For the first few years of Kandi's young life, it was limited to men who would drink and swear, tell Kandi's mom she was worthless, a trashy whore to be used and abused. She did the best she could to shield Kandi from the horrors, but children- especially bright, quick ones like Kandi- always picked up on the darkness.

By the time Sheila moved them in with Joey and his 14 year old son Greg, Kandi was 11. The run down, double wide trailer was the farthest thing from palatial, but it was better than the homeless shelter.

Kandi and Greg had to share rickety bunkbeds in a tiny bedroom. When Kandi was 12 she noticed Greg started barging in on her when she was changing or showering. He would sit closer to her when they watched tv and rub her knee and thigh over and over in circle.

He would try to tickle her and wrestle with her in ways that always ended with his hands fumbling over her budding young breasts or grasping her hips and holding her to him until she could feel the hard length of his teenage erection. He told her if she said anything to her mother, he'd make sure his dad knew what a little dick tease she was and "her and her slut mother would be out on the streets." Sheila worked so hard, so she kept her mouth shut, while Greg got bolder and bolder.

One night, Kandi awoke to Greg in her bed. He had one hand on his penis and the other on her breasts, roaming back and forth from one little tight nipple to the other, flicking and rubbing all the while moaning, to himself. She stayed really still and pretended she was asleep until he came on her sheet, wiped his dick off on it and climbed back into his own bed.

But the worst of it came when she was 13. One scorcher of a day, Kandi got home from a long, hot boring day of school. Joey was completely drunk, as usual, and immediately barked for her to get him a beer before the front door had even clicked shut.

She slumped her shoulders and sullenly shuffled off towards the kitchen. Greg stood in front of the fridge, a lascivious smirk slicing across his lips. "How ya doin', sweet Kaaaandi?"he hissed into her ear as she shrugged his arm off from around her shoulders and pushed passed him to get a beer out of the fridge.

She had to bend and reach to get Joey his beer and his lecherous teenage son wasted no time in taking the opportunity to grasp her hips and drag her roughly back into his rock hard cock. She almost dropped the beer she was clutching. "What do you think you're doing?: she whispered back at him furiously flushing an angry crimson while trying, vainly to squirm away from her pseudo step brother. "Your dad is gonna see you- and then what?" In the back of his lust clouded mind Greg knew she was right, but feeling her perky, teenage ass wiggle against his raging prick, he didn't care.

"You're so sweet Kandi."he breathed again, pushing her against the counter and moving one of his hands underneath her shirt. "you've filled out so nicely and your little titty fits so nicely in my hand" Kandi could feel his breath coming faster and harsher as he thrust against her, grinding his denim clad cock onto the satiny smooth fabric of her shorts. "Greg, stop," she pleaded, her voice squeaking in the back of her throat, "please stop!" But he was so far gone at that point, he could only squeeze her boobs painfully while mumbling into her hair and dry humping her ass.

Joey silently watched the torrid tableau from the doorway, stroking his own thick erection, listening the the mewling protests of his old lady's brat kid. He had no intention of stopping it from happening. He couldn't have her, so he would watch his son make her his. He watched as Greg reached down and unzipped his pants. "Touch it." he coldly ordered her, "I need you to touch it so bad" He grabbed her hand and forced it to his dick.

"Oh God Kandi, you are so soft." he groaned, thrusting his cock wildly into her hand. He tore open the button on her shorts and shoved his hand unceremoniously down the front of her panties. "You're all wet Kandi," he moaned into her ear, sliding his fingers quickly up and down her little slit, thrusting his hips faster into her palms.

She closed her eyes, while silent tears streamed down her face. Both father and son came almost simultaneously, one silently from the hall, while the other called out loud. Kandi turn and ran to her room and cried herself to sleep and prayed for someone to save her from her horrible life It was the loud, obnoxious grunts which brought Kandi back to her dreary, repressive reality.

Clearly, Al thought the noises were meant to be sexy, guttural sounds indicating he was having a good time, but to Kandi they sounded like the choking, spewing sounds someone makes as their being garroted in a horror flick. She slowly, unwilling focused her eyes and attention on the man above her.

She could barely feel his tiny, screaming prick as he thrust into her, drooling on her neck and chest, fingers curling into the flesh of her buttocks. It was all she could do not to cry. Her mind started to wander and it drifted to Eamon.

Eamon and his mother Abigayle. The people who were supposed to be her saviors from her mother and Joey and Greg. She was 14 for a week when she met Eamon in the library. At 15, he was a freshmen at the high school and he was looking for a book about geology. Having volunteered at the library for more than a year now, she knew exactly where he needed to be. Eamon and Kandi started hanging out at the library and it was only 6 months later she was going to live with him and his mother, having told him all the suffering she was facing at the roaming hands of her 'step-brother.' He told her his mother took immediate pity upon hearing of her tragic tale and insisted coming to stay with them was the only way to protect young Kandi and keep her virtue in tact.

Kandi ran away without a second glance back. It was easier than she thought, because, though she didn't know it, Sheila was relieved to not have to worry about her anymore and the only one to truly miss her presence was Greg because he was far too homely to illicit sexual interest from any girls in his high school.

For the next year and a half, life was good for Kandi. She improved in her grades, she had a doting mother figure, and Eamon seemed genuinely interested in the things she had to say. She was developing feelings more and more for Eamon every day. She would go to sleep at night, tucked in her own bed in her own room, and get those 'dirty feelings' when she thought about him.

She would feel the wetness in her vagina and shyly put her fingers in her slit like Greg used to, except imagining they were Eamon's. At 16, Kandi had filled out to be quite the woman. With slender hips and waist with full, firm breasts and buttocks. She was all woman and barely aware of it. Eamon's mother was fully aware of it, however.

Abigayle had a particular appetite When it came to sex, she liked her subjects young, vulnerable and willing to learn. Eamon was 12 the first time they played together. His father had died the year before and she was a lonely, hungry woman. One day after her shower, she lay back on her bed with the door open naked waiting for Eamon to get home from school. She shivered thinking of how wet she was that day, the shocked look on his young, handsome face when he walked down the hall.

"Don't be afraid, my son." she whispered as he stared at her naked form. His eyes darting from breasts to lips to legs and hips to the core of her fragrant womanhood.

He walked wordlessly towards his mother's bed, his preteen penis stiffening in his pants. "Give me your hands." she continued, and he listened without hesitation. She gently placed his hands upon her heaving breasts and placing her own on top of his began kneading and massaging her tits with her son's hands. Soon, he began to find his own rhythm and she released his hands to unfasten his pants and push them down his legs, freeing his hardening erection.

"Climb into bed with me baby boy." Eamon's heart was beating almost out of his chest. He was so confused by everything happening.

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He should not be feeling this way about his mother. He should not be so excited by the feeling of her luscious tits beneath his hands. He slid into bed next to her and started to twirl her nipples between his forefinger and thumb and his head shot up as he heard his mother moan. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back.

His head jerked the other direction when he felt her slender hand slide into the waistband of his boxers and grasp the full heat of his cock. It was the first time someone other than himself had touched his erect dick and it was the single most electrifying sensation he'd ever experienced.

Precum oozed from the tip as his mother slid her hand up and down his shaft. He stopped stroking her breasts momentarily and she greedily pulled his head down to her right nipple. He tentatively opened his mouth and licked the tight little bud, just like he had watched on the porn on his mom's laptop.

Again his mother moaned and she squeezed his dick a little tighter. He watched as her hips pushed up into the air. She took his hand and pulled it down between her thighs, gently pushing his fingers between her swollen wet cunt lips. "Eamon, I'm going to climb on top of you now. Suck my nipples baby boy while I make you a man." And with that, she sheathed his hard dick with her wet, warm pussy.

Eamon bit down on the nipple in his mouth and grasped her hips as the most powerful sucking sensation enveloped him. He flexed his fingers into her flesh as she bucked her hips at the wild sensation his teeth caused. Passion coursed through their bodies as she moved her hips steadily up and down, back and forth on his cock. He came suddenly, spurts of cum shooting over and over into his mother's body. "Mooooooooom" he cried loudly as she cradled his head to her heaving bosom. She climbed off him and lay next to him, neither one of them saying anything.

It was the beginning of the most beautiful sexual awakening.

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They laughed and loved and she needed no other man in her life. But she eventually began to crave the softness of a young woman. A young woman she could teach how to love her son. When Eamon told her about Kandi, she knew the young blond would be the one to fulfill that fantasy. But she was damaged and it would take some time to buld that trusting bond. Abi first began prepping her pupil by having dress up days.

On these days, the two ladies would bath in bubbles in the jetted tub in Abi's room. Abi would wash the younger girl's back and sides, belly and thighs. She would linger on the sides of Kandi's breasts and sweep down her belly brushing the young woman's love lips with her thumbs.

She would pull her back to lay on her own bare, wet full chest until she would relax and sigh. When she was warm and relaxed they'd dress up in fine lingerie and jewels, eating brandied confections until they would spoon upon Abi's sheets and drift to sleep, with Abi firmly massaging Kandi's belly and hips from behind her.

Soon, it was progressing to the late night movie teasing with Eamon and Abi was beginning to get impatient. One night, as Eamon was kneeling between her thighs, servicing her clit with his quick, clever tongue, her thoughts were on Kandi. her firm, full breasts. her long, tight legs, her smooth, round buttocks. She came particularly hard imagining Eamon licking Kandi's sweet honey spot until her nectar flowed freely upon her son's handsome face.

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"It's time." She panted, looking lovingly down into the deep blue eyes of her son, as he climbed up and rammed his hard cock deep into her feverish cunt. The next afternoon, Eamon was particularly quiet on the way home from school.

He pulled into their church parking lot a few blocks from home. Kandi looked up at him puzzled and he quickly unfastened both of their seat belts, unceremoniously turning her to face him. "Kandi." he began, staring down at her with eyes that made her melt and wet and hot and flustered all at the same time.

"Yes, Eamon" she barely whispered, her voice heavy with a poorly concealed longing she could not deny.


She looked up at him through her long, honey colored lashes, her eyes wide and passion filled, barely understanding, but eager to learn.

She licked her full bottom lip and he groaned. "Dammit Kandi!" he swore and with that he pulled her close and slanted his mouth over hers, his tongue delving deeply between those sweet,warm lips. She moaned into his mouth and pushed her tongue against his and his cock felt like it would burst out of his pants. He pushed her away before he ripped off her top and her panties and buried his dick so far into her virgin cunt that she would feel it in the back of her throat.

Kandi say silently against the door breathing heavily and staring at Eamon. He sat there doing the same. She had no idea it would be this way. This heavy aching want deep in her loins, this unrelenting emptiness that she unspeakably needed filled. Why did he stop? she wondered to herself. It was feeling so good, and it would be so naughty to lose her virginity in a car in the late afternoon. Say something she willed him. "I'm sorry Kandi, let's go home and celebrate. It's been 2 years since you've been with us." he couldn't look at her or he'd ruin everything and his mom would be upset.

He couldn't upset the only woman he'd ever truly loved, but he had wanted a piece of Kandi before his mom did. This was going to be a complicated night. Abi was drunk and met them at the door wearing next to nothing. The sheer red negligee barely covered her nipples or shapely ass. She was holding a glass for each of them- daquiris, Abi's favorite.

Both Kandi and Eamon eagerly drank theirs down as Abi's eyes knowingly met her son's. She'd liberally laced Kandi's drink with Molly- pure MDMA- hoping to loosen the girl up for the night ahead.

"I made dinner my beautiful children" she purred and led them over to a table filled with tasty morsels. She sat between them during the meal, making sure to rub suggestively against both Eamon and Kandi during the night, her hands lingering on thighs. Soon, Kandi began to feel warm and wet between her thighs. She was noticing how soft Abi's hands were feeling and how lovely her skin looked. She loooked up to see Eamon rubbing his hands over his mother's breasts while Abi threw her head back, leaning into Kandi.

Abi's hand slid higher up Kandi's thigh and her breathing grew ragged as she felt fingertips touching her panties. Kandi's gaze was transfixed on the sight of Eamon lavishing his tongue on Abi's breasts.

She felt as if she were watching a movie as she witnessed her hands moving to hold Abi's breasts up for Eamon's inspection. The younger girl was shocked by how firm the older woman's breasts were and how responsive she became as she pinched Abi's nipples for Eamon to suckle them. Without breaking Kandi's gaze, Eamon reached down to grab his aching cock and Abi turned around so she was facing Kandi.

Pushing the young girl back onto the floor, she slid her panties down, while her son unfastened Kandi's top. Kandi seemed powerless to stop what was transpiring, not that she wanted the sensations she was experiencing to stop anyway. As Eamon stripped away her bra and began to massage her tight nipples, his mother knelt between her legs and began to lick the sweet juices flowing from her drug addled pussy.

Kandi moaned loudly as mother and son double teamed her with pleasure. Eamon came around to Kandi's side and grasped her hand. Kandi remembered briefly the time she had Greg's smaller dick in her hand and began to gently squeeze and stroke Eamon's cock while he fondled her tender over stimulated breasts.

"Lick it, sweetheart" his mother said softly from between the young girls thighs, "lick his penis as I am licking you. It will bring him oh-so-much pleasure." So without a second thought, Kandi stuck out her tongue and traced it around the head of Eamon's throbbing cock, licking the precum from the tip.

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He jerked his hips forward, which excited his mother further, causing her to suck powerfully on Kandi's clit. Kandi opened her mouth wide to moan in pleasure and Eamon took advantage of the action to slide his dick into her mouth.

Kandi looked up with shocked eyes to meet Eamon's passion-filled steel blue gaze. He worked his hips back and forth while his mother pleasured the sexy blond. It was too much, and he came in her mouth as it spurted out of her lips and down her chin and on her cheeks. Kandi cried out in her pleasure and Eamon's mother climbed up from between her legs to suck on the young girl's nipples while grinding her wet pussy on Kandi's thigh.

Kandi thrust unknowingly and blindly up into the air as the nipple stimulation rocked the girl with passion. Eamon climbed down between his mother's thighs to lick her hidden treasure. She ground her clit into his mouth and chin while loudly sucking Kandi's nipples into her mouth. She came forcefully on her son's face hearing the young her make moaning passionate sounds deep in her throat. Eamon went wild with passion. It wasn't part of the plan.

But he couldn't be stopped. He tossed his cumming mother to the side, spread Kandi's firm young thighs apart and drove his full thick, erection deep into her young slit. He didn't pause when he felt the barrier. He couldn't stop when he heard her cry out.

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He wouldn't slow when he felt her claws digging into his flesh making him bleed. He could only operate on pure driving lust. Forcing his cock into her, again and again, grasping her ass in his hands and plowing into her until he came in her so deeply. She was simply the tightest thing he had ever encountered and it filled him with a primitive force more powerful than anything he'd known. The grunting and the thrusting came faster and faster, pulling Kandi back to the present, back to her 'interview.' "Yes, oh yes baby" she said, trying not to sound bored, but feeling more disgust and resentment than feigned passion.

She squeezed her pussy muscles over and over knowing that would end this quicker. Sure enough, Oscar started jerking and twitching like an epileptic and making a face that appeared to be contorted in pain. He fell forward on her for two seconds before rolling over. "You sure got the goods, girlie!" He said sneeringly bending to pull up his dirty pants and buckle his belt.

His stained wife beater barely covered his distended, furry belly. "You'll make a nice addition to my roster. You got the job" And with that, he reached into his pocket, peeled a few twenties from the roll he retrieved from it and tossed them on the couch next to her. "Now get dressed and get out of my office" and he walked out, slamming the door behind him. Kandi sighed.


picking up the money before her clothes. This was just the life she was born into, no?