Babe in provocative clothes implores her man to undress her

Babe in provocative clothes implores her man to undress her
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Sharon would get home about 4 pm that day and find her 2 boys watching tv and not doing their homework. Her boys were 12 and 10 and she has been divorced for about 3 years now, her husband leaving her for another woman. Although she was a very attractive woman, big tits and nice and fit she did like her body, but she didn't date much and she spent most of her time with her boys. So she would be horny all the time and play with herself when the boys went to sleep.

Well one night it was storming out real bad and she was just about to finger her pussy when her youngest boy jack came running in her room scared. She was just in a short little nighty and he jumped into bed. She looked at him and asked what is wrong, and he said " I am scared mommy" She said "its ok baby do you want to sleep in here for the night?" "yes mommy I would" "ok baby go to sleep then" meanwhile she was still very horny, but didn't know what to do so she just layed there and tried to go to sleep.

Her son asks if he could curl up to her and she says its ok, so he kinda curls up to her and places his arm on her huge tits.


She is a little disturbed by this and asks him what he is doing. He says "mommy i am just hugging you." so she said ok and just layed there, but she could feel her nice nipples start to get hard and tender, so she tried to roll on her side and as she did that the young boy grabbed her tits.

She said "what are you doing son?" He said " sorrry mommy I really like these and they make me feel wierd in my pants." Her pervise mind just went wondering after he said that but she was trying to stay sain about it and she kinda moved away from his hand on her tits. She says "why do you like mommys tits?" "cause they are nice and big mommy.

Can I play with them untill I go to sleep?" she thought to herself that maybe if she let him play with them, he would go to sleep and she could continue playing with her pussy.

"ok baby you can play with mommys tits." as she took off her nighty and let out her huge tits he was amazed.

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He would grab both of them and started squeezing them sucking on them and she loved it. Her pussy was getting very wet and she couldn't help herself. She started moaning a little and Jack looked up and said "whats wrong mommy?" "nothing baby just feels good." He continued rubbing and sucking on her tits and she could feel his little dick rubbing on her leg. She reached down and started rubbing it.

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"mommy that feels really good can you keep going?" she played with it faster and faster while he sucked on her tits and he started to cum in her hand he let out a moan. Cum was all over her hand and she started licking her fingers tasting it.

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"it tastes so good baby." Jack was still in a daze and didnt know what to do but lay there. She squeezed him against her tits and they both fell asleep. The next morning she woke up and Jack was gone so she did her normal routine and took a shower and got dressed. She would go out to the living room and find her to boys sitting on the couch and they both were looking at her with a wierd look. She looked at both of them and said "what are you 2 looking at?" Jack looked at his older brother and said " did you like that last night mom?" She looked puzzled and didn't know what to say.

She knew Jack told his older brother and now felt a little embaressed.


So she sat down on the couch next to them and say "Jack, I don't think that was right what we did last night and I don't think it should happen again." even though in the back of her mind she loved it and it turned her on just talking about it to them.

Then Jack just looked at her and said "but mom I really liked that and I would like to do that alot more." Jon the older bother looked at his mom and said "how come you can do that with jack but not me?" She still looked a little confused about what was going on, and she couldn't help thinking tthat her 12 year old son was kind of right. Why should Jack get all the attention and not Jon. She looked at both of them and said " I don't think that is right that we should be doing stuff like that with each other.

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What would happen if somebody found out.?" The boys looked at her and said "mommy we won't tell a soul about anything." She found herself thinking about it and getting her self turned on. What would be wrong if the messed around with me.

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So she said "ok boys if we mess around you can not tell anybody and I mean anybody." The boys were very happy and asked if they could stay home from school today so they could play around. She would eventially agree and asked the boys if there was anything that they would like her to put on.

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Both the boys just said "we just want to see you naked" so she stood up from the couch and took off all of her cloths. As she stood there she watched as both of the boys looked at her huge tits in aww. She said "would you boys like to play with them." the both nodded there heads, so she got down on her knees and both boys came up to her and started playing with her tits.


Her pussy was getting really wet and she looked at her boys and told them to get undressed. It didn't take them long to strip there cloths off and she could see both of thier cocks stiff. So she grabbed there cocks while they played with her tits and slowly started to jack them off.

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She was really horny now and she started to moan and that would put the boys over the top. The started to cum in her hands and stroked them faster untill all there cum was out. They both were relaxed and she started to lick her fingers and she could not beleive that she loved there cum so much.

They both sat on the couch and layed there exguausted and she rubbed her pussy lips untill she came all over. This was a start of something very nice for the family of 3