Facialized babe gagging on hard cocks

Facialized babe gagging on hard cocks
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Hello once again my faithful readers As you may or may not recall, my name is Charity Jones; not my last name of course but one does have to keep their secrets. I am writing these memoirs as I reflect on the last 24 years of my life and how it has led me to my current lifestyle; church-going PTA mom by day, slut by night. It wasn't an overnight transition to where I am now, happily married with kids and a sex life that would make porn stars blush; but a gradual transition.

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For those of you who have read my earlier recollections ( Charity Starts at Home), you may remember that my path to debauchery began with the reuniting with my long lost mother and the making of several new and exciting friends.

It was that glorious summer which first wakened me to my true sexual nature, but there was still far more to come. Simply put, and before I blather on some more, I suppose we should pick up where we left off. My sinful summer had come to an end and I was now on the precipice of a new and more terrifying adventure; the 11th grade in a public school.

I had been to nothing but the most elite private boarding schools all my life until I moved in with Momma. I was used to snooty elitism and everyone with too much money, an entire social spectrum was mind boggling to me. My new best friend Faith ( O'Reilly) assured me there was nothing to fear, that she knew everyone that mattered in the school we were going to and that I'd fit in fine.

It was fine for my fire-headed friend to say this, but I was still the east coast rich girl out of her element. My internal shyness contrasted with her brash confidence, near overconfidence. The first day of school arrived and I was determined to dress my best, but Faith took one look and reminded me we weren't going to a boarding school. After fussing and going through a hundred ensembles we barely made it to school on time.

Our high school was a relatively big edifice stretching back into antiquity with all the modern amenities. The town was big enough for two high schools so spirit was evident walking in the door with " GO COUGARS!" draped in a banner. We turned heads as we walked into the school and understandably so; we were both dressed up as slightly slutty school girls.

Not enough to break any laws or potential dress codes, but still enough to let people know that we knew we were hot. Matching white blouses tied at the midriff, Faith was comfortable in hers, but my bust was yearning to break free of it's confines, we had even gone so far as to staple the place where the ties met to ensure I didn't have an incident.

Our skirts were mid-calf and tartan, and yes, we were wearing underwear ( sorry to ruin any fantasies there) and wore white sneakers with knee high stockings. Within minutes Faith was already introducing me to a plethora of other students, not surprisingly many boys came up to introduce themselves too. And thusly a lot of the girls did as well, high school if anything is territorial after all. But my easy going temperament and all-American looks easily put even the girls with envious eyesat ease.

A brief refresher on me ; I am quite petite only ranging in at 5' 3", long flowing corn-blonde hair and sparkling baby blue eyes. I have what can be described as a pin up figure, wide hips, a big round butt, a slim waist and an almost biblical bust measuring in at 32DD, and to mixed results they would grow even bigger as I matured.

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Faith was the opposite; slim and toned, freckled and small busted. Red flaming hair using braided into pigtails. Green eyes clearly showing her Irish heritageshe was more athletic and easily 4 inches taller than me. Whilst I was sweet and petite, she was brash and in your face . Luckily we had most of our classes together, having strategically planned what classes we were going to take midway through the summer.

We even shared the same home room. After a bewildering day of introductions and being shown the grounds of the school, which were pretty impressive, we eventually went home and I did nothing but babble on and on about the school to Momma and Faith, who barely suppressed her laughter.

The rest of the the first week at school was another blur as I learned more about the school, being in Texas and a football championship school our facilities were pretty extensive for a public school so there was a lot to see.I even managed to convince Faith to try out for the cheerleading squad when I told her I was too nervous to try out alone, she agreed when I told her it would give more reasons to not always be at home drunk ass dad.

It was Friday and we were debating how to plan out our weekend, since we now officially had homework and try out's were after school when we were interrupted by some boys teasing on another boy. He was tall and lanky, with horned rimmed glasses and button up shirt; nerd stereotypes exist for a reason. " What's wrong Beeder, your Momma tie up your laces too tight" " Hey Beeder, you been fucking any horses lately" This went on for a few minutes while the boy struggled with his lock.

I was definitely uncomfortable with how they were treating him, but I was also 16 and new and wanted to be popular, so I didn't say anything. Faith on the other hand had different ideas, and stepped between the bullies and the nerd " Hey guys, leave Beeder alone, he can't help it that he's only built for livestock", she smiled but I could tell she was doing it for show The guys laughed at that and wandered off, Faith walked over and kissed Beeder quickly on the cheek and he flushed from near emberrasment " Th-th-thanks Faith," Beeder sheepishly stuttered and looked away "Anytime Rick," Faith said, " tell you what, my friend Charity and me will come make up for those bullies at the usual place after school…4 o'clock sound good" Beeder turned flushed completely red nodded, grabbed his books and trotted down the hall.

Faith giggled softly as he walked away. He was kinda cute in that nerd boy way. I wandered over beside Faith and watched the tall lanky Beeder walk away. " Who was that?" I asked " Beeder" Faith replied " I got that, why did you call him Rick if his name is Beeder" Faith chuckled, " It's a nickname he got in the 8th grade" " Care to explain to the blonde?" " The other boys called him it when they saw him in the shower after gym class, it's a name that's a sign for insecurity.

His name isn't Beeder, Beeder is just B-D-R" " B-D-R?", I asked not getting the connection " Big Dick Rick, he's hung, like Marcus kinda hung, horse kinda hung" My eyes widened at that, a white school boy as big as Marcus? This I had to see. " Ahhh, I'm guessing our making it up to him involves something rather carnal" " You bet your big tits, " Faith said pinching a nipple through my shirt playfully, " but your damned cheerleader try outs" " Trust me, you'll like it" " I've already seen you shake your big pom-poms though" The cheerleader tryouts were more brutal then I expected, and there was a lot more competition then expected.

In boarding school we didn't have boys, so we had dance teams and it was a much smaller pond. But I wasn't expecting the great Texas obsession with football and everything connected to it. But my dance training, winning smile and personalityall American looksI felt I was a cinch to get in. And Faith's native athleticism and popularity probably would win her a spot too It was 430 by the time we finished, and my freckled faced friend were hot sweaty and she was pissed off we were going to be late to see Beeder.

Not because of some urge for sex, but because she was a stickler for her word. Luckily we didn't have to go far, it was in the far corner of the outside bleachers.

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Faith explained to me that he liked to go back there and beat off to the cheerleaders practising We were hot and sweaty and getting into the cool shade under the bleachers, I was preparing to take off my blouse to let the sisters free and give Beeder a titfuck if he was as really hung as Faith claimed.

But we were stopped in our tracks by what we saw Beeder was leaning on against the wall with his pants around his ankles, kneeling before him was a familiar dark haired girl. She was desperately two fisting the giant shaft protruding from Beeder's crotch. Faith was right, he was a monster. She was enthralled by his dick, all but worshipping it.

She was a champion cocksucker, she had tricks that I was making mental notes about just watching her. His cock was slick with her spit and she was using it as a lube as she tried shoving more of his girth down her throat.

She was crazy hungry for it, the way she was striving for it and grunting and shivering. Her face was a mess, her eye shadow had melted and she had racoon eyes and saliva drooped in long strands from her chin as she stretched her jaws to accommodate his thick tool. Faith placed a finger to her lips to shush me and we slowly snuck towards them. As we got closer I recognized the girl, our bleachers cocksucker was the very same dick slurper from our party at the Zebra Club.

I had no idea she was just as much of a minor as were that night; but then again I had a lot of cock in me that night. The mere thought of it sent a tingle through my spine. We quietly knelt down beside the girl on either side, She peered at us in shock and then recognition then winked at us and continued slurping taking her fists off his shaft. Faith and I took our cue and went to work on Beeder.


Faith leaned in and started kissing the long length of Beeder's dick whilst I twisted around and started licking at a pair of humungous hairy balls.this was the 80's after all.

Beeder jolted realizing there was more then one mouth on him and started to pull away. " It's okay Rick." Faith said soothingly, " we're here to make you feel better.Charity too" I snuck a hand out and waved up as I slowly slurped one his heavy hanging balls into my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue.

He just groaned and relaxed again. Beeder all but collapsed against the wall as the three of us girls began our intensive ministrations on him.

For the next few minutes al that could be heard was the heavy hot slurping and smacking of three mouths on Beeder's giant tool. Beeder would groan occasionally in response to what we were doing.

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Every now and then Faith would chirp in some commentary " Shityou got a big dick" or " She can suck a mean cock huh" or "Like have us sucking on your donkey dick?" Eventually Faith told us to switch and pulled me up. Our new brunette friend sighed and took my place.

Faith decided to take the lead and wrapped her lips around the fathead of Beeder's dick. I I went to work licking up and down the length of his truly huge cock. He had already cum as I could pick up traces of his spunk on his massive girth, if he could stay hard even after cumming I was going to be quite impressed. Try as she might Faith good barely get more then a couple inches of Beeder into her mouth, so she dedicated her efforts to sucking and slurping on his cockhead.

I would alternate jerking him off into Faiths mouth and planting licks and kisses on his length. " Gee, you really do have a huge cock" I said smiling up to Beeder " Th-thanks Charity", he mumble-half moaned looking down to me Mainly to my tits. " Oh you want to see these do you?" I said back to him " Uh huh", he nodded I stopped ministrating his giant cock and squeezed by big tits through my blouse and smiled seductively " You want to touch them?

To squeeze them? " uh huh, umm, yes Charity" " You want to…fuck. my .big.tits?" " Oh God yes!" Faith and I laughed and she shifted away letting his big dick swing in the wind. I pulled apart the staple with a rip and let my big twins free. I shimmied over to be in front of Beeder. I gripped his dick and pushed it between my tits. I then pushed my breasts together, wrapping his pecker completely in my tit flesh.

He was still so big that his cock still stuck at a few full inches out of my cleavage. " Oh my god"Beeder groaned and I coud feel him stiffen more   " Never had a titfuck have you?"   "Oh my god, " he just groaned again Our brunette friend resurfaced from between Beeder's legs and came up beside me to check this out. She was still mainly fixated on Beeder's dick, but she was also checking out my tits.

It's something I've noticed over the years, a big set of boobs seems to awaken at the very least curiosity in a woman's sexuality " Come on big boy, fuck my tits" Beeder began to thrust hiships into me, pushing his big dick up through my cleavage.

The spit from three girls made great lube as he pushed back and forth. On every forward thrust Beeder's big dickhead would poke me in the chin, so I bent my head forward and captured his tip with my mouth or my tongue on every thrust. Faith started licking one of my tits and spitting in my cleavage crack to give me extra lube when she thought I needed it.

Our brunette new friend meanwhile was fondling Beeders heavy balls with one hand and diddling herself under skirt with the other. Her eyes remained fixated on Beeder's dick, and she licked her lips and as she watched him titfuck me Beeder wasn't going to last long, when he tried to slow down to hold off on cumming too soon Faith got behind me and helped squeeze my boobs together.

I then would bounce up and down so that I was fucking his cock right back with my big knockers. The dark haired girl was still fondling Beeder's hanging balls and diddling herself, but I could tell by her face and her flushed tone that she was really getting off on him fucking my tits " Oh god, oh god, I'm gonna, I'm gonna&hellip." Beeder was all but shaking now and began to tense up.

Then he burst. Long streams of white juice volleyed from his dick. He splashed all over my face, my chin and my neck and kept spurting. I tried sticking my tongue out to catch some dropsbut it was going everywhere. The dark haired girl sprang forward and pushed her head to my boobs and started licking the cum off me, and then she turned to Beeder and caught the last few drops from his dick. There was so much cum that it was covering my boobs.

  The dark hair girl dove into my tits and start licking Beeders cum off me, Faith meanwhile stood up and kissed Beeder and thanked him for his cum. The dark hair girl was a cum nut, as she hunted down all the drops off my itts and spent extra attention to my nipples sucking on them like a baby.

My nipples being hardwired to my pleasure centre it sent a rus through me and I was getting damn horny.


I licked some of the cum off my own lips when the dark haired girl joined me. She licked the cum off my chin and then snaked her tongue between my lips tentatively.

She was clearly new to girls but loved the cum too much. I pulled her close and pushed my tongue right back. Our tongues lashed hotly at each other and I could feel her shake with nerves and excitement. I stuck my hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit through her panties. This set her off like a rocket and she pulled me onto the floor on top of her and let me frig her off as we kissed passionately.

Her legs kicked out and she was cumming I was worked her pussy with my fingers. She was cumming and cumming hard. When she calmed down, she stroked my cheek gently and smiled up to me as if she had just discovered a new love   " Hi, I'm Hope", she whispered " Charity, nice to meet you", and I kissed her again   " Hey ladies, when you're done lazing out, maybe we should get going before the groundskeeper finds us", Faith chirped in We giggled and pulled ourselves off the floor.

We straightened ourselves up and introduced each other. "With our names we should be nuns", Faith Joked   She was right. We were Charity Jones, Faith O' Reilly and now Hope Jenkins " FaithHope and Charity", I said out loud " We're more like the Three Horsewomen of Sexual Apocalypse", Hope said in her rather soft voice I took that as a great sign of our friendship to come   We decided to head back to my place as Momma was going to be working at the club tonight and we could get to know each other.

We insisted Beeder come home with us and tell his parents he was busy " tutoring". Faith and I both wanted a chance to see if we could fit his donkey dick in our pussies, and to get to Hope as well. My blouse was barely keeping together on our walk home after being ripped open and now retiedbut I didn't care. We had found a new friend and were busy babbling like schoolgirls do, Beeder kept behind us quietly a few steps, not knowing what else to do Hope was a brainy girl who actually wore glasses and was normally painfully shy.

Her eyes were a sparkling blue and her skin was quite pale as she avoided the sun and spent most of her time reading French poetry and reading strange novels.

She wore a lot of black and today she would be a goth, but we didn't care back then. She was somewhere between Faith and I, she was quite busty but nowhere near my significant globes and she was fit like Faith from a lot of swimming andbut still had baby fat and a bubble butt. We got home and took Beeder into my bedroom, we told him to get naked and on the bed.

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He was very complaint and obedient and did as we asked. The three of decided to toy with Beeder and just stroked him off whilst chatting to Hope and getting to know her some more. Hope had discovered the world of sex at the beginning of the summer at a campsite when her and her parents went on a 2 week vacation. She met a boy that she thought she was in love with, on the last night decided to show it. She was still a virgin so she decided to give him a blowjob, and when he came without telling her she discovered she loved it.

In fact she loved the smell and taste of cock and cum.


She sucked him off tow more times before deciding to head back to her family campsite. She thought she got some cum on her black dress so when she was stopped by the camp site rent -a-cop to see if she was lost, Hope panicked and offered to suck his cock.

  He of course complied and took her back to a shack and let Hope suck him off. Even when he cameHope was still sucking his cock so he called in some of the security buddies. Hope was lost ina cock fog when 3 of them showed up and she got to work sucking them off.They managed to get her our her clothes and then proceeded to pop her virginity and gangbanged her till dawn always to make sure to cum in her mouth as she insisted.

They broke in all her cherries and as she staggered to her tent at dawn, her parents unaware she had been gone at a, she reflected that she had found her true love ; spunk.   By this point, Faith and I had gotten her out of her clothes and were telling her she had a perfect body. She had no experience with girls, but her intellectual side was curious as to what it would be like.

So with Beeder watching and faith stroking him off, I pushed Hope back on the bed and ate her out for the very first time. She loved it. Faith then jumped and took her turn on Hope's pussy. She was not happy with how hairy she was but dove into Hope's treasure chest like a pirate. She was lot more aggressive with Hope then I was, even so much as to start finger banging her as she ate Hope out.

I mean while I had beeder lay down and I lay down across him wrapping my tits around his cock again. He couldn't see a damn thing but my ass, so he start fingering my pussy whilst I watched Faith gobble up our new girlfriend.

All this action was turning me on so I started slurping on Beeder's big dick like a lolipop. With his big dick trapped between my its, I had complete control of his penis, He started finger fucking me while I coaxed a load of cum out of his balls.

Faith and Hope had now moved into a 69 with Hope on the bottom and she was being introduced to pussy eating 101. Beeder shot a load in my mouth, and a he stopped spurting I came on his fingers. The girls were moaning through a climax as I crawled over to Hope's head between Faiths thighs.

I opened my mouth and drooled out Beeder's spunk on to her face and then into her open mouth. Then Faith switched with me and went to town on Beeders cock, whilst I sixty-nined with Hope. Beeder was amazingcumming again and Faith fed his cum to Hope some more. Then it was Hope's turn, but we realized she wouldn't share and when we heard Beeder 's tell-tale groaning, we scrambled and pulled Hope off his cock and the three of jacked him off into a big splash all over our faces.

Beeder begged us to give him a break and we eventually gave him one, seeing that his cock was finally deflating, He said he just needed 20 minutes or so and he'd be good to go again, he was just a little sore. We were pretty spoiled by this guy's recovery time. " First things first, lets get cleaned up.I'm still sweaty from today"   " Good idea, then we get rid of jungle queen Hope's bush", Faith chimed in We dragged Hope off to the washroom and the three of us got in the shower.

We all took turns soaping each other up and then eating each other out. Hope was a natural pussy monster and she later told us it was her first bi experience but was not going to be her last. I don't know how long we were in that shower, but eventually we got out and propped Hope up on the counter and trimmed down her bush to a respectable scale.

Faith and I were kneeling between her thighsadmiring our handiwork and debating who was going to eat her newly shaved pussy out first when we were interrupted.

  " Fuuuuck boy, your dick fills up a girl real good!" was the exclamation from our bedroom We rushed out and across the hallway and saw a familiar sight. There was Momma squatting on Beeder's cock bouncing up and down on it trying to push it further and further into her. We laughed but Hope seem horrified. Momma looked over her shoulder to us and smiled, I sure hope you girls weren't planning on trying to keep this treasure from me" she said in her distinctive drawl For those of you that need a refresher on Momma, just imagine me 40 years old with bigger tits and a Texas accent so thick you couldn't drive a truck through it.

I thought Momma was strictly a black dick freak based off her Queen of Spades tattoo, but she admitted she was a sucker for any man with a really big dick. Momma rode Beeders dick to a literally screeching climax as he pawed at her big tits and finally dumped a load deep in her pussy.

She pulled off with him with a sucking plop and Hope was all over his dick sucking and licking his cim clean in instants. Momma explained she decided to call it an early night as business was slow at the Zebra club and wanted to dyke out with her daughter and her friend instead; but she appreciated the giant cock waiting at home for her more.   When Hope was done cleaning Beeder's dick with her mouth she turned to Momma's pussy and desperately tried eating all the cum out of it.

Seeing as I was hostess it was my turn to ride that big baloney pony. I had to slowly ease into his monster, Beeder was submissive by nature so I had to do all the work.

Faith rubbed my clit as I slowly picked up the pace on the monster cock that was stretching wide open.

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He managed to stretch out every nerve in me and in no time I was ccumming all over his girth, with him shooting his seed into me slowly therafter. When got off him, Hope was there again to to clean his dick and eat my creampie. Faith followed and when she was done riding him, Hope did the same. Eventually it was Hope's turn and we got to see a brand new side to her.   Hope was quite honestly the most vocal foul mouth tramp I had ever seen, this was a shapr contrast to her mousy appearance and soft spoken manner we had known up till now.

She was howling obscenties at him and us, some of the gems were ; " Fuck my sloppy cunt with your big fucking dick!"   " Pound my pussy you fucking sissy!" " Dump in your load in my whore cunt!" He was eventually on top of her following her orders as we literally cheered her on. Momma, Faith and I had fucked Beeder as he was too big for him to fuck us, but Beeder was pounding the shit out of Hope. And she kept encouraging him " Yeah, fuck my nasty slut hole, make me a fucking bitch, dump your load in this slut!"   When he did, Hope wrapped her legs around him and didn't let him pull out till he was done pumping into her.

The floodgates had opened for our new friend and there was no going back for her.   We spent the next few hours taking tunrs getting fucked or sucking cock or eating pussy. All the while Hope was dirty talking so nasty that it would have made the devil blush. After cumming in all of us once more, Beeder was absolutely exhausted, he told us it would take a few days to recover from his and he was too sore for anything else   We sent him and all went into Momma's bed for a good nights sleep.

Faith, Hope and Charity at last. .and it was only the beginning of the school year